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									                         STANHOPE RECREATION RESERVE

                                                   Entry Prices: $10 Adults
                                                                 $6 Pensioners Concession
                                Gift Pack                        Under 16 FREE
                                VALUED AT   $100        MAJOR SPONSOR
            Genesis Pour On
            VALUED AT $900
            Donated by Ancare   Hamper
                                VALUED AT   $250
        A Stanhope and District Community Project
      Good nutrition leads to                                                                     The 26th annual GV Field Days will be
                                                                                                a pivotal dairy event for the region’s
                                                                                                dairy industry.
                                                                                                                                                competitive advantage in milk products
                                                                                                                                                for the future.
                                                                                                                                                  The field days also offer a chance to

         greater profits See                                                                      It is an opportunity for all in the dairy
                                                                                                industry to work together to find a way
                                                                                                forward in fun and fellowship.
                                                                                                                                                browse displays and obtain expert
                                                                                                                                                advice on other milk harvesting issues
                                                                                                                                                and farm management practices.
                                                                                                                                                  This is the official program, produced
                                                                                   us at          Visitors to the field days will have the      by COUNTRY NEWS, to assist visitors to
                                                                                  Site 11       chance to hear leading industry experts         the event with site listings and
                                                                                                evaluate current systems and provide            information of interest.
                                           • Manufacturers of bulk                              suggestions to ensure the region’s                Enjoy this year’s GV Field Days.

                                             & bagged rolled grain dairy mixes.
                                           • Semi loads of whole grain
                                                                                                  Welcome to GV Field Days
                                                                                                On behalf of the GV Dairy
                                           • Quality Hay and Straw for sale                     and Machinery Field Days
                                                                                                Committee and Stanhope
                                                                                                and district community, I
                                           • Bulk Dairy Pellet Suppliers                        extend a warm welcome to
                                                                                                visitors at the 26th annual
                                                                                                field days.
                                                                                                This year’s event will see a
                                                                                                change to our event name,
                                                    Semi loads of whole                         now to be known as the GV
                                                                                                Field Days.
       Dairy Mix                                      grain available                           The prospect of a
                                                                                                productive season ahead
        12%, 14%, 16%                                                                           for farmers should provide
   Calf weaner              18%                                                                 our exhibitors and visitors
                                                                                                with a great event in 2008.
   Prime calf feed          20%
                                          D & M Stockfeeds                                      Visitors will also be able to
                                                                                                see the latest products in
                                                                                                pools, camping and leisure
                                                                                                in our recreation and leisure
                                              Contact:- Robert Danieli 0419 992 077             exhibits.
                                                                                                We will cater for more than
                                                                                                250 exhibitors and more
                                                                                                than 200 sites.
                                                                                                The field days continue to                      Gerard Lucardie,
                                                                                                provide a showcase for the                      chairman, GV Field Days
                                                                                                dairy industry and visitors

                          Great deals                                                           can be assured they will be
                                                                                                seeing the latest innovative
                                                                                                ideas and machinery
                                                                                                relating to the dairy farm.
                                                                                                                                Kyabram and District Health
                                                                                                                                Services youth worker;
                                                                                                                                Echuca Regional Health
                                                                                                                                counsellors; Shire of
                                                                                                                                                                 day in the football
                                                                                                                                                                 This year’s gate prizes are
                                                                                                Take some time to speak                                          supplied by Ancare — a
                                                                                                with the site holders to find   Campaspe drought worker;         Genesis pour-on five-litre
                                                                                                out where they see              and Centrelink social worker     pack, valued at $900.
                                                                                                development for 2008 and        and rural service officer.       And Banksia Financial
                                                                                                beyond.                         Everyone attending the field     Group will be giving away a
                                                                                                The event will concentrate      days will be able to meet        $250 hamper at the gate,
                                                                                                on delivering valued            with the representatives of      while the Rushworth
                                                                                                information that provides a     the various agencies and         Community and District
                                                                                                way forward for all the dairy   take advantage of the            Bank will be giving away a
                                                                                                industry, as well as a forum    information they provide.        $100 prize pack, which can
                                                                                                for new ideas and               This year’s fashion parade       be entered from its site,
                                                                                                fellowship for all.             promises to be the best yet,     number five.
                                                                                                Kyabram and District Health                                      From the committee and
                Save a bundle when you buy second grade                                         Services, in conjunction
                                                                                                                                featuring day, casual and
                                                                                                                                                                 myself, thank you for
                                                                                                                                evening wear from Pettifers
              concrete pipes from Pipeworks Rochester.                                          with Waranga Community          and All About Shoes of           coming along to make the
                                                                                                Health will be providing        Kyabram.                         field days a success.
                                                                                                information on all aspects                                       The funds raised enable us
                                                                                                of health and wellbeing for     Also on parade will be
                          SEE US AT GV FIELD DAYS                                               members of the farming          contemporary designs from        to assist and contribute to
                                                                                                                                Stiches, Dolina, Monti,          worthwhile projects, many
                                 SITE NO. 68                                                    community.
                                                                                                                                Toronto, Slade, Bella and        of which assist individuals
                                                                                                In attendance at the field                                       and organisations in the
                                                                                                days will be: community         many more.
                                                                                                                                                                 local community.
     We also sell brand new Headwalls, Water Troughs, Manure Pits, Feed Troughs and             health nurses Michelle          There will also be a fantastic
                                                                                                                                general interest area with       We look forward to seeing
           Concrete Fence Posts. WE NOW SELL FIRST GRADE PIPES TOO!!                            Hansen and Alice Bourke;                                         you at the GV Field Days
                                                                                                Commonwealth Care Link;         cooking demonstrations
                                                                                                                                hosted by Fiona Cordingley       2008.
      For slightly imperfect pipes at absolutely perfect prices, talk to Pipeworks Rochester.   representatives from
                                                                                                Waranga Aged Care and           of Truffles Continental of                 — Gerard Lucardie,
           Now agents for Real-Crete Products (concrete post & rail fencing).                   Waranga Nursing Home;           Kyabram from noon each               chairman, GV Field Days

                                                                                                        PROGRAM OF EVENTS ON BOTH DAYS
                                                                                                Noon to 1 pm: Cooking demonstration hosted by Fiona Cordingley from Truffles
                                                                                                Continental of Kyabram at the football clubrooms.
                           T H IN K   P IP E S , T H IN K   P IP E W O R K S                    1 pm to 2 pm: Fashion parade. Latest fashions from Pettifers Fashions and All About
                                                                                                Shoes of Kyabram at the football clubrooms.
                                                                                                1 pm to 2 pm: Wine and cheese tasting of locally produced products from Lynzbar,
                                                                                                Stanhope, at the football clubrooms.
                     Email: •                    All day: vintage tractor display on machinery oval.

GV Field Days, April 2008 — Page 2
   A worthy cause
 from the beginning
GV Field Days,
formerly known as
Stanhope Dairy Expo,
has come a long way
since 1983...

In 1983, the first Stanhope
Dairy Expo was held with 67
exhibitors and power
supplied by a generator from
the local hotel.
In the years to follow, the
event evolved to become the
GV Field Days.
Now in its 26th year, the field
days cater for more than 300
exhibitors on more than 200
                                                                                                       Fashion on parade
                                                                                                       A major highlight of the GV     All About Shoes has an          Monti, Toronto, Slade and
sites.                                                                                                 Field Days is the annual        extensive range of footwear     Bella, will be on show.
The first field days were held                                                                         fashion parade, held in the     including evening,              Free Women will also be
on April 15 and 16, 1983.                                                                              football clubrooms daily.       daywear, casual and school      available for the larger
The Department of                                                                                      All About Shoes Kyabram         shoes.                          fittings.
Agriculture provided a                                                                                 will have a wide selection of   For friendly service, call in   All About Shoes and
seminar on supplementary                                                                               shoes to complement             to All About Shoes for          Pettifers are next door to
                                                                                                       fashions from Pettifers of      men’s, women’s and              each other in Allan St,
feeding and local clients and                                                                          Kyabram.                        children’s footwear for this    Kyabram, giving you the
organisations catered for the                                                                          Casual, comfortable,                                            opportunity to match outfits
crowd of 2000 people.                                                                                                                  winter.
                                                                                                       fashionable shoes and                                           with shoes and bags.
Gross receipts were about                                                                              boots in an exciting array of   Pettifers will have an          You will be surprised how
$2000.                                                                                                 colours will be in the          exciting range of fashions      easy and affordable
                                                                                                       parade.                         for winter in the parade.       shopping can be at Pettifers
The total amount raised since
the first field days has been                                                                          Complementing the outfits       Casual, evening, mother of      and All About Shoes.
distributed in various ways                                                                            will be day and evening         the bride and knitwear from     Fashion parades will be
                                                                                                       bags from Olga Berg and         leading designers,              held daily in the football
through the Goulburn Valley,      have met the criteria required    computer hardware, pest            Trio.                           including Dolina, Stiches,      clubrooms at 1 pm.
including donations to            to be a beneficiary if not for    control, pasture
various groups, clubs and         the field days event.             management, whole-farm
individuals.                                                        planning, animal health and
The event has provided the
                                  From the beginning, the field
                                  days have concentrated on         irrigation systems, the field                         GV FIELD DAYS COMMITTEE
opportunity to raise funds                                          days provide something of
                                  the dairy industry with an                                           Chairman: Gerard Lucardie                       Fashion Parade: Colleen Huntington
                                                                    interest for all involved in the
that would have been              aim of providing a showcase       dairy industry.                    Secretary: Sandy Ryan                           Catering Supervisor: Wayne Ryan
difficult to match, as other      of innovations and
projects would have involved                                        The field days in its present      Treasurer: Sandy Ryan                           General Interest: Sandy Ryan
                                  information for the benefit of
greater effort to raise the                                         format, is a Stanhope and          Field Day Treasurer: John Stokes
                                  the region’s farmers.                                                                                                General Committee: Craig Tuhen, John
                                                                    district community project         Publicity: Dennis Roberts and Jamie Gilbert
same amount of funds.             With the service displays of      and is only possible through                                                       Gibbs and Wayne Ryan
Although the government           the latest technology in farm                                        Sites: Allan Buzza, Kevyn Patten, Arthur
                                                                    the generous donation of                                                           GV Field Days Office:
                                                                                                       Marshall, Tim Hancock and Neville Cowie
often has funds available for     machinery and equipment,          time and labour from                                                               Phone (03) 5857 2784
grants, many of these             dairy cattle breeds, artificial   hundreds of individuals and        Envi Parking And Gates: Gordan Emmett
                                                                                                       and Norm Cheong                                 Fax (03) 5857 2794
organisations would not           breeding programs,                groups.

