Opening to Miracles by suchenfz


									                         Opening to Miracles
                                     by Julian Plante

 In 1991 I had heard that Mary, the mother of Jesus, was appearing to
people in a church in Colefax, CA. I decided to take a look for myself. It
was early on the morning of December 16. I sat down at a bench, closed
my eyes and began grounding and running earth and cosmic energy.
After about an hour and a half people were leaving, thinking Mary was not
going to show up. She had shown up a few weeks prior, but there had not
been any recent sightings.

I decided to mentally say hello to her as a spirit. All of a sudden I felt a presence enter
the room. I began to get a clear image of a woman looking very pregnant and
surrounded by a variety of animals like sheep and others. I was surprised by the vision.
I also noticed that I could see the woman’s aura very clearly and that she also had a
past life aura. I opened my eyes and noticed a color blue forming on the wall near the
statues of Jesus. Other people also became aware of the color pattern on the wall. The
pattern changed as it formed the image of a woman with light blue, gold, purple
and turquoise — the colors of her aura — around her. The picture shown here shows
what was visible to the naked eye. In my vision, she appeared much, much clearer.

I closed my eyes once again and said hello with a mental image picture. I got a hello
back. It became very clear to me at this point that this really was Mary. I asked her why
she was appearing here. She said she had come for a variety of reasons and was
appearing all over the world to people who were open to receive her communication.
We conversed for quite a while. I asked her why there seemed to be so few miracles
happening. She smiled and responded, “Just create them. You have the tools and
awareness to create miracles everyday; miracle energy is everywhere; just say hello to
it. People think they are so removed from this energy when it is very easily accessed by
everyone.” She also reminded me that miracles only happen when you are focused in
the present moment with a clear mental image of the final result of the miracle already
being done and completed. You must allow yourselves to be open to receive their
creation as it manifests from the spiritual realm into the physical one. Spiritual energy
vibration of amusement and enthusiasm and spiritual ecstasy will manifest your
miracles very quickly and in abundance.

I was profoundly changed by this experience. Since then, I have received
communication from her several times and have also experienced and seen many
miracles happen. The miracles happen more often after I have allowed earth and
cosmic energy to flow and cleanse, heal and balance the energy systems in and around
my body for long periods of time.
It’s easy to run energy. Running Energy is also one of the keys to psychic or spiritual
awareness and abilities. This technique has been applied in various eastern disciplines.
People have been meditating and allowing earth energy and cosmic energy to flow
through their bodies for thousands of years as a way to attain clarity and enlightenment.
Running energy visualizations have also been used to run kundalini and chi energy.

Earth energy comes deep from within the earth. It is a neutral energy. This energy
varies in color and also in coarseness and consistency. It is attuned to the physical part
of you that lives here on planet earth. The earth energy in various parts of the world can
also differ in vibration and coarseness.

Cosmic energy comes from the cosmos way out in the universe. It is also a neutral
energy more attuned to the spirit part of you. It varies in color and is usually much finer
in consistency than earth energy.

To try this out for yourself you can begin by finding a place to sit and meditate. Become
aware of your feet. You might give your feet a gentle massage to get the circulation
going in your feet. Inside your feet is a spiritual center called the foot chakra. The word
chakra comes from the Sanskrit word meaning spinning wheel. To a clairvoyant these
look like a spinning vortex or wheel. They spin usually clockwise on the inside and have
a layer of electric blue energy on the surface that spins counterclockwise. Each chakra
acts as an interface between the spiritual realm and the physical one by connecting into
the central nervous and endocrine systems. Chakras have a nerve ganglion associated
with them. The chakras are also sensitive to electromagnetic and electrostatic fields,
depending on the range of sensitivity of that chakra. The chakra then communicates the
information to the body’s systems, which then translate these to electrochemical and
hormonal responses. This mechanism works both ways. Spiritual energy has both
properties of being a wave and matter.

Picture or imagine glowing lenses at the sole of your feet representing your feet
chakras. Picture the iris of these lenses opening up. Once open, allow your feet chakras
to become aware of the energy underneath them.

Picturing or imagining earth energy coming into your feet chakras or energy centers and
flowing into your legs and up to the base of your spine where your root chakra is and
flowing from there straight down into the center of the earth. This flow of energy will
cleanse out you space and your grounding.

Next comes running cosmic energy. You can picture a camera lens on top of your head
representing your crown chakra. Picture opening up this lens and allowing it to sense
the energy above the top or your head and notice what that is like. You can notice what
the energy is like 1,000 feet above all the way up to the edge of the atmosphere. Notice
what the energy is like at the edge or the solar system. Notice the energy at the edge of
this galaxy. Notice the energy way out in the cosmos. Allow this cosmic energy to flow
from way out in the universe into your crown chakra to cleanse it and allow the energy
to flow down your back all the way down to the base of the spine and allow it to mix
there with the earth energy. Have a mixture of 90 percent cosmic and 10 percent earth
energy come up the front of the spine and fill each of your chakras, cleansing and
healing them. Allow this mixture to flow up and go to the top of the head and fountain
out the crown chakra cleansing and healing your aura. Allow some of the energy
mixture to divide and flow down the arms and hands and finger tips and fountain out the
hands and fingertips.

I recommend you treat yourself to running energy everyday for 30 minutes or up to
several hours. You can use that time to meditate, for doing psychic readings or picturing
your own reality. I would recommend you do your creative visualization after you’ve
been running your energy for at least 15-30 minutes. Running energy also get your
energy as a spirit moving. Sometimes your energy gets stuck in mental image patterns.
When this occurs an imbalance or a block is created. This can manifest on a physical
level in a variety of ways. When you run neutral cosmic or earth energy though this
pattern, the block or imbalance will start to dissolve and get processed or released as
spiritual information; and the balance and harmony in that space will start to be
reestablished. Whatever physical manifestation is due to this block or imbalance will
start to dissipate and heal itself.

After running energy for a while you may experience a space where you feel drowsy or
a bit unconscious. This is good because this is energy that you are releasing. It’s like
doing the wash; the water may get dirty at first but eventually clears up to a higher level
of clarity and awareness.

Running energy through the chakras will clean them out and activate them. This
process can also awaken your inner and spiritual talents to create miracles. Your
thoughts become clearer. You have more space for self-healing. You can use it while
you do intuitive readings. It will help you process your life lessons faster so you can go
on to the next one. It will accelerate your evolution as a spirit in a body. It will also allow
you to become more aware of the energies in your space that might be affecting you.

I cannot overemphasize the importance and the value of running energy on a frequent
basis to anyone who want to have accelerated spiritual growth, clear awareness and
many other benefits. Clearing out your own space is something that must be done on a
continual basis. Over time you get to higher and clearer levels of spiritual awareness.
You may even experience more miracles!

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