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           MAYS HILL NSW 2145

                 April 2011

              Hydraulic Specification i

H1 GENERAL                                               1

H2 STANDARDS                                             1

H3 DRAWINGS AND DIMENSIONS                               1

H4 WORKMANSHIP                                           1

H5 COPPER PIPES AND FITTINGS                             1

H6 PLASTIC PIPES AND FITTINGS                            2

H7 PIPE INSULATION                                       2

H8 FINISHES                                              3

H9 FIXING AND SUPPORTING PIPES                           3

H10 TESTING                                              4

H11 SANITARY PLUMBING                                    5


H13 SANITARY FIXTURES                                    6

H14 COLDWATER SERVICE                                    7

H15 HOTWATER SERVICE                                     7

H16 TAPS, VALVES AND SPOUTS                              8

H17 HOSE REEL SERVICE                                    9

H18 INDENTIFICATION                                      10

H19 VALVES                                               12

     19.1 NONRETURN VALVE                                12
     19.2 RPZD                                           12
     19.3 THERMOSTATIC MIXING VALVE                      12
     19.4 TEMPERING VALVE                                13

H20 TUNDISH                                              13

H21 SHOWER TRAYS                                         13

                         Hydraulic Specification ii
H22 EXPANSION JOINTS                                  13

H23 WATER HAMMER                                      14

H24 FIRE STOP COLLARS                                 14

H25 ACCOUSTIC TREATMENT                               14

H26 HOSE TAPS                                         15

H27 GAS WORKS                                         15

     27.1 SCOPE                                       15
     27.2 GENERAL REQUIREMENTS                        15
     27.3 INSTALLATION                                16
     27.4 GASMETER & REGULATORS                       17
     27.5 GAS SYSTEM SHUTOFF                          17
     27.6 GAS LEAK DETECTORS                          18
     27.7 GAS FLUES                                   18
     27.8 CONNECTION TO APPLIANCES                    18
     27.9 UNDERGROUND INSTALLATION                    18
     2710 VALVE BOXES &WALL BOXES                     19
     27.11 PIPING                                     19
     27.12 PITS                                       20
     27.13 STANDARDS                                  20
     27.14 TESTING                                    21



H30 GREASE ARRESTOR                                   23

TANK                                                 24

H32 SUBSOIL DRAINS                                    24

H33 HYDROSTATIC TESTING                               26


H35 TENDER SCHEDULE                                   30



                        Hydraulic Specification iii


Execute the whole of the Plumbing, including cold water service, hot water service
rain water lines, gas lines and sanitary plumbing installation, necessary to
complete the works. Include the necessary piping accessories, fittings, sanitary
ware and fixtures.

Refer PRELIMINARIES for compliances with ordinances, regulation, by laws, etc.
of appropriate authorities whose requirements apply to this section; also
interruption to services, payment of fees required and certificates necessary at

Discuss all plumbing requirements with appropriate authorities as soon as building
work commences; in particular Holroyd Council and Sydney Water.

Refer GROUNDWORK for Excavations and Backfilling.


Standards applicable to this section include:
      AS A162 Plastic waste traps
      AS 1415     Unplasticized P.V.C (U.P.V.C) pipes and fittings for soil waste
                  and vent (S.W.V) applications
      AS 2032     Code of practice for installation of U.P.V.C pipe systems
      AS 2566     Plastic pipelaying design
      AS 1432     Copper tubes for water, gas, and sanitation
      AS 1585     Capillary and brazing fittings of copper and copper alloy
      AS 1589     Copper and copper based alloy fittings for use in sanitary
                  plumbing installations
      AS 1645     Copper and copper alloy compression fittings for use in water
supply and hot water services
      AS 3500 In conjunction with particular requirements of Holroyd Council.
Sydney Water requirements, and Relevant NSW State Codes of Practice for
Plumbing and Drainage.


The drawings show the locations of fixtures, plant, equipment, appliances, and the
like, but the layout of services is diagrammatic only. Check locations, levels and
dimensions on site. Obtain approval for any proposed changes to layout and
levels, and for any pipe runs exposed to view, before starting work.


The whole of the work is to be executed by or under the direct control of a licensed
and experienced and Sydney Water Accredited Plumber. The work shall be carried
out in a careful, secure, safe and tidy manner.

                                Hydraulic Specification 1
During construction leave all unfinished work in a safe condition. Temporarily seal
open ends of pipes to prevent entry of foreign matter.

Perform the cutting and chasing required for the installation. See BRICKWORK.


Copper pipes to be solid drawn to AS 1432.

