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									                                                      Chlternrep – Project Plan – version 1a – 18/06/07

Chilternrep Project Plan
Overview of Project
1. Background

Since 2004 BCUC has been reviewing developments taking place in the storage and dissemination of
student and staff research. This was initially carried through contacts at SCONUL, LEADIRS and
SHERPA. We have also kept in close contact with staff developing repository services at Brunel to
ensure interoperability with any resources developed by them. This is particularly important as Brunel
currently validates BCUC research degrees. The potential of an institutional repository has been
discussed by various institutional committees, including Research Degrees Committee, Information
Strategy Steering Group, Senate, and Learning Resources Consultative Group. All discussions have
been extremely supportive of the development of an Institutional Repository. Another driver for the
project is to increase the citation rate for research outputs from BCUC. It is recognised that the use of
an Institutional Repository doubles the citation rate. This is also an essential means to get the ideas
into the public domain much faster than the final published version and it also enables tracking for the
RAE. The Senior Management Team also sees the project as essential for increasing the academic
profile of BCUC

2. Aims and Objectives

The aim of this project is to establish a repository of the outputs of research and advanced
scholarship to enable dissemination of this information to as wide an audience as possible. The
objectives of the project include the development of a process to populate the repository; the
implementation of the necessary hardware and software and modification of institutional culture to
establish the principle of open access to research output.

A particular highlight of the BCUC repository will be the capture of the outputs from the Faculty of
Creativity & Culture. Research outputs in this faculty need to be able to capture several different
aspects of an artefact together, for example a photograph and plans of an artefact at a particular
exhibition together with the appropriate extract from the exhibition catalogue. The repository will also
include e-theses and research papers from all faculties.

The development of this repository will enhance access to a range of scholarly output from BCUC for
all users within the academic and research community. This material is currently provided in a variety
of formats which are not as widely available as a repository would provide, e.g. printed theses, digital
images, printed exhibition catalogues, and video representation.

3. Overall Approach

3.1 Strategy/Methodology

The following strategy will be used to run the project:

Purchase & implementation of hardware
Implementation of Dspace software (selected prior to project start up)
Design and implementation procedures for deposit of material
Preliminary loading of data from PhD theses completed 2006/7
Investigation of storage of other visual media
Mount preliminary artefact information

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                                                       Chlternrep – Project Plan – version 1 – 18/5/07

Dissemination of information to BCUC and the wider community

The project will be managed within the framework given by the JISC Project Management guidelines.

3.2 Important issues
Technical architecture that supports resource discovery – hardware and software has to make
resource discovery easy for the user.
Use of technical standards that support the interoperability
Connections between, and use of different types of resources currently not easily available internally
or externally
Development of good practice in the curation of digital resources including creation, dissemination
and preservation
Establishing of institutional policies to support deposit of material including IPR and copyright
Ensuring sustainability of the service on completion of the initial development project within existing
staffing resources
Advocacy – The institutional repository will have full support and prominent role within the
organisation. Where relevant links will be made in induction activities.
Access to resources through easy to use interfaces
Ensuring integration of the repository with existing systems and projects, where possible, including the
Blackboard VLE and other digitisation projects already under way within the organisation.

3.3 Scope & Boundaries

The scope and boundaries of the project will be:
Stage 1:       Purchase and installation of hardware and repository software
               Design and implementation procedures for deposit of material
               Dissemination of information to BCUC

Stage 2:        Preliminary loading of data from PhD theses completed 2006/7
                Investigation of storage of audio visual media
                Evaluation and dissemination of information inside and outside

Stage 3         Consolidation of previous work
                Pilot implementation of storage of visual material
                Investigation of storage of other relevant materials
                Review of project and procedures

Issues that will not be covered by the project:

Storage of digitised material available not related to research output or scholarly activity.
Storage of management and administration documents – stored using the BCUC Electronic
Document Records Management system

Identified constraints on the project are:
Funding support for the period 2007-March 2009 are available based on matched funding from JISC
and BCUC. Further stages of development may require further investment from BCUC or other
internal/external sources.

