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                              Title: magento custom design

Summary: Choosing magento custom design over the free themes provides a number
of benefits to your online business.
About: The author is experienced magento web designer and working in well known
company offering magento custom design solution.
Are you involved in online business? What does magento custom design mean?
Magento is an open source ecommerce solution which is available for free download.
Downloading this tool you also receive free magento themes to create online shopping
cart or website. But if you do not want to use the templates and themes as it is and
want to customize the themes and templates then you need to hire magento web
designer. These customized themes are known as "magento custom design" which give
unique presence of your business on internet. Based on your business requirement and
the budget, you can either choose the free magento themes or magento custom design.
Default magento themes are available for free. One can easily download the theme
which is most suitable to his/her business type. However, there are several
disadvantages of choosing free magento themes over the custom magento design or
theme. Free magento themes will not create a unique identity of your business among
the visitors. They will find it difficult to rely on the company which is using free
templates in its website. Your website will not look professional to the visitors. If any
error is generated in free magento templates, you will not be able to get any support or
it may happen that new features released by magento will not be supported by these
free themes. Using free magento themes, your website will not play essential role in
increasing your sales number.
Choosing magento custom design themes will create a strong business indentity which
will create your tag on the ecommerce market. Customized magento themes will make
large profits by targeting more visitors for your websites. It gives a professional touch to
your website. Also, if you have chosen the reputed company or hire the magento
developers to customize magento theme, they will be always there when any error is
generated. They will always keep your site updated with the latest feature released in
the market which makes your website more powerful. Magento website development
through experienced magento programmers can help you get best out of your online

Today, you will find thousands of online shops made using magento ecommerce solution
in the online market. Online stores developed using magento tool look simpler at the
same time elegant. Magento is built on using Zend, PHP and on MVC structure.
Developers familiar with the web development technologies can easily customize
magento themes and make a unique theme for your store. Default themes provided
with the free magento tool save a great time of magento web designer and magento
website development becomes speedy. Magento blank theme is also available which
allows magento web designer to easily make layout changes and CSS. Magento blank
theme provide magento programmers with empty boxes like header, footer,right bar,
leftside bar,etc where he/she can add his/her own blocks and templates.
Magento programmers can easily create SEO friendly theme by customizing the blank
theme which will rank high in search engine results. High page ranking in search engine
result will increase your visibility in online business. In online business your website is
your identity which represents your objective to all visitors of your site. Thus, if you are
a part of online business then you have to make sure that your site leaves a good
impression on visitors' mind. Magento customization can change your ordinary website
to an extraordinary website. Magento developers also provide custom shipping and
payment module integration. An experienced magento developer allows you to extract
maximum output from Magento theme design by getting it designed perfectly in a right
manner which can keeps the visitors engaged in your website.