      Silos made to order                                                                                                              Quality Pellet Silos for
                                                                                                                                       • Dairy • Piggery
                                                                                                                                       • Poultry 5.8 tonne – 44.6 Tonne

                                                                                                                                       Also Quality Grain Silos
                                                                                                                                       • Sizes 6.6 Tonne to 77 Tonne
                                                                                                                                       • Zincalume cone and walls
                                                                                                                                       • Duragal Frame
                                                                                                                                       • Made to order

                                                                                                                                             Visit us at site 153
                                                             GE SILOS
                                         213 English’s Road, Goornong, 3557                                                                 Email:
                            Ph: (03) 5432 2384 • Fax: (03) 5432 2206 • Mobile: 0419 136 380                                         
                                                                                                                                                                  GV Field Days, April 2008 — Page 3
                                                                    Wide area
                                                                   Robert Bell.

                                     Next G
                                     Goulburn Valley Businesses and
                                     residents attending the GV Field
                                     Days can experience first-hand the
                                     benefits of mobile and broadband
                                     services provided by Telstra’s Next G
                                     The benefits of moving to the Telstra Next
                                     G network
                                     Telstra’s Next G network is Australia’s
                                     largest and fastest national broadband
                                     network, which covers more than 98.9 per
                                     cent of the Australian population.
                                     By moving to Telstra’s Next G network,
                                     customers can enjoy advanced mobile
                                     content and applications such as video
                                     calling, Internet access, BigPond TV, plus an
                                     array of the latest news, weather and sports
                                     Telstra Country Wide area general manager
                                     Robert Bell said Telstra’s Next G network
                                     offered country customers access to the
                                     same national network and services now
                                     available in the cities.
                                     ‘‘Experiencing the faster speeds, better
                                     coverage and new devices of Telstra’s Next
                                     G network will help regional communities
                                     see the benefits it can bring to their busy
                                     lifestyles,’’ Mr Bell said.
                                     ‘‘The practical applications are endless and
                                     offer real solutions to every facet of the
                                     community particularly for communities
                                     where it has the potential to improve
                                     farming, education and health services.’’
                                     Examples of how customers might use the
                                     Next G network include:
                                     ■ You can make quick video calls to your
                                     friends and family located far away;
                                     ■ Your Real Estate agent can take photos or
                                     video footage of your property with the built
                                     in camera and email them straight over to
                                     the potential buyers, all from their Next G
                                     phone. No need to go back to their office or
                                     download photos from a camera.
                                     ■ An electrician can visit a customer’s site to
                                     conduct repairs or maintenance on
                                     equipment. With the right applications, the
                                     electrician could access product lists, pricing
                                     information or stock lists in real time without
                                     returning to the workshop.
                                     To find out more about Telstra’s Next G
                                     network and services, phone your local
                                     Telstra Country Wide team on
                                     1800 OUR TCW or visit the team at the GV
                                     Field Days.
GV Field Days, April 2008 — Page 4
square bale feeders
With many farmers now        The unique feature of Truline       feeder which has been on the
                                                                                                         Talk to us today about maximising milk
                             square bale feeder is the way       market for nine seasons.
feeding out square bales     it feeds the hay/silage from        A recyclable plastic bin is               production to take advantage of the
of hay and silage, Truline   one side of the machine into a      provided for used twine and
Postdrivers have over        continuous row.
                             The bale is rolled onto a
                                                                 silage wrap and is easily
                                                                 emptied after feeding time.                   higher seasonal milk prices.
the last three years         conveyor chain, which feeds         As with the Truline twin bale
                             the hay along to the unique         feeder the square bale feeder
designed and developed                                           makes feeding out square
                             rotating tedder bar, which
the Truline square bale      puts hay into a window on           bales a safer and more
                                                                                                           • Free on farm nutrition consulting service
                                                                 efficient daily operation for
feeder to complement         the right-hand side of the
                                                                 just one person.
                             machine – the resulting long
the Truline twin bale                                            It safely minimises feed out
                             row of hay provides better
                                                                 time and maximises the                    • Custom mixing to suit your individual
                             access to all stock.
                             Other machines will just drop
                                                                 amount of hay or silage
                                                                 available equally to the
                             a biscuit on the ground,            animals and it is still only a
                             wasting your hay output.            four-hose machine needing
                             A second bale is carried on         only two levers in your                   • Feed budgeting & production monitoring
                             forks while the first bale is fed
                             out, with the process
                                                                 tractor, where other
                                                                 machines have to have a
                             repeated for the second bale.       diverter valve.
                             Unlike other machines which         The Truline Square bale
                                                                                                           • Prompt reliable service
                             rely on a tipping floor, the
                             Truline Heavy duty conveyor
                                                                 feeder will feed out both
                                                                 Square and round hay and                                                             Site 41
                             chain, driven by a hydraulic
                             motor, feeds the bale across,
                                                                 silage and is available as a
                                                                 twin bale machine or a six                • Feedsafe & ISO accredited               GV Field
                                                                 bale machine, which is called
                             making machine more stable.
                             The lift mechanism, lift up
                                                                 the Ultimate Bale Feeder.                                                             Days
                                                                 Truline Postdrivers won the
                             mudguards, chassis                  20007 Powercor Corangamite
                             construction, tyres and             Business Award for
                             adjustable drawbar hitch, are       Manufacturing and is
                             the same as for the very            continually striving to
                             successful Truline twin bale        develop more efficient
                                                                 machinery to meet the
                                                                 demands of modern farming.
                                                                 Yet Truline continue to
                                                                 manufacture the traditional
                                                                 Roll Handlers, Front-End
                                                                 Loader Forks and 520 Fully                         COLBINABBIN - MILL 5432 9275
                                                                 Hydraulic Post Driver.                        Goulburn Valley - Michael Tuhan 0419 327 098
                                                                 Spare parts for machines are
                                                                 available from the Truline                       Cohuna - Chad Gordon 0428 577 614
                                                                 factory or Truline dealers.                     Echuca - Marita Devanny 0417 153 855
                                                                 Further details are available
                                                                 at www.trulinepostdrivers.
                                                        or from the factory in                          Technical Services Manager
                                                                 Cobden – phone 5595 1386 or      Feedsafe accredited
                                                                                                      by SFMCA
                                                                                                                        - Gareth Lewis 0438 316 206              ISO 9001 :2000
                                                                                                                                                                   QEC 14218
                                                                 fax 5595 2327.
                                                                                                                                             GV Field Days, April 2008 — Page 5
    Farm Machinery Stanhope & District
                                                                                                         Achievements 2006/07             seminars, ‘‘Jugglin’’

                                                                                                         financial year                   women’s forum, and the

                                                                            Welcome                      We continued to improve
                                                                                                         and extend customer service
                                                                                                         options with extended hours
                                                                                                                                          Rushworth & District
                                                                                                                                          Community Expo.
                                                                                                                                          These types of events have
                                                                                                         at our Rushworth branch,         lead to a number of other
                                                                           Welcome to all our cus-       converted our Stanhope           community and business
                                                                                                         Agency to full service           partnerships within our local
          stockists of the world’s                                       tomers and friends to the
                                                                         Goulburn Valley Field Days
                                                                                                         Customer Service Centre,
                                                                                                         install an ATM at Rushworth,
                                                                                                                                          community, in which we are
                                                                                                                                          proud to be able to play our
                                                                         at Stanhope, please drop        and employed two new staff       small part.
          leading manufacturers                                          into our marquee for a chat.
                                                                           Again this year you will
                                                                                                         members in Nikki and Kelly.
                                                                                                         We continued to contribute
                                                                                                         to our communities via
                                                                                                                                          We opened the Stanhope
                                                                                                                                          Customer Service Centre on
                                                                                                                                          Monday, October 16, 2006
                                                                         have the opportunity to talk    sponsorships, donations, in-     with great support from the
                                                                                                         kind support and even            Stanhope & District
                                                                         to the staff from our Bendi-    writing letters of support for   Development Committee.
                                                                         go Bank Customer Service        a number of community            To be able to open a new
                                                                         Centre here in Stanhope,        organisations seeking grants.    business in Stanhope, on
                                                                                                         These were shared right          time and under budget, in
                                                                         with support of the Bendigo     across a range of community      these trying times is an
                                                                         Agri bankers, and our Mana-     organisations or sporting        enormous achievement.
                                                                         ger Wayne Fry.                  groups in Colbinabbin,           We still have a lot of
                                                                                                         Rushworth and Stanhope.          challenges ahead to gain
                                                                           The Directors from Rush-      We continued and expanded        more Stanhope Community
                                                                         worth & District Community      our student scholarship          support, grow the business
                                                                         Bank will also be in attend-    program with community           and then be able to extend
                                                                                                         spirit awards given to Year 5    the hours and give more
                                                                         ance to discuss the communi-    students from Colbinabbin,       customer service options.
                                                                         ty benefits of Community        Murchison, Rushworth P-12,       I’m confident that Stanhope
                                                                         Banking and any proposals       Stanhope and St Mary’s           residents will grow to
                                                                                                         Rushworth.                       understand the true benefits
                                                                         you may wish to discuss.        Our community endeavour          of supporting us.
                                                                           We think our achievements     award scholarships were          We were able to achieve our
                                                                         this year have been amazing     given to Year 10 students at     first full year profit, which is
                                                                                                         Kyabram Secondary College        great news for our
                                                                         and would like to share them.   and Rushworth P-12 College.      shareholders who took the
                                                                               — Telstra Country Wide    We are equally proud of our      risk to invest in establishing a
                                                                                                         involvement in more than         Community Bank to return
                                                                          acting area general manager    just banking events like our     banking services to
                                                                                            Geoff Wall   ‘‘Building for Future’’          Rushworth & District.