3.4 Critical success factors

Implementation of hardware and software on time
Implementation of suitable IPR & copyright procedures
Successful loading of preliminary data
Implementation of simple to use search interface using functionality provided by D Space and other
identified technologies.
Successful investigation of management of 3D artefact information storage
Successful preliminary loading of a selection of 3D artefact information
Successful dissemination of information within organisation and externally

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                                                        Chlternrep – Project Plan – version 1 – 18/5/07

4. Project Outputs

4.1 Deliverables:

Prototype institutional repository for BCUC PhD theses with pilot loading of initial data
Design and implementation of policies and procedures required to facilitate material deposit using
good practice within the sector
Design of cataloguing and metadata procedures
Research, specification and installation of software and other requirements for holding of 3D artefact
information and environments
Pilot loading of 3D artefact information and
Dissemination of information internally and externally
Completion of core project documents as specified
Completion of final report at end of project
Ensuring sustainability of the service on completion of the initial development project within existing
staffing resources

4.2 Knowledge and other outputs:

Consolidation of currently disparate information relating to research outputs within BCUC
Wider availability of the information to the academic community from a single source
Integration into institutional policy of electronic deposit of research output
Development of understanding of data access, management and storage – particularly data on 3d
Training in use of and promotion of resources to staff within and users outside BCUC
Informing sector good practice gained through the Repositories Support Project and other avenues
Documentation of all procedures developed

5. Project Outcomes

5.1 Pilot implementation of a repository for PhD theses and other research outputs – This will provide
an essential resource for use by all staff and students within and outside BCUC. The data held within
the repository will be linked with the VLE (Blackboard) used by BCUC.

5.2 Improved profile for BCUC within the academic community – Improved access to material with
raise the academic profile of the organisation, improving access to funding and resources.

5.3 Wider access to information – The implementation of a repository will give a single point of access
to a wide range of information currently stored and available in a variety of formats.

5.4 Faster access to research information within and outside BCUC – The interface provided by the
repository will provide faster access to research output.

5.5. Development/extension of technical and intellectual output policies to ensure deposit of material.

5.6 Sharing of good practice with the internal and external community including current and new
digitisation projects (including a recently funded Furniture Archive project). This will be included in the
Dissemination plan.

5.7 Improved communication within BCUC – The implementation of Chilternrep will improve the flow
of information within BCUC of research outcomes and benefits.

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                                                   Chlternrep – Project Plan – version 1 – 18/5/07

6. Stakeholder Analysis
6.1 Internal Stakeholders:

          Stakeholder                            Interest / stake                  Importance
Director & Senior Management    Improved flow of funding to the organisation for      High
                                support of research
Faculty Management              Improved research portfolio encouraging                High
                                funding and uptake of research opportunities.
                                Externalising research operation and material.
Researchers within BCUC         Improved research portfolio.                           High
                                Enhanced research funding opportunities
Academic staff                  Improved access to material which can be used        Medium
                                as learning objects
                                Wider availability of information for
                                development of teaching pedagogies                   Medium
Current and prospective         Improved communication of research outputs            High
research students within BCUC   within and outside the organisation
                                Development of new research opportunities             High
Postgraduate BCUC students      Improved access to research data                     Medium
Undergraduate students          Improved access to research data                     Medium
Librarians                      Improved access to research data                     Medium
Learning Technologists          Improved access to research data                     Medium
Users                           Wider and simpler access to research data            Medium

6.2 External Stakeholders:

           Stakeholder                          Interest / stake                   Importance
Other HEIs                      Improved access to data                               High
FE colleges                     Improved access to data                              Medium
Individual researchers          Improved access to data                               High
Other research organisations    Improved access to data                               High
Funding bodies                  Improved access to funding opportunities              High
                                through wider dissemination of current
                                research output
Other businesses/bodies         Improved access to data and access to                  Low
                                development opportunities
Other JISC projects             Sharing of information & good practice with            High
                                other projects.
                                Development of standards and guidance
                                documentation through sharing of experience          Medium
Other projects                  Sharing of information & good practice with           High
                                other projects.
Online Services                 Improved access to research data                       High
Standards organisations         Sharing of information & good practice with            Low
                                other projects.

