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					                                                Holy Trinity - Danielson
                March 2011
                                               Calendar of Divine Services
                                                     Orthros ( matins ) begin at 9:00 AM.
                                          All Liturgies begin at 10:00 AM unless otherwise noted.
                                      All evening services begin at 7:30 PM unless otherwise noted.


                                    Friday, April 1 – Fourth Salutations
                                    April 3 – St Gregory of Palamas
                                    Friday, April 8– Akathist Hymn
                                    April 10– Godparents Sunday

                                                      Holy Week
                                    Sunday, April 17 – Palms Sunday - Orthros &
                                    Divine Liturgy                                            Saint Zoe
                    The Messenger

                                           7:30 PM - Nymphios Service
                                    Monday, April 18 – Nymphios Service – 7:30 PM
                                    Tuesday, April 19 – Nymphios Service – 7:30 PM

                                    Wednesday, April 20 – Holy Unction Service – 7:30 PM
                                    Thursday, April 21 – 9:00 AM Divine Liturgy
                                           7:30 PM Crucifixion of our Lord and Savior
                                    Friday, April 22 – Good Friday
                                           6:30 PM – Removal of Christ from the Cross
                                           7:30 PM – The Lamentations and Burial Procession
                                    Saturday, April 23 – Pascha/Easter Services - 9:00 AM Divine Liturgy
                                           In the evening: 10:30 PM – Prelude Service followed by the Resur-
                                           rection Service and Divine Liturgy
                                    May 1– St Thomas Day followed by Procession of the Resurrection
                                    Monday, May 31 – 10:00 AM - Memorial Day Prayers at the Cemetery
                                    June 12 - Pentecost Sunday - Orthros & Divine Liturgy
                                           followed by the Kneeling Service of Pentecost
                                           Annual Awards Sunday

                                       Please see Nikitoula if your daughter or granddaughter would
                                          like to take part in Good Friday service as a Myrophora.
The Memorial Corner
     Last year we received over $6000.00
in memorial donations which attributed to          Donor Name            In Loving Memory of        Amount
about 15% of total income for 2010. In a
concerted effort to recognize those who        George Lakatzis        Argyro Lakatzis                    $200.00
have generously donated in memory of           George Lakatzis        Demi Lakatzis                      $200.00
their loved ones, we have created The Me-      George Lakatzis        Maria Angelos                      $200.00
morial Corner. Those people who have
                                               George Lakatzis        Elizabeth Farfaras Romero          $200.00
made a memorial donation this year will be
recognized and thanked in the newsletter.      Thomas Moumouris       Harry Atsales, Sr                    $30.00
     Thank you to George, Tom, Toni, An-       Toni Moumouris         Harry Atsales, Sr                    $25.00
drea and Constantina who have made me-
morial donations this year.                    Andrea Herrick         Harry Atsales, Sr                    $25.00
     Memorial donations are deposited into     Constantina F. Evans   Elizabeth Farfaras Romero          $250.00
the general fund and used to cover church
                                                                      Total Memorial Donations      $1,130.00
operating expenses.

Cutting of the Vasilopita
       On Sunday, January 16th, 2011, our Parish ob-        Vasilopita has continued,
served the annual cutting of the Vasilopita. The first      but with the added tradi-
piece is cut for Christ and His Church, the the second      tion that once a year,
is for the Panagia and the Saints, and the third is for     when the pita is cut, the
Metropolitan Methodios and the Clergy. Additional           recipient of the coin baked
pieces were cut for church leaders, organizations and       in the bread, will have
members in recognition of their valued services to the      good luck throughout the
church. The lucky recipient of the coin was Penelope        year. Penelope Karambi-
Karambinakis.                                               nakis baked the Pita and
         Legend has it that in times past, valuable coins   has been doing so for many years. Proceeds from
were baked into the bread to prevent them from being        donations for the Vasilopita are sent to St. Basil’s
stolen. Since then, the tradition of baking coins in the    Academy - $320.00 was raised!!!

Christmas 2010
 On Sunday, December 12, 2010, the Trent Pappas family hosted the annual communion
 breakfast. The church was filled with parishioners of all ages that feasted on French
 toast, scrambled eggs and home fries in anticipation of a visit from Santa Claus. Santa
 arrived when all had been fed and handed out gifts to the children of the parish. This
 event is a revered tradition at Holy Trinity, and we thank Trent Pappas Sr, Trent Pappas
 Jr and all of their family for their generosity and hard work that they put into this won-
 derful occasion year after year.