                                                                                Midland Rural has
                                                                                 changed hands
                                                                                    Greg and Lyn Spencer advise and
                                                                                 welcome all customers that they’re still
                                                                                 offering services for manufacturing of:
                                                                                      • Super spreaders • Fuel tanks
                                                                                  • Channel stops, doors and winders
                                                                                        • General repairs • Odd jobs
                                                                                    • Repairs and services to pumps

                                                                              AGENTS FOR DAVEY AND EBARA PUMPS
         SEE US AT SITE
            139 - 140
                                                                              We’ll see you at the Field Days next year
  Danny Berryman            0438 398 275

  Kevin Woods               0437 577 606            CONNOR’S
                                                    SHEPPARTON PTY LTD    MIDLAND RURAL ENGINEERING
  Simon Hepworth            0427 904 769
                                           NUMURKAH ROAD, SHEPPARTON              Cnr Midland Highway & Railway Avenue Stanhope
                                           • PH: 5821 4555
                                                                                                 Phone: 5857 2466
GV Field Days, April 2008 — Page 6
Community Bank
Initiatives 2007-08
The outlook and challenges for 2007-08 are          A different place
many and these have been shared with our
shareholders in our newsletters.                   What a different      developed the spirit
We have continued our community                    place Rushworth       to make a
sponsorships, donations and student                would be today        difference by
scholarship programs.                              without the           supporting the
I reported on a number of new initiatives we       Rushworth &           Community Bank
have put into place or are about too, which I      District Community    concept most likely
will outline below.                                Bank.                 would not have had
                                                   Take a minute to      the same can-do
We paid our shareholders a three cent per          think about that      attitude that has
share dividend in March this year.                 statement.            made many more
We are joining the ‘‘Low Volume Share’’            Six staff members     community
market to improve the process for trading          would not have        projects possible.
shares in Rushworth & District Financial           jobs in Rushworth,    Before the
Services Limited.                                  thus they would not   Community Bank
This will make the share trading process           be spending money     there was a lot of
transparent and simple for buyers and sellers      in town; bank         vacant shops and a
to use.                                            services would be     large number of
All information will be on our website, once       limited, with         homes for sale –
                                                   residents having to   would those buyers
we have been accepted.                             travel out of town    and new business
Our website is easy to find if you go via
Bendigo Bank website, take Community link,
                                                   to do most banking
                                                   and once out of
                                                                         owners have come
                                                                         to Rushworth if the
                                                                                                                          Agents For -
then community bank link, our community            town, would do        community,                                    • Agrow plow seeders & rippers
branches, Rushworth & District, and then           their shopping.       business and
Trading Shares.                                    The community         commercial                                    • Burder Front End Loaders
If you want to have a look at how it will work,    that engaged,         services were still                           • Caroni Equipment
the Gilgandra & District Community Bank is         encouraged and        being reduced?
already using this process.                                                                                            • CGE - Pasture Toppers
We finalised the process of Franchise             Stanhope focus group                                                 • Giltrap Ag Equipment
Renewal, where Bendigo Bank and our                                                                                    • Goldacres Sprayers
company agree to operate the Rushworth &          Rushworth & District Community Bank has
District Community Bank for another five          operated the Bendigo Bank Customer                                   • Hustler Ag Handling Equipment
years.                                            Service Centre in Stanhope for about 15                              • John Deere Equipment
One of the benefits of agreeing to the new        months and decided to ask a representative
franchise agreement is that we will extend                                                                                 - Tractors
                                                  group of the Stanhope Community to give us
our options for an extra five years, thus we
                                                  some community feedback on our                                           - Hay & Forage
will have an agreement to operate the
Rushworth & District Community Bank for           operations.                                     HAY & TILLAGE            - Seeding & Planting
the next 15 years.                                Everybody that we asked was very keen to         EQUIPMENT               - Sprayers
                                                  help with advice and feedback and those able                             - AMS Systems - GPS
 Real Heroes                                      attended our meeting at the Stanhope Senior                              - Grounds Care Equipment
                                                  Citizen’s clubrooms.
 I have said this before and will again, the                                                                           • Kanga Farm Equipment
 Real Heroes in our community are our             We see this as a very important process as it
                                                                                                     SEEDERS           • Kerfab Front End Loaders
 shareholders, who invested their hard-           allows us to understand the real or perceived
 earned cash to make the Community                issues that stop customers banking with us.                          • Kuhn
 Bank a possibility and then a reality.           One of the best messages delivered was that                             - Hay
 Even this morning one of them said to            our customer service team are magnificent in                            - Tillage and Seeding
 me, ‘‘I know I could have been getting six       the way they help customers and the                                     - Feedlot Equipment
                                                  Bendigo Banking experience is excellent.        FEEDOUT & POST
 to seven per cent interest on my
                                                                                                  HOLE EQUIPMENT
                                                                                                                       • Maxam Hay Mowers
 investment every year for the last five          The directors now have a number of
                                                  feedback points we need to discuss and
                                                                                                                       • Seppi Mulchers
 elsewhere, and by investing in the
 Community Bank I’ve got nothing, yet I’m         develop an action or communication plan to                           • Tanco Bale Wrappers
 still extremely proud each time I drive          better connect with the Stanhope                                     • UFO Hay Mowers
 down the main street past the bank and           Community.                                                       R   • Stihl
 ATM. I helped make this happen.’’                The issue raised that gave me the most
 Our shareholders have made an
 enormous contribution to our local
                                                  concern is that a large majority of the
                                                  Stanhope community do not know or
                                                                                                                        Be sure to see us
 district and the whole community should
 recognise this.
                                                  understand our company structure or the
                                                  way are profits are redistributed back to the
                                                                                                                         at Site No. 134
                                                  local community.
 I must also recognise the time and effort
 that the volunteer members of the                There are two main advantages of
 steering committee and Rushworth &               community banking: one, returning and
 District Financial Services Limited              improving local services and secondly,
 directors have put in, and still put in, to      returning profits to the local community.
 make the Rushworth & District                    One of the questions posed was, ‘‘If
 Community Bank a success.                        Stanhope community had $100 000 to invest
                                                  in community infrastructure, what would you      219 Numurkah Rd, Shepparton Vic 3630.
 For the executive directors, their
 involvement is like having a second
                                                  ask for?’’                                                  Ph: (03) 5820 9700
 unpaid full-time job with the extra              Now this is not an unrealistic question, as
 pressures of ensuring the interests of           next financial year I expect that Rushworth &         Web:
                                                  District Financial Services Limited will be
 their shareholders and local communities
                                                  close to this position.
                                                                                                    “Our focus is customer service, and
 are first and foremost.
                                                  To all those Stanhope representatives that         our aim is customer satisfaction”
 I’m proud of the team.
                                                  helped in this process, thank you.
                                                                                                                                     GV Field Days, April 2008 — Page 7
       Machinery & Equipment                                        Pasture blend proves itself
                                                                    Stephen Pasture           A particular short-term
                                                                                              pasture blend, which has

         Field Day Specials                                         Seeds will be at the GV
                                                                    Field Days displaying a
                                                                    wide range of pasture
                                                                                              performed well on dairy
                                                                                              farms, is the SPS Italian
                                                                                              Stallion blend.
                                                                                              Due to the lack of irrigation
                                                                    options for this year’s   for permanent pastures,
                                                                    sowing season.            dairy farmers are seeking a
                                                                                              quick-growing pasture to
                                                                                              provide high-quality feed
                                                                                              through the autumn,
                                                                                              winter and spring.
       See the team from John Sanderson Machinery to get the                                  The SPS Italian Stallion
                                                                                              blend consists of three
        best deals on the following machinery and equipment                                   leading Italian Ryegrasses
                                                                                              to combine quick
                                                                                              establishment, high winter
            • Massey Ferguson           • Fendt         • Daedong                             production, better recovery
                                                                                              from grazing and late-
                                                                                              flowering characteristics
            • Kverneland-Gendore        • Claas         • Berends                             extending the growing           producing very little
                                                                                              season if late rains occur.     regrowth mainly consisting
            • Hardi                     • Silvan        • Duncan                              This was evident last year      of low-quality seed head.
                                                                                              when heavy rains occurred       The SPS Italian Stallion can
                                                                                              in November and the SPS         also be irrigated early and
                                                                                              Italian Stallion blend          later in the season if water
                      Find us at site No 145                                                  proved its worth by not
                                                                                              only providing a valuable
                                                                                              winter feed and a early
                                                                                                                              is available extending the
                                                                                                                              growing season.
                                                                                              spring silage cut, but          For more information on

      John Sanderson Machinery                                                                excellent high-quality          the SPS Italian Stallion
                                                                                              regrowth late in the            Blend, come and see us at
                                                                                              season.                         the GV Field Days or phone
                             351 High Street Nagambie                                         This would not be               our Ballarat office on
                                                                                              achievable if an annual         03 5335 8055 for your
                  Phone 5794 2272 • AH 0408 576 118                                           ryegrass was used,              nearest retail stockist.