Sizes indicated are nominal O.D. sized to AS 1432.

For water supply and gas service Type B.

Copper and copper-alloy fittings to be for sanitary plumbing, to AS 1589.

For water supply, capillary fittings to AS 1585, compression fittings to AS 1645,
Type 2.

Joints to brass fittings to pipe sizes greater than 50 mm dia may be formed with
silver solder containing not less than 15 % silver.

Joints to brass fittings to pipe sizes 50 mm dia or less to be soft soldered.


U.P.V.C pipes for sanitary plumbing to AS 1415, with waste traps to AS A162.

Installation to AS 2566.


To Flow/Return Ring Main:

Insulation shall be provided to chilled water and heating water piping, steam, condensate
and cold refrigerant piping, valves and all associated fittings.

Metal sheathing shall be provided where piping is exposed to view, in plant rooms and
where exposed to weather.

Moulded polystyrene section shall be used for “cold piping” with an appropriate vapour

Mineral wool or glass fibre shall be used for “hot piping”.

Extruded flexible closed cell rubber tube equal to Bradflex Generation 2 flexible
pipe insulation as manufactured by Bradford Insulation, with minimum wall
thickness of 13 mm, install in accordance with manufacturer’s printed instructions.

Extent: Entire length of ring main from hot water units and return including neatly
cutting around tee junctions, etc. to give a complete and continuous coverage to
“Dead” Legs, “warm” and hot water lines:

                                     Hydraulic Specification 2
Prelagged factory applied Kemlag P.V.C. insulation.

Extent: To all hot water lines between trunk main and fixtures, and controlled
temperature lines, from all appropriate valves to fixtures. Neatly cut and securely
tape around all tee junctions, bends, changes in size etc. to give a complete and
continuous coverage.

Similarly, Kemlag insulation to all cold water lines where necessary built into walls

Note: Hair felt insulation in any form is not acceptable.


Any metal plumbing exposed internally, to be chrome plated.

Install pipework in accessible locations wherever possible. Avoid embedding in
concrete slabs wherever possible. Generally mains and ring mains located in
ceiling and roof spaces shall run parallel to the wall. Use the longest practicable
pipe lengths. Provide sufficient unions and isolating valves to permit satisfactory
removal and isolation of pipes and fittings for maintenance and repairs. Do not run
pipes in external wall cavities without approval.

Make provision for movement by means of expansion joints, sleeves, lagging and
the like.

Wherever possible pipes shall be run parallel to walls, etc. and with each other,
and all branches taken off at right angles.

Where pipes are led up or along walls and then through to fixtures, the pipes shall
not be bent but are to be fitted to elbows to allow for correct fitting of cover plates,
short pipe extension pieces from walls connecting fixtures shall be fitted with union
connections to allow for removal of fixtures.


Adequately secure pipe work to the structure to support the pipe work under full
load conditions with a safety margin of 2:1.

Keep clear of structure and other services.

Install to allow for adequate expansion and contraction without causing stress on
pipes or joints.

Support with purpose made galvanised mild steel channel equal to ‘Millstrut P1000’
complete with purpose made fittings. Provide plastic end caps on exposed
brackets. Brackets to allow adjustments for fall.

                                  Hydraulic Specification 3
Obtain approval for any alternative fixing methods before commencement of work.
All mild steel must be hot dipped galvanised.

Insert 4 mm thick P.V.C. between copper pipes and steel brackets.

Use P.V.C. coated brackets on P.V.C. pipes.

Use galvanised bolts and fixings of adequate size.

Use patented masonry anchors for fixing into masonry elements.

Fix piping at the following maximum intervals.

   (a) Non-Pressure Lines.

       Pipe                         Vertical                      Horizontal/Graded

       PVC-Internal                 1.8 m                         1.8 m

   (b) Pressure Lines.

       Size                         Copper Pipe

       25 mm                                 2.25 m
       32 mm                                 2.5 m


Do not cover or conceal and work from view until it has been inspected, tested and
approved by the Architect/Engineer and the appropriate authority. Supply the
apparatus and materials necessary and carry out the tests required by appropriate
authorities or by this Specification.

Prior to testing, the piping, valves, seats, washers, strainers, etc. are to be
thoroughly cleaned out.

Services shall be subject to the following tests:

              Fixtures to be filled to spill level with water after installation and
              visually checked for leaks.

              Cold and hot water services to be charged with water and pumped to
              a pressure of 2000 kPa for a period of two hours and generally kept
              charged with water thereafter. The complete installation shall be free
              of noise, vibration and water hammer.

