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                    From The Harness Racing Museum & Hall of Fame
Gail Cunard, Director                                                                              Fall/Winter 2010
                                            THE BEST OF TIMES!

There is a lot to be said for good weather, joyful families, great friends and colleagues, bountiful memories,
           precious stories and fast times! All came together on Sunday, July 4, 2010 to celebrate
                               the greatest sport in the world -- Harness Racing!

The day began with the Harness Racing Museum Board of Trustees Annual Meeting. Under the leadership of president
Ebby Gerry, much was discussed and plans implemented to bring greater strength to the institution’s future wellbeing.
Jim Simpson, president of Hanover Shoe Farms, elected in 2009, was welcomed to his first meeting and Jason
Settlemoir, new president of the United States Harness Writers Association, received a warm greeting at his first
trustees board meeting. Honorary trustees, representing the Harness Horsemen International, president Gene Oldford,
and representing the United States Trotting Association, executive vice-president Mike Tanner, were also in
attendance. A moment of silence and the reading of a memorial resolution honoring Museum trustee Mrs. Delvin
Miller, who passed away in September, took place, and an expression of the trustees sincere sympathy was extended to
trustee Stanley Bergstein on the loss of his wife June.

The president announced the inauguration of the Delvin & Mary Lib Miller Horse of the Year Perpetual Trophy.
Commencing 2011, it will be awarded to the Horse of the Year and displayed in the Museum. A medal
commemorating the award will be presented to the horse’s owners. In other business, the Living Horse Hall of Fame
ballot was approved. The following slate will be offered to Museum members in good standing in December: Eternal
Camnation, Real Desire, Gallo Blue Chip, Rainbow Blue and Garland Lobell. The president noted two vacancies on
the Board of Trustees due to the passing of Mrs. Delvin Miller and the resignation of trustee Adelaide Skoglund. The
Executive Committee recommended Bob Tucker of Stonegate Farms, Glen Gardner, NJ and Jay Ervin Farrar of
Orlando, FL for the Board’s consideration and the Board agreed to accept the nominations. Trustee Adelaide Skoglund
was advanced to trustee emerita.

The annual Mr. & Mrs. Elbridge T. Gerry Hall of Fame Invitational Trot was held at Historic Track during the
afternoon’s card. Eight Hall of Fame drivers were scheduled to race. It was the first time in the history of the sport that
the top three winningest drivers competed against each other: Herve Filion, Cat Manzi, and Dave Palone. First over the
wire in 1:58.1 was Mike Lachance driving Iroquouindianmagic trained by Raheim Strong and owned by Alan
Schwartz. Two and a half lengths back found Bill O’Donnell and My Buddy Chimo with Kris’s Legacy driven by
Jimmy Doherty rustling up a third place victory.

The evening’s festivities began with the customary cocktail party where old friends reminisced and new friends were
introduced. More than 350 guests spent a pleasant summer evening basking in the stories and congratulations offered
to the recipients of the sport’s highest awards.
 HARNESS RACING                            THE BEST OF TIMES - CONTINUED
        &                                                         THE HALL OF FAME INVITATIONAL TROT
                                                                       L-R WALLY HENNESSEY, MIKE LACHANCE,
BOARD OF TRUSTEES                                                   JIM DOHERTY, HERVE FILION, BILL O’DONNELL,
                                                                             DAVE PALONE, & CAT MANZI
PRESIDENT                                                               THANK YOU GENTLEMEN FOR HELPING
Elbridge T. Gerry, Jr.
                                                                             TO MAKE HISTORIC TRACK’S
TREASURER                                                               HALL OF FAME DAY CARD SO SPECIAL!
Peter G. Gerry

Dorothy B. Haughton

John A. Cashman, Jr.
Paul E. Spears

Stanley F. Bergstein
Dr. J. Glen Brown
Malvern Burroughs
Thomas A. Charters         A.                                          B.
Lawrence S. DeVan
Jay E. Farrar
Theodore Gewertz
Hugh A. Grant, Jr.
Ellen Harvey
Max J. Hempt
Roger E. Huston
Charles E. Keller III
F. Phillip Langley
Joseph T. Mendelson                                    D.                          E.
William G. Mulligan
James W. Simpson
Joseph M. Thomson
Tom Thomson                     C.
Robert A. Tucker
Russell C. Williams

Anthony Abbatiello
P.J. Baugh                                           G.                                                     H.
Alice Johnston
Michael G. Kimelman
Edward B. Rudner
Adelaide Skoglund

Gail C. Cunard
STAFF                       F.
Ruth Giordano                                               I                                             J.
Kim Green
Rebecca Howard
John Mayo                  A. Hall of Fame Inductee Hal Jones & Family B. Hall of Fame Inductee Dave Palone &
Judi McMahon               Family C. Museum president Ebby Gerry and Bev Lopez (R), Pinnacle Awardee D. Dave
Robert Partington          Palone (R) receiving his Hall of Fame ring from trustee Roger Huston E. Communicators’
Natalie Strassner          Hall of Fame Inductee Murray Brown & Family F. Standardbred Horse Sales Company’s
Gretchen Weerheim
Paul Wilder
                           chairman, Russell Williams, officially opening the Museum’s new exhibit “Buy A
Joanne Young               Champion” auction game G. The Family of 2009 Immortal Dr. Harry Zweig H.
                           Communicators’ Hall of Fame Inductee Jim Moran & Family I. Peter Gerry and Amateur
Judy Johnson - Volunteer   Driving Champion Todd Whitney (R) J. Trustee John Cashman (C) presenting and Brittany
                           Farms’ Leah Cheverie and Art Zubrod accepting for 2009 Immortal Three Diamonds

                                       TO HONOR & REMEMBER
                                     ROOSEVELT RACEWAY LEGACY PROJECT
                                        CHALLENGE GRANT ANNOUNCED!
Hundreds of thousands of fans, drivers, owners and trainers, employees and the families of employees involved in the
creation and operation of Roosevelt Raceway are invited to join more than one hundred supporters who have already
contributed to this important cause. In appreciation donors receive, commensurate with their contribution, replica tote
bags and pins and replica Roosevelt Raceway Founders’ Plates.