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                                                          Chlternrep – Project Plan – version 1 – 18/5/07

7. Risk Analysis

            Risk                Probability    Severity      Score     Action to Prevent/Manage Risk
                                   (1-5)        (1-5)       (P x S)
Failure to locate suitable                                            Staff are currently in place who can
staff resources to implement         1             5           5      undertake the necessary work. Will
and manage the project                                                be regularly reviewed to ensure
                                                                      sustained resources are available.
Failure to implement                 1             5           5      Senior management support will
institutional policies                                                expedite through relevant
Failure to resource                                                   Capital will be identified through
purchase of suitable                 1             5           5      the normal BCUC bidding process.
Failure to implement                 1             4           4      Alternative software will be
suitable software                                                     sourced/developed
Failure to implement in set          1             3           3      Project plans will be modified and
timeframe                                                             agreed as required
External suppliers fail to           1             2           2      Alternative suppliers will be
deliver suitable services                                             sourced.
Legal/contractual                    1             3           3      Consultation with relevant staff
obligations limit policy                                              within and outside organisation.
changes (particularly IPR)
Failure to collect suitable          2             2           4      Publicity and dissemination
data for deposit                                                      activities will be used to
                                                                      demonstrate the benefits of
                                                                      material deposit

8. Standards

    Name of standard or                  Version                           Notes
Simple Dublin Core and            SDC v 1              Metadata will be implemented using Dublin
Qualified Dublin Core             QDC v 3              Core and other relevant metadata standards
metadata                                               such as METS
OAI-PMH for data harvesting       v 1 or 2             Limited data harvesting will take place where
Imaging and metadata                                   Standards used will dependant on the
standards including TASI                               results of research carried out during the
Imaging Standards; Library of                          project.
Congress Imaging Standards;
National Archives (U.S.)
Digitization Standards and
VRA Core (Visual Resources
Association Metadata
XML and HTML                      1.1                  Relevant XML and HTML standards will be
                                                       implemented in design of the interface using
                                                       cascading style sheets
Open source software              1 or 1.5             Dspace implements a range of standards
standards as implements                                including OAI support, OpenURL support
using Dspace                                           and HTML support

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                                                        Chlternrep – Project Plan – version 1 – 18/5/07

9. Technical Development
Best practice project management will be used in line with JISC project management guidelines.
Where hardware and software development takes place full testing and quality control procedures will
be implemented. We do not intend to write software – in preference existing software will be

10. Intellectual Property Rights

IPR of material deposited is governed by policy document Q24 Intellectual Property Rights (url:
http://www.bcuc.ac.uk/pdf/arQ24whole.pdf). Procedures are already in place for copyright clearance
and management for an existing pilot document scanning service. These will be extended to include
input for Chilternrep. During the project these policies and procedures will be monitored and modified
as required. These policies are fully integrated into wider institutional policies. Where suitable
Creative Commons licences and other material will be used to provide access to material.

Project Resources
11. Project Partners

12. Project Management
Project management will be within the JISC Project Management guidelines. The Project Board will
report to Senior Management within BCUC through standard communications channels already in

The Project Team comprises of:

Project Board Chair: H Fletcher
Head of LIS, with six years experience of managing large projects, including Finance System, HR and
Payroll System, Virtual Learning Environment.
Email: Helen.Fletcher@bcuc.ac.uk

Project Manager: E Chamberlain
Currently User Services Manager responsible for management of several LIS systems including
Blackboard, web database access and LRC management system. Over two years experience in this
role and five years experience in library systems management.
Email: echamb01@bcuc.ac.uk
Proportion of time to be spent on project: 25%

ICT Research & Development Manager: J Boone
Responsible for research and development of many systems within BCUC including setup of
Blackboard and Novell systems. Expertise in Linux will be utilised as well as general understanding of
server setup and installation of relevant software. Ten years experience of such developments.
Email: jboone01@bcuc.ac.uk

System Developer: M Dickinson
Currently manager of LRC management system and web interfaces to the management system. It is
envisaged that this role will continue to have day-to-day responsibility for maintaining the repository.
Five years experience of such developments.
Email: mdicki01@bcuc.ac.uk

Other staff will be allocated to the project as required. The Project Board consists of representatives
from Learning Resources, research teams, Research Unit staff and representatives from the Furniture
Archive project. Changes in the Project Team will be notified as the project progresses.

