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					Wayne County
         Historical Perspective
• After 9/11, President Bush established the
  Freedom Corps in the United States

• Lack of Emergency Preparedness at the local level
     Historical Perspective
– Part of the Freedom Corps is the Citizen
  Corps Council
  • Groups under the Citizen Corps Council are:
     – C.E.R.T. (Community Emergency Response
     – MRC (Medical Reserve Corps)
     – USA on Watch (Neighborhood Watch)
     – VIPS (Volunteers in Police Service)
     – Fire Corps
What is a Medical Reserve Corp?
• Coordinates the skills of practicing and
  retired physicians, nurses and other
  health, dental and pharmacy professionals as
   well as other citizens that want to help their
• Volunteers rapidly mobilized to assist first
   responders during a disaster and/or public
   health emergency.
Roles of MRC Volunteers

•   Stocking Medical Supplies
•   Clerical Support
•   Health Education
•   Computer Assistance
•   Translation Assistance
•   Giving Vaccinations
•   Distributing Medication
            MRC Volunteers
         May Be Called Upon To:
•   Provide Education on Emergency Family Preparedness

•   Assist with Health Fairs

•   Assist with Flu Clinics

•   Offer First Aid at Special Events

•   Provide Support During Outbreaks

•   Help at Community Distribution Sites
Volunteers May Choose To Deploy Outside of
Area to Assist With National Disasters such as
           Katrina and Rita in 2005
         Who Can Volunteer?
•   Physicians              • EMT’s
•   Physician Assistants    • Veterinarians
•   Nurses                  • Mental Health
•   Dentists/Dental Techs     Professionals
•   Pharmacists/            • All Other Interested
    Pharmacy Techs            Citizens
         Tailored Membership
 Volunteers to the Regional MRC have choices
 about their membership and can change them if
 they need to.

• Volunteers chose which level of membership
  they want to be in.

• Volunteers can chose to serve in any specific
  member community or all of them.

• Volunteers can chose to deploy outside the area
  if there is a need or stay local
         Tailored Activity Level
• Active – Heavily involved in training and activities

• Limited – A lesser pace of training and activities

• Emergency Only – Minimum training and use
                   during emergencies/disasters
Reasons to Activate the MRC
Assignments are based on what you, our
valued volunteers have told us as to where
you would prefer being assigned to.

Reasons for activation or response
could be:
Reasons to Activate the MRC
   • Pandemic Flu (2009 H1N1)
Reasons to Activate the MRC
          • Flood
Reasons to Activate the MRC
        • Tornado
Reasons to Activate the MRC
      • Terrorism Event
Reasons to Activate the MRC
      • National Disaster
Reasons to Activate the MRC
     Transportation Mishaps
 Reasons to Activate the MRC
Our MRC volunteers can be activated (called to
respond) to any of the situations you have just
Volunteers would be contacted by a variety of
means and if they were available would be
directed to report to a specific duty site or to a
Staging Area (Gathering place for volunteers awaiting
         Goals and Partnerships
• Goal of 200 Wayne County
• Partnerships With Other Agencies
  – Illinois Department of Public Health
  – Illinois Emergency Management
     Agency (IEMA)
  – Illinois Terrorism Task Force (ITTF)
  – Illinois Emergency Services
    Management Agency (IESMA)
Training Recommendations
• MRC Orientation – On-line

• Point of Distribution (POD) Orientation – On-line

• Family Disaster Preparedness - On-line

• First Aid/CPR

• Participation in drills/exercises and practices
         Additional Training
– IS-100 – Introduction to Incident Command Structure (ICS)
– IS-200 - Incident Command Structure
– IS-700 – Introduction to National Incident Management System
– IS-800 - National Response Plan
– IS-300 - Intermediate ICS (for leadership positions)
– IS-400 - Advanced ICS (for leadership positions)
 We Can Achieve More Together!

“Terrorism forces us to make a choice. We
 can be afraid . . . or we can be ready.”

  For More Information

  Clark Griffith or Tammy Estes
         Wayne County
     Medical Reserve Corps
  Be prepared and help your

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