We are grateful to trustee William “Bill” Mulligan for issuing a $10,000 challenge grant in support of our important
Roosevelt Raceway Legacy Project. Donations to the Legacy Project received from September 15, 2010 forward will be
matched by Mr. Mulligan $1 for every $2 received. We urge all those who recall with pleasure and pride the great
Roosevelt Raceway and its very special times to answer this challenge! Support, thus far, from individual contributions,
together with grants from the New York State Council on the Arts, a state agency, have provided funds that have brought
the project close to the completion of the second (documentation, digitization and storage) of four phases.

The funds are desperately needed now to complete this momentous project to re-house and identify more than 11,000
items – including photographs, negatives, press releases, notes and files rescued from Roosevelt Raceway’s press office
before its demolition. Due to budgetary constraints, the digitization and data entry portions of the project were halted
during the first part of the year. Funds are now exhausted and the project is coming to a standstill. A third of the files
remain virtually inaccessible with digitization and data entry incomplete. These files include “The Greats,” a category
kept by the press office of some of the best horses in racing, such as Romeo Hanover, Su Mac Lad and Trader Horn.
They also encompass files covering premier race events such as the American Trotting Championship, the International
and Realization.

Plans to create a permanent exhibit showcasing “The World Capital of Harness Racing” and a souvenir publication are
also delayed until sufficient funding is received to complete these important ancillary projects.
                                                  FUNDING LEVELS
 THE WESTBURY                                              THE MESSENGER
$50 provides 1/2 day of project support.                   $1,000 provides 2 weeks of project support.
BENEFITS: Annual report recognition                        BENEFITS: Those previously listed above and
1-year subscription to Museum Newsletter                   VIP recognition on donor plaque.
Project updates and Roosevelt Raceway Project pin.          THE REALIZATION
 THE INTERNATIONAL                                        $5,000 provides 10 weeks of project support.
$100 provides 1 day of project support.                    BENEFITS: Those previously listed and a copy
BENEFITS: Those listed above                               of a planned publication celebrating the history
and a replica Roosevelt International tote bag.            of Roosevelt Raceway, with patron listing.
 THE ROOSEVELT                                             FOUNDER'S PLATE
$500 provides one week of project support.                 $5,000 per year for 3 years
BENEFITS: Those listed for the Westbury level              The Founder's Plate was the "ultimate trophy for
and a replica Roosevelt Raceway tote bag.                  Standardbred race horses."
                                                           BENEFITS: Those listed for the Realization level PLUS an
                                                           exclusive decorative plate celebrating the original award.
                 For information on how to support and thus save this important project call the Museum
                     at (845) 294-6330 or visit for a printable donor form.

The history of harness racing is forever linked to Orange County, New York. Its roots run deep, from Goshen’s Historic
Track, Sugar Loaf’s Hambletonian 10, Campbell Hall’s Stony Ford Farm and Chester’s William Rysdyk. The Orange
County Historian’s office and Historical Liaison Committee have recognized this relationship and have honored the work
of the Museum year after year through approval of grant funding from the Orange County Heritage Commission Grant
Program. Between 1987 and 2010 the Museum has received nearly $6,000 for displays and conservation treatments,
including those for nine lithographs and two paintings. This year is no exception. The Commission awarded $400 for help
with the cleaning and stabilization of the 1882 Currier & Ives lithograph of Newburgh, Orange County, NY trotter Edwin
Thorne, Record 2:17½. We thank Orange County Executive Eddie Diana, County Historian Ted Sly and Lorraine Hom
and the Committee for supporting our mission: to preserve and celebrate the American-born sport of harness racing.

                                                     TO PROTECT
The collections of the Harness Racing Museum help to tell rich, fascinating stories about the sport of harness racing. It is
our privilege to protect them and make them available for the enjoyment of visitors and the edification of researchers.
Many items are precious gifts handed down from generation to generation before being given in trust into our safe
keeping. We appreciate and are humbled by this confidence.

We are delighted to announce the following gifts have been accepted into our care:
       John Brennan: Advertising posters for two evening television shows: the Spencer Ross—Stan Bergstein television show and
        “Harness Racing from Roosevelt Raceway”
       Jim Brooks: Dan Patch memorabilia, race programs, Columbiana County Fair and Charter Oak Park posters and a Hallmark
        collectible model of late 1940s “Mobo sulky”
       Jody Dancer: Stanley Dancer photos, trophies, memorabilia and trainer Dick Baker’s driving colors
       C. W. Davis: Dunbar Bostwick photos, trophies, tack trunk, blanket, stall signs, colors and other memorabilia and fine art
       Richard & Judy Evans: Roosevelt Raceway race programs and Cloud Casino menus
       Patricia Fitch: Signed photograph of Time Study with George Forshey up
       Carol Hazelhurst: Russian and German race programs, postcards, photos, Little Brown Jug cutout/plaques, 1953 Calendar of
        Champions and other memorabilia
       Family of trainer/driver Joe Lighthill: Joe Lighthill’s driving jacket
       Estate of Janet Markovits, longtime companion of Robert Suslow, donated by her nieces and nephews: Photos, memorabilia
        & trophies of Happy Escort, Skip By Night and others
       Ken Marshall: Framed panoramic material showcasing Handle With Care and Bill Haughton, Delmonica Hanover and Delvin
        Miller, Steady Star and Joe O’Brien, Keystone Ore and Stanley Dancer, images of the Stable of Memories, Hambletonian
        Stake, Little Brown Jug Stake and Adios Open Pace trophies
       Estates of Delvin & Mary Lib Miller: Souvenir cigarette lighters, pins, spoon and trophy
       Roy Nagl: 1899 photograph of Joseph J. Jones with horse Loutell at Middleburg, OH
       Dave Palone: Driving helmet, coveralls, goggles and whip
       Brian Sears: Driving helmet and coveralls
       Larry Wagner: Monroe Driving Park postcard c.1930, 1968 Hambletonian Stake ticket, Dan Patch International Stock Food
        Co. pamphlet c.1906
       Pamela Pierotti Woods: 1969 photo and press release of cartoonist John Pierotti with Carmine Abbatiello and Phil Burke at
        Roosevelt Raceway
       Anna M. Zweig: Photos, watch, eyeglasses and typed text for pivotal 1965 speech made by Dr. Harry Zweig to Harness
        Horse Breeders of New York

