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SISTAH Talk with Ramona Prater

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Featuring Ramona Prater, Author of "In the Pink: A Woman's Guide to Being a Girl" of 105.9 KISS-FM and Founder of The F'Club (1200AM WCHB)

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									THE SISTAHS MINISTRY INTERNATIONAL                                       APRIL – JUNE, 2011
Uniting Women & Teenage Girls
to Impact Their Lives ™

                                                                 It’s Time for
                                                                   the Divine
                                                                Min. Tiffany R. Easley

    Circumstances                                             Friends… How
    Wanda J. Burnside                                            Many of Us
                                                               Have Them?
    Tithe, Husband                                                      Dara Nichole
    Spending and
    Bankruptcy                                                Don’t Allow the
    Cedric Dukes                                             Lies to Stop You
                                                                       Twana Lawler

      ON THE COVER: Ramona Prater, Author of “In the Pink”

      Living Life
                          A woman’s guide to being a girl
Uniting Women & Teenage Girls to Impact Their Lives ™   3
Letter From the Editor
The Power of change…

Greetings SISTAHS! We are blessed to bring you another issue
of “SISTAH Talk E-Magazine”.

Are you ready for the change that is coming your way? Are you already on
the road of change? Perhaps, you have just come out of the tunnel of change.
You might not even see a change happening in your life right now. Wherever
you are, change is inevitable at some point in time. However, we don’t always
want to accept it.

There are strong forces, winds of change, blowing all around us, in our society. There
is a mindset these days that wants to change. It is almost a way of thinking that says,
"If it is not broken, break it." This mindset can be dangerous. Changing a wardrobe or
your hairdo or buying a new car is not the same as a change in the area of faith and

I do not know anyone who is able to take change completely in stride. There are so many complex feelings and
behaviors associated with change. It is unsettling; it pulls us out of our haven of security and presents us with
something different. It takes away our illusion that we can predict the future, it takes away our illusion of
control. It means we lose that which we have known. Whether we hated the status quo or loved it, whether we
were comfortable with it or not, change is often deeply frightening and always anxiety producing. Maybe we're
not up to it; maybe we can't handle it. Change brings us loss just as often, if not more so, as it brings us gain.
We reflect all of these feelings in the ways we react to change. So how in the world are we supposed to cope
with it?

Coping with change often means taking a chance. Often it means finding ways to compensate for what we lose.
Often it means letting go. I think coping with change is a practice. It isn't something we do once and master,
rather it is something we are called to do over and over, with mixed results. The greater the change the harder
the practice. Yet the better we cope, the more free we are. Whenever you experience it is a faith walk.
Hebrews 11:6 says, “But without faith it is impossible to please him: for he that cometh to God must believe
that he is, and that he is a rewarder of them that diligently seek him.” Trust Him in the change, and continue
your walk of Power and Purpose diligently – there’s a reward on the other side of that change!

In His Power and Walking in His Purpose,
Rev. Celeste Kelley

                                                  ~ Table of Contents ~
“It is Time for the Divine” by Minister Tiffany R. Easley ...................................................................................6

A SISTAH’s Lifestyle – Life-Coaching Principles
“Take Back Your Power - Financially” by Crystal Gunn ...............................................................................8
“Your Money Answers: Tithe, Husband Spending and
 Bankruptcy for Christians” by Cedric Dukes .................................................................................................9
“Where Are You Headed?” by Ramelle T. Lee ............................................................................................10

SISTAH Teen Mentoring Initiative
Pre-Teen Spotlight: Angel Mykel Edwards ................................................................................................12

Living the Victorious & Blessed Life
“Friends... How Many of Us Have Them?” by Dara Nichole .....................................................................14
“Wait” by Michelle Moorer .................................................................................................................................18

On the Cover: Ramona Prater: A Woman’s Guide to Being a Girl
“Living a Life IN THE PINK” ..............................................................................................................................20

Virtuosity – Marriage & Divorce Feature
“How to Handle a Husband” Submission by Minister Mary Edwards ........................................................22

Domestic Violence & Abuse
“Don’t Allow the Lies to Stop You” by Twana Lawler ................................................................................24

A SISTAH’s Closet              featuring LachelleRanay.....................................................................................................26

Health & Beauty ................................................................................................................................................27

SISTAHS Services & Business Network
Feature: Rev. Cheryl Merchant ...................................................................................................................28

Soul SISTAHS Café of Reading & Poetry
“Beyond Circumstances” by Wanda J. Burnside ..........................................................................................32

Christian Events & Evangelism (C.E.E.) Network
Feature: Tiffanie Bridges ................................................................................................................................36

                                                                                    Uniting Women & Teenage Girls to Impact Their Lives ™                       5
                         It is Time for the Divine
                         By Minister Tiffany R. Easley

                                                                grace and His divine protection. Think about the story of
                         During my prayer time last week        Shadrach, Meshach, and Abednego who were thrown
                         I was led to pray for the divine       into a fiery furnace to die, but lived that is divine
                         "of or relating to, or pertaining to   protection. Think about the essence of Psalm 91 which
                         God: pleasing" Webster (2005). I       lays out how we are protected by God from the enemy. It
                         was led to pray for:                   is evident that God has each of us under His Divine
                                                                protection and we much continue to remain in God‘s will
1- Divine Order                                                 so that we may be under that protection.
2- Divine Protection
3- Divine Peace and                                             After you have begun to allow divine order and
4- Divine Providence                                            protection to flow in your life then you will have God's
                                                                Divine peace. Peace is defined by Webster‘s Dictionary
After praying for these 4 areas, they continued to              as freedom from disquieting or oppressive thoughts or
resonate in my spirit. I asked God to reveal to me what I       emotions. Can you imagine what it is like to have no
should learn from these key points and He whispered to          worries? To be free from concern about the troubles of
me; it is time for the Divine. If we take a look at the         the World; in God you can enjoy that freedom when you
definition of Divine again; it is‖ of or relating to, or        solicit and request that Divine Peace to flow in your life.
pertaining to God: pleasing". I want to stop here and           God‘s word states that we should seek peace and
pose a question to you; do you really want to embrace           pursue it. Do you seek peace daily and pursue it. Many
the DIVINE in your life? If you answered yes, that is           times seeking peace means that you must choose not to
great, if you answered no, then continue to pray/seek           argue or dispute even when you know you are right.
God, and if you answered, I don't know, then you too            Seeking peace many times means that you may have to
must continue to pray and seek God. For those of you            make a decision to separate from the in crowd so that
who answered yes, I ask you again; do you truly want to         you can be with the Jesus crowd. The bible also tells us
embrace the DIVINE and allow it to flow/operate in your         that we must let the peace of God rule our hearts. I
life?                                                           wonder what (noun-people, place, or thing) we are
                                                                letting rule or heart instead of the peace of God. The
In order for the Divine to flow in your life you must strive    bible also tells us that the Lord gives strength to His
to follow the divine order of God. This one step can be         people and blesses them with peace. It is very clear that
quiet difficult because many times the order of God may         God desires we have divine peace in our lives.
seem out of sync with our feelings, senses, and human
capabilities. God's order is the only order that we as His      As we have taken a look at Divine order, Divine
children must submit to. Think of the story of Mary and         protection, and Divine peace; I have saved the final area
Joseph the parents of Jesus. These two were not                 for last because I believe these three help you to
married and did not commit any physical act that would          embrace Divine providence. You may wonder what I am
warrant Mary becoming pregnant and birthing our Lord,           speaking about when I speak of Divine providence. The
our Savior Jesus. But God's Divine order, made the              word providence means God conceived as the power
creation of Jesus happen. Other examples of Divine              sustaining and guiding human destiny. I define divine
order were... the creation of the Earth, (Calling of            providence as being where God wants you to be, doing
Samuel), and using Pharaoh to free the children of              what God wants you to do, when He tells you to do it.
Egypt! It is evident that God's order is DIVINE. Matthew        Are you in Divine providence? Let‘s take a look at where
6:33 tells us to seek the Kingdom of God and His                you are from a few perspectives. While on the job are
righteousness and ALL these things shall be added unto          you in Divine providence? While at home are you in Dive
you.                                                            providence? While at church, are you in Divine
                                                                providence? In each of these places you can be in
Once you welcome the flow of Divine order in your life,         Divine providence if you are doing what God tells you to
you must then allow Divine protection to take it's position     do, when He tells you to do it, in the place He has
in your life. Being under Divine protection, means that         instructed you to do it? Here‘s a simple exercise to see if
you are covered by the blood of Jesus and nothing can           you are in Divine providence. Is there Divine order
take you out. Have you ever been in a situation where it        operating in this place? Do you have Divine protection in
seemed the only way out of something was to travel              this place? Is there Divine peace in this place? Please
through a major struggle that could possibly end in death       note that this could be a physical place, such as a
and looking back on that particular situation you realize       building. It could be a mental/emotional place such as a
the only reason you are still around is because of God‘s        mind set, it could be a spiritual place of transition within

