Sexual Attitudes Behaviors Survey

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					                          Sexual Attitudes/Behaviors Survey

Thank you for agreeing to complete this student-designed survey for Sociology
140: Sex/Gender across Cultures. Please be advised that the survey is exploring
sexual attitudes and behaviors of college students. While the questions are of a
very personal nature to the respondent please be assured that every survey is

Section 1: Demographics

1. Age:                   _______________

2. Race/Ethnicity:        _______________

3. Sex/Gender:            _______________

4. Sexual orientation: (Circle answer)

      heterosexual               bisexual                  homosexual

Section 2: Attitudes/Beliefs

5.a. Do you feel you should be in a committed relationship with a person
      before you have sex with them? (Circle answer)

             Yes           No            Unsure

b      If so, how long should you be together before having sex?
                     <1 month
                     1-3 months
                     4-6 months
                     6 months-1 year
                     1+ year
                     wait until marriage

6.a. Have you dated someone not of your race/ethnicity? (Circle answer)

             Yes     No   Decline to state
b. If not, would you consider dating outside of your own race/ethnicity?
(Circle answer)
                    Yes                 No                 Unsure

7. Do you think that there are different sexual norms/expectations for men and
women? (Circle answer)

                   Yes                 No                  Unsure

8. How many partners does it take for a female to be considered
promiscuous?    _______________
9. How many partners does it take for a male to be considered
promiscuous?    _______________
Section 3: Sexual Practices
10. How old were you the first time you had sexual intercourse?

                          Not applicable
11. How many sexual partners have you had?
  0                                           7-8
  1-2                                         9-10
  3-4                                         11+
  5-6

12.a. Are you currently sexually active? (Circle answer)

             Yes          No            Decline to state

b. If you are sexually active, how often do you have sex a week? _________

c. How many sexual partners do you currently have? __________

Thank you for completing our survey.

Lingjuan Ma Lingjuan Ma