Without the generosity of donors to the Historic Collections of the Museum the following would not be possible:
More than 250,000 visitors witnessed the American Museum of Natural History exhibition, “The Horse,” during its
Manhattan debut in 2008. The Harness Racing Museum loaned two artifacts to this exciting exhibition that examines the
powerful and continuing relationship between the horse and humans. In 2009 the display began a tour of venues
throughout the United States and Canada. Our Canadian members will be pleased to note it is currently (and until January
2, 2011) at the Canadian Museum of Civilization, 100 Laurier Street, Gatineau (Nr. Ottawa), Quebec. Its next stop is
The Field Museum in Chicago, IL (, from February 11 through July 4, 2011. The San Diego
Natural History Museum will be the exhibit’s host in 2012.

GRANT APPLICATION GETS THE NOD! – The ability to provide on loan pieces from our precious collections, to
non-industry institutions, is an important way to introduce those unfamiliar with the sport to its historic past and its
current activities. It is a prestigious responsibility. However, unless the items made available are in pristine condition our
loans would be considered mediocre at best and at worst, dismissed. It is therefore of major importance that we constantly
examine the integrity of everything coming into our care to immediately trace condition changes and provide intervention
as needed. The department of Historic Collections therefore places a strong focus on its conservation program. As many
of you have realized, especially donors to the Historic Colors Textile Conservation Project, work completed by
professional conservators is an expensive undertaking. Our famous Restoration Raffle has provided more than $65,000
since its inception in 1995 and these proceeds together with individual support and the support of granting agencies have
allowed us to be conscientious and proactive in preserving the collection. It is interesting to note that without the
Restoration Raffle Fund and individual donor support, the granting agencies would not provide us with favorable
consideration. Our efforts have been largely successful and it is due to constituent support. The following are the results of
the latest round of grant applications. Hats off to collections manager Rebecca Howard for her perseverance and
persuasive narratives!
                                            TO PROTECT (cont’d)
The Greater Hudson Heritage Network, in association with the Museum Program of the New York State Council on
the Arts (NYSCA), a state agency, has awarded $120,426 in conservation treatment grants to twenty-six organizations in
eighteen counties of New York. Grants are awarded for conservation treatments executed on the highest professional
level. The Harness Racing Museum & Hall of Fame is proud to announce that it was among those organizations selected
in this year’s round of grants, receiving $3,340 for treatment of the 1865 oil painting Rysdyk’s Hambletonian by J.H.
Wright. Painting conservator Alexander Katlan will conduct conservation treatment of this iconic painting of the
Standardbred foundation sire and his owner.

The Museum hopes to provide concurrent treatment for the last existing horse blanket from William Rysdyk’s Chester
farm; however, your help is needed. Textile conservator Gwen Spicer has estimated the cost of cleaning and repairs to the
blanket will total $1,900. Museum member Pat Stearns, a descendent of George Andrews – Rysdyk’s nephew and the man
entrusted with the care of Hambletonian after the death of Rysdyk – has contributed to the cause. Can you? If you wish to
join our efforts, please call the manager of the Historic Collections department, Rebecca Howard, at (845) 294-6330 for
details. Please note that following conservation, exhibit labels always include the names of those donors who have
made exhibition possible.

                           2010 RESTORATION RAFFLE – AND THE WINNER IS!
We cannot begin to tell you of our sincere appreciation to everyone who has participated in this very important
fundraising effort since its inception in 1995. The attention this institution is able to give to the well-being of the sport’s
precious memories depends upon grass roots support. Your help is vital. Thank you very much!

The Museum’s annual Restoration Raffle provides our members and friends with a fun way to help fund the conservation
and acquisition of fine art and memorabilia. With a number of new prizes, this year’s raffle raised nearly $5,000.
Projects completed with the help of the more than $65,000 brought in since the raffle was launched in 1995 have included
the conservation of Currier & Ives prints such as A Race for Blood and Trotting Cracks at the Forge as well as Richard
Stone Reeves’ portrait of Titan Hanover and a painting of Joe Patchen by artist A. Grundy. Significant acquisitions have
included the Dan Patch sleigh, the 1865 Highland Park Association silver-plate tray "Presented to William M. Rysdyk…”
and an oil painting of Messenger by George Ford Morris.
This year’s grand prize, a country club golf outing including lunch for four at Leewood Country Club in Eastchester, NY,
was donated by Irv Atherton and won by Museum member Christine Giasson. “Saratoga in August,” a get-away
package including two nights lodging and complimentary breakfast, was donated by Saratoga Harness Horsepersons
Association and won by Museum member Peter Heffering. Museum member Dana Parham won dinner for two at
CIBO in Manhattan donated by Jay Farrar. Mario and Christine Marchi’s gift of dinner for two at Marchi’s was won
by Museum member Dave Palone, while the Museum’s good friend Catherine Medich won dinner for two at Roberto’s
donated by the Standardbred Owners Association of New York. To receive a complete listing of the winners visit or call us at (845) 294-6330.