Ministry, or it could be a mental place of maturity and         tested by Satan and never cursed God. Moses was in
growth. No matter what the place, is it a place of Divine       Divine providence when He delivered the children from
providence? Divine providence is a place where pain,            Egypt. Now I ask you, are you in Divine providence?
purpose, and promotion began to function in tangent
with one another. This place of Divine providence is the        Are you ready for the DIVINE to flow in your life? I
place where you realize that the painful experiences            encourage you to pray concerning these four key areas
where part of the birthing process to your purpose and          each day and watch God shift some things on your
your purpose leads to promotion…Kingdom promotion.              behalf and for the advancement of the Kingdom. It is
A good example of Divine providence is being in a place         time for you to do the will of God, under the anointing of
in your life where you realize God has you and as He            God, while being protected by God, and resting in the
has promised His plans are to prosper and not to harm           peace of God, while operating from a place of Divine
you, to give you a hope with an expected end. You see           providence in God. It is time for the Divine to come alive
when you are in Divine providence you understand there          in you. Embrace the Divine, with a heart, soul, and mind
is a Divine order that you must follow and when you             stayed on God and His Kingdom.
follow that Divine order you will have Divine protection
which will create a Divine peace allowing you to operate
in Divine providence. Jesus was in Divine providence            ©2011 – Tiffany R. Easley – All Right Reserved.
when He took the journey to the Cross, was nailed to the
cross, died on the cross, was buried and then rose
again. Job was in Divine providence when He was being

Minister Tiffany R. Easley was licensed as a minister January 8, 2006 under the leadership of Howard E. Jones, Jr. and
ordained in December 2009. As Minister Tiffany continues to walk out her God-ordained purpose she has began to
embrace the scroll anointing that God has placed upon her and has released Psalms of My Spirit (2002), a collaborative
work in 2009 entitled Victorious Living For Women with her chapter entitled, Refreshing Wind in the Midst of Your Storm.

Visit Minister Tiffany at

                                                    Coming Soon…
                                                  Follow Minister Tiffany and
                                               Pursuing Victory Ministries Online!

                                                               Uniting Women & Teenage Girls to Impact Their Lives ™     7
A SISTAH’s Lifestyle (Life-Coaching Principles)

                        Take Back Your Power – Financially
                        By Crystal Gunn

Now more than ever, women MUST be financially                   You must examine your relationship with money and
independent. In so many areas of their lives, women             understand how that has affected your financial
have given up their power. One major way that women             situation. Take a serious look at what was said about
give away their power is by not being financially               money in your home while you were growing up. Have
independent. As a result, women stay in dysfunctional           you taken on the philosophies and practices [good and
relationships, work jobs that you would not ordinarily          bad] of your parents? Are you passing those same
work and therefore controlled by someone else. It may           philosophies and practices on to your children?
be a spouse, a parent, or the government but someone
else is dictating how you live. Women, you must Take            Women should be earning money themselves. Women
Back Your Power – Financially!!                                 should have their own checking, savings and investment
                                                                accounts. Women should have their own credit card
There are very good reasons why women should be                 accounts and their own financial goals.
financially independent.
 On average, women live at least 7 -10 years longer            Let‘s face it, there are tons of reasons for your
    then men AND their retirement is less than half that        circumstance- reasons why and how you gave away
    of a man. The combination of lower salaries                 your financial power. The important thing now is to
    combined with women spending less time in the               realize the need for your financial independence and
    workforce equal retirement benefits that are a              take the steps to get there and stay there.
    quarter less then men.
 Over 50% of women are single                                  Set up a budget, set up a savings and investment plan
 Over 80% of single parents are women                          and pay off your credit card debt. Be sure to trim the fat
 The median wealth for single black women is $5                on your expenses. Take a close look at all your
    [five dollars]                                              expenses and decrease where you can. Be sure to
                                                                include your children in your plan and teach them,
Understand that being financially independent doesn‘t           especially your daughters, the importance of being
mean having a lot of money. It means being in control of        financially independent.
the money you do have. You have to become financially
literate in order to be financially independent. Read           Ultimately, you want to create a plan, work your plan and
books, attend seminars and workshops and get together           Take Back Your Power - Financially.
with other women and learn from their mistakes and
successes.                                                      ©2011 Crystal Gunn – All Rights Reserved.

Crystal Gunn is the Author of ―My Journey… A Road to Greatness.‖ Her Life's Mission is to positively impact the lives of
as many people as I can. "For what good is a life except for the impact it has on others." ~Jackie Robinson

Visit Crystal at

                         Your Money Answers: Tithe, Husband
                         Spending, and Bankruptcy for Christians
                         By Cedric Dukes

