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                                                                              ROGER A. CARTER
                                                                                 5010 Spartan Drive
  Resume of Roger Carter, DBConnect Solutions, Inc.

                                                                               Fort Wayne, IN 46804
                                                                                   (574) 527-9286
SUMMARY                                               A results-oriented Senior JDE Oracle DBA with a successful track record in all aspects of Oracle
                                                      Database Administration for JDE. Knowledgeable in all facets of Oracle architecture specific to JD
                                                      Edwards/Enterprise One, and highly-regarded as a subject-matter expert in the JDE vertical.
10/97 - Present                                       DBConnect Solutions, Inc., Fort Wayne, IN
                                                      A consulting company providing Oracle DBA services for JD Edwards/Enterprise One projects.
                                                      Providing project and support services covering the full life-cycle of implementations, including field-tested
                                                      solutions to address the unique needs of JD Edwards on Oracle.

                                                      Extensive experience implementing Oracle Best Practices for E1:
                                                           Automated solutions to solve the default JDE/E1 security gap where all Oracle
                                                              users have update access to JDE/E1 business data.
                                                           Oracle role-based security architecture to ensure JDE/E1 Oracle databases are
                                                              completely SOX-compliant.
                                                           Automated Oracle security management to enable easy JDE/E1 bolt-ons for
                                                              products such as DSI/dcLink, Webmethods, warehouse management/RF
                                                              software solutions, Vertex tax software, etc.
                                                           Automated approaches to JDE/E1 Oracle database refreshes.
                                                           Automated JDE/E1 UBE job tracking/tracing.
                                                           Extensive, battle-tested JDE/E1 Oracle tuning to address common Oracle
                                                              performance issues.
                                                           Clustered and non-clustered database architectures using RAC, Clusterware, and
                                                              3rd-party clustering solutions.

                                                      November 2008 – Present
                                                      Client: Global Food Distributor
                                                      Oracle Database Administrator
                                                      Assisting client with the tuning/configuration of their Oracle 10g R2 RAC database
                                                      running on clustered Sun Solaris servers.

                                                      September 2008 – Present
                                                      Client: Wireless Logistics Industry
                                                      Oracle Database Administrator
                                                      Responsible for installing Oracle 10g R2 on 64-bit Clustered Oracle Linux servers (Oracle
                                                      Clusterware) in support of client’s JDE Enterprise One implementation. Providing
                                                      outsourced Oracle DBA support following client’s successful go-live.

                                                      September 2008 – Present
                                                      Client: Gift and Juvenile Products Industry
                                                      Oracle Database Administrator
                                                      Performed an in-depth database health check on client’s JDE Oracle database and assisted
                                                      client with performance remediation. Dramatically improved the performance and
                         throughput on the client’s Sun Solaris database server. Continuing to provide as-needed
                         assistance with database tuning.

                         August 2008 – Present
                         Client: Food, Travel, and Energy Industry
                         Oracle Database Administrator
                         Responsible for installing Oracle 10g R2 on 64-bit Oracle Linux servers in support of
                         client’s JDE Enterprise One implementation.

                         March 2008 – Present
                         Client: Global Specialty Manufacturer
                         Oracle Database Administrator
                         Responsible for installing Oracle 10g R2 and Oracle 11g R1 on 64-bit Windows clustered
                         systems in support of multiple JDE Enterprise One implementations.          Providing
                         outsourced Oracle DBA support for two independent subsidiaries of this global

                         July 2007 – Present
                         Client: Specialty footwear and clothing accessory manufacturer
                         Oracle Database Administrator
                         Responsible for supporting a large, world-wide implementation of JDE Enterprise One
                         and an associated Data Warehouse on AIX/Oracle 10g. Upgraded Oracle from 10g
                         Release 1 to Oracle 10g Release 2 to address system issues and performance improvement
                         initiatives. Drove an Oracle remediation plan to stabilize the Oracle environment and
                         provide consistent performance metrics within the JDE environment. Assisted the Data
                         Warehouse team with data refreshes and performance tuning within the Operational Data
                         Store and the Warehouse. Assisted with the implementation of the Manhattan Warehouse
                         Management software. Utilized OEM Grid Control, Data Guard, RMAN, and custom
                         shell scripting to provide standard systems management and data replication. Provided in-
                         depth advice, processes, and technical solutions to address the compliance requirements of
                         the Sarbanes-Oxley Act.

                         January 2006 – April 2008
                         Client: Manufacturer and converter of specialty lightweight packaging
                         Oracle Database Administrator
                         Responsible for supporting the implementation of JDE Enterprise One on Oracle 10g.
                         Installed the development, test, and production Oracle environments on the IBM AIX
                         Unix platform and worked with the JDE CNC team to install and configure the

                         August 2006 – June 2007
                         Client: Provider of integrated logistics services to global auto industries
                         Oracle Database Administrator
                         Responsible for supporting a custom legacy Oracle application running on the
                         Oracle/Windows platform. Implemented a high-availability/failover solution using the
                         CA XOsoft tool that was installed across 30+ servers throughout Canada and Europe.