                   We proudly advise the receipt of the second of a three-year operating grant from THE NEW YORK
                   STATE COUNCIL ON THE ARTS, a state agency. The amount this year, $13,252, reflects the Council’s
                   confidence in the Museum’s mission, programming, goals and strong community support (both industry and
                   local). Thanks go to Governor David Patterson and our local state legislators, Senator William J. Larkin and
                   Assemblywoman Annie Rabbitt, for endorsing the Council and its work by authorizing funding that supports
                   our efforts to protect and encourage our historic sport.

We are grateful to friends Debra and Joel Kravet of Apthorp Cleaners, 383 Amsterdam
Avenue, New York City, NY 10024 (212) 787-7182, for the cleaning and restorative care of
precious contemporary driving jackets in soiled but otherwise good condition. Those of
Charles Fitzpatrick, Guy Crippen and Jimmy Cruise have been brought to pristine condition
as well as the driving cap belonging to 1952 Hambletonian Stake winning driver Bi Shively.
Soon the colors of Dunbar Bostwick, Bobbe Huntress Erdman and C.A. "Fritz" Newhart will
be on their way to Apthorp for some TLC! Thank you friends for your staunch and very
generous support.
                             TO PROMOTE
Since they were introduced, the Currier & Ives exhibit and the “What Is Harness Racing” poster series have to date been
seen by 746,105 people. This year “The Story of Harness Racing by Currier & Ives” continued on its European Tour,
moving in May from Solvalla Racetrack to Jägersro Racetrack in Malmö, Sweden, where it appeared through late July.
Total attendance to date for Europe is 13,698. The exhibit will be on display at the new Musée du Trot in Grosbois,
France this fall through January, 2011, to coincide with the Prix d’Amerique. We are extremely grateful to honorary
trustee Margareta Wallenius-Kleberg of Menhammar Stuteri, Stockholm, Sweden for making this important American
Standardbred industry outreach opportunity possible. IDEA! Join Dean Hoffman’s Prix d’Amerique Tour. Includes a
visit to Grosbois, “Paris By Night,” Stallion Expo, trade fair and horse auction at Vincennes, social events, and, of course,
the track’s feature race. Contact Dean at (614) 457-8750 or for more information.

The CTW Foundation, led by trustee Bob Tucker of Stonegate Farms, NJ, continues to support the operational funding of
the national engagements of these two very popular exhibits. This year the Abraham Lincoln Presidential Library and
Museum in Springfield, IL hosted the exhibit from May through August. Attendance was a reported 17,533. The
engagement, which was encouraged by Museum members John Cisna and Joe Mullins, coincided with the Illinois State
Fair. Additional harness racing memorabilia assembled by Cisna and Mullins was also included in this well-received
undertaking. The Orange County Regional History Center in Orlando, FL hosted a module and the educational tack
trunk in late August through mid-October. Attendance was 2,450. The Currier & Ives traveling exhibit audience since
start-up is now 334,940.
Here are some future engagements (for new dates, please make regular visits to
     Long Island Museum in Stony Brook, NY - October 8 through December 31, 2010
     The Museum of Transportation, St. Louis, MO - November 14, 2010 through February 14, 2011
We urge all lovers of the sport to make every effort to visit our traveling exhibits when they are in town — and bring your
family, colleagues and friends. Let them in on why you are so in love with the sport! Perhaps they will join you and us in
helping to attract and encourage interest in harness racing.
The “What Is Harness Racing?” poster series consists of six framed full-color storyboards that promote the sport. One set
accompanies each Currier & Ives exhibit and three are sent out, free of charge, to fairs and other non-secure locations that
can’t comply with the stringent facility requirements that the Currier & Ives exhibit calls for. This year, the poster series
traveled to the Suffolk County Farm and Education Center, Yaphank, NY, the Afton Fair, Afton, NY, the Clearfield
County Fair, Clearfield, PA, the Chenango County Fair, Norwich, NY and Hazel Park Raceway, Hazel Park, MI. The
total audience for these engagements was 160,700. This brings the poster series’ total audience since start-up to 411,165.
The poster series is scheduled to appear at the Columbus-Lowndes Public Library in Columbus, MS from May 1 through
June 30, 2011.
We should not forget and continue to be indebted to our startup sponsors, the Patricia S. Winder Fund, the CTW Foundation,
Inc., the Thomas W. and Florence T. Murphy Fund of the New York Community Trust, the State of New York and the
Agriculture and New York State Horse Breeding Development Fund; and our operating sponsor, the CTW Foundation DE.
“The Horse in Decorative and Fine Art,” produced by the Headley-Whitney Museum on Old Frankfort Pike in
Lexington ( drew appreciative crowds during the World Equestrian Games in that town. Many
of our members visited the facility and were in awe at the extent of harness racing memorabilia made available by this
Museum. Included were weathervanes, old masters, sculptures, trophies, and Currier & Ives lithographs. Some very
positive publicity was garnered for the sport and we are grateful to the Headley-Whitney staff and our own fans for
helping to make this very significant project a successful reality. The exhibit will continue until December 23. Also of
note is the Art Museum at the University of Kentucky exhibit “Hoofbeats and Heartbeats: The Horse in American Art,”
featuring the Harness Racing Museum’s Scott Leighton portrait of St. Julien, Champion Trotter, Driven by Orrin Hickok.
That show closes November 21, 2010. If you happen to live within the environs of either institution or are passing
through, do take a moment to visit and enjoy these very worthwhile presentations.
“A DRIVE TO WIN,” sponsored by Hanover Shoe Farms, was received with enthusiasm at Batavia Downs in early
September. It was also a very popular addition to the offerings at the Meadowlands Racetrack, East Rutherford, NJ,
especially on Hambletonian Day. We thank all concerned for helping to make the free exhibit available to the fans, who
lined up two and sometimes three deep at the Meadowlands to take in the great stories of our memorable stars. If you
know of an appropriate venue for this exhibit (it requires 100 feet of running wall space) in an area safe from the elements
please let us know. We will be glad to make contact and arrange for it to appear in your town!
                                                  TO PROMOTE
                                        WORLD EQUESTRIAN GAMES 2010
                                              It was the first time the Games, which take place once every four years,
                                              have been held outside Europe. Because it was considered important to
                                              have the Standardbred well represented the Harness Racing Museum
                                              partnered with the Harness Horse Youth Foundation to help promote
                                              the sport of harness racing during the Lexington, KY event.

