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									The Fundamentals of Healing

I seem to end up spending a lot of time pointing out the faults in
mainstream medicine. This I believe is understandable given the numerous
targets of concern constantly being provided by the corporate
infrastructure that has become healthcare.

In this article I would like to explore the philosophy I have come to
embrace with regards to healing as opposed to treatment, after years of
personal investigation and practice of alternative methodologies. There
are also problems inherent with some alternative healthcare models, but
I'll save that topic for a future post.

As a society we always tend to think of the application of our applied
methodologies as being based on scientific fact. The reality is that so-
called scientific fact tends to be a bit of a moving target as new
understanding is developed from ongoing scientific investigations. We are
taught after all that this is the primary purpose of the ongoing
scientific method - to further our understanding. Unfortunately the
social, economic and technological constructs we create with a
contemporary understanding can later be found to be invalid or
detrimental based on the new scientific evidence. This naturally becomes
problematic when the new evidence indicates a need for social change and
redirection. The bigger the beast you create, the harder it is to turn it
around. So while scientists argue, politicians lie, lawyers obfuscate,
and corporations do whatever the heck they please, we as individuals tend
to suffer the consequences and usually pass them on to our children.
Nowhere is this more clearly demonstrated than in the area of medicine
and the structure of our modern agricultural system.

The more we learn and the more we become impressed with ourselves, the
more we try to prove that we can do it better than nature. I can think of
no example where this mentality has not led to the detriment of either
the environment or our physical and mental well-being. The evidence
speaks for itself.

To my mind the only successful designer of sustainable complex biological
systems is nature itself, as clearly demonstrated by our formerly bio-
diverse ecosystem to which we are all inextricably linked. Our hubristic
attitudes regarding our scientific accomplishments simply pale in
comparison to the magnificence that is nature from the micro to the
macro. Instead of trying to emulate the success of nature, we have been
focused on imposing our limited understanding for far too long and now
we're paying the price with increasing systemic illness and emotional
distress. As we continue to treat disease with intervention we have
forgotten how to heal and in doing so ignore the wondrous capabilities
resident in the makeup of the human body.

When setting out to heal osteoarthritis or almost any disease for that
matter, there is one simple concept that, when embraced, changes the game
dramatically and it is this; at the end of the day there is nothing that
heals the body but the body. There is no doubt that you can support the
healing process with many things like herbs, vitamins, acupuncture or any
of a myriad of possibilities. However, without the set of instructions
encoded in the DNA of each of your cells these things would be of little

Your DNA can be thought of as the bio-ware encoded in the system to
provide for cellular regeneration and metabolic functioning for the
biological machinery that forms your body. Like any biological entity,
the production of energy is first and foremost in the continuation of its
ability to function and thrive. It also only stands to reason that any
biological entity will be an adapted reflection of the larger biosphere
in which it exists. Evolution has demonstrated that biological entities
will adapt over time to make use of the resources available to them in
their particular environment. As with all life with which we share this
planet, we have adapted to make use of the nutrients available - some in
the form of organic elements and some as inorganic elements. As long as
these things are available to us in the quantities needed to maintain the
balance of the system, there is rarely a problem for maintaining the
integrity of our biological forms. This is especially true when the
biosphere providing sustenance is also pristine, balanced and diverse.

No matter what our philosophical leanings there is no denying that these
bodies with their opposable thumbs and an ability to think in the
abstract are marvellous pieces of engineering that offer the occupant a
precious vehicle for exploring the full range of potential life
experiences. All we have to do as occupants is to respect its needs.
Unfortunately many of us have come to respect our cars and possessions
more than the vehicle that provides the experience in the first place,
let alone the biosphere that provides for all biological life.

Perhaps illness does not represent a failure of the body as much as it
represents our conscious failures to provide it with what it needs to
function. I have read that in a seven year period every cell in our body
has been regenerated through cellular division and replication. It would
seem to follow from this that we create our body's destiny with the fuel
we provide in what we consume. If the building blocks of metabolism and
cellular regeneration are not present in the food we eat, then the
instructions for their distribution and use in the body become
meaningless. Healing is simply a matter of providing the body with these
raw materials so that it can get on with carrying out its programmed

Healing is about recognizing these fundamental biological truths. When
you stop trying to work against nature and instead endeavour to learn
from it; many things become possible, including the salvation of your
joints. Achieving health and vitality requires only that you show some
respect for the vehicle of your consciousness.

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