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Training needs will be reviewed early in the project. There will be a requirement for training on
suitable a/v formats as part of year 2 of the project. Training needs identified will be met using
externally available training provided through JISC and other organisations.

13. Programme Support
Support currently provided via the programme and the Repositories Support Programme will be used.

14. Budget

                                       March 07          April 07–          April 08–            TOTAL £
                                                         March 08           March 09
Total Project Cost (C+D+E)             £                 £38,000            £18,000              £56,000

Amount Requested from JISC             £                 £18,000            £7,000               £25,000

Institutional Contributions            £                 £20,000            £11,000              £31,000

Percentage Contributions over                            JISC               Partners             Total
the life of the project                                  45 %               55 %                 100%

Budget as outlined in the original bid for Chilternrep remains accurate. See Appendix A.

Detailed Project Planning
15. Workpackages
Workpackage documentation attached in Appendix B.

16. Evaluation Plan

    Timing           Factor to        Questions to              Method(s)               Measure of
                     Evaluate            Address                                         Success
Sept 2007         Preliminary       Suitability of      Pilot testing of             Range of test
                  assessment of     software and        document loading             documents loaded
                  hardware &        hardware to hold
                  software          data
October 2007      Research          Suitability of      Questionnaire/focus          Users able to apply
                  policies &        procedures.         group testing of sample      suggested
                  documents for     Alignment with      forms and procedures.        procedures. Key
                  deposit of        institutional                                    staff check ‘fit’ of
                  material          wider policies.                                  procedures with
                                    Simplicity of                                    other institutional
                                    procedures                                       policies. See IPR
                                                                                     Workpackage for
                                                                                     more information.
Oct – Dec 2007    Suitability of    Interface simple    Questionnaire and            User feedback
                  search            to use              observation                  confirms suitability.
Oct 2007 – Mar    Suitability of    Interface simple    Observation and              User feedback
2008              document          to use              questionnaire                confirms suitability.

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                                                            Chlternrep – Project Plan – version 1 – 18/5/07

Sept 2007 –        Suitable           Suitability of         Questionnaire,             Material
Mar 2008           software           format for a/v         observation, pilot         successfully loaded
                   formats            artefact storage.      testing of material        in pilot database.
                   identified for     Ease of creating       creation
                   storage of a/v     item in correct
                   material           format with
As detailed in     Production of      Progress of            Project compilation and    Project agreed and
JISC Reporting     relevant           project to date        review                     accepted by JISC
Schedule           progress           with                                              Programme Team
                   reports            modifications as
October 2007 –     Initial internal   Dissemination          Questionnaire/feedback     Positive feedback
March 2008         dissemination      activities suited      from activities reviewed   from staff
                   activities         to staff within        in initial dissemination
                                      organisation           sessions
Jan 2008           Review of user     Suitability of         Usability testing with     Interviews/feedback
                   interfaces         search and             pilot users                from users
March 2008         Independent        Progress of            Appointment of             Evaluative
                   internal           project to date        independent internal       report/feedback
                   evaluation of                             evaluation team
Spring/Summer      Initial external   Suitable               Audience feedback          Positive feedback
2008               dissemination      dissemination                                     and external
                   activities         activities utilized                               contacts
Dec 2008 –         Independent        Progress of            Appointment of             Feedback which
Mar 2009           external           project                independent external       will be used to
                   evaluation of                             evaluation team            inform the Final
                   project                                                              Project Report
Jan – Feb 2009     Final review of    Post project           Compilation of a Post      Final Project Report
                   project            review against         Project review used to     accepted by
                                      critical success       inform the Final Project   Programme Team
                                      factors                report submitted to

17. Quality Plan

Output     Pilot implementation of repository hardware & software
Timing       Quality     QA method(s)          Evidence of          Quality                  Quality tools
             criteria                          compliance       responsibilities                  (if
Sept       Hardware       Pilot data testing    Data loaded and          System
2007       suitable for                         accessible               Developer & ICT
           storage of                                                    R&D Manager –
           material                                                      system testing
                                                                         Project Manager
                                                                         – testing of