                                                  Driving demonstrations were
                                                  presented by the Youth
                                                  Foundation and a marquee in
                                                  the Equine Village was
manned by Museum personnel and volunteers. The tent was well attended by
almost all visitors who had to pass by on their way to other areas of the Games.
Harness racing promotional literature supplied by the USTA was dispensed by
Museum staff member Joanne Young, supported by Museum members Linda & L-R LINDASTONE, ,JOANNEYOUNG,
                                                                                                     STONE THOM
Richard Stone, Curby Stillings, Ned Green and Thom Young who volunteered their
time. A backdrop of a harness racing scene, together with hands-on activities and a large screen television playing the best
races of 2009, drew impressive crowds as seen above.

We were pleased to welcome THE WORLD TROTTING CONFERENCE attendees and guests, led by USTA
executive secretary Sally Stauffer. They spent an extensive and enjoyable time at the Museum this past August.

                               REACHING OUT TO OUR MEMBERS AND FRIENDS
At the Museum, September is always referred to as “LBJ Time.” It’s that
wonderful, exhilarating week when harness racing begins to have an aura
of crisp mornings and breathtaking harvest moons -- interspersed with
frost-nipped fingers and very warm hugs! Our booth, as usual a hotbed of
excitement and fond remembrances, was filled with friends stopping by to
discover our latest wares, catch up on Museum happenings and discover
new projects. To provide a service to our horsemen and horsewomen and
to supplement our bottom line, we once again teamed up with Dennis
Osterholt’s Big Dee’s harness emporium to provide last minute band-aids
to ensure an earth-shattering win or barn supplies for the coming winter
months. Our days were made even brighter by the support of Bob
Ashelman, Cocoa and the rest of the gang who provided daily victuals to
die for! We continue to be indebted to our dear friend Trader Bud Hatfield,              THE TEAM
who provided us with a car for the entire week, Phil Terry and his Jug            L-R Ryan Ulrich, Kate Forry,
                                                                                  Gail Cunard, Joanne Young.
Team (especially Larry), who made our stay as trouble-free as possible
and the many friends who dropped by to wish us well. We thank you, our
extended family, and look forward to seeing you and doing it all again next year!
                                                 OCTOBER IS GIFT SHOP CATALOG TIME!
                        We have been working hard to make sure that every gift shop catalog reaches its correct
                        destination without problem and on time so that you, our customer, have as much time as possible
                        to order gifts for holiday giving. Because of the economy, we purposely keep our inventory as
                        low as possible. Early purchases will avoid disappointment so please try and get those lists going
                        as soon as you can! Our gift shop services are important. Proceeds from sales support our
                        educational programming and we are providing you with an item, be it clothing, jewelry,
                        decorative merchandise, publications, toys, etc. etc. that advertises the sport and invites comment,
                        providing you with an opportunity to explain what harness racing is – its history and its current
                        events. So please, order soon and order often!! If you haven’t received a new catalog please call
                        and we will gladly send one right out to you. If you have received more than one give it to a
                        neighbor, or better yet, leave it in the doctor’s, dentist’s, or vet’s office and help spread the word!!

                                                   TO EDUCATE
The Education Department was the proud recipient of a generous grant from the
Agriculture and NYS Horse Breeding Development Fund for the coming year.
This important funding, authorized by Fund chairman John Sabini and his committee,
in the amount of $35,000, will enable the department to develop, maintain and
promote programs that will educate schoolchildren, Boy and Girl Scouts, 4-H groups
and more about the sport of harness racing. These funds allow the museum to continue
to offer to area schools and youth groups an affordable and memorable educational
field trip experience. Additional examples of how these funds are used include the
creation and mailing of a brochure sent to over 2,000 schools that detail this year’s
educational programs, and the development of teacher’s guides created by Gretchen
Weerheim, the education coordinator. Teachers will be able to download both the brochure and guides directly from the
Museum’s website, giving them the opportunity to access program information that will prepare students for their visit to
the Museum. The new web feature also provides for post-visit classroom exercises.
It isn’t only youngsters who benefit from the Agriculture and NYS Horse Breeding Development Fund grant. Every
visitor to the Harness Racing Museum is welcomed by trained docents who greet them when they enter and who provide
interesting facts and colorful stories that are part of the lasting legacy of harness racing. Special needs groups also find the
museum a wonderful and welcome destination, taking advantage of the free admission to enjoy an opportunity offered in
few other places to not only learn about harness racing but to enjoy a friendly, enriching experience.
SUMMER NEWS: Ellen Taylor, executive director of the Harness Horse Youth Foundation, headquartered in
Westfield, IN, brought 25 aspiring harness drivers to the Museum in July to learn about the sport’s early beginnings.
During their visit, they had the opportunity to beta-test the Museum’s latest exhibit “Buy A Champion,” an interactive
equine auction game sponsored by Hanover Shoe Farms. All agreed it was great fun and an entertaining way to learn
how to purchase a race horse. During Hambletonian Stake week members of the Clyde Hirt Sports Media Workshop,
led by Dave and Debbie Little and Jessica Schroeder of the USTA, visited the Museum. The aspiring student sports
writers from across the country spent a week learning how to cover the prestigious Hambletonian race. Most had very
little knowledge of harness racing and it is hoped their visit to the Museum provided them with an increased
understanding of the sport, its history and its culture. Summer camp visits during the months of June through July kept
everyone busy. Fifteen camps brought 332 children, along with 77 adults who enjoyed a tour, crafts and a ride on the 3D
simulator. From June through October, 286 children and 244 adults also enjoyed birthday parties organized by the
Museum’s education department.
Workshops have been well attended by families, offering crafts such as a Carrot Treat Basket, Horse Mini-Pillow and
Scary Halloween Horse Masks. The Halloween workshop featured Scary Stables where participants warily entered the
darkened stable area at their own risk, as they were greeted by flying bats, creepy monsters and sounds of horror! For
Thanksgiving, families can create Hambletonian Tom Turkey Badges and for Christmas a Treasure Mini-Tack Trunk.
In anticipation of a busy winter schedule and in an effort to simplify communications, the department is currently working
on updating its pages on the Museum’s website. All areas connected with education programs have been reorganized to
reflect current program offerings. Increasingly, teachers and group leaders turn to this medium for rapid information.
Once posted, these changes should facilitate communication with the Museum’s internet audience. Teachers and group
leaders will receive an e-mail referring them to the website with a reminder to sign up for the various programs offered.

