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					            A Christmas Greeting from
 Cardinal Leger Catholic School Community Council

It’s December and Christmas is right around the corner. A moment ago the
school year began. One blink later, the snow is flying and we’re busy with ice
skates, tobogganing, and toques. And to add to our already busy lives,
Christmas always proves to be the busiest time of the year. As we rush to buy
one more gift, bake one more batch of cookies, and hang one more garland,
we must encourage each other to do just one more thing....share a moment to
celebrate the true spirit of Christmas.
                  Set me down Lord, on my knees now to pray,
                      For in this position I can’t rush away.
                    Help me remember that Christ high above
                Came down to the stable with nothing...just love.

                 So when I get smothered in false holiday spirit,
                   Play ‘O Holy Night’ and make sure I hear it!
                Help me realize that back to Christ we must rush
                  Before He gets trampled in the holiday crush,

                   For already He’s missing from “xmas” cards,
                 And holiday decorations that light up our yards.
                Slow me down, Lord, when I’m off to false starts,
              For the spirit of Christmas is your love in our hearts.

On behalf of the CLCSCC, thank you for all your support. We’ve
accomplished a great deal already and we look forward to 2009 with great
anticipation as we continue to work together to build our school community.
For now though, we’re just taking a moment to count our blessings......a safe
and happy school environment for our children is one of them.

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