Output     Pilot loading of test e-thesis data

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                                                     Chlternrep – Project Plan – version 1 – 18/5/07

Timing       Quality       QA method(s)          Evidence of           Quality          Quality tools
             criteria                            compliance        responsibilities          (if
Sept      Test files      Fit for purpose      Successful          Project Team
2007      successfully    testing of data      loading and         members.
          loaded          loading              retrieval of
                          procedures and       information by
                          retrieval of         project team

Output    Design & pilot implementation of deposit procedures
Timing       Quality     QA method(s)       Evidence of             Quality            Quality tools
             criteria                       compliance         responsibilities       (if applicable)
Apr       Procedures Evaluation          Users able to        Project Manager
2007 –    fit for       techniques as    apply suggested      & other project
Mar       purpose       outlined in      procedures. Key team staff
2008                    Section 16.      staff check ‘fit’ of
                                         procedures with
                                         other institutional
Feb –     Review of     User testing and Procedures still     Project team as
March     procedures evaluation          suitable and         required.
2009      to ensure                      encourage
          still fit for                  deposit of
          purpose                        material.
March     Regular       Continued user   Procedures still     Repository          Monitoring of
2009      review of     testing and      suitable and         management          industry
onwards   procedures comparison with encourage                team and other      recommendations
                        sector best      deposit of           staff as            and any relevant
                        practice.        material.            identified.         standards.

Output    Identification of suitable cataloguing and metadata application practices
Timing        Quality criteria           QA        Evidence of       Quality       Quality tools
                                    method(s)      compliance   responsibilities         (if
June      Suitable cataloguing    Testing by      Data easy to  Project Team      Application of
2007 –    procedures/standards LRC                locate and to and other BCUC recommended
March     and practices           Bibliographic   catalogue     staff as          standards as
2008      identified              Services                      identified.       identified.
March     Review of initial       Testing by      Data easy to  Project Team      Application of
2008 –    cataloguing and         Project         locate and to and other         recommended
March     metadata practices      Team, other     catalogue     contacts.         standards as
2009      with integration of 3D staff and                                        identified.
          artefact information    external
                                  contacts as
March     Continued review of     Testing and     Data easy to  Repository        Application of
2009      data cataloguing        modification    apply.        management        recommended
onwards   practices to ensure     of procedures Information     team.             standards as
          widest access to        by Repository easy to                           identified.
          information.            management locate.

Output    Suitability of user search interface
Timing     Quality       QA method(s)          Evidence of              Quality             Quality
           criteria                            compliance           responsibilities         tools

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                                                         Chlternrep – Project Plan – version 1 – 18/5/07

Summer    Pilot            Questionnaire     Feedback confirms           Project team
– Dec     interface        and user          suitability of interface    members as
2007      suitable         observation                                   required
          for data
January   Continued        User feedback     Feedback confirms           Project Team
2008 –    review of        and technical     interface suitability.      and other staff.
Jan       user             testing.
2009      interface.
March     Regular          Comparison        User                        Repository
2009      review of        with other        feedback/questionnaires     management
onwards   user             repositories                                  team and other
          interface        and other                                     staff as
          (normally        sector                                        identified.
          as part of       products.
          upgrade          Review by
          process)         sample group
                           of external and
                           internal users

Output    Research and specification of software for management of artefact information
Timing       Quality      QA method(s)         Evidence of          Quality       Quality tools
             criteria                          compliance       responsibilities        (if
Sept      Suitable      Software testing   Successful loading  Project Manager, Industry
2007 –    software      with suitable test and retrieval of    System            recognised
March     identified to data files         information.        Developer and     tools as
2008      hold 3D                                              ICT Research &    required.
          artefact                                             Development
          information                                          Manager as
          (including                                           required.
          audio and
March     Review of     Software testing   Successful loading  Project Manager, Industry
2008 –    data          with suitable test and retrieval of    System            recognised
March     formats to    data files         information for all Developer and     tools as
2009      ensure fit                       test users.         ICT Research &    required.
          for purpose                                          Development
                                                               Manager as