                                                     TO EXHIBIT
New displays and exhibits were installed in time for Hall of Fame Day. The star attraction is the new interactive exhibit
“Buy A Champion” sponsored by the Standardbred Horse Sales Company. Also new on the exhibit floor is an
interactive presentation showcasing the Agriculture & NYS Horse Breeding Development Fund and the NY Sire
Stakes annual champions; “The Art of Allen F. Brewer, Jr.,” 2009 Horse of the Year Muscle Hill, 2010 Amateur
Driving Champion Todd Whitney, the Hall of Fame showcase featuring this year’s inductees, and an update of the
Delvin Miller display. Installations were also created featuring the art of Sherman Raveson and Gean Smith. Judi
McMahon, exhibit designer, is currently preparing holiday decorations that include the Christmas tree with its many
“horsey” ornaments (many provided by Museum members Kendra Casselman and Curby Stillings).
                       Here’s wishing you and yours, from all of us, the very best of holidays,
                         happy and healthy; and a New Year filled with promising times!
                                                  TO SUPPORT
                                            MEMBERSHIP PROGRAM
General operating support is probably the most significant aspect of our fundraising initiatives because without funding to
keep the door open everything else we do is hampered if not curtailed. We therefore appreciate everyone who supports
our efforts. Of particular importance, because it does provide operating support, is our membership program. Members
not only help to keep the lights on, they provide proof of institutional commitment. This is especially important when
applying for operational and dedicated funding from federal and state granting agencies. Their reasoning, quite rightly so,
is that if our own constituents don’t provide operating support why should they?

The following obviously agree with these observations and have recently added a Museum membership number to their
credentials! We welcome you and we thank you for your understanding and your commitment.

Robert Bencal                              Tom Eichas                                  James J. Moran
Peter Blood                                Steven M. Elliott                           Michael Santa Maria
Marilyn Breuer-Bertera                     Lucien Fontaine                             Michelle Smith
Stephen M. Brown                           Ann Harding                                 Oakleigh B. Thorne
Maggie Bruno                               Patty Jones Key                             Morton Turndorf
Frank Buffardi                             Laura Kohl                                  Lincoln Wadsworth
Nancy Crocetti                             Charles D. Lehman                           John Waldsmith
Gail Crowell                               Henry & Patricia Mayer                      Doris Wallerius
Ann Curran                                 Robert J. McCarthy                          Kate Williams-Walker
Warren DeSantis                            Julene McGraw                               Brenda Wilmot
Shirley Dutton                             Aaron Merriman                              Daniel Young
Contributions have been received from Stan Bergstein, Andrew and Sam Cohen, Gary Davis, and Stanley and Eleanor
Dunkelman for the care of the Eleanor W. Dunkelman Garden located in the Museum’s courtyard, Joseph Frinzi, Hanover
Shoe Farms, Dr. Karyn Malinowski, Mary W. Harriman Foundation, US Harness Writers Association Monticello-Goshen
and New York City Chapters, and the US Trotting Association. A second payment has also been received from the Athan
Kaloidis Memorial Foundation in support of the Brooks-Kaloidis Permanent Toy Exhibit scheduled to open in 2012.

Driving fees were received from the drivers participating in the Hall of Fame race at Historic Track on Hall of Fame Day
(see page 2). We welcome incoming Delvin Miller Harness Drivers’ Association president Tony Verruso and extend to
outgoing president Peter Gerry great thanks for his efforts to drum up substantial annual operating income for the
Museum (donated driving fees from Association members) while coordinating the myriad of responsibilities involved
with administering both the Association and the Billings Series.

Racetracks that have supported the mission of the Museum in recent months include Balmoral Park, Buffalo Raceway, the
Delaware County Fair and the Little Brown Jug Society, Harrington Raceway, Hazel Park, the Meadowlands Racetrack,
Plainridge Racecourse, Running Aces, Tioga Downs, Vernon Downs, and Washington Trotting Associates.

