COMPREHENSIVE                                      SIMPLIFY DOCUMENT
              SERVICES                                            MANAGEMENT

    Hard copy document storage                           Document storage: Let Access store, retrieve and
                                                         deliver your inactive files starting at $45 per month.
    • Safe, secure document storage
                                                         Save 50% compared to other storage options.
    • Pick up, delivery, fax and e-mail service 24
      hours, 365 days
    • Accurate, on-time document retrieval               Document shredding: Access shredding protects
    • Rush, same day, next day, or after hours service   your business by limiting liability and complying with
    • Computerized inventory tracking and control
                                                         new federal privacy laws including FACTA, HIPAA,
    • Bar code labeling for cartons, files, or
      documents                                          and Gramm-Leach-Bliley.
    • Open-file storage for medical records
                                                         Document imaging: When you expect to retain hard
                                                         copy files longer than 7 years, Access will scan them
    Certified document shredding
                                                         into electronic formats that can be stored on your
    • One-time purges and scheduled pick ups             computer or on CDs for easy and affordable retrieval
    • On-site mobile shredding                           when you need them.
    • Secure document consoles for the office
    • Shredding certification for regulatory compliance

                                                                               Member of
    Electronic document conversion
                                                                       Association of Record
                                                                                                                   Document Storage
                                                                    Managers and Administrators
    • Scan records to compact disc
    • All electronic formats                                                      and                                             Shredding
    • Comprehensive document indexing
                                                                         National Association
    • Secure encryption
                                                                     for Information Destruction
    • Off-site electronic document storage                                                                                            Imaging

                                                                                                                  Serving the greater Chicagoland area and Southern Wisconsin
    Other services
                                                                Call now to receive
    • Storage cartons and supplies
    • Repository management                               FREE Pickup and Account Set-up                                                  Serving
    • Notary service                                                     (for a limited time only)
    • Subpoena service                                                                                            Business | Legal | Medical | Accounting
    • Escrow service
                                                                  847.599.0523                                                 Financial | Real Estate

                                                             227 Ambrogio Drive, Gurnee, IL 60031
         Simplify Document Management                             Shredding Leaves Nothing to Chance                                Create the “Paperless Office”
              with Off-Site Storage                                                                                                   with Document Imaging

               Storage                                                      Comply With New Laws!
               Store business files more safely and                           Beginning June 2005, businesses that Is document imaging the right decision for you? Do you:
               efficiently. Access provides storage for                       collect consumer information must
               all types of business documents. We                           safeguard the information with secure •Require immediate access to large volumes of stored
               help you eliminate filing cabinets, storage                    storage and disposal. Shredding is the information?
               rooms, and trips to the self-storage         best safeguard against theft of protected information.       •Store inactive hard copy files more than 7 years?
               locker.                                                                                                   •Need duplicate copies of critical hard copy documents
                                                                          Secure Shredding                                 for disaster recovery?
                                                                          Safeguard Your Privacy — We help you
Access                                                                    protect your business and your customers. If so, electronic document imaging may be the best solution
Simplify routine office work. The name says it all:                        Access picks up, shreds, and recycles your for you.
Access provides 24/7 access to all stored documents.                      confidential documents.        You recieve a
Our bar code tracking system retrieves your files quickly                  certificate of destruction for legal proof that                               Convert paper to CDs
and accurately every time.                                                you’ve complied with the law. Access has                                     Create      the     paperless
                                                            flexible pick up schedules to meet your needs.                                              office. Access can help you
●next-day, same-day,and rush delivery                                                                                                                  save time, space, money,
●e-mail, fax, door-to-door service                          Document Consoles for the Office                                                            and hassle. From simple
                                                            Convenient, attractive, and affordable. Eliminate the                                      and affordable scanners
                                                            need for day to day shredding in your office. Our locked                                    to    sophisticated    optical
                                                            document consoles collect                                                                  character readers, Access
Affordability                                               paper securely for later                                     can help by converting your paper to electronic images.
Reduce your administrative costs. Access document           shredding. Document collection                               You may store your electronic files on CDs, your computer
storage significantly reduces costs compared to:             is simple and convenient —                                   servers or on our servers. When you need a file, you
                                                            there’s no need to sort paper                                simply pop in a CD, retrieve the file from your computer,
                                                            or remove staples, paper clips                               or download it over the internet.
Office storage                              50 - 60%         or binders. Our pick up service
Public storage facilities                  50 - 70%         starts at less than what you pay                             Convenience
Other commercial record centers            15 - 60%         your staff to shred documents on                             Quick and easy access to stored
                                                            a standard office shredder.                                   documents. Electronic documents can
                                                                                                                         be retrieved more quickly and easily
         Our Facility vs. Public Storage                    Regulatory Compliance                                        than paper documents. All you need is
                                                            Protect your business from lawsuits.            Understand a computer and a CD or access to the
Saftey                               Access Public/Self     and comply with new federal privacy laws affecting all internet. If you need immediate access
                                             Storage        businesses.                                                  to large volumes of documents, digital
                                                                                                                         documents may be the most efficient
● Above floor racking                            No                   HIPAA                    Health care providers      method for staying on top of your
● Bar code inventory tracking                   No                   Gramm Leach Bliley       Financial institutions     business.
● Monitored sprinkler and security           Usually Not             FACTA                    All businesses
                                                                     Sarbanes-Oxley           All businesses             Savings
Service                                                                                                                  Choose the right solution for your business. Electronic
                                                                                                                         document conversion can be a more economical alternative
● 24/7 access, pick up & Delivery                No                                                                      to hard copy storage when documents are retained for
● Experienced, bonded personnel                  No                                                                      more than 7 years. Call Access for a free cost consultation.
● Fax, copy, imaging services                    No                                                                      We’ll help you decide when digital conversion may make
● Certified document shredding                    No                      847.599.0523                                    sense for you.

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