              Sanitary plumbing to be hydrostatically tested.

                                  Hydraulic Specification 4
On completion, the works included under this part of the Specification are to be
tested under normal working conditions and as directed by the Architect/ Engineer.



Generally to be chrome plated surround and screwed grate of approved pattern,
and riser as required set at level to ensure correct and adequate drainage of floor
areas to all locations marked on the drawings, and additional as required by
Holoryd Council.

Note critical locations for WC shower and floor wastes and co-ordinate with other
services to avoid any clashing. Note pre-planning is necessary for all penetrations
through Floor slab and existing floors.


Run plumbing from outlets of traps on fittings including floor wastes, etc. to
connections in ground drainage systems specified in DRAINAGE, and to vents.

Allow for vents to be located where shown, and for additional vents, if required, to
be located after discussions with Architect. For flashing, see ROOFING. Allow for
all vents required by appropriate authorities. Vents above roof surface shall be
P.V.C. and to be gathered together within roof space if multiple venting occurs, to
penetrate roof in approved locations, generally where shown.

Pipes and fittings to be U.P.V.C.

Branch junctions to be at 45 degrees and so that internal bore of main line is not
reduced. Radius the throat 25 mm in branches up to 80 mm, 50 mm in branches
over 80 mm.

Where W.C. pans are connected into drainage, this is to be done through a white
U.P.V.C. pan collar incorporating a flexible neoprene ring.

Traps shall be U.P.V.C. or other suitable type as follows:

Provide and install where required in vinyl areas SPS model LG 100CS (in 316
stainless steel floor drains).

Supply and install where indicated on the hydraulic services drawings bucket floor
wastes with grate suitable for specified floor finish and with secondary strainer.
Bucket traps to be SPS model.


                                 Hydraulic Specification 5
Supply and install where indicated on hydraulic services drawings to the Garbage
Room SPS model Q225 ABA, the grate to be in 316 Stainless Steel. Provide 100
diameter “P” trap under the floor wastes and connect to the sanitary system with
secondary strainer.

Provide and install where indicated on the hydraulic services drawings for the Plant
Room SPS model TIA 100F3 with galvanised ductile iron grates on 100 diameter
outlet body. Provide a 100 diameter “P” trap under each outlet.

Provide and install stainless steel trough and grate system with minimum of 1%
grade to the 100mm diameter outlet. All joints to be stainless steel welded and
troughs manufactured from 1mm thick material. The design shall incorporate a
built-in safe-tray system all as supplied by Auswave Products Pty Ltd or other
Similar Products.


Refer METALWORK and Kitchen Consultant drawings and spec this Trade for full
details of these items.

Plumber is to make himself fully conversant with these items and their installation
and minimum flow rate requirements. The installation is to be carried out by the
Plumber to the manufacturer’s printed instructions and directions.

Supply all necessary isolating valves and equipment etc. not usually supplied with
the items, but necessary for the installation.


Kitchen:                   Refer Kitchen Consultants Drawings and Specs

Hose Reels              1 New for Basement Store
                        1 New at the Kitchen


BATH ROOM SANITARY ITEMS as attached in Appendix A. The contractor shall
submit price to supply and install all according to the specification in accordance
with Appendix A shall include for brackets, plugs and wastes etc. where applicable.

The Contractor/Builder shall supply all other accessories including galvanised or
zinc coated fasteners, screws, mortar and mastic necessary for the complete
installation of each fixture in accordance with the manufacturer’s instructions.

                                 Hydraulic Specification 6
Colour of all items is white.

It is anticipated that the brand named sanitary items will be used. However, the
Architect reserves the right to select another brand or model. The Builder shall be
responsible for informing the Architect in advance when sanitary fixtures are
required; also to nominate the waste size and locations. The builder shall supply
Samples to the Architect/Engineer and get prior approval before ordering any item.

Extent: Ground Level and Podium Level

Provide and fix all Sanitary Fixtures as specified in the Appendix A


Locate, modify and extend existing cold-water service to supply to all new points

Ensure minimum size required for hot water is maintained. Thence gradually
reduce, ensuring adequate supply to furthest fitting. The normal minimum size
shall be 20 mm

Provide take off points for each group of fittings via lines in gradually reducing
sizes. Where lines are less than 2000 mm long, these may be 20 mm unless items
served require a greater line size.

Line serving each mixing value to be 20 mm.
Lines to hose cocks to be 20 mm.

Provide isolating and control valves in approved locations to branches, as required
for the water service and for all equipment and fittings specified. Generally these to
be located high on wall over showers, etc. or as agreed with Architect.