Corporate matching gifts were received on behalf of Denise Smith through XL Global Services and Michael Smith
through Merck Partnership for Giving.
Memorial donations were received in the name of special friends and loved ones. Our sincerest condolences are extended
to the family, friends and colleagues of these very special people.
June Bergstein was remembered by Dorothy Haughton
Blondie Beaulieu was remembered by Jar Farrar
George F. Hempt was remembered by Max J. Hempt, Hempt Bros. and many friends during a Memorial Shoot
Virginia O’Brien was remembered by Blue Chip Farms, Dorothy Haughton and Wally Hennessey
Ray Simser was remembered by Blue Chip Farms
John Thro was remembered by Ada Jean and Doug Ackerman, and Leona Stevens

Hearty congratulations to Rhode Island Governor-elect and Museum member Linc Chaffee!
                                       TOP OF THE STRETCH

                                                                   Here is a great opportunity to solve your gift
                                                                   giving problems for the holiday season or
                                                                   anytime of the year. For information on how you
                                                                   can wrap up your gift list with a Museum Walk of
                                                                   Fame brick or paver call and speak to Joanne
                                                                   Young. The honoree and their family or owner
                                                          will receive notification of your gift and a photo will be
                                                          sent to the recipient after the brick/paver is installed in
                                                          time for Hall of Fame Weekend! Don’t forget that favorite
                                                          horse that deserves to have his/her name in the Walk!

We are pleased to acknowledge the latest bricks and granite pavers to grace our Walk of Fame:
The Allen family honored their parents Angus and Loretta Allen
Marcia Arnold honored her mother Marie McKinzie
Brittany Burns honored Triple C Stable and John and Lori Lems
Don Cameron honored his friend Tony Inzero
George Casale honored Ricardo Dennis and AW Robb Zan
Mark Coloton, who loved harness racing, was honored by his many friends
William Donovan honored Bob and Lorraine Haskell
Joe Faber and Andrew Cohen honored Lauren Lee with a paver in memory of her dad Eric Schellenberger
Moira and Tom Fanning honored Jack Koth, Jr.
Moira Fanning and Jay Farrar honored great ladies Vera Burgess, Janet Klark, Shirley Liverman, Edith Lloyd, Pat
McIlmurray and Lola Van Zonneveld
Tom Charters honored “Respected Mr. Lou Barasch”
Vita Hale honored Glen and Paula Garnsey
Harness Horse Association of Central New York honored Jim Moran - The Voice of Vernon Downs
Devoted Publicist Joe Hartmann was honored by his many friends in the racing community
Family and friends honored Standardbred breeder George F. Hempt and Keystone Horatio
Sonya Hulbert honored the Immortal Goldsmith Maid
Ken Jacobs honored his New York state champ He’s Gorgeous
Cameo Hills Farm honored their Hall of Famer Hal Jones
Patty Kellerhouse honored Dr. Gary Budahn
Patrick Kelly honored his Immortal world champion Big Towner
Patty Key honored Robert Key and Winning Key Farms
Mark Landau honored Emil Faber
James T. McClure honored Fight The Flame
David Mitchell honored his dad Charlie Mitchell of Larcom & Mitchell
Peggy Neuburger honored husband Lou Neuburger, founding member #147 of Goshen Historic Track
Gene and Martha Riegle honor sons Alan and Bruce Riegle
Sheri Schott celebrates husband Allan Schott’s 50th birthday on July 4
Richard Schroeder honored his parents John and Addie Schroeder
The Chuck Sylvester family honored Troy “Dog” Sylvester
Rick and Janice Tittsler honored their friend Gabe Wand Stables of Shullsburg Wisconsin
Chris Tully honored parents Phil and Anne Tully and Woodstock Stud
Aileen Waugh-Robbins and family honored Elwood G. Waugh, Gordon F. Waugh and Bernard K. Waugh
Ivan Axelrod      Ads Up Racing Stable Goshen Gourmet Café The William Lunney Family
The Okusko Family          Devoted race fans George A. Smith and Donald A. Smith
Alma Sheppard and Dean Hanover’s world record mile of 1:58½ Sept. 24, 1937 at The Red Mile

                                                  LAST WISHES
                                   WITH A MEMORIAL PAVER ON THE WALK OF FAME

                                                    TOME TIMES
THE PETER D. HAUGHTON MEMORIAL RESEARCH LIBRARY regretfully must report the passing of former
Museum Registrar Walter Latzko. Walter, as many of you will recall, was a loyal and energetic member of staff from
1977 until a severe stroke in 1991 slowed his body down (but definitely not his mind, which continued to concoct the
most intricate and entertaining barbershop arrangements, as well as keep the Museum library’s current periodicals
indexed). We remember and thank him for his loyalty and affection over the years. He will be missed.

The Library’s shelving continues to be subjected to severe stress tests with the addition of more books and periodicals,
however you won’t hear us complain! These gifts are tremendously important in our efforts to provide the very best
research materials and historical data to students, researchers and genealogists. It really is a continuation of our efforts to
promote the sport and encourage interest in it. Please note that if we already have two copies of a publication the third,
with the donor’s permission, is made available for sale. Proceeds help with book repairs and acquisition. In the past six
months nearly $800 in funding was acquired from this source.

We therefore happily accept the following:

Stephen M. Brown: 1960s Castleton Farm sale catalogs, assorted issues of Wallace’s Monthly (1884-1887), Life With the
Trotters by John Splan, and Wallace’s American Trotting Register Vols. 3-13
Harness Eye newspaper: 50 bound volumes of Sports Eye and Fast Performances newspapers from 1970s-1980s
The Hambletonian Society: The American Sporting Scene by John Kiernan and Joseph W. Golinkin, assorted issues of
The Horseman And Fair World (1934-1940)
Genevieve Baird Lacer: Signed copy of her book: A Troye Legacy – Animal Painter T. J. Scott
Jonelle Fisher: Copy of her book For All Times: The Story of Lucas Brodhead
Canadian Sportsman provided bound copies of their magazine: volumes for 2003-2004
The Horseman And Fair World provided bound copies of their magazine: Volume 33 – Parts 1-4 (3/4/09-8/26/09) and
US Trotting Association: Bound volumes of Hoof Beats magazine - Volumes 73-75 (March 2005 –February 2008)
The Art Museum, Univ. of Kentucky: Hoofbeats and Heartbeats: The Horse in American Art exhibition publication
Kendra Casselman: 1975-1987 Little Brown Jug videos, Track and Road: The American Trotting Horse by Peter C.
Welch, assorted horse sale catalog DVDs, Ben White Raceway photo album
John Peck: Assorted issues of the Australian magazine Harness Racing International
George & Donna Weiss: Assorted issues of The Harness Horse, Hoof Beats and Hub Rail magazines
Florence Dean: 1939 issue of The Harness Horse magazine (from the Estate of Ellen C. Nuzzolese)
Irv Atherton: Assorted issues of The Horseman And Fair World (1991-1993)
Charles Steinberg: USTA Sires & Dams 1983-1991
James Brooks: The Fords: An American Epic by Peter Collier and David Horowitz