Output    Creation of pilot repository of artefact and e-thesis material
Timing       Quality        QA method(s)         Evidence of           Quality              Quality tools
             criteria                            compliance       responsibilities               (if
Sept –    Loading of          Loading of range    Successful            Project Team.
Dec       pilot e-thesis      of test e-theses    loading & retrieval
2007      data                                    of data by range
                                                  of users.
March     Loading of          Loading of range    Successful            Project Team.
2008 –    data for form       of data formats     loading & retrieval
March     ‘pilot’             and usability       of data by range
2009      repository of       testing.            of users.
          artefact data
March     Launch of           Dissemination,      Use of data within    Repository
2009      service to          testing and         and outside           management
onwards   academic            publicity to        BCUC.                 team.
          community           ensure
                              community use

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                                                     Chlternrep – Project Plan – version 1 – 18/5/07

                           the service.

 Output     Ensuring future suitability of data formats
 Timing       Quality       QA method(s)          Evidence of            Quality            Quality
              criteria                            compliance         responsibilities        tools
December    Formats for    Establishment of      Data remains        Project team;       Standards
2008 –      data storage   review body to        available to all    identified          data; best
March       remain         ensure future         users or is         continuity          practice
2009        suitable for   suitability of data   migrated to more    staffing and        advice and
            holding of     formats.              suitable formats.   relevant external   other tools
            data beyond                                              contacts.           as required.
            end of
March       Review of      Review body and       Data remains        Repository          Standards
2009        data storage   staff managing        available.          management          data; best
onwards     formats as     repository            Where required      staff within        practice
            required.      monitor changes       data will be        BCUC in             advice and
                           in standards and      required to         conjunction with    other tools
                           recommendations.      different           standards and       as required.
                                                 recommended         other advisory
                                                 formats.            bodies.

Output     Dissemination of information/good practice resulting from project (as per
           Dissemination Plan)
Timing         Quality      QA method(s)       Evidence of           Quality       Quality tools
               criteria                        compliance        responsibilities       (if
March      Suitable       User/staff        Positive feedback Project Team.
2007 –     dissemination feedback and       from community
March      activities     questionnaires    and users.
2009       within and
           outside BCUC
           to the user
March      Suitable       User feedback     Feedback from       Project Team
2007 –     dissemination and                relevant            and other
March      activities     questionnaires    community and       identified staff
2009       relating to                      national bodies
           good practice
March      Sustained      Publicity         Positive and        Repository
2009       publicity      programme.        continued           management
onwards    campaign       User feedback     feedback.           team.
           established to and feedback
           ensure         from the wider
           continued      academic
           sharing of     community
           outcomes and

Output     Completion of necessary progress reports
Timing       Quality       QA method(s)       Evidence of                Quality         Quality tools
             criteria                         compliance             responsibilities         (if

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                                                        Chlternrep – Project Plan – version 1 – 18/5/07

March       Completion of     Reports             Reports accepted     Project Team.
2007 –      required          submitted on        by funding body.
March       progress          time.
2009        reports

