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					Basic Chemistry
Lab Equipment:
 Pipette
For exact volume measurements of

 Pipette filler
There are several styles of fillers
  used to draw liquids into a

   Never draw a liquid into a pipette
    with your mouth.
 Filter flask
Used in conjunction with a
  vacuum connection to a
  water faucet to speed up

 Erlenmeyer flask
Used to contain reaction
Florence flask
Used to boil liquids.

   Volumetric flask
    Used to make
Used to contain
 chemical reactions

Graduated cylinder
Used to make accurate
 measurements of
 liquid volumes.
 Evaporating dish
Used to recover dissolved
  solids by evaporation.

 Watch glass
Similar to an evaporating
  dish. Can be used to
  cover beakers.
 Support ring
Used to support glassware
  above the lab table.

 Utility clamp
Used to hold large test type
  or Florence flask above
  the lab table.
 Crucible / cover
Used as a container when
  something requires
  strong heating.

 Crucible tongs
For picking up crucibles and
  crucible covers ONLY
 Wire gauze
Will support glassware
  when placed across a
  support ring.

 Striker
Used to light a lab burner.
  Not a toy noisemaker
  during lab.
 Mortar and Pestle
To grind solids into

 Test tube holder
To hold test tubes while
Filter funnel
When lined with filter paper,
 used to filter suspended
 solids from a liquid.

 Wash bottle
For washing solids out of a
  container when filtering.
 Chemical spoon
To transfer solids from their
  original bottle to a scale
  for weighing.

 Hose clamps
Used to close hoses by
  pinching them together.