 The annual Christmas pageant was held on Sunday, December 19, 2010. With some last
 minute adjustments in costumes and casting, the program was executed and parents
 and children enjoyed the re-enactment of the birth of the baby Jesus. The pageant is
 directed by our Sunday School Teachers Nikitoula Menounos and Karen Ashlaw, and par-
 ticipants are the children of our parish.

Page 2                                                                                              T H E M E SS E N G E R
Celebrating 25 Years
      On Sunday, January 23, 2011, the parishioners
of Holy Trinity gathered in the Hellenic Center after
Divine Liturgy to celebrate Father Nick’s 25th anniver-
sary as our devoted parish priest.
      Temperatures outside that day were some of the
coldest of the season, but the freezing weather could
not deter the faithful parishioners of Holy Trinity.
The church hall overflowed with love and warmth as
120 parishioners gathered together from near and far
to thank Father Nick for his many years of service.
      Parish council president George Lakatzis shared
words of thanks to Father Nick, as did former presi-
dent Carl Pappas who offered his thanks in a letter
which was read by John Haidemenos. Although Fa-
ther Nick was not entirely comfortable in the spot
light, he gave a heart-warming speech about how he
came to be our priest and how he enjoys it just as         no matter the circumstance, we will attend Divine Lit-
much today as he did 25 years ago. He was pre-             urgy, and receive the warmth, love and spiritual guid-
sented with gifts of appreciation from the Sunday          ance that Father Nick bestows upon us each and every
school children and the church council, and the hall       Sunday.
filled with emotion as many guests shed tears of joy.           Thank you to everyone who made this special day
      After a delicious meal, dessert and coffee, we all   possible, and most of all, thank you Father Nick for all
ventured back out into the cold of winter. We can          your years of service and may you share many more
however, find comfort in the fact that next Sunday,        years with us.


Ioannis Stavros Exarhoulias was baptized on Febru-         Also baptized on the 27th was Marika Exarhoulias.
ary 27th by his Godparents Kostas and Maria Zarboutis.     Marika’s Godparents are Nikkii and Yianni Zarboutis, and
Ioannis is the son of Steven and Lindsey Exarhoulias.      is the daughter of George Exarhoulias and Jenni Yip.

Anastasia Haveles was baptized on              casion) and Clifford and Kathleen Green. A
March 5, 2011 by her godparents Athan          reception followed in the Hellenic Center
Thanas and Cassandra Lavimoniere-Green.        beautifully decorated with flower arrange-
Anastasia is the daughter of Spiros and        ments by Francine Robinson and accents
Christa Haveles and the grand-daughter         by Agora. The evening was catered by
of Christos and Tasia Haveles ( who trav-      the Imperial Room, with music and danc-
eled here from Greece for the special oc-      ing provided by the Salonica Boys.

QVCC Foundation Welcomes New Members
     George Lakatzis was among seven           was founded in 1971 and raises funds so
new members recently welcomed into             that all residents of northeastern Ct are
The Quinebaug Valley Community Col-            provided the opportunity to attend
lege Foundation. The QVCC Foundation           QVCC.

Page 3                                                                                            NE W SL E T T E R T IT L E
Winter Weather Damages Church Hall
     The church hall and roof suf-          ously climbing up on to the roof to       The insurance adjuster has submit-
fered some damage from the se-              clear a path for the melting snow to      ted his adjustment and the church
vere weather this winter. Many of           drain. He checked the church every        council has accepted it. We should
us bore witness to this as we came          day, and sometimes twice a day to         be receiving a check any day to
to church and were inundated by a           make sure that no further damage          cover all of the costs associated
waterfall in the church hall. Clean-        occurred. If you see Ken, be sure         with the repairs.
ing up the water and drying out the         to thank him because without all of
church was a challenge, and clear-          his efforts, mold and mildew would
ing snow off the roof a dangerous           have taken hold and surely de-
task. We can all thank Ken Dykstra          stroyed the Hellenic Center.
for all of his hard work wet vac-                Repair of the roof and the
uuming up the water and precari-            church hall has not yet begun.

Hall Use Agreement
      In the March meeting of the             raised to $30.00. The event fee          council member for a hall use
Church Council several changes in             increase was based on the current        agreement, and to reserve your
pricing were made to the Hall Use             costs of heating, electricity and        date. The hall use agreement is
Agreement. Effective July 1, 2011,            cleaning.                                also available on the website
the fee for use of the hall for an event           If you or a family member 
will increase from $150.00 to                 would like to use the church hall for
$250.00. The coffee hour fee was              an upcoming event, contact any

Daughter’s of Penelope News                                 
                                                                 The web site has been updated with new pictures and the
                                                                  hall use agreement. Visit
On Sunday, April 10th, the Daughter’s of Penelope                 to check out the calendar of services, the newsletter or
will be hosting coffee hour and holding a raffle.                                 the hall use agreement.
“The Daughters of Penelope support the Birthing
Center at Day Kimball Hospital with ongoing dona-
tions of clothes, blankets and various baby items                          Easter Egg Hunt
and annually support the local Domestic Violence
                                                             Sunday, May 1, 2010, immediately following
Shelter with annual contributions of gift cards.”            Divine Liturgy for all the children of our Parish.