Question - Should I tithe even though I cannot pay             2)      Create a list of items that you want to
my bills?                                                              accomplish with your money including getting rid
                                                                       of debt and making major purchases.
Great question, I have received many questions on this         3)      Create a budget around those activities and look
topic. Conventional wisdom says no, but the Bible says                 at your current budget to substantiate that vision
yes. If you are a Christian, you should tithe. Many would              for the short term goals.
say this is careless but you have to look at why you are       4)      Allocate spending money for your spouse.
in this situation. It was not the tithe. It was due to                 Realize a spouse is either a saver or spender.
overspending and not managing your assets properly. Of                 There is a time to spend and there is a time to
course if you don‘t have income, you should tithe your                 save.
time to your local church in the area of volunteering. Let     5)      Come into agreement and hold each other
your leadership know. If you do have a job, I suggest                  accountable by having monthly family meetings
that you should take control of your finances. Proverbs                in reviewing your vision.
3:9-10 says Honor the Lord with your wealth and with           6)      Have fun and be creative
the best part of everything you produce. Then he will fill
your barns with grain, and your vats will overflow with
good wine. If you honor God first, he will honor you. God      Question – Do you think I should file for bankruptcy
works through a covenant with his people. Malachi 3:10-        as a Christian?
11 guarantees two things that God will personally do if
you tithe. First, he will open the windows of heaven for       In 2009, over 300,000,000 people filed for bankruptcy.
you meaning that your needs will be met including your         This means1of 212 people have filed. Bankruptcy is not
unpaid bills. Secondly, God guarantees that he would           a Christian problem, it is a choice. Bankruptcy can
rebuke the devourer from your harvest. The devourer            devastate lives and it can help others out of the strain of
can be anything that eats up your paycheck before              debt. You should seek a trusted counselor before you do
receiving it. In reality, paying the tithe prevents            so. While the Bible never states anything about
overspending and will put you in a position by God to          bankruptcy it warns us about debt. Romans 13:1 says
honor his Word in your finances.                               don’t run up debts, except for the huge debt of love you
                                                               owe each other. God‘s expectation is that you pay your
                                                               bills regardless if you are a Christian. Here are some
Question – My husband spends money that we don’t               additional tips:
have, how can I stop him?
                                                               1)      Pray over your finances and listen for the
The answer to this question will surprise you. You                     answer
cannot stop him from spending. Here is my question to          2)      Communicate with your creditors regularly about
you. Do you and your spouse have a financial vision?                   your payments – don‘t shy away from them
Write the vision and make it plan for all to see so your       3)      Offer lenders a written copy of your budget and
spouse may run toward it. Most people correct their                    a list of your debts – God may choose them to
behavior if an overall goal or vision is in front of them.             give you leniency with your bills.
Normally, I suggest that every family have their financial     4)      Operate in integrity; Proverbs22:1 says that A
vision posted on the refrigerator or on the bathroom                   good name is to be more desired than great
mirror to remind them the purpose of their money and                   wealth, Favor is better than silver and gold.
the goals that they want to accomplish. Here are some          5)      Be patient for all debt will not automatically go
additional pointers:                                                   away– But let patience have its perfect work,
                                                                       that you may be perfect and complete, lacking
1)      Sit down with your spouse and analyze your                     nothing (James 1:4)
        financial future – short term and long term
                                                               ©2011 Cedric Dukes – All Rights Reserved.

                Encourage your friends and family by sharing this column and invite others to ask questions about their
                money – it‘s free! Send questions to Twitter @CDDukes or visit the contact page
                at Cedric Dukes, speaker and columnist, is the Author of Hostile Takeover -
                Manifesting God‘s Plan and Purpose for Your Finances.

                                                              Uniting Women & Teenage Girls to Impact Their Lives ™     9
                Where Are You Headed?
                                  By Ramelle T. Lee

                       Meditation Scripture: James 4:14 (NLT)

“How do you know what will happen tomorrow? For your life is like the morning
fog—it’s here a little while, then it’s gone.”

Visualize yourself walking along a path and there is thick       consulting him, because you have no control of what you
fog all around you. Keep your eyes wide open and listen          will do even in the next moment.
attentively to everything as you keep moving forward.
What do you see? What do you hear? At some point,                Seek the Lord in prayer, call upon him, and allow him to
you begin to realize that every step you take is a step of       order your steps. He knows exactly where you are
faith.                                                           headed and he alone has the ability to get you out of the
                                                                 fog of your self-confidence and boastful existence.
Even though there is fog all around you, eventually you
will get to a place where the mist will lift and you can         It‘s okay to be self-assured about certain things in life,
focus more clearly. Remember, no one has told you that           but never forget that God controls everything. He
you will walk into a clearer path, but you have the              expects each of us to look to him and seek his guidance
confidence to believe it.                                        for our lives. Never get so self-confident that you think
                                                                 you can move out on your own without God ordering
You have no idea what life will bring, but keep walking          your steps and directing your path.
toward the light. Your vision may be clouded, but keep
believing there is more to life than what meets the eye.         You will come out of any situation victorious if you look
                                                                 to your Heavenly Father and allow him to show you the
Do you know where you are headed? I think not! Why?              right path to follow. When you keep your eyes on Jesus
Because you don‘t control what will happen to you today          and ask him to light your pathway, you will not have to
or tomorrow. I do! But you still forge ahead blindly and         worry or fret. You can confidently hold your head up and
many times self-confident that you are going to do this or       keep walking straight ahead because God is the one
that.                                                            who is leading you into a plain path for his righteousness
Take the time to reflect upon these scriptures. Look to
Jesus and allow him to lead you where you must go.               Further Scripture Reading: James 4:14-17
Don‘t be too hasty to make plans on your own without
                                                                 ©2011 Ramelle T. Lee – All Rights Reserved.

Ramelle T. Lee is the Founder and President of Touching Your Heart Ministries. Since 2004, more than 2,500 poems and
over 300 framed poetry creations have been made available to minister to people in all walks of life. She is also an active
member of The Called and Ready Writers. She is also a Board Member and Membership Chairman.

Visit Ramelle at

Uniting Women & Teenage Girls to Impact Their Lives ™   11
Pre-Teen Spotlight featuring
          Angel Mykel Edwards
Angel Mykel Edwards is a young and inspired writer who is nine years old. Her stories are
about some of her life experiences and stories about the challenges children face in life and
                    how to resolve them based upon the Word of God.

 The purpose of her writing is to show the world how she loves God and her family. When you love God and
  place him in your heart, you can do all things possible. God will hold your hand and guide you to become
                                             successful in your life.

 Angel is in the fourth grade and enjoys math and spelling. Her favorite sports are gymnastics and soccer. She
loves helping people, is a good listener and quick learner. She is an achiever, leader and strives to do her best.
                She is the youngest member of The Call and Ready Writers in Detroit, Michigan.

   When she grows up, she would like to be a professional writer, obstetrician, engineer, professional soccer
player, and gymnastic champion. She plans to attend college and receive her Doctorate in Medicine, Masters in
                                Journalism and Bachelor's in Engineering.

                                                Her mother and father are her role models. Her grandmother
                                               Minister Mary Edwards is her editor and agent. She has a little
                                             brother named Kurk, and a loving and supportive family. She was
                                                inspired to write because of her PaPa, the late Rev. Eddie K.
                                                        Edwards, who is now God's angel in heaven.

                                                        Visit Angel at

Uniting Women & Teenage Girls to Impact Their Lives ™   13
                                 Living the Victorious & blessed Life

                                 Friends… How Many of Us Have
                                 By Dara Nichole

                                 Throughout my life, I have met probably hundreds, no -thousands of people.
                                 Between middle school, high school, various extra-curricular activities and
                                 especially college, I must have introduced myself for the first time to more than
                                 ten thousand people. Though, when I look back over my life, I think about the
                                 friendships that have remained constant through everything, and am thankful for
                                 the real "sister friends" I have in Christ. Relationships and even friendships are
                                 sometimes easy to develop, but difficult to maintain. You ask why? I believe it is
                                 because we don't understand the true purpose for friendships, and I know once
                                 we walk into this understanding, the true cultivation of our growth in Jesus Christ
                                 will increase.

                                 What I have learned in my lifetime is that a true friend has four major qualities
                                 among other things; a friend always loves, always gives, rebukes and corrects in
                                 love, and always seeks for and gives wise counsel. Now don't get me wrong, no
                                 one is perfect, we all make mistakes, nevertheless when you call someone your
                                 friend, are you aiding them in becoming everything God has called them to be?

                                 Proverbs 12:26 says "The righteous should choose his friends carefully, for the
                                 way of the wicked leads them astray." We as Christians must choose our friends
                                 purposefully. This is very important, and will eliminate some of the distractions
                                 you have on the journey to fulfilling your purpose. Once we prayerfully consider
                                 the prospect, is when the road to discovering yourself begins.