                                                                     April ATV Sale
                                                                    Minimum $2,000 trade-in
   Bring your                                                       on selected runout models

   water samples                                                     Mini Quad 90cc - 250cc             Outlander 400-800 4x4 Max EFi

   for salinity testing
   or a weed for
   identification                                                    Renegade 500cc - 800cc              Outlander 400-800 4x4 EFi

   See us at site 34
                               70 New Dookie Rd, Shepparton                                   See us at Site No: 150                          apply
                               Ph: 5832 1133
                                                                     4 Purcell St, Shepparton.
                                                                        (next to train station)
                               PO Box 185, Shepparton                     Ph: 5822 2466.
                               Ph: 5832 0461               
                                                                                                         YOUR ADRENALIN SUPERSTORE
GV Field Days, April 2008 — Page 8
Setting new standards in ryegrass
                                                                                                                                                           sees mixes, which have been developed to
Australia’s leading pasture and                                                                                                                            suit most on-farm situations.
forage seed developer, Heritage                                                                                                                            And you can guarantee that ‘‘What’s on the
Seeds, has some exciting new                                                                                                                               Tag is in the Bag.’’
products suited to Northern                                                                                                                                Detailed information on these varieties and
Victorian farming conditions.                                                                                                                              more will be available from the team led by
                                                                                                                                                           Jo Tanner at the Heritage Seeds stand at the
                                                                                                                                                           Goulburn Valley Dairy & Machinery Field
                                                                                                                                                           Day April 16 & 17.
Heritage Seeds conducts the largest private
                                                                                                                                                           Jo is Heritage Seeds regional business
pasture research and breeding program in
the country and has trial and demonstration                                                                                                                manager for Northern Victoria and has wide
sites at Mooroopna, Tatura, Invergordon                                                                                                                    experience and knowledge of farming in the
and Strathmerton.                                                                                                                                          area.
This program is aimed at developing new                                                                                                                    Live growing examples of most of Heritage
varieties specifically suited to local                                                                                                                     Seeds products will be on show to look at,
Australian conditions.                                                                                                                                     touch and assess.
Newly released products such as Maximus                                                                                                                    There will also be samples of the
and Griffin annual ryegrasses, Galileo True                                                                                                                AgriCOTEGT seed coating.
Forage Oats and Arrow and Alto perennial                                                                                                                   This unique seed-coating technique is
ryegasses are examples of this work.                                                                                                                       exclusive to Heritage Seeds and enables
Maximus is a new elite tetraploid annual                                                                                                                   improved establishment and seedling
ryegrass that sets a new standard for high            Galileo, specifically bred for forage            improved early spring, summer and autumn            protection.
performance.                                          production in Southern Australia, combines       production.                                         These are just some of the varieties and
It has good winter and late season                    fast establishment with huge winter and          Both Arrow and Alto (which were 12 years in         processes that will be exhibited at the
production resulting in more even seasonal            spring production of good quality, leafy         development) contain Plus AR1, the                  Goulburn Valley Field Day by Heritage
growth along with excellent rust resistance           feed, late maturity and is the next step ahead                                                       Seeds.
                                                                                                       advanced endophyte that maintains
and heat tolerance.                                   in barley yellow dwarf virus resistance.                                                             The new Heritage Seeds Australian
                                                                                                       persistence, increases animal production
Griffin is a high-yielding diploid annual             Arrow is a new, mid-late flowering perennial     and eliminates ryegrass staggers.                   Temperate Pasture Guide 2008 will be
ryegrass selected specifically for Australian         ryegrass developed from Bronsyn offering                                                             available free from the stand along with a
conditions.                                           high total yield and outstanding late winter     These new varieties add to Heritage Seeds           wide selection of brochures and detailed
It is quick out of the ground, has strong             to early spring and summer production.           portfolio of class leading products like            information on all Heritage Seeds products.
winter production and an early spring bulk            Alto, developed from Impact, is a late-          Bealey, Hulk, Barberia, Dictator and Sardi 7.       Jo will be on hand throughout and is more
up, ideally suited to planting between                flowering perennial ryegrass that maintains      Some of these new varieties will also be            than willing to answer questions and
summer crops.                                         Impact’s unique even-growth curve, late          included in Heritage Seeds’ long-                   discuss varieties and mixes to suit specific
Heritage Seeds’ new true forage oat variety,          spring quality and persistence, with             established and well-regarded Renovator             needs.

                                                                                                         The Hay-Sayvah Solution
                                                                                                         to your feeding problems
                                                                                                                               Field Day Special

         The zero-maintenance post & rail
            fence that will last forever
    Real-Crete Concrete fencing is now
    available from Pipeworks Rochester.
    This amazing product is incredibly
                                                       So if you’d prefer fencing that requires
                                                       zero maintenance and will look as good
                                                       in 10 years as it does today, talk to
                                                                                                           inc GST
    versatile, will last a lifetime, and               Pipeworks about their range of Real-                                  6’2” 17 Head Standard $396 inc gst
    eradicates the threats of bushfires,               Crete fencing today. Call us now or visit
    warping, termites and rotting.                                                                  6’6” 18 Head Standard $418 inc gst
                                                                                                                            6’10” 19 Head Standard $440 inc gst
                                                                                                                            Buy a bundle of all 3 and Save $165
                                                                                                                          For more details see us at site 80
                            T H IN K   P IP E S , T H IN K   P IP E W O R K S

                      Email: •
                                                                                                                       1280 MOOROOPNA-LANCASTER, MOOROOPNA NORTH, VIC 3629. PH: 5829 0337

                                                                                                                                                                       GV Field Days, April 2008 — Page 9
                                           Site Map & Site Listings 2008

  Site No. Name                                         Phone No         Site No. Name                                         Phone No                                                                                                                           168 169                                                   170            171


                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                   79         80         81          82         83         84             85               86

  111      1/2 Price Work Boots                         03 97355959      103      JP and DM Cleary P/l (Slippery Yards)        0408 527483


  112      21st Century Genetics /Alta Genetics         0427 341458      99       K. Saddlier                                  03 58572612


  150      A.J. Motorcycles                             03 58222466      114      Kattle Gear Australia                        03 54423477                                                                                                                                                                        155
  126      Advantage Feeders                            0417 527076      115      Keenan Pty Ltd                               03 54 423333                                                                                                                                                                                      154
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                       7                              1             2        3
  124      Ag Sales And Rental Pty Ltd                  03 58523311      37       Ken Dunstall Rural Supplies                  03 58546535                                                                                                        15               39                                            4                                                                                                         149
  111      Ag Technology                                03 58219900      83       Knuckeys Winchelsea Pty Ltd                  03 52672011                                                                                                                                                                                                      15                                                                                                                         87

                                                                                                                                                                                                                                         8                  38                                                             5
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                      15                                                                                                             3

  146      Ag Trade Machinery Pty Ltd                   0427 734013      132      Ky General Engineering                       03 58 521 589
  77       Agricultural Energy Pty Ltd                  0402 901155      157      Ky Pool Shop                                 03 58521518                                                                                                       37                                                                                    6

  145      Albion Motors                                03 58 521977     61       Kyabram 4 Wd and Camping                     03 58521822                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                  146         147                148


  50       Anz Rural Banking                            0411 236078      107      Livestock Improvement Pty Ltd                03 97900323                                                                                           36


                                                                                                                                                                                        160 A

  93       Aussie Rice Straw Pty Ltd                                     91       Logan Contracting                            0427 910233

  79       Awma Water Contol Solutions (Awma Pty Ltd)   03 54563331      9        M & S Accounting Services Pty Ltd            03 58570888                                                                                     35                                                         41

  29       B.r. Reeve Engineering Pty Ltd               03 96997355      116      Mawsons Quarries and Concrete                03 54562409                                                                                                                  77                                           60                                                                                                                                                               88
  88       Bee Jay Machinery Pty Ltd                    03 58235005      117      Metalcorp Steel                              03 99325717                                                                                                                                             42
                                                                                                                                                                                                                          34                                                                                                                                                                                                         145

  15       Belpard Australia                            03 96821622      65       Mexican Molasses                             0418 871054

  158      Bendigo’s Hat Shop                           03 54418737      32       Murray Dairy                                 5852 0524                                                                                                               76                                               59
  145      Bertoli Farm Machinery                       03 58 213 299    26       Murray Goulburn Farm & Hardware Supp.        03 93896438                                                                            33                                                              43                                                                                                      143               144
  109      Bovine Inseminations                         03 58 590763     39       Nagambie All Power                           03 57941655

  38       Bushman Tanks                                03 55921888      105      Nelson Silos                                 03 54841577                                                                                                      75                                                                               61                                                                                                                                  GATE
                                                                                                                                                                                                                    32                                                                              58
  76       C & T Roofing                                 03 54430094      10       Nexus Agronomy                               03 95120602                                                                                                                                        44