                         March 2001 – January 2006; 2008
                         Client: Global pharmaceutical company
                         Oracle Database Administrator

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                         Responsible for providing Oracle support during the worldwide implementation of JDE
                         Enterprise One on Oracle 9i on the HP-UX platform as well as related Cognos data marts
                         and several Cognos Data Warehouses. The implementation covered thousands of users
                         across multiple divisions in the United States, Europe, Latin America, and Australia. Built
                         many FDA-validated Oracle environments and implemented processes and controls to
                         assure compliance with the Sarbanes-Oxley reporting requirements. Received the client’s
                         Consultant of the Year Award for the 2005 calendar year.

                         April 2000 – January 2001
                         Client: Applications Solutions Provider
                         Oracle Database Administrator
                         Responsible for the build-out of the Oracle infrastructure to support approximately 20
                         clients and 55 Oracle instances on the HP-UX and AIX platforms. Built the infrastructure
                         to support the hosting environment for JDE, Lawson, and Oracle 11i.

                         November 1997 – April 2000
                         Client: Automotive parts supplier
                         Oracle Database Administrator
                         Responsible for the build-out of the Oracle infrastructure to support client’s
                         implementation of BaaN on the HP-UX platform.

06/95 – 09/97            APAC Teleservices, Cedar Rapids, Iowa
                         A provider of outsourced inbound and outbound call center services.
                         Director, Software Development Infrastructure
                         Oracle Database Administrator
                         Responsible for the management of over 15 HP-UX servers, 20 Oracle version 7.x
                         instances, and over 1,500 concurrent Oracle users. Performed extensive re-engineering
                         efforts on high-availability telemarketing applications, moving them from an Oracle6 non-
                         OFA environment to an OFA-compliant Oracle7 environment.

08/91 – 06/95            Boeing Georgia, Macon, Georgia
                         Part of the Boeing Commercial Aircraft Group.
                         Oracle DBA
                         Participated in the development of a custom ERP system based on Oracle Forms and
                         Oracle version 6 on the HP-UX platform. Responsible for logical data modeling, physical
                         database design, performance tuning, data integrity, backup and recovery, database
                         maintenance, security, and data management disciplines. Served as technical lead during
                         most of the analysis, design, and construction phases of the ERP project.
08/88 – 08/91            Prestolite Electric, Toledo, Ohio
                         An OEM manufacturer of electrical components for automobiles and trucks.
                         Oracle DBA
                         Performed dual roles as Programmer/Analyst and Oracle DBA for Oracle version 5 and
                         Oracle version 6 custom applications written in Oracle Forms and IBM Assembly
                         language on the IBM/DS platform. Planned and performed the conversion from Oracle
                         version 5.1 to Oracle version 6.0.

12/85 – 08/88            Columbia Gas System, Columbus, Ohio
                         A regulated natural gas utility.
                         Operations Research Analyst

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                         Developed technical computer systems to enable the company’s engineers to effectively
                         manage natural gas storage fields. Developed a 5-year strategic computing architecture
                         plan for the company’s transmission subsidiary.
EXPERTISE                Oracle versions: Oracle version 5.1 through Oracle 11g Release 1

                         Operating Systems: Oracle on HP-UX; AIX; Sun Solaris; Windows
                         ERP Packages: JDE Enterprise One (10 years and multiple implementations)

                         Specific Expertise:
                         Oracle Enterprise Manager Database Control/Grid Control
                         Oracle Data Guard
                         Oracle RAC; Oracle Clusterware
                         Oracle OFA
                         Shell scripting
                         Oracle Tuning, Training/mentoring skills
                         Processes & standards development and documentation
                         Development of custom systems management tools
                         Development of database refresh processes
                         Development of productivity tools to automate manual tasks
                         Support for Sarbanes-Oxley compliance
                         Configuration of Oracle on Storage Area Networks (SANs)
                         Extensive troubleshooting expertise

1985                     University of Toledo, Toledo, Ohio
                         Bachelor of Arts, Mathematics/Computer Science
                         Graduated Summa Cum Laude
DEVELOPMENT              Oracle:
                         Numerous formal Oracle training at certified Oracle training centers, Oracle User Group
                         Meetings, and self-study/online training. Oracle Certified Professional (OCP).

                         FDA Training:
                         FDA Computer Systems Validation; 21 CFR Part 11 for FDA-validated computer systems

                         Founder and Past President, Iowa Oracle Users Group (1996-1998)

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