                                 "A friend loves at all times, and a brother is born for adversity." (Proverbs 17:17).
                                 Have you ever had a close friend that lies about little things, or puts on heirs, or
                                 always has an attitude? I have, and as much as I wanted to walk away from the
                                 relationship and leave them alone with their issues, I would not be fulfilling my
                                 role in the person's life. It's always easier to love someone who is perfect, or
                                 close to it, though when a close friend or family member doesn't line up to the
                                 character of God they are striving for, it is our duty to still love them
                                 unconditionally. Even though we like to think of ourselves as perfect, we aren't,
                                 and God loves us so much more than we could ever understand. So, even when
                                 our friends are sometimes attitudinal, or bossy, when we shut them out or push
                                 them aside because of their issues, how are we growing as one body, in the
                                 body of Christ?

                                 "Give, and it shall be given unto you; good measure, pressed down, and shaken
                                 together, and running over, shall men give into your bosom. For with the same
                                 measure that ye mete withal it shall be measured to you again." (Luke 6:38) One
                                 thing I always observe about my friends is what is their need from me, and how
                                 can I give that need. Whether it is spending time with them on the weekends, or
                                 working with them on a community service project they may be working on,
                                 showing them I care about their needs is important to the cultivation of a
                                 friendship. It's selfish to focus on your needs in a friendship, and expect the other
                                 person to always listen to your problems, always go the places you want them to
                                 go, or even spend the amount of time they want you to give them. Relationships
                                 are about give and take, and we should always be focused on the giving

"Faithful are the wounds of a friend, but the kisses of an                            comes from you or your friends lips should be plentiful,
enemy are deceitful." (Proverbs 27:6) Now in no way do                                pure, and significant in the life of that person.
I enforce physical violence, though sometimes the words
we may speak to our friends hurt, especially when they                                The word says that Jesus came that we might have life
are an open rebuke or correction in how we should be                                  and have it more abundantly. This means to me that he
walking with God. The word says in Ecclesiastes 7:5 "It                               did not just come to save us, but to give us an
is better to hear the rebuke of the wise than for a man to                            opportunity to enjoy life while we are here on this earth,
hear the song of fools." The friends you pick should be                               and be an example to those who do not yet know him.
wise, and they should also be in a position in your life                              By doing this our lives must line up to the word of God,
where they can hold you accountable and let you know                                  and we must explicitly follow the way he would want us
when you are wrong. This is important because you                                     to live. In that, I propose to you the relationships you
would want them to do the same for you to right?                                      have around you greatly affect how you will grow, if we
                                                                                      take time to examine our lives, our friendships, and our
"Ointment and perfume delight the heart, and the                                      purpose, how many of us are really giving the area of
sweetness of a man's friend gives delight by hearty                                   our relationships over to God? I at a point and time in my
counsel." (Proverbs 27:9). This scripture references what                             life had to walk away from friendships and relationships
we just talked about as well. When I speak to my friends,                             that were holding me back, and had to reconsider how
or my husband, or anyone for that matter, what comes                                  much of a friend I was to certain individuals. After much
out of my mouth should be sweet, and encouraging.                                     prayer and conversation, I know in my heart that I have
Some people believe their "tell it like it is" mentality is the                       the right group of friends around me who assist me in my
best way to get their point across, however the bible                                 development of who I am to be for Christ.
says differently. When this scripture refers to hearty
counsel, it speaks to what the other person is receiving.                             I charge you with looking at the people around you, and
The word Hearty in the Webster's dictionary means;                                    asking yourself if the ones who are around you the most,
Abundant, rich, or flavorful enough to satisfy the                                    are the ones that are aiding and abetting any
appetite, expressed unrestrained. This means the                                      complacent behavior, or the ones supporting and
counsel I should be speaking to my friend should be the                               encouraging your growth as an individual.
truth, and given in such quality that the receiver is
fulfilled in the answer that was given. The wisdom that                               ©2011 Dara Nichole Walker – All Rights Reserved.

Dara Nichole Walker is an author, speaker, inspirational blogger, and advocate of the Word of God. Her published works
include She Is, But He Ain’t, and her recently released novel, entitled Called Out. Mrs. Walker loves to work with youth,
and understands what they need from young adults such as herself; support, understanding, wisdom, and love.

Visit Dara at

Akiva Niran is finally entering her senior year of high school. These three years have been tough
at Community Tech High School, but she made it. However, her last year in school comes with
many more challenges; between her brother coming of age and getting more attention from
girls, to her cousin dealing with her relationship with a boyfriend that is way too old for her, Akiva
is giving a lot of her prayer time, wisdom and herself to her family.

On top of family drama, Akiva‘s dreams of dating the smartest, hottest, and most gracious guy in
school (James) are threatened by a beautiful, popular cheerleader, Shawny, who will go to any
lengths to make James her man. As Akiva learns of James‘ secret crush on her and rumors
start to spread about their ―soon to be‖ relationship, Akiva meets another boy, Alex, whose looks
could knock her off her feet. Does she choose the guy she believes she is meant to be with and
deal with fighting off his ―personal fan club‖, or does she tempt fate, and take the unfamiliar route
that leads to Alex?

                                                                                  Uniting Women & Teenage Girls to Impact Their Lives ™      15
         Go green – Recycle – Go green – Recycle
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           You can support our organization by
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                  Recycling all types of Ink Cartridges & Cell Phone types


                      Women In Touch
                Empowering Women, Inspiring Children

                        Underprivileged Children
                          Ages 0-18 years old

                          Thursday July 28, 2011
                            4:00 PM-7:00 PM

         Northland Mall | Southfield, Michigan 48035

                     Donations needed:
         Clothes, Books, Toys, Shoes, and Gift Cards
         All donations are tax deductible and go to benefit this event entirely.

  For Donations or if you would like to adopt a child, decorate or
                      donate a Christmas tree

Kisha Emanuel-Durrell | 313-728-0514 |

                                             Uniting Women & Teenage Girls to Impact Their Lives ™   17
                          By Michelle Moorer

