; The Iliad Book 9 Analysis
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The Iliad Book 9 Analysis

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									The Iliad Book 9 Analysis

By Jessica Chamberlain, Lauren
Siquieros, and Sommer Lehman
Lines 114-161
Agamemnon said, “Sir, it is true that I was mad. I
  won’t deny it. the man who Zeus love is worth
  many soldiers and has been honored by Zeus
  when the Achians were struck down. Because
  I was mad, I will give him:
seven unfired tripods, ten talents’ worth of
 gold, twenty cauldrons, and twelve strong
 horses that have won races because of their
 swiftness. I will offer him seven beautiful
 women from Lesbos, who have done no
 wrong, whom he captured from Lesbos and I
 took from him.
Agamemnon tells Nestor ,” I can give him these
  women also along with Briseus, for I have not
  slept with her. I can give him these prizes, and
  if the gods grant us the wish of defeating
  Priam then he can have all prizes. He can also
  choose 20 Trojan women that are the most
  beautiful ,after Helen of Argos. I can also give
  him honor so he could have anything he
• Agamemnon continues talking to Nestor, “I
  will give him one of my three daughters, no
  marriage needed. Everyone will shower him
  with gifts, honoring him as if he was a god. He
  can have all these things if he changes his
  mind. Hades will not give way anymore, for we
  can let Achilleus give way. No immortals like
  Hades anyways. Also, let him yield place to me
  for I am older.”
           Context Description
• Agamemnon is speaking
• Agamemnon is speaking to Nestor
• Before this speech, Agamemnon takes Briesis
  from Achilles.
• He says he would give Achilles Briesis daughter.
• After the speech, there is a party, where Nestor
  tells Achilles about the gifts from Agamemnon.
• Achilles feels Agamemnon is a hypocrite, and is
  not swayed toward their side.
     Context Description (cont.)
• The speaker is responding to Nestor, who is
  telling him (Agamemnon) that he made
  Achilles very mad.
• The speakers overall purpose in this speech is
  to get Achilles on to his side, to sway/bribe
• One can infer this, because of how he is
  speaking of what he will get Achilles,
  showering him with gifts.
          Analyzing the Diction
• Citadel: A fortress that protects a city
• Unfired Tripod: A three legged piece of pottery
  that hasn’t been fired yet.
• Repeated Words and Phrases: Honor
• Importance: The whole speech is based off of
  how Achilles (unlike Agamemnon) isn’t honored
  with gifts galore for his fighting. Now,
  Agamemnon (in attempt to sway him) is saying
  how he will be honored with such precious items
  if he comes back to help them.
      Analyze the Diction (cont.)
• Simile: “honor him as if a god”
  – Appealing to Achilles greed, PATHOS.
  – Saying he will get all of honor, making him feel
    godly because of all the admiration and gifts.
• Personification: “persuasion of my heart’s
  – Appealing to LOGOS
  – He listened to his heart rather than do the right
    thing at the time
        Persuasive Techniques
• Agamemnon uses logos when he talks about
  the gifts he will give Achilleus
• For example, Agamemnon states that he will
  give Achilleus ten talents of gold, strong
  horses, and beautiful women
• He also uses logos when he admits that he
  was wrong and that Achilleus really did
  deserve more honor than he was getting
        Persuasive Techniques
• Agamemnon also uses pathos when he makes
  all of the gifts look appealing
• Agamemnon uses Achilleus’ greed against him
               Greek Values
• Greek values in this passage are arête,
  agathos, time, and kleos.
• Arête- Achilleus fought very hard in battle and
  was the Achains’ best warrior
• Agathos- Agamemnon offered to give
  Achilleus a “position of honor” as his son in
  law if he decided to rejoin the Achain forces
               Greek Values
• Time- Achilleus was a good warrior, but wasn’t
  getting the honor that he deserved
• Kleos- Everyone knew that Achilleus was a
  good warrior, but he wasn’t getting the time
  that he deserved

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