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									Rajasthan: transforming holidays into memories

To taste the splendour of Indian culture and tradition one can never neglect a visit to Rajasthan. This
part of the country beholds in its embrace assets of renowned histories of the royal families and also
the shades of Mughal influence .The hues and vivid colours embarked upon the traditional lifestyle
attracts not only the foreign but domestic tourists. The Rajasthan tours provide ample opportunity
and lifetime experience to relate with the history, culture and tradition of this famous tourist

There are a number of forts and palaces studded all over the state. Each of them hides great
histories behind them. Most of the forts were built on a high platform so as to resist the
attack of enemies during the medieval times by the various rajas and ranas. Many of them
have been preserved by the government as historical sites while others have been
converted into resorts and hotels so as to provide the travellers with a complete royal
Rajasthani experience .Some of the famous forts are Amber fort in Jaipur, Golden Fort at
Jaisalmer, Mehrangarh Fort in Jodhpur and the list goes on. The travellers have so much to
explore here from the Jantarmantar to the Dilwara Temple, Lake Palace to the City Places
and the Jaisalmer hawalies. A number of Jain temples are also found all over the state.

Jaipur better known as Pink city is famous among the travellers as a shopping hub. The
Bandhej saris and kurtis, block prints, tie and die all are varieties that the travellers are
exposed to. These are often matched with mojries and juties which are a specialization of
Rajasthani handwork.

Kalbeliya and Ghoomar dance which are the traditional folk dances have gained even more
recognition with the increasing inflow of travellers .These depict a picture of the strong ethnic
folk culture and also the attempt of the locals to maintain it in its original form. The folk songs
usually narrate a story .The most magnificent folk tradition that pleases the travellers is the
Kathputli dance .The Kathputli or updown doll draped in colourful attire is made to dance by
the local artists which brings smile to various faces specially those of the children.

Rajasthan is embedded with various wildlife and bird sanctuaries. People flock into the bird
sanctuaries with the arrival of the migratory birds. While the wildlife sanctuaries are home to
a variety of animals .The sanctuaries arrange for the transport facility to explore the
wilderness along with a guide.

The Thar Desert which is a geographical entity of Rajasthan is a source of income for the
locals who provide camel safaris to the travellers. These safaris are famous tourist attraction
so as to gain the experience of easy locomotion over the slippery sand for enjoying the
serenity of the vast desert.

Rajasthan is a land of praiseworthy history and a dream destination for the travellers. The
Rajasthan tours provide for a means to peek into this land of vivid colours only to transform
your holiday into a memorable experience.

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