 Passing Noted
                          Harry P. Atsales Sr., 81, formerly of Primrose    by two sons, David Atsales of Hampden, MA
                          Village passed away January 21, 2011. He          and Harry P. Atsales Jr. of Dayville; two
                          was born in Putnam on August 7, 1929, son         daughters, Stacia Haggett of Newbury, VT
                          of the late Peter and Mary (Nicholapolis) At-     and Maria Dubey of Webster, MA; a brother,
                          sales. Mr. Atsales served in the U.S. Army        John P. Atsales of St. Petersburg, FL and a
                          and was a Korean War Veteran. He worked           sister, Stasia Pelzer of Largo, FL, five grand-
                          in the maintenance department at the Rec-         children and several nieces and nephews. He
                          tory School in Pomfret for many years. He         was predeceased by his sister, Sophie Boris.
                          was a member of the Holy Trinity Greek Or-        May his memory be eternal.
                          thodox Church in Danielson. He is survived

VO L U M E 1, I SSU E 1                                                                                                  Page 4
Easter Flower Donations

       The Flower Team would like to ex-                           2010 Easter Flower Pledge Schedule
press its thanks to parishioners for all of the
                                                    Salutation Fridays                $ Amount     Donor Name
floral donations made for the 2010 Christ-
mas season. The Community has been gen-             1st Friday                           $50
erous in supporting the beautification of the       2nd Friday                           $50
Church with appropriate flowers during holi-        3rd Friday                           $50
       Now preparations are underway for            4th Friday                           $50
the 2011 Pascal season beginning with Ven-          5th Friday                           $50
eration Fridays (Cairetismoi) and ending
with Anastasi. The Easter flower budget for
                                                    Veneration Sunday                    $125           Taken
2011 is about the same as the previous
year. The Flower team has high expecta-
tions for another season of decorating the          Palm Sunday
Church. The flower arrangements will be as          Narthex icon                         $100
good and beautiful as ever.
       Once again your help is needed. Be-          Iconostasio steps                    $50
low and at the Narthex of the Church is a           Cone palms                           $30
poster listing all of the events for which          Cone palms                           $30
flowers will be arranged. The requested
pledges are largely the same dollar amount
as last year. Already some donors have              Holy Thursday
stepped up and committed their support              Narthex icon                         $80
with pledges. We ask for your donations             Crucifixion wreath                   $150           Taken
again. Please sign up for one of the events
                                                    Iconostasio steps                    $50
not yet taken.
                                                    Iconostasio steps                    $50
                                Francine Robinson
                         Eleni & John Yanouzas
                                                    Good Friday
                         Litsa & Kostas Menounos
                                                    Narthex icon                         $100
                                                    Epitaphio cross                      $150           Taken
                                                    Epitaphio candles                    $150           Taken
                                                    Iconostasio steps                    $50
                                                    Iconostasio Icon                     $50
                                                    Iconostasio Icon                     $50
                                                    Iconostasio Icon                     $50
                                                    Iconostasio Icon                     $50
                                                    Iconostasio Icon                     $50

                                                    Anastasi Saturday
                                                    Narthex Icon                         $100
                                                    Resurrection wreath                  $150           Taken
                                                    Iconostasio steps                    $75
                                                    Iconostasio steps                    $75
                                                    Total Budget Requested
     KALI ANASTASI (KALH ANASTASH)                                                      $1,945
                                                    (Epitaphio flowers excluded)

T H E M E SS E N G E R                                                                                      Page 5
Moving?                                                                      Coffee Hour
                                                                       Coffee hour sponsors are
                                                                       needed. Please use the sign up
     Please keep the church’s mailing list up to date
                                                                       sheet in the Hellenic Center
by providing us with your current address. Email
                                                                       lobby to secure an opening. The
your change of address to or
                                                                       cost to sponsor coffee hour is currently $25.00 and
give it to any Council Member.
                                                                       will increase to $30.00 on July 1, 2011

       “When God is in your heart, God is in your life”
                                          Submitted by Liz Savas

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