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Supplier Number: 186262 - 2
     Subdivision: 039

Callanen International/Timex
    145 Woodward Ave.
     Norwalk, CT 06854

•   The parent company of Timex began more than 150 years ago in Waterbury, CT as a clock
    manufacturer. Over the years, technological advances allowed the production of smaller
•   In the early 1950's, the first Timex wristwatch was produced, and over the next 2 decades
    many commercials were aired with the famous "torture test: that always led to "Timex. It
    takes a licking and keeps on ticking.“
•   By the mid 1970's more than 500 million Timex watches had been sold.
•   Timex remains the most recognized watch brand in the world. #1 in the United States and
    Canada. #2 in Great Britain.
•   The Timex collection consists of 4 categories: Fashion, Performance, Outdoor and Luxury.
Perfect for dress and everyday wear. These time honored styles will look as good tomorrow as
they do today.

                                                                        BEST SELLING
•   Men's and ladies styling.                                            CAVATINA
•   Genuine leather straps, stainless                                      CASE
    steel expansion bands, metal link
    bracelet bands and semi-bangles.
•   Water resistant on select styles.
•   QUICK-DATE® feature on select
    styles allows the user to set the
    date when the crown is half way
•   EASY READER® styles have
    large, bold numerals on crisp,
    clean backgrounds.
•   2 to 3 year battery life (ladies), 10
    year batter life (men’s)
•   INDIGLO® on select styles.
•   Retail range: $35.00 - $65.00.

                                                                EZ READER®
                                         In 1986 Timex introduced the Ironman Triathlon
                                         which quickly became the best selling sport watch
                                         in the world. To this day Timex remains the leader
                                         in performance sport watches.

•   Men’s and ladies styling.
•   Stainless steel, polyurethane and fast
    wrap styles.
•   Highly durable and water resistant.
•   Functions to monitor intense training.
    >Lap Counter: displays the number of
    lap time readings that can be recalled
    from memory.
    >Lap Time: displays the time for an
    individual lap.
    >Memory Recall: can store and recall
    chronograph readings. (Chronograph
    means stopwatch).
    >Split Time: the cumulative time of a
    number of laps from the event to the last
•   Renowned Ironman watches are favorites
    with athletes.
•   INDIGLO® on select styles.
•   FLIX® System activates the INDIGLO®
    with a flick of the wrist.
•   Retail Range: $50.00 - $55.00
                                    Rugged styling, relevant features and
                                    innovative material are perfect for the
                                    outdoor lifestyle.

• Men’s and ladies styling.
• Water resistant leather, resin,
  nylon and fast wrap straps.
• Camper styles have sleek,
  lightweight cases.
• Digital styles offer athletic
  monitoring functions.
• Combos with chronograph,
  timer, time zone and alarm
• INDIGLO® on select styles.
• Retail Range: $45.00 -
  Timex is working to elevate the brand by re-benchmarking against brands like Seiko and
            Citizen. All of the products in this category use upgraded materials.

• 316 medical grade,
  hypoallergenic stainless
• High quality leather straps
  are more soft and supple.
• More fluid and substantial
  metal link bracelets.
• Perpetual calendar means
  never having to set the
  date. Chronograph,
  automatics and even
• Retail Range: $70.00 -
• All Timex watches carry a 1 year warranty.
  Customers may choose to extend this warranty
  to 5 years for $5.00.
Consumer Repair Service
• Consumers should be encouraged to send
  defective Timex watches for repair to the Hotline
  Watch Service in Little Rock.
• 1302 Pike Ave,
• North Little Rock, AR, 72114
• 1-800-448-4639

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