                            Have you cried and prayed so      The LORD replied, ―Look at the nations and be amazed!
                            much to the Lord about things     Watch and be astounded as what I will do! For I am
                            that happened in your life that   doing something in your own day, something you
                            you had no control over?          wouldn‘t believe even if someone told you about it
                            Sometimes it seems as if the      (LASB Habakkuk 1:5). God responded to Habakkuk‘s
                            storm your end never ends.        question and concerns by stating that he would do
                            Each time you cried or prayed     amazing acts that would astound Habakkuk. When
                            it seems as if God has not        circumstances around us become almost unbearable we
answered you? Some of your prayers may have been,             wonder if God has forgotten us. God have not forgotten
―Lord I prayed to you over and over again about this          about us, just remember, he is in control. God has a
eviction notice and you never answered. Lord, when are        plan and will judge evildoers in his time. Evil is self-
you going to bless me with a new car, because the car I       destructive and it is never beyond God‘s control. God
have is about to break down any day. Lord, when will          may use whatever unusual instrument he chooses to
you bless me with a new job, I have been praying and          correct or punish us. After the LORD replied to
going to church but you have not shown me anything.           Habakkuk he wasn‘t satisfied so he complained again
Lord my kids need clothes, shoes and I just don‘t have        about his plans on punishing the Babylonians because
enough money, you know I have to make sure the rent is        of all the sin and destruction they were doing. Habakkuk
paid in order to have a place to stay. Lord when are you      LASB 1:12 states ―O Lord my God, my Holy One, you
going to bring a husband into my life, you know I am          who are eternal---is your plan in all of this to wipe us
tired of sleeping with every man that walks by. Lord, I       out? Surely not! O Lord our Rock, you have decreed
need to move out this neighborhood because of all the         the rise of these Babylonians to punish and correct us
violence that is currently happening.‖ The prayers go         for our terrible sins. You are perfectly just in this. But
on and on until you just finally give up praying and that‘s   will you, who cannot allow sin in any form, stand idly by
the one thing that we as Christians should never do.          while they swallow us up? Should you be silent while
Stop praying.                                                 the wicked destroy people who are more righteous than
                                                              they? Are we fish to be caught and killed? Are we but
There was a Minor Prophets in the bible, named                creeping things that have no leader to defend them from
Habakkuk. He lived in Judah which was a southern              their enemies? Must we be strung up on their hooks and
kingdom where many people lived. The Babylonian               dragged out in their nets while they rejoice. They will
people took over with violence corruption and destructive     worship their nets and burn incense in front of them.
behavior and even worship their own God. Habakkuk             These nets are the Gods who have made us rich!‖ they
could not understand why God would allow such evil to         will claim. During this time Babylon was proud of its
exist. He was a man who sought and wrestled with              military might, strategies, armies, and weapons. With no
questions about the world because it broke his heart.         regard for humanity the armies brought home riches,
So, Habakkuk went to God with questions and waited for        plunder prisoners, and tribute from the nations they
God to answer his complaint. Habakkuk 1:2-4 NIV               conquered. Such is the essence of idolatry --- asking
―How long, O Lord, must I call for help, but you do not       the gods we make to help us get all we want. Think
listen? Or cry out to you ―Violence!‖ but you do not          about this the essence of Christianity is asking God who
save? Why do you make me look at injustice? Why do            made us to help us give all we can in service to him. But
you tolerate wrong? Destruction and violence are before       the goal of Idolatry is self-glory and the aim of
me there is strife, and conflict abounds. Therefore the       Christianity is God‘s glory. When we deserve
law is paralyzed, and justice never prevails. The wicked      punishment or correction how can we complain about
hem in the righteous so that justice is perverted.            the kind of ‗rod‘ God uses on us? If we are truly humble,
Habakkuk poured out his heart to God. Just like today         we will be willing to accept God‘s answers and await his
when we pray and pour out our heart to God about trials       timing.
and tribulations that go on in our life. When we pour out
our heart why do we begin to doubt God or rebel against       Habakkuk just couldn‘t understand why God seemed to
him when we don‘t hear and answer that we want? How           do nothing about the wickedness in society. Then he
come we don‘t recognize God‘s plan and purpose for our        realized that faith in God alone would supply the
life? Realize that God is doing right, even when you do       answers to his questions. Instead of questioning the
not understand why he works as he does.                       ways of God, we should realize that he is totally just, and
                                                              we should have faith that he is in control and that day
                                                              evil will be utterly destroyed.

The Babylonians trusted in themselves and would fall,            your appetite for God. Do not allow money to take the
but the righteous live by their faith and trust in God. We       place of family, friends, or God.
as Christians who must live through difficult times
without seeing signs of hope, but we must trust that God         How come you trust God more when you are receiving
is directing all things according to his purpose. Babylon        blessings and do not trust him when He doesn‘t respond
riches had come from the misfortunes of others, but              quickly? Whatever the problem maybe or what you may
these riches would only be fuel for the fire. Money is not       be going through, just stand fast, be still and know that
evil, but God condemns the love of riches and the evil           God is in control of the entire situation. Wait on the
means of acquiring them. ―Habakkuk LASB states 2:9               answer to what your prayers maybe. Trust in the Lord
―How terrible it will be for you who get rich by unjust          with all your heart and lean not to your own
means! You believe your wealth will buy security,                understanding. In all your ways acknowledge him and
putting your families beyond the reach of danger.‖ Be            he shall direct your path (Proverbs 3:5-6 NKJV).
careful not to hunger for wealth so much that you lose
                                                                 ©2011 Michelle Moorer – All Rights Reserved.

Michelle A. Moorer is an Author, Mentor, Inspirational Speaker and Prevention Educator to victims of abuse, especially
girls becoming young ladies. Michelle‘s life and words will inspire every person who strives for a better future: ―Always
believe in yourself! And never give up!‖

For more information on Michelle Moorer please visit

    Fulfill your life's purpose and blossom into the person
                 you were destined to become...

                                  The inspirational words within        Nurture Your Soul    will uplift your
                                  mind, feed your soul and help plant seeds of forgiveness, love and

                                                                                              Shh…don't tell…
                                                                         These words, spoken by her father,
                                                                  mark the beginning of a cycle of abuse that
                                                              darkens the author's childhood and teen years.


                                                               Uniting Women & Teenage Girls to Impact Their Lives ™     19
              Radio Personality Ramona Prater hosts Talk/Magazine Show on 1200 WCHB-AM from 4PM to
            6PM, Monday through Friday. Ramona has been a women‘s advocate on the radio for many years
            helping to inform, encourage, and educate the public on issues women and families face every day.

            Ramona‘s provocative show called The F‘Club – ―The Fab Life of Forties, Fifties and Forever‖. The
             show specifically caters to women in the Reinvention Phase of their lives. It addresses Lifestyle
                                                       issues like:

                                               Flirt    (love),

                                               Fit    (the weight war),

                                               Fashion       (what to wear),

                                               Family       (raising children)

                                               Finance       (making money)

                        The show is always entertaining, thought provoking and very informative!

                                      Living Life

We were privileged to share with Ramona Prater as she          RP:    Women talk too much! Women don’t
celebrated the One Year Anniversary of The F‘Club. It          understand that men are not women and they look
was an awesome show encompassing much fun,                     for men to have the same characteristics they have.
inspiration and love. Ramona exudes enthusiasm and             There needs to be a mutual understanding about
her very ―real‖ personality serves as a beacon of light to     how women process things, by talking; but, women
many men and women. She is building a whole new                should not expect a man to act like a woman, and
generation of women through the teenage listeners of           women need to understand the make up of a man.
her show. She has been very impactful in the lives of
teenage girls as well. Through her book, ―In the Pink: A       ST:     What would you share with teenage girls
Woman‘s Guide to Being a Girl‖ relationships of women          about living “In the Pink”?
have been changed. One person, in particular, attests,
―I am married now and have a family all because I              RP:     Don’t take the images on TV or entertainment
learned how to ‗shut up and make a sandwich.’‖ While           as reality! Basketball Wives and The Real
enjoying the show, Ramona shared the following with            Housewives are not role models they should try to
SISTAH Talk:                                                   follow. When you watch those type of women, while
                                                               they are pretty, they are very mouthy, and their
SISTAH Talk: Tell us something about yourself that             mates don’t even want to deal with them. As Steve
your listeners and fans may not know about you?                Harvey put it, “For every pretty woman there is a
                                                               man who can’t stand her.” Why? Because they
Ramona Prater:          My favorite store is Home              know the real personality of that “pretty” woman.
Depot. I would like to do construction work and be a           They have to remember to act like a lady. Hopefully,
builder. There isn’t too much that I haven’t shared            teenage girls listening to my show can learn from
with the listeners of the show, because the show is            the mistakes of older women as we discuss real
based on my life, so that would be the one thing I             issues.
could say because I don’t think I’ve ever mentioned
that on the show. Perhaps it comes from my                     ST:      What upcoming projects do you have?
creative side, but I want to handle a saw… I want to
build things.                                                  RP:     First, the companion book to “In the Pink”…
                                                               “The Blue Book”. Secondly, “What Makes Ramona
ST:    With over 20 years of experience in                     Run” which is a health and fitness book about how
consulting men and women about relationships,                  to lose 40 pounds fast. I will share my diet plan and
what has been the most interesting relationship you            as well as the importance of discipline and getting
have encountered?                                              control of yourself. When you consider health and
                                                               fitness you have to gain control of your body and
RP:     There was a husband who was cheating on                not allow your body to tell your brain what it will and
his wife because she withheld sexual relations with            won’t do. Your brain has to tell your body, “You
him. As a result he slept on the couch, and you                decided to have that cheesecake, now you will have
could hear the pain in his voice because he had an             to pay the price and exercise.”
earnest desire to make love to his wife. He was
actually disappointed and didn’t want to be with the           We have some upcoming projects for the F’Club and
person with whom he was cheating, but felt he had a            have discussed Speed Dating or “The F’Club Dating
need to fulfill. Women must be careful not to “hold            Game”. We are looking to plan an “On the Beach”
out” on their husband and play “sex games”. While              event, a Bon Fire, and we’ll be scheduling the
I do not condone cheating by any means, in some                Hayride again as well. So, be on the lookout for
respect I had some understanding in hearing the                upcoming F’Club events!
pain of his desire for his wife.
                                                               ST:      How can our readers contact you?
ST:    What is the most common problem men have
with women?                                                    RP:   They are welcomed to visit

