Person Specification - Age Concern Hertfordshire by malj


									Registered Charity No. 1116662
                                   PERSON SPECIFICATION

                                      Healthwise Coordinator

           Please show how you meet the criteria of this person specification when
           completing the ‘other information’ section of your application form.

                                 Essential                              Desirable
           Training and          Good general education including       Evidence of further
           Education             a qualification in English and         education or
                                 Maths.                                 vocational training

           Experience            Minimum of one year experience         Experience of
                                 within mental health care of older     volunteering

                                 Experience of delivering services
                                 to the community. Knowledge of
                                 the voluntary and statutory sector.
                                 Ability to undertake own
                                 administrative duties and record
                                 keeping. Experience of recruiting
                                 and supervising volunteers and/or

           Special Skills        Confidence to work autonomously.       Marketing and
                                 Productive and effective team          publicity skills
                                 member. Good listening and
                                 communication skills. Ability to
                                 follow policies and procedures.
                                 Computer literate. Good written
                                 and verbal communication skills.

           Personal              Confident and self motivating. A       Creative thinking.
           Attributes            commitment to equal opportunities
                                 and anti-discriminatory practices.
                                 A commitment to quality and
                                 standards. Flexible approach.
                                 Sound common sense and a
                                 positive attitude. Ability to remain
                                 calm in a crisis.

           Personal              Full driving licence. Daily access     Ability to work
           Circumstances         to transport and willingness to        occasional
                                 travel around the area. Good           evenings and
                                 health.                                weekends.

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