                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                          15 1
  109      Campbell Bros                                0429 465534      160      Nibbles And Nuts                             03 57441508                                                                                            74

  69       Chemvet Australia Pty Ltd                    1800243683       63       Nutrisoil                                    02 60209676                                                                                                                                                      57                                                                                            142         141                                                         89
  67       Clark Tanks                                  03 54800900      139      O’Connors (Shepparton) Pty Ltd               03 5821 4555                                                                                                                                      45
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                56                                   62                                                                                                  140
  66       Concrete Texturing Services                  03 95874777      140      O’Connors Shepparton                         03 58214555                                                                     31


  17       Coprice Feeds                                03 58 590999     130      Padman Stops                                 03 58 745 282                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                    138

                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                          15 0
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                             46                55                                    63
  31       Crisis Support Service                       03 83712800      128      Patches Canvus Manafacturing                 03 54423211
  11       D and M Stockfeeds                           03 58 532440     18       Paterson Pumps                               03 54 809470                                                                30

  101      Dairy Beef Alliance                          0428 662728      73       Penfold Home Improvements                    03 54352305
  13       Dairy Pumping Systems                        03 97396821      12       PGG Wrightson Real Estate Pty Ltd            03 83350300                                                                                            73                                                   54                                                                                                                                                                        91
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                            47                                                                                                            137 136                 135
  52       Daviesway Dairy Equiptment                   03 94594533      46       Phoenix Plumbing And Solar Hot Water         03 54412533
  48       De Cicco Industries                          03 93505766      87       Pioneer Water Tanks                          03 57432493                                                                29                              72                                                                                    64
  53       Delaval Pty Ltd                              0418 420439      68       Pipe Works Rochester                         03 54841799                                                                                                                              48                                                                                    14                                                                          134
  33       Dept Of Primary Industry/ Target 10          03 58710600      55       Planttech                                    04 2817 8719                                                                                               71                                                                               65                                                             131         132            133
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                          53                                                                                                                                                                         92
  142      Dumac Pumps                                  03 - 9761 5115   59       Poly Master                                  03 58572606                                                                     28                                                                                                     66
  144      Eastern Spreaders Pty Ltd                    03 54 503 077    2        Qaf Feeds Pty Ltd                            02 60331866                                                                                                 70
  123      Echuca Tmv                                   03 54801234      35       QBE Farmgate/ Vic Farmers Federation         1300 308 803                                                                                                                            49                                                                                15
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                            69                                        52
  54       Echuca Town And Country Supplies             03 54807087      89       R.a.e Carr                                   03 58 532411                                                                                                                                                                      67


  7        Elders V P                                   03 58219611      38       Ratcliffe’s Garden Machinery & Motorcycles   03 5852 3202                                                                                                                                                                                                                                        130                            127                           124
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                             68                                                                                                 16
  119      Farm Pro                                     03 5495 3101     41       Reid Stockfeeds Pty Ltd                      03 54 329273
  148      Farm Tech Machinery                          02 60246800      127      Rochester Motorcycle Centre                  03 54841745                                                                                                                         50
  43       Feed O Matic                                 03 54865354      154      Rosenow Industries                           03 54801555                                                                                                                                                                                                 17
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                   118         119         120          121 122                 123              93
  58       Feedtech Feeding Systems                     03 58 241466     4        Rural Finance Corporation                    03 58212655                                                                                                                                                                                           18
  44       Fonterra Milk Australia                      03 58520792      5        Rushworth And District Community Bank        03 5856 2122                                                                                     6
  36       Fort Dodge Australia Pty Ltd                 0412 039 610     22       Rvs Vac Pumps Pty Ltd                        0418 822145

  143      GBS Tools & Hardware Supplies                03 93108597      74       Seed Force                                   03 58224628

  153      G.E. Silos Pty Ltd                           03 54322384      108      Semex Australia                              0428 261620                                                                                                                                                                                                                         117              116              115                      114                   113

  156      General Interest                                              167      Seymour Rural Equipment                                                                                                                                                    25

  159      General Interest                                              64       Shepparton Fibreglass Tanks                  03 5828 3314                                                                                                                             24            23
  161      General Interest                                              136      Shepparton Lasers                            03 58219499

  110      Genetics Australia                           03 5367 3888     27       Shepparton Mowers                            03 58312622                                                                                                                                                                                                               105        106            107        108           109         110         111
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                EXHIBITORS                                                                                                                                                                                                      94
  100      Goulburn Murray Brown Swiss                  03 54841572      173      Signature Concrete Decor                     03 58572830                          DISABLED TOILETS                                                             ENTRANCE
  34       Goulburn Murray Landcare Network             03 58321133      78       Smyth Seeds                                  03 57 625 288
  6        Goulburn Murray Water                        03 58335500      3        Southern Sandblasting                        0429 025442                         TOILETS                                                   NS
                                                                                                                                                                                                                      ST. JOHN AMBULANCE
  128      Grain Saver Hopper                           0418 573472      14       Specialised Coatings Vic                     03 54441592
  98       Greygum Alpacas                                               23       Stanhope Motors                              03 58572406                                                                                                                                                                                                       104           103        102            101         100        99       98         97         96     95
  134      Haeuslers Shepparton                         03 58209700      42       Stephen’s Pasture Seeds                      03 53358088
                                                                                                                                                                   FOOD AND DRINKS/BBQ                                FASHION PARADE & COOKING DEMO
  170      Harson Clothing                              0428 827 303     141      Strautmann Australia Pty Ltd                 054 273088
  128      Hay Access                                   03 5748 5623     171      Suregro                                      03 95581060     Site No. Name                                      Phone No                                      Site No. Name                                                         Phone No                                 Site No. Name                                                    Phone No
  80       Hay Savah Hayfeeders                         03 58290337      2        Surface Group (Tilebuster Victoria)          0413 104475     155      The Nut Man                               0418 174895                                   113      W & P Pumps and Dairy Service                                03 58532653                              6        Watermove                                               03 58335541
  72       Heritage Seeds                               0434 4078126     137      Tatura Engineering                           03 5824 1998    118      The Ultimate Hayfeeder                    03 58241988                                   60       W.h. Emmett and Co.                                          03 5857 2606                             30       West Goulburn Community Health
  135      H.S. West Motors                             03 5871 1555     90       Tatura Pine Shavings                         0408 536476     19       Think Livestock                           03 54488942                                   62       Wag Mac Forklift                                             0418 175080                              51       Westfaliasurge Australia Pty Ltd                        03 93359526
  20       James Stockfeed and Fertilizer Pty Ltd       03 58662771      151      Taylors Efffluent Spreading                   03 58298380     131      TNN Industries                            03 58572422                                   92       Waler Pty Ltd                                                03 56251382                              16       Westpac Banking Corp                                    03 58328120
  86       John Farley                                  03 54807224      16       Telstra Country Wide                         03 58334330     28       Vaughan Irrigators(Walk West)             03 57431534                                   71       Wangaratta Wonderworms                                       03 57219064                              75       Wrightson Seeds                                         0418 296113
  145      John Sanderson Machinery P/l                 03 57 942 272    133      The Green Pipe                               03 5480 7060    149      Vintage Tractor Display                                                                 45       Water Dynamics                                               03 57438900                              25       Wyblast Abrasive Blasting                               03 55764272

GV Field Days, April 2008 — Page 10                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                        GV Field Days, April 2008 — Page 11
                     Free Fertiliser
                     Save $$$ every year
                                                                            It’s cool for cows
                                                                           Check out the
                            SEE HOW YOU CAN:                               new igloo that
 • Have better crops and pastures      • Improve soils with more humus     keeps calves
 • Use less water on pastures          • Save on chemicals and sprays      cool and warm.
 • Increase production                 • Bring soils back to life

                                             39 Graham Ave, Wangaratta
                                             5721 9064    0410 761 125
                                                                           Daviesway, a
                                                                           leading supplier of
                                                                           dairy equipment

  Grow your business
                                                                           and total milking
                                                                           systems, is the
                                                                           distributor for the

      with JCB                                                             manufacturer Holm
                                                                           & Laue.
                                                                           Holm & Laue is a      and hold up to 15     summer and if the        while the bedding in
                                                                           specialist in calf    calves in comfort.    igloo faces north the    the exercise yard is
                                                                           feeding and           Airflow and           calves benefit from      kept from getting
                                                                           breeding systems      temperature are       sunny and airy           wet.
                                                                           and Daviesway will    maintained at the     exercise and resting
                                                                                                                       area.                  H&L Igloo systems
                                                                           release its new H&L   desired levels by a                          has been used
                                                                           products at dairy-    simple venting         The igloos are fitted around the world in
                                                                           related field days    system with no         with a solid          hot and cold
                                                                           during this year.     mechanical aids.       transport hook that
                                                                                                                                              climates and have
                                                                           One of the new,       The thermal design allows lifting and        proven extremely
                                                                           unique products       causes the warmer      moving with a front-
                                                                                                                                              successful at
                                                                           available for         air to rise and        end loader.
                                                                                                                                              providing farmers
                                                                           Australian dairy      exhaust from the       A variety of fixed    with better breeding
                                                                           farmers will be the   top of the Igloo       shed or movable       outcomes.
                                                                           H&L Igloo system, a   through four           verandah options
                                                                           completely new        ventilation shafts     are available and     For more
                                                                           way to create         causing a constant     when used in          information, visit
                                                                           flexible calf         flow of fresh air, and conjunction with      Daviesway at the
                                                                           housing.              winds hitting the      the H&L igloos,       GV Field Days at
   } New Tier III JCB Dieselmax engine         SITE NO: 135                                      outside of the igloo provide farmers         site number 52.
   } More power (130 hp)                                                   The H&L design
                                                                                                 help create suction, with the perfect        Alternatively,
   } More torque (529Nm)                                                   features a unique
                                                                                                 improving air          environment for       phone Daviesway’s
   } Variable flow piston pump hydraulics (140L/min hydraulic flow)          igloo-shaped dome
                                                                                                 circulation with       healthy growth.       Peter McGrath on
   } New style instrumentation                                             manufactured from
                                                                                                 minimum bacteria.
                                                                           reinforced plastic                           The combined Igloo (03) 9459 4533 or
   TALK to JOHN WEST now about the World’s Biggest Selling Telehandler     and fibreglass        The roof protects      and yard system       1800 MOO COW, or
                                                                           prefabricated         bedding material       ensures calves can    email

