German phonetic alphabet by sdfgsg234


									              German phonetic alphabet.
                        M.Dv.Nr.922, Heft II.

                      A            Anton
                      Ä            Ärger
                      B            Bruno
                      C            Cäsar
                      Ch           China
                      D            Dora
                      E            Emil
                      F            Fritz
                      G            Gustav
                      H            Hans
                       I           Ida
                       J           Jota
                      K            Karl
                      L            Lucie
                      M            Max
                      N            Nanni
                      O            Otto
                      Ö            Öse
                      P            Paula
                      Q            Quatsch
                      R            Richard
                      S            Sophie
                      T            Toni
                      U            Ulrich
                      Ü            Übel
                      V            Victor
                      W            Wilhelm
                      X            Xanthippe
                      Y            Ysop
                      Z            Zet or Zeppelin

Additionally a number of Greek letters were used for special purposes.

                      α            Alpha
                      β            Beta
                      γ            Gamma
                      δ            Delta
                      ε            Epsilon
                      λ            Lambda
                      π            Phi

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