The Hot Water Units shall be Rheem Heavy Duty 630260 with adjustable
themostat control switch . Similar capacity other models will be considered, but
prior approval shall be obtained from Architect / Engineer.

Two units in parallel shall be provided. Normally one unit will provide hot water for
kitchen use with high temperature. Other unit will feed for other amenities with little
bit low temperature with temperature setting. However by pass arrangement shall
also provided to ensure continuous hot water supply in case of one unit failure.

The whole of the new hot water service to be in copper tube, adequately lagged as
previously specified, concealed and installed to give adequate service to all points
shown as required.

                                  Hydraulic Specification 7
The Plumber is to take special note of the minimum flow requirements of
equipment items specified by the Kitchen Consultant or Architect.

If necessary the Plumber shall supply and fit an adjustable pressure reduction
valves to be installed to maintain equal dynamics pressures at hot and cold inlets.

Inlet sizes: 32 mm O.D. Outlet sizes 20 or 25 mm O.D. depending on number of
outlets to be served concurrently.

Install the valves to the manufacturer’s printed instructions and in compliance with
the requirements of the Department of Health.

Valves to be located mounted as high as practicable and in approved and
accessible locations.

Requirements for correct operations of valves are as follows:

Determine minimum dynamic hot and cold water pressures at the inlets to the
mixing valves and, if necessary, set adjustable pressure reduction valves on the
hot and cold inlet lines at that level.

Provide Hot Water to Valves at 65 degrees centigrade.

Outlet pipe size from valves to the minimum 20 mm dia., maintain minimum 15 mm
dia. to individual fittings.

Provide heaters with the following:

An automatic surface mounted temperature control thermostat with adjustable
ranges on automatic over-temperature cut out to shut down the fuel or power
supply should the thermostat malfunction.

A temperature and pressure relief valve to conform to the requirements of AS 1357
and terminate over a tundish or FW as noted on drawings.
Gas hot water heaters shall be in accordance with AG 102 and be read in
conjunction with AS 1056 Parts 2 and 3.


Provide all necessary taps, valves and spouts necessary for the proper functioning
of each fixture.

All taps, bodies and spouts to be branded item with high quality. Builder shall
supply samples well in advance to the Architect/Engineer with specification and
technical details and get approvals before ordering the items.

Fix with lever at high angles to wall when ‘off.’

                                  Hydraulic Specification 8
All valves to be ceramic valves unless otherwise noted. All spots to have aerators.



Supply and install the Hose Reel from the existing services to the locations shown
on the drawings.

Include for all piping, fittings, valves, hose reel, hydrant valve, to the locations
shown on the drawings and other sundry items of equipment as required for the

Pipework shall be constructed of copper tube joined as previously specified.

Where existing hydrant lines interfere with new building work they shall be diverted
as necessary.


Supply and install new hose reels when shown of the type to match the exiting.

Locate Centre of hub at height of 1500 mm above floor level and ensure the
installation up on completion permits the hose to run smoothly off the reel when
pulled in any direction.

Separate operating instructions shall be permanently secured in a conspicuous
upright location.


Support hose reels with the galvanised mild steel bracket. Bracket shall be
bolstered to the slab. The fire hydrant and hose reel shall be fixed to the bracket
support, no stresses shall be transferred to the wall from the pipework.


Test all pipework to 2000 kPa for a period of two hours. On completion test the
installation under full supply conditions all to the satisfaction of the Fire Brigade
and the Hydraulic Consultant. Record pressure and flow results and advise in
writing to the Hydraulic Consultant.


Pipework in cupboards and in ceilings shall be labelled.

                                  Hydraulic Specification 9
General: Colour code service pipes and conduits exposed to view or in accessible
locations such as ducts and ceiling spaces. They shall be painted and labelled to
conform to the requirements of AS 1345 – Identification of Piping, Conduits and
Ducts as follows:


SERVICE                                           COLOUR

Sanitary Plumbing                                 Black
Stormwater                                        Black
Cold Water Service                                Green (G21)
Hot Water Service                                 Green (G21)
Warm Water Service                                Green (G21)
Roof Water Tank Service                           Liac

Fire Hose Reel & Fire Hydrant                     Red (R13)

Gas                                               Primrose (Y21)

Exposed pipework and pipework located in walk-in duct, ceiling spaces and
plantrooms shall be painted continuously in the colour indicated above and
identification markers added.