         H. S. WEST, COBRAM                                                sections, which are
                                                                           simple to assemble
                                                                                                 from precipitation
                                                                                                 and offers shade in
                                                                                                                        be fed dry bulk feed peter.mcgrath@
                                                                                                                        and concentrates
        Phone (03) 5871 1555 • AH 0427 711 486

                                                                                         HIRE MACHINES

                   RALIA’S                                                               NOW AVAILABLE

            TO AUST LER                                                  146                                                  A complete range of mixer-feeder wagons

       TALK 1 DEA                                                                        Agtrade

           NO.                                                                    are proudly the

           AT STANHOPE                                                    authorised Shepparton
                                                                             dealer for Trioliet
                                                                           Vertical Mixers                                           Sizes 10-46m3 - Single to
                                                                                                                                      triple Auger machines

                                                                    CONTACT: SEAN McAULIFFE                     AGTRADE MACHINERY
        6 Harley Crt, Finley, NSW                        Mobile: 0427 734 013 Office: 03 5883 4560

GV Field Days, April 2008 — Page 12
 Milk taxi for calves                                                                                                     TATURA PINE
New technology
delivers milk to calves
quickly and accurately
                                Since 1991, German
                                manufacturer, Holm & Laue
                                has been developing feeding
                                                                    and 250 litre capacities, with
                                                                    the standard units mounted
                                                                    on a four-wheel trolley, or
                                                                    alternatively a trailed unit for
                                technology for performance-
and at the correct              oriented calf rearing and its       towing behind an ATV or                      • Bulka Bags • Wool Packs
temperature.                    products are now distributed
                                nationally in Australia by
                                                                    small tractor.
                                                                    When dispensing milk to
                                                                                                                     • Bulk Truck Loads
                                Daviesway, a leading                calves, the milk can be
                                                                    warmed to the desired ration
                                                                                                                   • Clean pine for stables
                                supplier of dairy equipment
                                and total milking systems.          temperature by an infinitely                      calves or garden,
                                                                    variable thermostat, which
                                Holan & Laue is renowned for
                                                                    controls the heating element                      delivery available
                                high-quality products that
                                                                    set into the base of the
                                provide dairy farmers and
                                                                                                             Phone 5854 8496
                                breeders alike with
                                                                    A fitted lid avoids milk                 Mobile 0408 536 476
                                                                    splashing when travelling.
                                                                    When using milk powder,
                                                                    fast and proper mixing with
                                                                    agglutinations is essential as
                                                                    poorly diluted powder can
                                                                    cause severe digestive                  Talk to G-MW at
                                                                    disorders in calves.
                                                                    To ensure a complete mix is
                                                                                                                            GV Field Days
                                                                    achieved, the MilkTaxi has as
                                                                    an optional powerful, floor
                                                                    mounted agitator, that will
                                                                    mix any powdered replacer
                                                                    into liquid within seconds.
                                                                    Using a battery-powered
                                                                    pump with a dosing gun, the
                                                                    MilkTaxi makes easy work of
                                                                    filling the teat feeder and an
                                                                    optional flow sensor,
                                                                    ensuring the correct amount
                                                                    of milk is fed to each calf.
                                                                    The battery provides a mains
                                                                    independent power source
                                                                    and while travelling you can
                                                                    keep the milk circulating, so
                                                                    there is no disassociation of
                                                                    the mixed ration.
                                                                    The Holm & Laue MilkTaxi                  Come and talk to G-MW staff at the
                                innovative solutions for            provides an economical
                                successful calf rearing.            solution to faster, more
                                                                                                              GV Field Days to find out more about:
                                For those farmers who are           accurate calf feeding and will
                                feeding from a fixed teat           be released at dairy related              • water trading and carryover
                                feeder bucket Holm & Laue           field days this year, together
                                has designed and produced           with the new Igloo movable                • end of season planning • 2008/09 outlook
                                the MilkTaxi.                       calf rearing shelter and
                                These wheel-mounted
                                stainless steel tanks allow
                                                                    automatic calf feeders.
                                                                    For more information, visit
                                                                                                              ... plus the works underway to modernise our irrigation
                                mixing and dosing to match          Daviesway at the GV Field                 network and secure the future for irrigated agriculture
                                calves dietary requirements,        Days at site number 52.
                                delivered at the correct            Alternatively, phone                      in Northern Victoria.

                                                                                                                                                                                                         TMB 7513
                                temperature, fast and               Daviesway’s Peter McGrath
                                accurately due to a calibrated      on (03) 9459 4533 or
                                pressure pump system.               1800 MOO COW, or email                  For general information call or visit
                                The Holm & Laue MilkTaxis           peter.mcgrath@davies
                                are available in 80, 120, 200                              1800 013 357

  Marshall Multispread                                                   NEW CONCEPT ROLLER MILLS                                                     NDE Vertical Cutter
               Australia’s greatest range of                                 & ROLLER MIXERS                                                            Mixer Feeder
                multi-purpose spreaders                                            NC2210 & NC3010 - 22” & 30” Rollers (with 14’ x 7” Auger)
                                                                                          NC4210 - 42” Rollers (with 14’ x 10” Auger)
                                                                            Roller Mixer with 5.5 cubic metre mixing tank, 20’ x 8” unloading auger
                                                                                                                                                       NO 144

  2 to 16 Tonne models available - Trailing & Truckmounting units                                                                                     10 - 32 cubic metre models
                                                                                 Also FABER HEAVY DUTY TOOLBOXES                                      Carbide inset knives,
                                                                                  BOOMERANG TWIN BALE FEEDERS                                         3- 9ft elevators, side door or front door models

  EASTERN SPREADERS PTY LTD 9508 Murray Valley Hwy, Kerang, Vic. 3579 Ph: 03 5450 3077 Fax: 03 5452 2633
                                                                                                                                                                      GV Field Days, April 2008 — Page 13
      Catch the
        and see our
                                           Milk Taxi                                                                                             PLANTECH
                                                                                                                                                 Unique products
                                                                                                                                                 to suit your needs

                                              Igloo                                                                                              PlantTech is a major field crop,
                                                                                                                                                 canola and pasture seed company,
                                                                                                                                                 with an unsurpassed product
                                                                                                                                                 range of leading proprietary cereal,
                                                                                                                                                 oilseed, pasture, pulse and forage
                                                                                                                                                 varieties, plus a comprehensive
                                                                                                                                                 range of public varieties.
                                                                                                                                                 Here is just a handful of our unique
                                                                                                                                                 product range:
                                                                                                                                                 CHARGER Italian ryegrass: Charger is an
                                                                                                                                                 Australian-bred, mid-to-late flowering
                                                                                                                                                 diploid Italian ryegrass with very good
                                                                                                                                                 winter and late spring/early summer

                                                                                                                                                 Charger is consistently one of the top
                                                                                                                                                 producing Italian ryegrasses.

                                                                                                                                                 LASER Persian clover: Released as a

                                                                                                                                                 replacement for Shaftal with improved
                                                                                                                                                 disease resistance.

   SEE US                   DAYS                                                                                                                 Laser has a good winter production and
                                                                                                                                                 will continue to produce forage well into
                                                                                                                                                 summer under irrigation or high rainfall.