                                                             Uniting Women & Teenage Girls to Impact Their Lives ™   21
Virtuosity ( Marrige & Divorce)

How to Handle a Husband
Submitted By Minister Mary Edwards

A couple was celebrating their golden wedding anniversary on the
beaches in Montego Bay, Jamaica.

Their domestic tranquility had long been the talk of the town. People
would say, ―What a peaceful & loving couple.‖

The local newspaper reporter was inquiring as to the secret of their long
and happy marriage.

The Husband replied: ―Well, it dates back to our honeymoon in
America,‖ explained the man.

We visited the Grand Canyon, in Arizona , and took a trip down to the
bottom of the canyon, by horse. We hadn't gone too far when my wife's
horse stumbled and she almost fell off. My wife looked down at the
horse and quietly said, 'That's once.' We proceeded a little further and
her horse stumbled again. Again my wife quietly said, 'That's twice.'
We hadn't gone a half-mile when the horse stumbled for the third time
my wife quietly removed a revolver from her purse and shot the horse

I SHOUTED at her, 'What's wrong with you, Woman! Why did you shoot
the poor animal like that, are you crazy!?'

She looked at ME, and quietly said, “That's once.”

And from that moment… we have lived happily every after.'

Author Unknown

Uniting Women & Teenage Girls to Impact Their Lives ™   23
Domestic Violence & Abuse

                                 Don’t Allow the Lies to Stop You
                                 By Twana Lawler

                                 “Blessed are you when people insult you, persecute you and falsely say all kinds of evil
                                 against you because of me. Rejoice and be glad, because great is your reward in heaven
                                 for in the same way they persecuted the prophets who where before you.”
                                 Matthew 5:11 - 12

As a twelve year old little girl I had to deal with the fact       that I thought were my friends. I was so humiliated that
that my father committed suicide. Losing my father sent            the drinking got worse because it seemed to numb the
me into many years of depression as my self-esteem                 embarrassment as well as the pain. I began to look for
plummeted. I began to look for love in all of the wrong            love in all of the wrong places. I longed to be loved by a
places. At the age of fourteen years old I became                  man, but I did not truly love myself. Self love did not
pregnant. While my friends were having fun planning                come until I open my heart up unto the love of the Lord.
their sweet sixteen birthday parties I was planning a              On that day I instantly stopped smoking the cigarettes,
wedding. I got married at the age of sixteen to the father         the alcohol had no place in my life and I vowed to save
of my child. That is when the abuse started. It was so             myself until married. It has been almost ten years ago
bad that I was not allowed to finish high school. He was           and I have kept my promise to God and to myself. I have
so jealous that he kept me away from people. He would              been celibate for ten years and proud to share it. During
go to work and I would be locked in the house with the             these ten years other things began to happen.
blinds drawn. He would even take the telephones to
work with him so that I could not call anyone.                     A year after truly surrendering to the Lord I found out
                                                                   that my grandchildren were being abused. My youngest
By the time that I was seventeen I was pregnant with my            daughter was on her way to college and I was finally
second child. Many nights I would think of ways to kill            about to have time to myself. It did not work out the way
myself just like my father did. I felt as if love did not live     that I wanted, because I had to step up to protect my
in my heart anymore. I was tired of being beat on a daily          grandchildren from some horrific abuse. It was four
basis so I built up the nerves to leave my abuser. I               children that I took in and a year later my daughter had
wanted out of the relationship, but was threatened to be           another baby. She left the baby with me and never came
harmed if I left. I was eighteen years old and I thought           to get her. My daughter began to disrespect me. She
that the only way out of this relationship was have a              was cursing me out, lying on me and causing nothing but
baby by another man. Plus, I would have three people               trouble. The paternal family of the children all came
that would love and depend on me. I figured out a way              against me as well; although they knew that she was
to climb out the window after my husband would leave               abusing the children.
for work. I became pregnant and gained the strength to
leave him. After three years of beatings and three years           I moved from Kentucky to California not knowing how I
of being degraded I was finally free, this is what I               was going to live, but my faith kept me going. I had to
thought. I was now having my third child and the                   get away from all of the negativity and the children did
relationship that I entered was worse than the one that I          not need or deserved to be around it as well. Relocating
left.                                                              allowed my faith in the Lord to grow even stronger. But
                                                                   doing all of this the people from my home town
One night I was dragged down a flight of stairs and                continued to cause contention for me. I have tried to
thrown into the front yard with only a robe on. I was              repair the bond with my daughter that we once had, but
beaten and kicked in front of all of the neighbors and no          each time that I would reach out to her she would curse
one did a thing to help me. The abuse from this man                me out and tell me how much she hates me. This hate
lasted a few years until I ended the relationship. But not         stirs from the fact that what she was doing to the
before I started drinking beer on a daily basis. I would           children was revealed. There have been people from my
drink thinking that it would help me to forget all the hurt        home town that have caused me trouble by listening to
and pain that I had experienced and was experiencing. I            the lies. The well being of the children has never been
was smoking a pack of cigarettes per day. Because of               important to any of these people. I have been cursed out
the drinking I was raped on two occasions by two people            and disrespected by my daughter and the relatives of the

