RWA_AppreciationForFootpathInFrontOf_1281_to_1287 - TO WHOMSOEVER by malj


									                       TO WHOMSOEVER IT MAY CONCERN

This is to state that a footpath has been built from house number 1281 to 1287 in Sector
15, Faridabad. This footpath has been built at a cost of approximately ninety one
thousand rupees (Rs. 91,000), and the entire cost has been borne by the residents
themselves. This footpath is for the benefit of pedestrians - especially senior citizens and
small children - who had been facing great hardship in walking on this stretch of road
which lies between the Sector 15 market and Geeta Mandir.

The Residents Welfare Association is appreciative of this effort on part of the residents
and will be recommending to the Municipal Corporation of Faridabad that this footpath
be extended by the MCF till the road dividing Sectors 12 and 15.

Mr. T.D. Jatwani
(President, Sector 15 RWA)

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