Copper pipes shall be painted with a suitable etching paint before applying
finishing enamels. Other steel pipes shall be painted with a coat of zinc chromate

After applying one layer of etching or primer undercoat, two (2) layers of enamel
paint shall be applied.

Painting shall be carried out by an experienced painter.

Pipe markers shall be of the vinyl, pressure sensitive, self adhesive type consisting
of combined flow direction arrow and name of service.

Markers shall be provided on all hydraulic pipe lines at not greater than 3 metre
centres. Additional markers shall be provided for:
      Both sides of a wall or partition through which a pipe passes;
      A marker adjacent to tee, valves, outlets and pumps;
      Both legs of a bend;
      Both sides of a pipe which can be approached from two directions.

Marker sizes shall be as follows:

 PIPE SIZES                                         MARKER SIZE
 65 O.D. and above                                                 460 x 57
 40 O.D. and less than 65 O.D.                                     460 x 29

                                 Hydraulic Specification 10
 Up to 40 O.D.                                                460 x 29 (cut to suit)

Marker locations shall be approved prior to their application to the service

Prior to the application of pressure sensitive, self adhesive type pipemarkers, clean
pipe surfaces with steel wool to remove oxide films and dirt.

Each vinyl pipe marker shall in addition to the pressure sensitive, self adhesive
attachment be secured to the pipework by two (2) 4.8mm wide, light duty, nylon,
cable ties, with the ties positioned 50mm from each end of the pipe markers,
securing the pipe markers to the pipework.

Pipe markers that peel off or crack shall be replaced with new pipe markers without
additional cost.

Instruments, gauges, indicators, control equipment and valves, installed as part of
the works shall be clearly labelled and identified with the correct associated
function. Coordination of references used within the building management system
shall be undertaken to ensure compatibility of all nomenclature.

Equipment identification shall be accomplished with “Traffolyte” labels – white on a
black background fixed by screws or rivets.

Adhesive type fixings with labels attached to equipment are not acceptable.

Provide and attach to each isolation valve a round metal tag, 50mm in diameter
manufactured from 1mm thick aluminium sheet. Each valve shall be engraved with
an identification number, the service and areas served. Provide inscribed on the
tags the maximum flow rate for each valve when it is in the system balanced
position. The numbering system shall relate to the ‘As Installed” set of drawings.
Fix metal tags securely to balance valves with 2mm diameter copper wire.

Equipment identification shall be with Traffolyte labels and equal, having white
letters on background. All valves are to be identified by brass discs, engraved and
fixed to the handwheel with screws or bolts. Comprehensive schedule of valve
and relative function shall be incorporated in the maintenance schedule.



 The contractor shall allow for supply and install necessary Non Return Valves to
be located on the main incoming domestic water line, hot water line , cold water
line and Rain Water Tank system line. Provide cast iron reflux valves for water
and sanitary drainage. These are manufactured and testing to AS 3718 and AS

                                 Hydraulic Specification 11
Install within a pit where positioned underground, to the requirements for access
pits in this specification.

The Contractor shall allow in his tender price for all work involved in installing the
valves in the locations directed including the supply and wrapping of suitable
insulation to avois freezing.

       19.2 RPZD

Supply and install backflow prevention devices to all water supplies serving fixtures
with possible cross connection hazard to conform with AS 3500.1 Section 4 and
AS 2845 Parts 1 to 3.

The Contactor shall supply and install good quality Sydney Water Approved RPZD
closure (Back Flow Prevention Device ) 32 mm System within a cabinet
enclosure just down stream of the water `meter .

Provide three (3) copies of the certification certificates for the backflow prevention
devices installed to enable them to be included into the maintenance manuals.

At completion a complete service log sheet for the RPZD valve and a certificate of
the whole installation must be submitted to the Project Manager.


Water temperature regulated by a single hand control and capable of delivering
water at the temperature of either of the supply systems and at any temperature in
between and suitable for controlling single or multiple outlets, as appropriate, to
comply to AS 4032 and AS 3500.

The valve shall be approved and be equal to [Enware Aqua blend 2000 or Broen
Stabitherm or FM Mattsson] pressure balanced thermostatic mixing valve in a
lockable stainless steel cabinet or approved equal. The installation shall be
complete with isolation valves, check valves, unions, temperature test point etc, as
required for a complete installation.

Controls: incorporate the following:

A temperature sensitive automatic control which maintains temperature at the pre-
selected setting and rapidly shuts down the flow if either supply system fails, or if
the normal discharge water temperature is exceeded.
Hot water flush facility.
The temperature must be set at 43.5oC for all childhood centres, primary and
secondary schools, nursing homes, aged care facilities and sick and disabled
The temperature set at 50oC in all other cases.