18. Dissemination Plan

 Timing      Dissemination Activity           Audience                        Purpose            Key Message
June         Article in Connections in   BCUC staff                  Inform                   Receipt of funding
2007         house journal                                                                    for project & basic
onwards                                                                                       information on
                                                                                              plan. This channel
                                                                                              will be used to
                                                                                              provide regular
                                                                                              feedback to the
                                                                                              BCUC community.
May/June     Setup and population of     All users                   Inform/Raise             Setup of project
2007         project web site                                        awareness                and other basic
May          Blackboard organisation     Project Team & other        Inform/Raise             Project
2007                                     relevant                    awareness/Engage         organisation will
                                         staff/stakeholders                                   share
                                                                                              etc with the Team
                                                                                              and other staff.
April/May    Establishment of Project    Project Team,               Awareness/reporting of   Scoping/monitoring
2007         Board meeting regularly     associated staff, key       progress/Engage          and advising
onwards                                  stakeholders                                         project team.
June         Programme meetings          Other project teams and     Awareness/Sharing of     All organised
2007                                     related bodies              progress                 programme
onwards                                                                                       meetings will be
                                                                                              used to share
                                                                                              progress and good
Aug –        Progress report to JISC     JISC                        Progress of project      Progress to date &
Oct 2007     (submit by 26 Oct 2007)                                                          modifications to
Sept –       Staff briefing              Champions and key           Inform                   Basic information
Oct 2007                                 stakeholders                                         on project;
                                                                                              timescales and
                                                                                              initial progress.
                                                                                              Will be used as
                                                                                              basis to form ‘pilot
                                                                                              test groups’.
Sept         Staff briefing              LRC/LIS local staff         Inform                   To update staff
2007                                                                                          within the
                                                                                              department on
Oct 2007     Internal wiki               All staff involved or       Inform/Raise             Will be used to
                                         interested in project       awareness                share information
                                                                                              on progress.
Nov 2007     Staff briefing meetings     BCUC staff and other        Inform                   To provide basic
- March                                  interested stakeholders                              information on
2009                                                                                          project. These will
                                                                                              take place
                                                                                              regularly during the
Jan –        Workshops                   Focus groups/project        Engage and provide       Workshops will be

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                                                       Chlternrep – Project Plan – version 1 – 18/5/07

Sept                                    testers/champions          feedback                 used to collect
2008                                                                                        some user testing
                                                                                            data and collect
                                                                                            user input through
                                                                                            the period of the
Jan 2008    Publicity material/flyers   Potential users and        Promote                  Publicity material
onwards                                 material depositors                                 to publicise project
                                                                                            and encourage
                                                                                            deposit of suitable
Jan – Apr   Conference paper            Other repository           Promote/provide          Paper on
2008                                    projects/potential users   feedback on good         development of
                                        and other interested       practice                 project/lessons
                                        parties                                             learned to date
                                                                                            and other
                                                                                            developments via
                                                                                            contacts within the
Feb 2008    Progress report to JISC     JISC                       Progress of project      Progress to date &
                                                                                            modifications to
March       Programme of                BCUC staff/testing         Inform/engage            Regular
2008 –      demonstrations              teams and other                                     demonstrations of
March                                   relevant staff.                                     project to date will
2009                                                                                        be provided for
                                                                                            staff during the life
                                                                                            of the project. This
                                                                                            exercise will be
                                                                                            used to collect
                                                                                            some of the
                                                                                            usability data
Summer      Conference paper(s)         External                   Inform/Raise             To publicise and
2008 –                                  stakeholders/other         awareness/Engage         engage the
March                                   projects/                                           community wider
2009                                                                                        than BCUC. Will
                                                                                            also be used to
                                                                                            share good
Summer      Journal articles/papers     External                   Inform/share good        Articles in relevant
2008                                    users/academic             practice                 journals reporting
onwards                                 community/stakeholders                              on project/progress
                                                                                            and lessons learnt.
Sept        Links to relevant staff     BCUC staff and             Inform/Engage            Inclusion in
2008        and student induction       students who benefit                                relevant induction
onwards     plans                       from information stored                             sessions/activities
August      Progress report to JISC     JISC                       Progress of project      Progress to date &
2008        (submit by 31 Oct 2008)                                                         modifications to
Nov 2008    Final project report to     JISC                       Progress of project      Progress to date
            JISC (submit by 29
            Feb 2009)
Feb 2009    Project Completion          JISC and wider partners    Results of project and   Results to
            report (submit by 25        within BCUC                future plans             date/sharing of
            April 2009)                                                                     good practice and
                                                                                            future project
March       Launch of Chilternrep       BCUC                       Awareness and            Launch of pilot

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                                                           Chlternrep – Project Plan – version 1 – 18/5/07

2009 or      within BCUC                 staff/stakeholders and       promotion                   service
before                                   other related parties
March        Promotion/dissemination     All related users            Promotion/engagement        Encourage use of
2009         activities                                               of academic                 the service and
                                                                      community within and        deposit of material
                                                                      outside BCUC

19. Exit and Sustainability Plans

Chiltenrep will become a key element in delivering information to BCUC students and staff. By the
completion of the project it will be integrated into relevant procedures and policies within the institution
to ensure allocation of suitable resourcing. Implementation of the repository will be carried out to
ensure simple maintenance. With this in mind, it is envisaged that day-to-day support of the
repository will be integrated into relevant staff job descriptions, in line with developments taking place
in the field of e-learning and e-support, to ensure the product is sustainable. An exit strategy as such
is not required as the repository will be integral to service provision. It should be noted that the posts
employed in the project will be those responsible for future sustainability.