          AT STANHOPE FIELD                                                                                                                      ANTAS sub-clover: Antas has forage
                                                                                                                                                 potential like no other sub-clover,
                                                                                                                                                 offering excellent winter productivity.
                                                                                                                                                 It also produces well into summer
                                                                                                                                                 because of its late maturity.
                                                                                                                                                 PEGASIS lucerne: A unique, highly winter
                                                                                                                                                 active variety lucerne.
                                                                                                                                                 Demonstrating a very leafy and densely
                                                                                                                                                 branched growth habit with low-large
                                                                                                                                                 spreading crowns compared to other
                                                                                                                                                 highly winter active varieties.
                                                                                                                                                 ANGEL strand medic — the world’s first
                                                                                                                                                 SU tolerant medic: Angel is a new strand
                                                                                                                                                 medic (Medicago littoralis) bred from the
     On display at the Daviesway                                                                                                                 variety Herald, which has demonstrated
                                           MILK TAXI                                  IGLOO                                                      excellent tolerance to soil residues of
     stand will be the Holm & Laue         • Capacities 80, 120, 200 and 250 litres   • Holds up to 15 calves                                    various sulfonylurea herbicides.
     Milk Taxi, the latest equipment for   • Effective and fast ration mixing         • Solid modular construction                               MITIKA milling and feed oat: Mitika is an
     faster more efficient calf feeding,    • Easy milk transport from                 • Fibreglass reinforced plastic                            early maturing dwarf-type oat, which has
                                                                                                                                                 a very high yielding, with a low lignent
     the unique Holm & Laue Domed            milk room to calf pen                    • Circulating fresh air                                    level and a high gloat percentage.
     Igloo and the Nutri Calf Supreme      • Rapid milk dosage                          for healthy calves                                       Mitika has demonstrated the suitable
     automatic calf feeding system.          with dispensing gun                      • Labour saving calf rearing                               ability to provide some winter grazing
                                           • Instant check for correct                • Minimum bacteria and                                     and still produce high-grain yields.
     Talk to our technical sales staff       ration temperature                         increased exercise                                       Mitika is the preferred milling variety for
     on site for the professional advice                                                                                                         all oat milling companies.
     on all calf rearing products.         NUTRI CALF SUPREME                         1800 MOO COW (1800 666 269)                                GBA RUBY wheat: GBA Ruby has a
                                                                                                                                                 superior disease package — especially for
                                           • Automatic calf feeding system                                        stripe rust resistance.
                                           • Feeds up to 150 calves                                                It is high yielding and is a broadly
                                           • NLIS technology                                                                                     adapted midseason variety.
                                           • 4 feeding stations                                                                                  GBA Ruby is classified ASW in VIC, South
                                                                                                                        IMADGINATION 16068A_SN

                                                                                                                                                 Australia, Western Australia and
                                                                                                                                                 southern NSW, it performs well under a
                                                                                                                                                 range of planting dates.
                                                                                                                                                 Visit us at the Goulburn Valley Field days
                                                                                                                                                 and view our extensive product range or
                                                                                                                                                 phone PlantTech toll free on
                                                                                                                                                 1800 112 400.

GV Field Days, April 2008 — Page 14
On the bright side                                                                                                                         First Farm
Good summer                   A rural confidence survey reveals                ‘‘Farmers are still relying on a
                              that some 52 per cent of farmers                 good autumn break with
rains and                     expect the agricultural economy                  significant follow-up rain to
prices have
                              to improve during the next 12
                              months, signalling a vast
                              improvement in sentiment
                                                                               come, which is going to be
                                                                               essential for them to have a
                                                                               reasonable season ahead and
                                                                                                                                         Buyers Package
                              compared to three months ago.                    also to impact on confidence                               (Your dream, our commitment)
left more
                              In November 2007, just 29 per                    levels in the longer term,’’ Mr
than half of                  cent of farmers were feeling                     Knoblanche said.
Australia’s                   optimistic and 42 per cent                       He said irrigators were still
farmers feeling               actually expected the agricultural               suffering with low storage levels
positive about                economy to worsen.                               and low water allocations.
their future                  The latest Rabobank Rural
                                                                               The survey found an expectation
                              Confidence Survey found that
prospects.                                                                     of more favourable seasonal
                              favourable long-term weather
                                                                               conditions was the main driver
                              forecasts also contributed to the
                                                                               behind increased confidence.
                              sunnier disposition of the
                              nation’s rural producers in the                  Some 72 per cent of optimistic
                              three months to February.                        farmers nominated seasonal
                              In a sign that farmers are                       conditions as a major
                              particularly upbeat, 38 per cent                 contributing factor, up from 55
                              said they now expected to                        per cent last quarter.
                              increase investments during the                  Higher commodity prices were
                              next year.                                       cited by 36 per cent of those
                              That’s the highest level since                   expecting conditions to improve.
                              2001.                                            Not surprisingly, positive
                              But it’s not all good news.                      sentiment was strongest among
                              Rabobank’s rural general                         those sectors also enjoying high
                              manager Peter Knoblanche                         commodity prices, such as grain,
                              cautioned that the overall jump                  dairy and cotton.
                              in confidence this quarter                       The Rabobank Rural Confidence
                              shouldn’t be mistaken as a sign                  Survey questions more than
                              farmers had recovered from                       1200 farmers across Australia on
                              drought.                                         a quarterly basis.

  Round & Square Bale Feeders
                                                                                                                          Raising sufficient capital is a major problem facing young people who
                                                                                                                          want to get established in farming. The first farm buyers package offered
                                                                                                                          by Rural Finance is the key to your agricultural future.
                                                                                                                          Under the package, potential young farmers can buy land, livestock,
Trueline Twin Bale Feeder                                       Trueline Square & Round Bale Feeder
Full chassis construction of 6mm RHS & plate feeds both         Available as a 4 hose machine or 2 hose with diverter     plant and equipment as a first step towards asset ownership.
sides. Available as a 4 hose machine. 2 hose with diverter      valve. Breaks biscuits apart and feeds out in windows.
valve.                                                          Conveyor chain hydraulically driven with variable speed   Talk personally to the financier who cares about the future of agriculture.
                                                                adjustments to feed out all hay types.

                                                                  The Goulburn Valley’s
                                                                 exclusive Trueline dealer
                                                                   - stock available for

                                                                   immediate delivery                           SITE
                                                                    Trade-ins welcome                           124
The Ultimate Bale Feeder                                                                                                               Ballarat         (03) 5334 4511   Bendigo            (03) 5448 2600
Feeds out 6 square bales or 5 round bales in both hay and
silage. Hydraulic parking jack. Will carry in up to 10 round                                                                           Colac            (03) 5232 2680   Horsham            (03) 5381 0052
bales and unload automatically.
                                                                                                                                       Leongatha        (03) 5662 5910   Mildura            (03) 5023 3025
                                                                                                                                       Shepparton       (03) 5821 2655   Swan Hill          (03) 5032 9900
                                            Also stockists of
                                                                                                                                       Traralgon        (03) 5176 1761   Warrnambool        (03) 5562 9611
                   Trueline Post Drivers                                                                                               Wodonga          (02) 6056 9063
                                                               149 - 153 Albion St, Kyabram
                                                                       PH: 5852 3311                                                   For further information on our services contact your local office.
                                                               Neill Morey AH 0437 523 315
                                                                                                                                                                               GV Field Days, April 2008 — Page 15
                                                                               The benefits of GM The Australian             Argentina, Brazil,         their uptake of GM
                                                                                                  Bureau of                  India and China.           crops,’’ Mr Glyde
                                                                               modified oilseed
                                                                                                  Agricultural and           ABARE executive            said.
                                                                               and wheat crops
                                                                                                  Resource Economics         director Phillip Glyde     The European Union
                                                                               could provide      estimates an uptake        said Australia risked      is considering
                                                                               significant        of GM crops could          losing millions of         banning importation
                                                                               benefits to the    add $912 million to        dollars if crop            of GM crops for food.
                                                         SEE US                economy, a new
                                                                               report said.
                                                                                                  the economy by
                                                                                                                             introductions were
                                                                                                                             delayed.                   The report said if the
                                                                                                                                                        bans were
                                                         AT SITE                                  The estimate is based
                                                                                                                             ‘‘Australia will forgo
                                                                                                                             significant economic
                                                                                                                                                        implemented the
                                                                                                  on the assumption                                     estimated economic
                                                           26                                     that imports of GM
                                                                                                                             gains by delaying the
                                                                                                                             introduction of GM
                                                                                                                                                        gain to Australia
                                                                                                  crops are not                                         would be $732
                                                                                                                             oilseeds and wheat if      million in 2018.
                                                                                                  restricted in foreign      emerging economies
                                                                                                  markets such as            continue to increase       The NSW and
                                                                                                                                                        governments have
                                                                                                                                                        granted approval for
                                                                                                                                                        GM canola crops to
                                                                                                                                                        be commercially

         Take the stress out of                                                                                                                         grown, but crops
                                                                                                                                                        have not been

           sourcing your hay.                                                                                                                           planted because of
                                                                                                                                                        moratoriums that
                                                                                                                                                        will expire soon.
                                                                                                                                                        The Public Health
                        Cereal, Canola & Lucerne available.                                                                                             Association of
                                                                                                                                                        Australia this month
       All fodder is feed tested and comes with a vendor declaration.                                                                                   joined a 700-strong
                                                                                                                                                        petition calling on
                                                                                                                                                        the Federal
                                                                                                                                                        Government to over-

                                       Ph: 5862 2799                                                                                                    ride state legislation
                                                                                                                                                        due to health
                                                                                                                                                        concerns with GM

                                                                                                  •Quadlink front axle & dual-stage cab suspension = Pure Operator Comfort
       PURE RELIABILITY                                                                           •Tier III Common rail SISU Diesel engine = Pure Fuel Efficiency

                                                                                                  •Dyna-VT continously variable transmission = Pure Mechanical Reliability

                                                                                                                                   MF 74 0 0 H O R S E P O W E R R A N G E :
                                                                                                                                  23hp      120–190                     315hp

            Visit your local
       Massey Ferguson
          dealer at site 145
                                                                                  MF7400. PURE MASSEY.
    Nagambie               John Sanderson Machinery           (03) 5794 2272
    Kyabram                Albion Motors                      (03) 5852 1977                          Freecall 1800 802 914
    Echuca                 George Harvey Motors               (03) 5482 2866
    Shepparton             Bertoli Farm Machinery             (03) 5821 3299           Massey Ferguson is a worldwide brand of AGCO Corporation
    Cobram                 Cobram Farm Equipment              (03) 5872 1722
GV Field Days, April 2008 — Page 16
Brush up on welfare
                           On-farm animal husbandry        Industry Animal Welfare
The Australian dairy       practices are intrinsically     Strategy.
industry is making a       linked with animal welfare.     The NDIAWS supports the
substantial investment     To deliver quality dairy        Australian Animal Welfare
                           products and safe food          Strategy which was
in animal welfare and is   efficiently, dairy farmers      developed by the Federal
committed to ensuring      must practise good animal       Government with the vision
                           husbandry and maintain          that the welfare of all animals
its reputation for sound   their animals in peak           in Australia is promoted and
husbandry practices is     condition.                      protected by the adoption of
maintained and             The very nature of dairy        sound animal welfare
                           farming means sound dairy       standards and practices.
promoted.                  husbandry practices also        For more information, visit
                           deliver good animal welfare.
                           The Australian dairy industry   go to the farm category and
                           has in place a National Dairy   click on animal welfare.

