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					                                       Fire Service
                                   Satisfaction Survey
If you wish, this survey is voluntary and anonymous. We appreciate your candid
response, as your input will assist the department in future program development and

Are you:
      Female                                       Male
What is your age group
      18-21                                        22-30
      31-45                                        46-55
      Over 55
How long have you been a member of the department?
      Under 1 year                                 1-3 years
      4-10 years                                   11-20 years
      21 or more
What is your position title?
      Probationary fire fighter                    Fire fighter
      Lieutenant                                   Acting Lieutenant or Captain
      Captain or above
Who or what influenced you to become a member of the department?
      Family                                       Friends
      Assist the community                         Media / advertising
      Website                                      Recruitment drive
How much time do you spend volunteering with the department per month including all
training, response and other duties?
      Less than 5 hours                            5-10 hours
      11-20 hours                                  21-40 hours
      41-60 hours                                  Over 60 hours
Over the past 5 years there have been significant improvements in our training and
equipment. If any, which of the following areas should we now focus our attention on?
Focus should be on:
      Fire fighting equipment                      PPE
      Station and facilities                       Communications
      Vehicles                                     Other. Please add comments
      Don’t know                                    separately.
     fire department survey
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Are you comfortable with the incident command system adopted and used by the
      Yes                                            No
      Don’t know
Today’s lifestyle affects people’s availability to volunteer. Do you believe this department
does all it can to recruit good members and encourage them to remain?
      Yes                                            No
This department believes that training is critical to the well-being and safety of its
members and the public. Have you ever felt you were not permitted to attend a training
course that you applied for and not received a reasonable response why you weren’t
      Yes                                            No
To what extent does your family support your involvement with the department?
      A great deal                                   Moderately
      Hardly at all                                  Not at all
To what extent are you interested in volunteering time to non-suppression activities such
as smoke alarm teams or fire prevention and public education activities?
      Would like to                                  Some interest
      Hardly interested                              No interest at all
To what extent do you wish to offer your comments on major decisions regarding the
      A great deal                                   Some interest
      Perhaps                                        Not interested
To what extent does your employer support your fire department involvement? If self-
employed, how readily available are you?
      A great deal                                   Some interest
      Hardly interested                              Not at all interested
To what extent do you get the opportunity to provide feedback to the chief and officers?
      A great deal                                   Sometimes
      Hardly at all                                  Not at all
What level of support do you feel the department provides to accommodate persons with
disabilities, including those with health concerns or learning disabilities?
      A great deal                                   To a moderate extent
      Hardly at all                                  Not at all

    fire department survey
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When the department or association raises funds, to what extent do you understand how
the funds are used?
      A great deal                                    To a moderate extent
      Hardly at all                                   Not at all
To what extent do you believe the department is getting its fire safety messages out to the
      A great deal                                    To a moderate extent
      Hardly at all                                   Not at all
What is your knowledge of the available critical incident stress team or the availability of
the volunteer assistance program?
      A great deal                                    To a moderate extent
      Hardly at all                                   Not at all
Which of the following do you believe might deter someone from joining the department?
      Too dangerous                                   Not enough time to spare
      Too much of a “boy’s club”                      Insufficient understanding of what is
      Not fit enough                                   involved
      Little or no remuneration                       Too many rules and regulations and /
                                                        or paperwork
                                                       Other
What is your knowledge of the departments SOG's, policies and rules and regulations
      Good comprehensive knowledge                    Understand most of them but would
      Understand most of the concepts but              like to learn more
       don’t really want to learn more                 Have a limited knowledge and would
      Have a limited knowledge and I don’t             like to know more
       need to know more                               I have no knowledge of them
Do you feel that the mandatory attendance requirements of the department are fair and
there should be no problem in complying with them?
      Agree they are easily achievable                Don’t believe they are achievable
      Believe they should be reduced                  Believe they should be increased
Do you feel that the training program is adequate for the number and types of calls the
department attends?
      Agree it is adequate                            Don’t believe it is adequate
      Believe the program should be                   Believe the program should be
       reduced                                          increased
Would you support the department participating in:
      Regional fire schools                           Out of town live fire training
      Auto extrication teams                          Fire dept. musters and games

    fire department survey
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Do you feel you that the communications lines are open enough to allow you to fully
understand your role and responsibilities in the fire department?
      Excellent                                     Good
      Average                                       Poor
By what methods of communications do you prefer to receive department information that
is not incident related?
      Email                                         Department website
      Fax                                           Hardcopy mail out
      Station notices                               Newsletter
      Pager                                         Other (please specify)
Do you know how to access the following information?
      Department SOG’s and policies                 Operational information
      Training courses                              Media and public announcements
      Health and safety information
How often do you use the internet?
      All the time (daily)                          Frequently (approximately once a
      Infrequently (approximately once a             week)
       month                                         Hardly at all
      Never
Where do you connect to the internet?
      Home                                          Work
      Fire station                                  Public facility i.e. library
Which department on-line intranet services would you find useful?
      Personnel information                         Administration information
      Daily report                                  Availability check in / out
      Training calendar                             Training schedule
      Current incidents                             Other _________________
If they were made available, which of the following reports do you believe would benefit
fire fighter knowledge of the department?
      Annual report                                 Turnout and response times
      Training records                              Business plan
      Monthly report                                Master fire plan
                                                     Other ____________________

Thank you for your participation. If you wish to add any other comments please
do so on the back of this page.

Once complete, please place in envelope and put in the Chief’s mailbox.

    fire department survey
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