Hydrographic Survey by wuxiangyu


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                                               Hydrographic Survey

Hydrographic Survey and Related Activities.
For more than thirty years CT Systems has not only been active as a hardware and software
design company, but it is also known as a very versatile survey company.

The topographic and hydrographic survey activities,
from oceans to the worlds largest deserts, from small
insignificant ditches to immense water reservoirs, have
been carried out worldwide and on five continents.

With regard to modifications and innovations of new
equipment and software it has always been CT Systems
policy to invest in these latest methods and survey

Of the above we always have a healthy stock for rental, survey and sales of the following:

   •   Several types of hydrographic echo sounders with a multitude of frequencies
   •   Several (RTK) (D)GPS systems with accuracies of a mere centimetres
   •   Several hydrographic instruments and sensors (ADCP, OBS, etc.)
   •   Several survey vessels
   •   Magnetometer systems for both land and marine applications
   •   Optical and RTK land survey equipment
   •   In house developed software such as:
          ◦   Navigation software
          ◦   Survey software
          ◦   Processing software
          ◦   Volume calculations
          ◦   Land survey and GIS applications
          ◦   CAD Applications and utilities

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