At completion a complete service log sheet for each valve and a certificate of the
whole installation must be submitted to the Principal Nominated representative.

                                 Hydraulic Specification 12
This valve supply and complete installation, commissioning and certification cost
need to be provided on a provisional item basis. At this moment this is not
included in the work. It may be required to install at later stage of the contract.


Tempering valves are to be installed on all hot water fixtures not regulated by a
thermostatic mixing valve (eg single hand basin points). The valve must be set at
44oC. The valve must conform to AS 1357.2 and be similar to those manufactured
by [Tour and Anderson or RMC] complete with non-returnable valve and strainer.

Tundish shall be constructed of 1.6mm thick copper. Where exposed to view,
tundish shall be chrome plated except in plant room and kitchen.

Wherever a shower is shown on the drawings, provide and install a copper shower
tray manufactured from 0.55mm thick (24 gauge) half hard copper sheet. Each
tray shall have 150mm high sides and have joints lapped a minimum of 10mm and
be silver brazed. Provide a copper outlet 100mm long and locate into the floor
waste riser as described previously for floor wastes. The sides of the trays are not
to be fastened to wall studs.

The Architect has specified waterproofing membrane system. But for the showers
areas suitable shower trays and then on suitable membrane are specified in order
to ensure water leak showers for a longer duration. The builder shall provide
guarantee leak free shower areas for a minimum of fifteen years.

Supply and install approved expansion joints to all copper and PVC soil, waste,
relief and main vent lines. Expansion joints in copper tube and PVC for all vent
lines, drainage lines, hot water flow and return lines, cold water lines, gas lines etc,
shall be installed on each line at intervals not exceeding 3000mm on both vertical
and horizontal pipelines and on either side of building expansion joints.


To all applicable services as previously described, necessary precautions are to be
observed to prevent the possibility of water hammer. Any occurrence of this
condition shall be rectified at no extra cost.

                                 Hydraulic Specification 13
Special care shall be taken to avoid transmission of vibration using anti-vibration
inserts and special purpose support brackets and frames to isolate the pipes as

Should dust, noise or vibration be caused and is such as to constitute an
annoyance to occupants of any such areas or devotee, the Contractor will be
required to take such corrective action as is necessary, and incur any cost


Where PVC pipes pass through any fire rated element they shall be surrounded by
a sealant of intumescent material capable of completely sealing the pipe
penetration under fire conditions.

Approved fire stop collars fixed to formwork and incorporated within the concrete
slab or as fire stop strip wrapped around the pipe and inserted into a pre-formed
core hole to be installed.

Fire stop pipe collars to be Promat “Promaseal” or approved equal


Allow to acoustically treat all suspended sanitary plumbing, stacks and downpipes
installed within the apartments within ducts and ceiling space where located above
living areas.

Acoustic treatment of UPVC and Copper Waste Water Pipe shall be a lagging
material consisting of a 4kg limp barrier, faced with lightweight Aluminium Foil, and
a laminate of 25mm thick (minimum) acoustic grade, hydrolysis resistant foam.

Acoustic wrapping is to be “Acou-Stop” ABW4-25.

Install in strict accordance with manufacturers recommendations and

Installation to the pipe shall ensure at all times a tight butt join of the foam and a
minimum limp barrier overlap of 20mm.

All joins are to be taped with a 48mm wide aluminium tape such as PPC 493
reinforced tape.

“S” trap and other difficult fittings shall be “boxed”, ensuring that overlaps are
maintained on all joins.

“Boxing” should take place primarily and pipework then “lagged up” to them
ensuring a snug fit.

                                  Hydraulic Specification 14

Provide and install hose taps with anti-vandal heads and hose connection vacuum

Each tap shall consist of a 20mm diameter copper riser with a back plated elbow
and a 20mm diameter brass finish hose tap. The tap shall be 450mm above the
floor unless otherwise directed.

The hose tap shall be installed against a block or concrete wall, the back plated
elbow fixed to the wall or hardwood timber post with three (3) x 20mm brass
screws, screwed into 20mm x 6mm expanding plastic plugs.

Internal hose taps shall have concealed pipework connection with chrome plated
cover dome. Hose tap and vacuum breakers to be chrome plated. Hose tap
handles to match tap handles where applicable.


     H27.1 SCOPE

Supply, install, test and commission the gas service from the point of connection to
all gas points. Extend as specified supplying all meters, regulators, filters, pipe
work and sundry items to complete the system to comply to the local gas
authorities regulations. All work needs to be carried out by experienced, licensed
and accredited plumber


Pipework shall be copper tube Type B to AS 1432.