children. I have received messages on my home phone               living while under the care of their mother. They were
where I have been called some very mean names by                  okay with how the children were locked in a filthy room,
people that are related to the children. I was told that I        not eating all day, being told that they are hated, having
am not a Christian and that I have never been nothing             bruises and burns on the body and much more. This is
and will never be anything. This hurt my heart, but I             because they were able to get them when they wanted
could not allow this to stop me from what God has                 and then take them back to live in such filth and turmoil. I
placed in my heart to do and that is to make sure that my         was not okay with it and I was not about to sit by as
grandchildren live productive lives. I know how it feels to       these children were being abused. No one deserves to
be lied on treated wrongly. I have been experiencing it           be treated as animals.
for many years, but my love for God is what keeps me
going. I did not know that when I stepped up to protect           My grandchildren are striving, they are happy and they
these children that so many problems would follow. But,           are loved. People should report child abuse to the proper
I refuse to stand by and witness any child being abused           authorities when they are aware of it. Do not turn your
and not reporting it. This is what these people wanted            head to the fact that a child is being hurt, because if you
me to do. I was told that our issues should remain in the         do you are just as guilty as the child abuser. Do not
family. This was being told to me as one of my                    worry about who comes against you because you
granddaughter‘s was acting out due to sexual abuse.               choose to do what is right. We have to save our children.
The person who told me this had to take the child in              My desire is to help those that are in the same situation.
because she could no longer reside with me per the                I know how difficult it can be raising children of abuse,
authorities. The abuse affected her more than the other           because it‘s a reality to me, but it‘s a blessing as well.
children because she was not only physically abused               I‘ve written a stage play that will be produced by Da
she was sexually abused as well. Many years of therapy            Right Entertainment entitled, ―Love Happened by
and prayer did not help. She started to do the same               Chance,‖ which is based on some of my experiences. I
thing to the other children that were done to her. She            have an online family magazine and I‘m blessed each
even went as far as telling her little brother to kill me and     day as I see how happy and healthy my grandchildren
how to do it. These people stated that I was not being            are. I now know that love does in fact live here.
honest about the behavior of this hurting child. They felt
that I should have kept it quiet and allow her to abuse           ©2011 Twana Lawler – All Rights Reserved.
the other children. They were okay with how they were

Twana Lawler is the Publisher of EMBRACE Family Magazine, is a magazine created by a family, for families, because
families come first. The inspiration of EMBRACE is to bring awareness to issues that may hinder family togetherness.
EMBRACE Family Magazine features issues that speak upon health, fitness, true stories and much more.

Visit Twana at

                                                                Uniting Women & Teenage Girls to Impact Their Lives ™      25

                                                                    Dare To Be Yourself, Set Trends
                                                                          Don't Follow Them

                                                                  To book LRC for your event or if you
                                                                  want to Order Your Digital Catalog,
                                                                       Call Today 248.905.1094

                                 LRC is the daughter company of RiZel Photography and in conjunction with Artist
                                             Venue Nonprofit Organization, both founded by Rodnesha Edwards.

                                       The company was designed with my daughter & mother in mind to create a
                                                                     collection founded with love & inspiration!

                                 In addition to this collection having a unique foundation, all proceeds are donated
                                  to Artist Venue Nonprofit Organization. In which ALL, proceeds are given back to
                                     the community to bring dreams of aspiring creative artist closer to SUCCESS!


                                                                                          Health & Beauty

                                   Blessed Assurance                            By Jacqueline Lewis-Kemp


                                   In January, 2000, after making it through the computer scare of the new
                                   millennium at work, my nephrologist explained that I would need to start
                                   dialysis. These words fell hard on my ears. All I could think when he said that
                                   was that this was the end. From the time I was diagnosed with diabetes and
                                   learned about the long term complications of diabetes, I decided that kidney
                                   failure was the complication I would most want to avoid. I figured I could live
                                   and be blind or without a limb, but I couldn’t live without kidney function.

                                 Peritoneal dialysis is done with a surgically inserted catherater and uses the
                                 peritoneum (the sack that holds your organs together) as a filter to clean the
                                 blood. Two liters of dialysis fluid remains in the peritoneum until the next
                                 exchange scheduled every other hour. The patient then connects the drainage
                                 bag to the catherater and empties the old fluid, and fills the abdomen with new
                                 fluid. The fluid surrounds veins and capillaries in the abdomen pulling out
waste deposited into the bloodstream. It also removes excess fluid from the body that the kidneys no longer
remove. The new fluid is added to the abdomen using an IV pole and gravity. The whole process takes a little
less than an hour and repeats every other hour, unless a machine called a cycler is used during the night. The
way a cycler works is in the evening the patient connects him or herself to the cycler machine using hoses and a
drainage tube that reaches and empties into to the toilet, and one that connects to ten liters of fresh fluid
warming on top of the cycler. The reason that it is called a cycler is because one cycle consists of one drain and
fill cycle. Ideally, the overnight dialysis consists of moving ten liters of fluid through the body. The fluid is
held in the abdomen in order to pull the impurities out of the bloodstream, ideally for an hour. The number of
cycles that are actually completed depends on the time set for completion on the cycler. Therefore if I was late
getting connected or had an early morning meeting and had to disconnect early, then I missed a few cycles and
wasn’t able to make full use of the cycler. The ideal setting was to maximize the hold-time at two hours and
complete five cycles, moving ten liters of fluid during the night. The total connection time was approximately 8
hours. Given my busy schedule both at work and at home, my nephrologist gave me the choice, but strongly
recommended peritoneal dialysis.

Jacqueline Lewis-Kemp, author of Blessed Assurance: Success Despite the Odds, tells
the story of her unlikely life highlighting three main themes—living with diabetes, running a
company and raising a family successfully while diabetic and Gods grace, healing
ability and faithfulness through adversity. Jacquie lived with Type 1 diabetes and was insulin
dependent for 33 years. She was diagnosed with the chronic disease at age 7. Her story
chronicles the history of diabetes maintenance and what it was like growing up in the 1970s
with diabetes.

Visit Jacqueline online at

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Service & Business Network

Rev. Cheryl Merchant
Author of “Order My Steps”

                             Cheryl is a state-licensed mental health therapist. Her experience includes but is
                             not limited to providing therapeutic treatment to at-risk children and teens for
                             physical/sexual abuse and neglect, and adults with domestic violence issues.
                              Heart-to-Heart Relationship Talk is her weekly talk show that addresses relational

                             Listen every Sunday at 6:00 p.m. Eastern on BlogTalkRadio at

                             Why were you born? Are you here only at the pleasure of your parents? Are you
                             doing what you love or hating what you do?

Hope For a Life-Changing Experience

Call 248-852-4127 or to schedule your
confidential consultation and assessment.

Cheryl offers services that help you rediscover hope
for a life-changing experience:

      Coaching and Career Counseling
      Spiritual Direction
      Therapeutic Counseling

Uniting Women & Teenage Girls to Impact Their Lives ™   29
Uniting Women & Teenage Girls to Impact Their Lives ™   31
Soul SISTAHS Café of Suggested Reading
Sister Wanda Burnside, Café‘ Administrator

                                    By Wanda J. Burnside, Café Administrator

                                Women have the strength, perseverance, wit, faith,
                                  and love that goes beyond any circumstance.

                                       In her trembling voice you could . . .
                                                 still hear the strain,
                                          and feel her deep piercing pain.

                                    In her watery downcast eyes you could . . .
                                        see deep flowing rivers of sorrow,
                                      and puzzling thoughts about tomorrow.

                                   But, in her radiant sunburst smile you could,
                                          surely believe and certainly tell,
                                               that no matter what---
                                                     all is well!

                                   ©1998 Wanda J. Burnside – All Rights Reserved.

                                               WANDA J. BURNSIDE
                                               WRITE THE VISION MINISTRIES
                                               and Media Publications Int'l., Publisher/Founder
                                               THE LAMP NEWSLETTER, President
                                               THE CALLED AND READY WRITERS
                                               Minister Mary Edwards, Founder

                                                                  WOW! LOOK AT GOD!

Determined to proclaim the overwhelming
passion of God's love, Patricia House desires for
everyone to know Him. In her debut
publication, WOW! Look at God! True Matters
of the Heart, Patricia reveals the divine
intervention that empowered her to
overcome child molestation, loneliness, and
heart break from abandonment.

   Get Your Copy Today…
  Proceeds from sale of products by Patricia House will go to Feeding God's People, a non-profit organization whose
                                            mission is feeding the hungry.


