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									How Well Do You Know?                         Color Name Game
  How well do you know Stampin’ Up?        Finish off the correct SU color name!
  Take this little quiz and find out!
                                            Rich ________________________
1. Where is Stampin’ Up headquar-
                                            _______________________ Bride
   ters located? (+2 if you know the
   state and the city!)                     ____________________Turquoise

2. What’s the name of Stampin’              ______________________ Pizzazz
   Up’s famous annual sale?
                                            Poppy ______________________
3. How many level of hostess sets
                                            Wild _______________________
   are there?
                                            ______________________ Delight
4. Where is Lyssa going on a cruise
   in May 2011?                             Early ________________________

5. What is the founder’s first name?        ________________________Point
   (+1 if you know the last!)               Cajun _______________________

6. What has Stampin’ Up won a Cre-          ____________________ Burgundy
   ating Keepsakes award for nine
   years in a row? (there’s two!)           Very ________________________

                                            Peach _______________________
7. What is the name of the digital
   papercrafting software from              Concord _____________________
   Stampin’ Up?
                                           ______________________ Cobbler
8. What anniversary did Lyssa just
                                           Soft _________________________
   celebrate with Stampin’ Up?
9. What’s the name of the new line
   of alterable jewelry items?             _________________________ Mist

10. Hostess benefits start at just this    __________________________Cake
                                          Perfect ________________________
11. Who did Stampin’ Up partner           Tangerine ______________________
    with for the Big Shot and exclu-
    sive dies?                                     Score: __________

12. What is Lyssa’s blog named?           Bonus: Three color names end with the
                                             word “red.” Name all three.
13. Name Stampin’ Up’s main charity.

          Score: _________

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