   Project Outputs              Why Sustainable             Scenarios for Taking       Issues to Address
Implementation of e-        Management/procedures/         Job descriptions and       Ability to modify
theses repository           and other activities will be   responsibilities will be   current job
                            integrated into current        integrated into current    descriptions.
                            staff roles                    job descriptions for a     Ability to integrate
                                                           number of posts.           into current
                                                                                      workloads and
                                                                                      Possibility that
                                                                                      some current tasks
                                                                                      will be modified or
                                                                                      made redundant
                                                                                      with implementation
                                                                                      of Chilternrep
                                                                                      Need to continue
                                                                                      activities to ensure
                                                                                      material is available
Implementation of 3D        Management/procedures/         Job descriptions and       Ability to modify
artefact repository         and other activities will be   responsibilities will be   current job
                            integrated into current        integrated into current    descriptions.
                            staff roles                    job descriptions for a     Ability to integrate
                                                           number of posts.           into current
                                                           Relevant staffing          workloads and
                                                           resources may need to      practices.
                                                           provide liaison services   Problems with
                                                           between departments to     collection of suitable
                                                           ensure this service        material in correct
                                                           develops fully.            formats.
                                                                                      Need to continue
                                                                                      activities to ensure
                                                                                      material is available
Creation/modification of    Existing and new policies      Policies developed will    Changes in
institutional policies to   will be reviewed regularly     be integrated into         institutional
encourage/enable            to ensure policies are         current and any new        structure which
material deposit            kept up to date                management structures      make this
                                                           to ensure currency and     monitoring

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                                                         Chlternrep – Project Plan – version 1 – 18/5/07

                                                         suitability.                  unsustainable.
                                                                                       Changes in
                                                                                       management staff.
Wider and simplified        Links from/to all user       Links will be setup from      Failure to connect
access to information       information interfaces as    current and any new           with other
on research outputs         required. This will be       user information              information
                            part of a continued          systems.                      systems.
                            dissemination/training       Dissemination will be         Failure to
                            programme.                   reviewed as part of           implement
                                                         training/induction            dissemination
                                                         programmes already            activities.
                                                         provided.                     Interface too
                                                         Usability of interface will   complicated to use.
                                                         be regularly reviewed in
                                                         the light of other
                                                         technical developments.
Staffing responsibilities   The roles of repository      The duties/skills             Ability to modify
will be created to          manager; data cataloguer     required to maintain the      current job
ensure future               and any other support        repository will be added      descriptions.
population/management       posts will be written into   to relevant existing          Ability to integrate
of Chilternrep              existing staffing roles.     posts. Once demand            into current
                                                         increases beyond the          workloads and
                                                         current staffing              practices.
                                                         structure extra               Senior Management
                                                         resources will be             within BCUC will be
                                                         employed as required.         advised when
                                                                                       staffing resources
                                                                                       are insufficient.
Development of suitable     Dissemination activities     Activities initiated during   Failure to publicise
dissemination and           set up during the project    the project                   across the
training activities to      will be integrated into      Dissemination plan will       organisation or link
encourage use of and        several training and         be continued as part of       to other internal
deposit of material         dissemination activities     existing                      projects.
                            within BCUC. Where           training/dissemination
                            required new                 events.
                            activities/links will be
Ensuring migration of       Industry standard formats    Responsible staff will        Failure to maintain
data into suitable          will be regularly reviewed   monitor hardware and          currency of software
formats and hardware        and hardware                 software developments         used.
                            maintained/renewed as        and implement with            Inability to update
                            required                     institutional resource        hardware or add
                                                         support as required.          storage.

Appendix A. Project Budget

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Appendix B. Workpackages

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