                          Patricia House pours joy even as she shares painful moments of betrayal; anger;
                          disappointment; and violation. As a result, God has made her a parent that truly loves her
                          children; her heritage from the Lord. Her heart is fixed on God. Determined to proclaim the
                          overwhelming passion of God's love, she desires for everyone to know Him.

                          Finding rest and safety in the arms of God, she uses her story to bring peace and joy to
                          those still struggling.

                                                           Uniting Women & Teenage Girls to Impact Their Lives ™        33
                                     "Excuses are for losers, winners find a way to press pass
                                                the pain to manifest the Reign!"

                                                 "Be the meteorologist of your own life
                                                        and forecast the Reign!"

                                          SHELITA WILLIAMS
                                           Motivational Speaker, Author & Goals Coach

A much sought after, motivational speaker, and author Shelita Williams is known for her no
nonsense style of teaching. As a successful business woman she is C.E.O. of Reign in Life
Enterprises as well as other businesses. Shelita has an uncanny way of taking complex
principles and transforming them into easy to follow guidelines. Through her down to earth
teaching and coaching, she inspires women to discover their purpose, gain confidence and
Reign in Life!

Under the leadership of Bishop Keith A. Butler, Shelita graduated magna cum laude from
Word of Faith Bible Training Center. Her mission is to teach people how to utilize the
principles in the Word of God to live their dreams, achieve their goals and Reign in Life!


When I meditated on Proverbs 12:24, I found seven
life changing principles that I learned and continue
to incorporate in my life that allow me to reign in
areas that I would not in my wildest dreams truly
believe that I could! God has given us everything
we need to succeed. Everything we need to reign in
life. Just like a father gives his child his blessing,
our Father, God has given us “The Blessing” to
reign in life. It is up to us to take that Blessing, that
empowerment, that anointing and utilize it in every
arena of our lives.

We are going to learn how to take the Word of God
and incorporate it in our lives, and reap the benefits
of meditating and doing the Word, because the
bible also tells us that we need to hear as well as
do the Word to receive the promises of the Word.

                            SHOOT FOR THE STARS
    “Shoot For The Stars” is a motivational mentoring class developed to assist individuals in reaching their maximum
 potential (i.e., Divine Given Destiny) in a minimal amount of time. Upon approval individuals will be asked to commit to a
 6-8 week rigorous goal setting plan which focuses on strengths, weakness, and eliminating obstacles. Those interested
         should contact A Time To Heal LLC either via email or call 1 (877) 873-2652

                                         BOOK EXCERPT

                                         God is the author and the finisher of our faith (Hebrews 12:2 KJV).
                                         There is nothing that has happen to you that took God by surprise.
                                         Know beloved God was with you even in the mist of your pain. It is
                                         through that pain God will get the glory. How long has it been since
                                         you experienced the pain from your traumatic event? Is the pain as
                                         new as a year ago or as twenty? The pain from this event has caused
                                         a sense of grief & loss which leaves you feeling empty inside. You try
                                         to ignore the pain by going on with everyday life only to realize that
                                         the elephant is still standing in the room. Can you identify with the
                                         loss of a child, being in an abusive relationship, or being betrayed
                                         by a loved one (this person could be a family member or friend) Yes
                                         or maybe no? What life experience has caused you a sense of grief &
                                         loss? The premise of this book is to help individuals identify closet
                                         hurts (unresolved feelings & thoughts usually caused by a negative
                                         experience), to encourage individuals to seek God's purpose in pain,
                                         and finally to receive the healing that only God can provide through
                                         his love. My prayer for you as you read this book is to receive and
                                         walk in the wholeness that comes from God's healing and amazing

                                         Copyright ©2008 By Ms. LaShawn Myers, MSW
                                         All rights reserved
A Time to Heal L.L.C. is a faith-based initiative developed to provide seminars
and literature to individuals who suffer from losses and are having difficulties...
adjusting to everyday life. The initiative also seeks opportunities to form
partnerships with other faith-based communities that will foster the need for
ministry and mental health. Services provided by A Time to Heal LLC include (but
are not limited to): A Time To Heal Seminars - Seminars are designed to equip
individuals with coping strategies to address unresolved issues. Private
Consultation - Individual support using a therapeutic approach is offered to
persons who do not feel comfortable sharing in a group setting. A Time To Heal –
Disposing of Closet Hurts – Publication designed to present a nondenominational
balance between spirituality and the natural grieving process individuals undergo
after a traumatic event.

                                                               Uniting Women & Teenage Girls to Impact Their Lives ™     35
C.E.E. Network – Christian Events & Evangelism

                                      Tiffanie Bridges
                                                                 Very first ONE WOMAN SHOW!
                                                                       "Is That Your REEL Hair?"
                                                                      at various family/community
                                                                          centers THIS SUMMER!

     Tiffanie is a Chicago-born singer
     with vocal ability ranging from
     sultry jazz to foot-stomping gospel.
     Her golden voice has been
     described as the plush of Roberta
     Flack with the melismatic
     challenges of Chaka Khan. Her
     sound is soulfully unique and
     divinely inspirational, blending
     R&B, soul, jazz, and her undeniable
     gospel roots. Dubbed as the "Soul
     Powerhouse" by Nick Crews of the
     Indianapolis Star for her dynamic
     performance as Professional
     Woman in the Off-Broadway hit,
     Menopause The Musical, Tiffanie is
     doing her thing with a dazzling
     career in musical theater, and as a
     songwriter, author, and playwright.

Uniting Women & Teenage Girls to Impact Their Lives ™   37

2011 Black Pearls Magazine Chocolate Social
Thursday, July 28, 2011 at 7-11 pm EST
Night before the National Bookclub Conference
The Westin Peachtree Plaza, Atlanta
210 Peachtree St., Atlanta, Georgia 30303

The Atlanta Chocolate Social literary event is for all avid readers, local media and authors to meet in an
intimate setting in order to discuss the latest book releases. Black Pearls Magazine would like to honor the
bookclubs and readers who create our foundation with a magnificent awards show.

Join Ella Curry and Black Pearls Magazine, Thursday, July 28, 2011 at 7-11pm EST for a fantastic
summer literary event. The night will be filled with of bookclub introductions, live author readings (6) and
great poetry performances (3). Located on Peachtree Street in the heart of downtown Atlanta’s entertainment
and excitement, this event will bring readers up close and personal with fantastic authors!


6:30- Doors open for general seating and VIP seating
7:00- Opening Ceremony and Bookclub Presidents Red Carpet Affair
7:30- Dinner, Music, Networking, Book Expo and Author Appreciation
9:00- Bookclub Awards, Poetic Performances and Author Readings (4 authors only)
10:00- Closing Ceremony, Reflections, Grand Prize giveaways and all Gift Bag presentations

Trying to meet the booksclubs in order to network? Here's the perfect occasion to hold a intimate conversation
with 25+ of the most popular booksclubs in the industry! Introduce your books, products or services at the
networking segment of the party!

                                        For more information, visit

                                                          Uniting Women & Teenage Girls to Impact Their Lives ™   39
In honor of our fifth anniversary there will be a special afterglow immediately following at the Detroit
Seafood Market/PV Lounge from 9:30 pm until 2:00 am

SAFE's 5th Annual Appreciation Event will recognize our volunteers, supporters of our community
based programs including sponsors like you and will also highlight the accomplishments of its
participants. The "Acquisition Award" will be presented to SAFE participants who have persevered in
their efforts to recover from the economic portion of domestic violence.

                             Sponsorship Opportunities Available…

Uniting Women & Teenage Girls to Impact Their Lives ™   41

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