Carry out the gas installation in accordance with the requirements of the regulatory
authorities and the following codes:
AG 601 and AG 603 and AG 501 (Commercial appliances)
AS 1697 Division 1 system.

Provide documents evidencing approval of regulatory authorities before Practical

                                Hydraulic Specification 15
If the responsible authority is required to or, pursuant to the powers vested in it,
elects to perform or supply part of the Works make the necessary arrangements
with the authority and pay and bear the fees payable in connection therewith.

Give sufficient notice so that inspection may be made at the following stages,
where applicable:
Works ready for specified testing.
Enclosed work ready to be covered up or concealed.

Carry out all necessary excavation as specified.

All pipes shall be adequately supported and securely fixed in accordance with the
drawings and to the satisfaction of the representative of the Principal. Such
supporting and fixing to be carried out without causing any distortion, damage or
stress on the pipes or pipe joints. Pipes shall be supported at each collar and at
spacing as specified.

All valves to comply with those specified in the appropriate section.

On completion of installation and testing, turn on isolating and control valves, and
purge and charge the installation.

Hand over the installation fully charged with gas.

Locate pipe fittings requiring maintenance or servicing, including control valves,
joints designed to enable removal of pipes, and the like, in accessible positions
with adequate clearance and ventilation.

As far as practicable install components such as pipefittings so that they are
removable without damage either to themselves or to the building structure or


Connect to authorities gas main in an approved manner in accordance with supply
authority rules. Make arrangements, and meet all charges, for connection to the
main supply, including the provision of the main meter.

                                 Hydraulic Specification 16

Provide and install gas meter assembly in the location as indicated on the
drawings. Copper pipework assemblies shall be complete with flanges, unions,
bends and support brackets.

Provide adequate ventilation to all areas where gas appliances are installed to AG

Install regulators in the positions indicated on the drawings an under and over
pressure shut-off regulator with the capacity to pass the required amount of gas
reducing the pressure from 210 kPa to 5kPa or 2.75 kPa. The regulator shall shut
off between the range of kPa and shall be approved.

Regulators are to be the OPSO type and be capable of delivering the required
2500 megajoile rating and be vented to the requirements of the Gas Authority.

Allow to purge the pipework in accordance to AG 601 and local authorities.

Gas pipework shall maintain a gradient of 1:230 unless otherwise indicated or
directed by the gas authority. The graded pipes are to grade to low points
terminating in a tail pipe with a 20mm capped valve in an approved easily located
and nominated position.


Supply and fix automatic shutdown control with bypass, as approved by the local
Authority and the NSW Fire Brigade, to shut down the gas supply if any automatic
thermal alarm is activated.

Automatic shutdown equipment shall incorporate valves, motorised valves,
pressure switch, flanges and other items of equipment necessary to suit the
requirements of the NSW Fire Brigade. The Electrical Contractor will connect
control wiring from the emergency power supply for power operation of motorised
valve. The whole equipment shall shut down the gas supply on the operation of
the automatic over protection system and must be reset manually before gas
supply can be stored.

If a gas or diesel generator is installed on the project the valve must be rated at 12

Provide a set of voltage free alarm contacts to the Gas Service Automatic
Shutdown valve


                                 Hydraulic Specification 17
The Contractor shall arrange for the local Gas Authority to supply and install a high
pressure natural gas meter assembly complete with an automatic shutdown valve,
high pressure connection point for mechanical gas fired boilers.


Supply and install a gas leak detector at high level in the gas meter room and in
the kitchen area. The detector shall provide both visual and audible alarms. The
alarm/panel shall be located external to the room. The sensor wiring is to be run in
Pyrotechnics. The electrical contractor shall provide electrical wiring to an
approved alarm bell and flashing light where indicated and required by the NSW
Fire Brigade.

The gas leak detector shall be equal to a “Lordco” Model RMS-802 single head,
240 volt gas leak detector and shall be approved by the Gas Authority.

      H27.7 FLUES
Flues from the hot water heaters and boilers to be similar and equal to Abbey Dura
Vent round twin wall type B, gas flue to terminate above roof line with approved
cowl and roof flashing. The flue pipes and fittings shall be securely held and
supported by non-combustible brackets for fastenings suitable for the design and
weight of the flue system material and to maintain the required clearance from
building construction. For external heaters this may not be required.