   For foundations worth Shepparton lasers now hire
                                   buckets & blades
  building on see Mawsons laserblade
                          7’ Laser
                                                                                             • Ideal for small blocks
                                                                                             • Shed pads
                                                                                             • Tennis Courts
                                                                                             • Bowling Greens
                                                                                             10’ Laser bucket
                                                                                             • Ideal for tractors of
                                                                                               100 hp plus
                                                                                             • Regrades
                                                                                                 Available for dry hire or hire with operator
       For all your quarry supplies,
       farm track crushed rock and                                                                            We offer sales & service on all
         concrete supplies talk to                                                                             laser brands, specialising in
                 Mawsons.                                                                                            Trimble Ag GPS
                                                                                                                 For all your laser and GPS
        They’re at site 116 at this
                                                                                                                  enquiries see us at site
          years GV Field Days
                                                                                                           84 Drummond Road, Shepparton. Ph 5821 9499
                                                                                                                                 GV Field Days, April 2008 — Page 17
MF5400 Series: pursuing innovation
                                                                                                                                                  output-enhancing features.
Massey Ferguson is extending the power and expanding the                                                                                          Offering some of the highest
choice in its highly successful MF5400 Series.                                                                                                    specifications in the sector, the
                                                                                                                                                  cost-effective new MF5400 tractors
                                                                                                                                                  excel in every role on livestock,
                                                                                                                                                  arable and mixed farms.
Two new models — the MF5470            MF5400 Series.’’                                                                                           These important new tractors
and MF5475 raise the range’s           All of the new MF5400s are                                                                                 extend the benefits of the MF5400
horsepower ceiling to 135hp and        equipped with the renowned                                                                                 Series’ superb power-to-weight
145hp respectively and feature new                                                                                                                ratio, straightforward operation,
                                       40 kmh top-speed Dyna-4                                                                                    speed, comfort and economy to
Tier 3 engines.                        transmission, with two ‘‘creep-                                                                            operators requiring more power
The new models also now share the      speed’’ options for efficient slow-                                                                        and exceptional performance in the
same bold new MF family styling.       speed operation.                                                                                           field and on the road.
The current MF5460 and MF5465          Combined with the engine’s                                                                                 MF5400 Series models — in
models in the range also see the       transport boost, excellent power-                                                                          particular the best-selling 100hp
introduction of new Tier 3 engines                                                                                                                MF5455 — are some of the best
                                       to-weight ratios, compact
                                                                                                                                                  tractors around for loader work.
and MF family styling.                 dimensions, high output hydraulics                                                                         To ensure a perfect match, tractor
With the launch of the new             and left-hand power control lever,                                                                         and loader engineers have worked
MF5400s, MF is continuing its          these features make the new                                                                                closely together to integrate loader
relentless new innovation impetus      tractors true multi-skilled                                                                                fitting kits, thereby ensuring
and its commitment to providing        workhorses.                                                                                                optimum visibility and unimpeded
customers with the widest selection    The new engines in the MF5400                                                                              tractor service access.
of models and ranges.                                                                                                                             There is now the option to specify
                                       Series not only comply with the
                                                                                                                                                  factory-fitted MF900 loader
‘‘By extending the MF5400 power        latest Tier 3 engine emission                                                                              subframes and hydraulic kits on
range, Massey Ferguson is quickly      regulations, but MF has also taken                                                                         MF5400 Series 4-cylinder Perkins
responding to increasing demands       the opportunity to improve                                                                                 engine tractors enabling you to
from medium-sized arable, mixed        performance and fuel efficiency                                                                            order a tailor-made model.
and livestock enterprises,’’ AGCO      with a significant eight per cent                                                                          There’s a big choice of parallel MF
Australia general marketing            higher maximum power and 11 per                                                                            loaders.
manager James Lang said.               cent more torque, compared with                                                                            Key features include class-leading
                                       the tractors they replace.                                                                                 semi-automatic Lock & Go quick-
‘‘These new models fulfil a need for                                                                                                              attach systems.
customers who require extra power      On top of this, all new MF5400s also                                                                       For more details, visit Massey
and utility from the cost-effective,   feature a substantial transport                                                                            Ferguson at the GV Field Days or
straightforward features of the        power boost plus a host of new                                                                   

                                                                                                                                                         E D BY

                                                                                                               PEGASIS              Lucerne
                                                                                                               ✔ Highly winter-active for excellent production and persistence
                                                                                                                 in dryland crop rotations
                                                                                                               ✔ Excellent option for when very productive plant stands need
                                                                                                                 to be maintained for 3-4 years under rainfed conditions
                                                                                                               ✔ Highly resistant to Spotted Alfalfa Aphid and moderately
                                                                                                                 resistant to Phytophthora Root Rot

                                                               GRASSMAX™ Annual Ryegrass                       LASER            Persian Clover
                                                               ✔   Good seeing vigour                          ✔   Late season version for irrigation and summer rainfall
                                                               ✔   Excellent early forage production           ✔   Suitable for multiple grazing/hay cuts
                                                               ✔   Ideal for winter grazing / hay production   ✔   Superior quality replacement to Maral
                                                               ✔   Significant and improved                    ✔   Suitable to mix with winter active, short term ryegrass
                                                                   production over Tetila
                Are you planting pasture                                                                       ANTAS            Sub Clover
                this autumn? If so, visit                      CHARGER                Italian Ryegrass         ✔   Late season maturity
                us at the Field Days.                                                                          ✔   High level of hard seed offering better persistence
                                                               ✔   Late maturing with a long growth curve
                                                                                                               ✔   More widely adapted - slightly acid to alkaline soils
                                                               ✔   Vigorous seeding establishment
                                                                                                               ✔   Offers excellent winter herbage production
                                                               ✔   Excellent winter growth
                                                               ✔   Ideal for short term pasture mixes

GV Field Days, April 2008 — Page 18
Final call for dairy farm
gate entrance funding
The United Dairyfarmers of Victoria reminds
farmers to let VicRoads know of their intention
to apply for the Dairy Farm Gate Access Scheme.

                                    VFF/UDV lobbying has
                                    resulted in an extension of
                                    the funding for the Dairy
                                    Local Roads project from the
                                    end of last year to April 30
                                    this year.
                                    However, farmers wishing to
                                    apply for the scheme must
                                    notify VicRoads as soon as
                                                                entrances to accommodate
                                    UDV President Doug Chant    large B-double milk tankers,
                                    said work was about to startMr Chant said.
                                    to upgrade his farm entrance
                                                                Meanwhile, the Local Roads
                                    and he urged other farmers
                                                                to Market program –
                                    to consider the subsidy     upgrading farm gate access
                                    scheme.                     for all agricultural and
                                    The UDV originally          horticultural properties, not
                                    campaigned for the Local    just dairy – is running until
                                    Dairy Road Farm Gate Access December this year.
                                    Scheme to help farmers      The Farm Gate Access project
                                    improve their property      for Arterial Roads has closed.
                 More details on the Farm Gate Access Subsidy Schemes can be found at:

 We’re racing into deals this April at . . .

                                                                               SAVE UP TO $15,000
                                                                                               GOOD FINANCE DEALS T.A.P.

 CMAX 85 + Loader                      CX 85 + Loader                          CX 105 + Loader                         MC 115 + Loader                    XTX 145 YOU BEAUT                MTX 150          YOU BEAUT
 82 hp, from $66,000 + $6,600 GST      84 hp, from $73,000 + $7,300 GST        102 hp, from $83,000 + $8,300 GST       115 hp, from $96,000 + 9,600 GST   TRACTOR, Front axle suspension   TRACTOR, you can buy for
                                                                                                                                                          $116,000 + $11,600 GST           $109,000 + $10,900 GST
                   = $72,600                                = $80,300                                = $91,300                          = $105,600                           $127,600                   = $119,900

                                                                           7959 GV Highway,                                                                       SITE
                                                                           Shepparton                                                                            NO: 88
                                                                           Ph: (03) 5823 5005
                                                                                                                                                                                       GV Field Days, April 2008 — Page 19

                                                                                                                                                                                ‘GV Field Days’, April, 2008—Page 19
  solutions                                 52
         SEE US
                AT STANHOPE FIELD DAYS

We provide the cream of dairy equipment
Daviesway covers every aspect of         Talk to our technical sales staff
dairy equipment, from complete           on site for professional advice on                       y
                                                                                Visit the Daviesway
computerized systems right down to       complete milking systems, associated   stand for a FREE
                                                                                information CD
single cow milkers. No other supplier    dairy equipment, rapid exit and end    for all you need
can offer you such an extensive range    exit bails and stalls and the latest   to know about
of products, with the best technical     calf rearing equipment.                milking systems.
support, the best service and the best   1800 MOO COW (1800 666 269)
installers in the industry.    
                                                                        IMADGINATION 16068B_SN

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