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									   GI Jobs Magazine’s List of Military Friendly
    Cuyamaca College is honored to rank among
    the top 15% of military friendly colleges in the
    U.S. by GI Jobs Magazine.

Veterans Services
 Information on services can be found here:
Financial Aid                            Admissions and Records
EOPS                                     (Application, transcripts, and grades)
(Extended Opportunity Programs and
   Services)                             Bookstore
CARE                                     (You may order books online)
(Cooperative Agencies Resources for
   Children)                             Tutoring Centers
DSPS                                     (Free and available in all subjects)
(Disabled Student Programs & Services)   • Tutoring Center C-111
Health Services                          • Writing Center B167
                                         • Math Center L 104
Career Center & Student                 Personal Development
  Employment                              Counseling (PDC)
(Career counseling, employment,         (Courses to help you succeed)
   resume, fairs)
Counseling Center
(Academic, career, personal/social)
Online Counseling
(Ask a Counselor)
University Transfer Center
(Transfer to a 4-year, fairs, events)
   BOGW
    ◦ Pays your college fees automatically. You get the
      benefits that would have been paid to college paid
      directly to you.

    ◦ Pell Grant, CAL Grant eligibility
   A new Veteran student is a student who has NEVER
    completed any college level coursework

   New students:
    ◦ Must first apply with the Veterans Administration and get
      approval for GI Bill Benefits. This will come in the form of
      an eligibility letter. Go to www.gibill.va.gov

    ◦ Are required to complete the Math and English assessments
      for placement and educational planning purposes.

    ◦ Must submit their eligibility letters and DD214’s to Debra
      Ayers in the Admissions and Records Office.

    ◦ Must notify admissions and records of their educational
      goal by selecting a major.
   A continuing Veteran student has:

    ◦ completed college level coursework at Cuyamaca College or
      another institution.

    ◦ a current educational goal or major on file in Admissions and

    ◦ transcripts from all previously attended colleges and universities
      as well as any military transcripts on file in Admissions and

    ◦ Requested an evaluation of their transcripts and prior military

    ◦ completed the Math and English assessments at Cuyamaca or
      another California Community College.
College Catalog            Semester Calendar
 Associate Degree          ◦ Important dates
  and Certificate             and deadlines
                           All Classes – All
 Course Descriptions
  & Prerequisites           Formats
 General Education        Final Exam
  Requirements for          Schedule
    ◦ Associate Degrees   Available Online in
    ◦ Transferring to a     PDF or live on
   Campus policies
   Available Online!
   Schedule classes at times that do not
   Change your schedule up to the second
    week of classes using WebAdvisor
   Withdraw from classes using Web Advisor
    - pay attention to deadlines
   Use WebAdvisor to check/print your
    grades and class schedule.
   Monitor Priority Wait List
   Online Tutorials
   http://www.cuyamaca.edu/counseling/wa
(Stuff you should know)
   California State
    ◦ 23 universities
   University of California
    ◦ 9 universities
   Private/Independent/O
    ut of State Colleges
    and Universities
   See Counselor for TAG
    (Transfer Admission
    Guarantee) programs
   University Transfer
Academic Probation
 When your grade
 point average falls
 below a 2.0
Lack of Progress
 When 50% or more
 units are “W”, “I”,
 and/or “NC”
   Each semester, courses taken by a Veteran
    student must be a part of that student’s
    overall educational goal in order to receive GI
    Bill benefits.

   Educational Planning ensures that all of your
    courses taken in any given semester are
    payable by the VA

   AA/AS                   CSU                    IGETC
   General                General                  Plan
  Education              Education
    Plan                   Plan

   Cuyamaca’s           Allows transfer        Allows transfer to
 Associate degree          to a CSU              a CSU or UC
General Education           campus                  campus
   For UC or CSU major preparation coursework,
    refer to www.assist.org
   For transfer requirements to private or
    independent colleges or universities, refer to
    the University Transfer Website at
   If you plan to transfer to an out-of-state
    college or university, you will need to contact
    that institution for transfer requirements. A
    counselor can also assist you.
                                                Number of Weeks Per Term

Hours Per   15-19   14     13     12     11        10      9      8         7     6     5      4     3     2     1

  12 or      FT     FT     FT     FT     FT        FT     FT     FT        FT     FT    FT    FT     FT    FT    FT
   11        3/4    FT     FT     FT     FT        FT     FT     FT        FT     FT    FT    FT     FT    FT    FT

   10        3/4    FT     FT     FT     FT        FT     FT     FT        FT     FT    FT    FT     FT    FT    FT

   9         3/4    3/4    FT     FT     FT        FT     FT     FT        FT     FT    FT    FT     FT    FT    FT

   8         1/2    3/4    3/4    FT     FT        FT     FT     FT        FT     FT    FT    FT     FT    FT    FT

   7         1/2    3/4    3/4    3/4    3/4       FT     FT     FT        FT     FT    FT    FT     FT    FT    FT

   6         1/2    1/2    1/2    3/4    3/4       3/4    FT     FT        FT     FT    FT    FT     FT    FT    FT

   5        <1/2    1/2    1/2    1/2    1/2       3/4    3/4    3/4       FT     FT    FT    FT     FT    FT    FT

   4        <1/2    <1/2   <1/2   1/2    1/2       1/2    1/2    3/4       3/4    FT    FT    FT     FT    FT    FT

   3         1/4    1/4    <1/2   <1/2   <1/2     <1/2    1/2    1/2       1/2    3/4   3/4   FT     FT    FT    FT

   2         1/4    1/4    1/4    1/4    1/4       1/4   <1/2    <1/2      <1/2   1/2   1/2   3/4    FT    FT    FT

   1         1/4    1/4    1/4    1/4    1/4       1/4    1/4    1/4       1/4    1/4   1/4   <1/2   1/2   3/4   FT
   Each semester you must complete a veteran
    intent form. This form will include the courses
    that you have registered for and these courses
    must be a part of your educational goal.

   Please note that taking courses that are not a
    part of your educational goal can delay or reduce
    your benefits.

   Semester intent forms are to be filed with Debra
    Ayers in Admissions and Records AFTER you
    register for classes each semester.
   Do not make any schedule changes or drop any
    classes after the start of the semester until you have
    spoken to Debbie Ayers in Admissions and Records.
    Doing so will impact your benefits and could cause a
    repayment situation for you.

   Any changes to your class schedule should be
    carefully considered and discussed with Admissions
    and Records or a Counselor.

      Admissions will tell you if and/or how the change impacts your
       payments of your benefits

      Counseling will tell you if the course is appropriate for your
       educational goal.
English Courses Math Courses                           How they count?
English 120                Math 120 - 285              Transferable to the university
                                                       and Associate Degree
                                                       graduation requirement.

English 110                                            Associate degree applicable.

                           Math 103/110                Associate degree graduation
                                                       requirement (non-transferable)

English 090, 098 Math 088, 090                         Non-Associate degree
                                                       applicable, non-transferable

•It is recommended that you take a reading course along with a writing course
•Reading courses include English 090R; 098R; 110R;
•Take PDC 130 (Basic College Success Skills with English 90 and 90R!)
See Handout in Your Orientation Folder
See Handout in Your Orientation Folder
   If you need further
    assistance, please
    visit the Counseling
    Center by “walking
    in” for quick
    questions or making
    an appointment for
    long term educational
    planning once school
   Veteran Counselors
    are available for
    Walk-ins on
    ◦ Mondays from 10-1
      and 2-6
    ◦ Wednesdays from

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