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					                African American Hair Wigs
For individuals who have had the same hairstyle for a long time, or those
wanting to make a fashion statement, a wig can be the perfect solution for a
style change. These days there are many fashion-forward African American
hair wigs available. They come in a variety of lengths, styles, sizes, and
colors. Also, because wigs are customized to fit, they give the wearer a very
natural look.

There are diverse types of African American wigs for both men and
women. These include straight, curly, braided, full lace, lace front, and
dreadlocked varieties. Wearing a wig offers a great amount of flexibility, as
there is relief from the morning hair routine.

Wigs can be made of synthetic fibers, or from natural hair. Wigs made of
synthetic fibers are less inexpensive, and require less maintenance.
However, they are not as versatile, and cannot be styled with thermal hair
tools, because heat will damage the fibers.

Wigs made of natural hair are generally more expensive, but are a lot more
flexible and also last longer. There are several grades of natural hair which
are used to make hair wigs with the best grade being remy hair, which is
also the most expensive. Remy hair mimics your natural hair, so it can be
similarly treated and easily customized. Often a wig will still need additional
customization such as trimming, or curling.

Lace wigs have also become a very popular alternative, because of the
natural look they give. This look is achieved as a result of the method used
to tie the hair to the lace base. The fact that hairs are sewn onto the lace
individually, allows them to be put in place almost flawlessly. The end result
is a head of hair that looks very natural.

Lace wigs are available in two main types, the lace front wig and the full lace
wig. The best fit is obtained with a lace wig if the wearer’s head is measured
and the wig custom made. This ensures that the wearer will be certain to
get a look that suits the shape of the face. This also adds to the natural
appearance. Front lace wigs are glued around the perimeter of the hairline
using liquid adhesive which is designed for the purpose. Adhesive tape can
also be used as an alternative.

There are also a number of wig accessories designed to make styling easier,
and also to extend the life of the wig. With the proper care, including using
the correct shampoo, conditioner, and styling tools, there is no reason why a
wig should not look like the real thing.
African American wigs can come in a variety of styles and
shapes. However, the wigs made of human hair and custom made do tend
to look more natural. They are inherently more versatile because they can
be styled, and will not be damaged by the use of styling tools like curling
irons. So if you are want a glamorous celebrity look; then there are a
variety of styles from which to choose.

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