Heard in the stacks: “These are wonderful additions to my great-grandfather's information. I am just so thrilled that you
could find [them] … I want you to know how much I am grateful to you for taking the time to look.” - Margien Burns

“Very helpful.” – Stan Bergstein

The oral history program The Cracker Barrel continues to record and transcribe the stories and tap the memories of
those who have made significant contributions to the sport. This year our latest Hall of Famers, Hal Jones (with son
Steve) and Dave Palone (with trustee Roger Huston) reminisced with moderator and Museum friend Sam McKee,
Meadowlands track announcer and director of simulcast.

Paul Wilder, librarian, reports that Frank Buffardi, Doris Wallerius, Shirley Dutton and Gail Crowell became
Museum members as a result of help they had received with recent research projects. John Waldsmith (co-founder of the
National Stereoscopic Association, who is authoring a book on photographer Lynn Charles Skeels) became a member
after completing research at the Museum on Mr. Skeels and his stereographs of the 1904 Memphis Gold Cup. In return for
receiving a copy of the 1962 film “Fire Away: The Story of a Trotter” California resident Morton Turndorf joined the
Museum’s membership roster.

                                  HOLIDAY GREETINGS TO ALL!

From our house to yours, we wish you the very best of Holidays followed by a New Year full of good
cheer. Please, make it a safe, healthy, happy, productive and successful twelve months. We appreciate
you and thank you for all the good thoughts, encouragement and loyalty you have given us in 2010.
We are very grateful to you for your friendship and commitment.

                                     HOLIDAY CONCERT ALERT

Mark your holiday calendar!!!! The Museum members’ benefit Holiday Concert will be held on Tuesday, December 7.
Come early and tour the Museum with its festive halls and stalls! Don’t forget to bring a toy for the Marine Corps’ “Toys
for Tots” program. Music will fill the halls at 7:30 pm and refreshments, provided by member Edie Haughney and
Goshen Gourmet, will follow. Performers include the Goshen High School Varsity Choir and the Jazz Voices. We are
delighted to again welcome the After Hours Quartet who will lead our lively home-style version of the traditional
“Twelve Days of Christmas.” We also welcome Dickerson and Meany, insurance brokers of Goshen as co-sponsors of
this festive event. Museum members are free. Non-member admission is $3, $2 with a toy donation.

                                                   FORE FUN

The 18th Annual Hambletonian Golf Tournament was held on Monday, August 2nd at the Hackensack Golf Club in
Oradell, NJ. According to Operations Manager John Mayo, more than 80 golfers enjoyed the beautiful day at this
prestigious private golf club. After a wonderful barbeque lunch overlooking the course, participants teed off for a
memorable afternoon of golf. The evening included a cocktail hour and dinner complete with raffle drawing and a live
auction featuring items such as a pair of seats from the old Giants Stadium, concert seats for Tom Petty, Roger Waters and
Justin Bieber and tickets to a Giants vs. Jets preseason game as well as a Yankees game. Bidding was fierce thanks to the
enthusiasm and expertise of auctioneer Sam McKee. Special thanks to Tom Cunningham of Cunningham &
Cunningham Livestock Insurance Inc., high bidder on the one-of-a-kind helmet signed by all living Hall of Famers.
The helmet is currently on display in the Museum.

The event realized over $42,000 which will be shared equally between the Museum and the Standardbred Retirement
Foundation. Many thanks to all sponsors including Presenting Sponsor: Fran Azur, Lunch Sponsor: Arden Homestead
Stables, Cocktail Sponsor: The Stallions of Blue Chip Farms, Beverage Cart Sponsors: Roberts Communications
Network and Mal and Janet Burroughs and Hole in One Sponsors: Paul Miller Auto Group and the HTA/USTA
Members Benefits Program; and our Hosts: the Meadowlands Racetrack and the Hambletonian Society. Results and
images from the day are available on our website,

                          ALL GOOD THINGS EVENTUALLY COME TO AN END. In this instance it is the loss of
                          free copying services provided by Konica Minolta. Their Goshen plant no longer manufactures
                          the copy toner which made possible this important benefit for area not-for-profits. The
                          company, led by administration manager Tom Rohde and assisted by Marysol Vera, has made
                          a vast number of copies for the Museum over many years and we are extremely grateful to have
                          been the recipient of this generosity, of both time and material.

We are proud that the list of businesses, individuals and organizations that assist the Museum in so many ways is endless.
We are very grateful to all who help us promote this wonderful sport. Your loyalty, confidence and trust is tremendously
        The 2010 Hall of Fame Dinner Souvenir Journal was delivered to many tracks throughout the country and we
recognize and thank all who gladly took on this task: Doug Ackerman Stable, Art Strozewski of Bow River, Charles
Green, Ray Schnittker Stable, Spring Haven Farm, Ellen Taylor, Roger Huston, Gary Smith, Don Irvine, Jr., Thom Young
and Curby Welch-Stillings. If you have not received your copy please give us a call. We will get one right out to you!

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