Provide and install all gas piping, appliance or equipment gas control valves, gas
appliance regulators, stainless steel flexible pipe connections, gas unions and
ancillary fittings for all gas burning appliances and other equipment or machines
wherever located in the building to ensure the full operation of these items of

During backfilling lay warning tape 300 mm above, and for the full length of, buried
gas pipes.

Warning tape: Minimum 100 mm width, of durable plastic material, colour to
AS 1345, with "GAS PIPE UNDER" marked continuously.

Marker plates are required. Provide brass marker plates at ground level at each
change of direction in the underground pipeline, engraved to show the direction of
the line and name of the service. Inset the marker in a 150 x 150 x 150 mm
concrete block, with the top set flush with ground level.

Reinstate the ground surface to the original condition and to match adjacent

                                Hydraulic Specification 18
Supply and install valve boxes for access to underground valves. The boxes shall
be standard cast iron boxes with hinged covers. Set tops flush with pavement
surfaces, or 15 mm above unpaved surfaces. Provide an in situ concrete surround
150 mm thick, to the top, bottom and sides of the box, with exposed surface steel
trowelled. Set a shaft of UPVC pipe beneath each box to give access to the valve.
Stamp the box cover with the word "GAS".

Provide wall boxes to accommodate above ground valves, regulators and the like.
The boxes shall be constructed of 1.2mm stainless steel plate continuous welded
box construction with leading edge folded twice at 90o to form 25 x 25mm frontal
surround. Fix to masonry backing with four 10mm galvanised masonry bolts. Set
the bottom of the box to fall outward. Form four 10mm diameter holes in the frontal
surround section at box floor level. Provide, to the box floor inlet and outlet pipes,
sleeves formed of 1.2mm thick steel tube with 1.2mm galvanised flanges to pipe
diameter plus 50mm. Bed each flange on epoxy mortar and rivet to the floor of the
box with four 3mm diameter rivets.

Provide metal frame doors with 2.5mm clear float glass glazing. Affix to the glass
with adhesive a white laminated plastic label 200 x 100mm, engraved with red
Provide lock, keys and two 100mm brass hinges.

      H27.11 PIPING
If practicable, install piping so that it is concealed within service ducts or non-
habitable enclosed spaces and does not appear on external walls. Otherwise,
provide metal piping mounted on metal brackets and provide metal cover plates at
penetrations. For piping embedded in concrete, install in continuous lengths
without fittings. Do not lay across joints between adjoining sections of concrete
through which reinforcement does not extend.

Gas Pipeline Schedule
 Location        Pipe             Grade or               Jointing        Nominal size
                 Material         Class
 In ground       Copper           Type B                 Silver solder   Refer to drawings
 In ceiling        Copper         Type B                 Silver solder   Refer to drawings
 Exposed           Copper         Type B                 Silver solder   Refer to drawings
 Internal                                                25%
 In wall, chased   Copper         Type B                 Silver solder   Refer to drawings

     H27.12 PITS
For below ground, house control valves and regulators in concrete access pits with
removable pit covers.

                                 Hydraulic Specification 19
Constructed to give 300mm clear space all around the fittings in the pit.

Use Grade N25 concrete to AS 1379, 100mm thick, reinforced with F82 fabric with
concrete covers to AS3996. Mark pit covers with the work ‘GAS’.

Grade floor to a point on one side and provide a gravity drain to remove water from
the pit. Do not connect the drain to other substructures or drains. Carry the pit
walls up to 50mm above finished ground level. Cast in the pit cover frame flush
with the top. Trowel the top smooth.

     H27.13 STANDARDS
Referenced Documents: The following Standards are applicable to this Subsection.

AS 5601    Gas Installations
AS 3500    National Plumbing and drainage
AS 1074    Steel tubes and tubulars threaded or suitable for threading with pipe
           threads of Whitworth form
AS 1135    Rules for the design, fabrication, installation and inspection of non-
           ferrous pressure piping
AS 1216    Classification, hazard identification and information systems for
           dangerous goods
AS 1216.1 Part 1: Classification and class labels for dangerous goods
AS 1228    Boilers - Water tube
AS 1271    Valves, water gauges and other fittings for boilers and unfired
           pressure vessels
AS 1345    Identification of the contents of piping, conduits and ducts
AS 1349    Bourdon tube pressure and vacuum gauges
AS 1375    SAA Industrial Fuel-fired Appliances Code
AS 1585    Capillary and brazing fittings of copper and copper alloy
AS 1697    SAA Gas Pipeline Code
AS 1797    Boilers - Fire tube, shell and miscellaneous
AS 2129    Flanges for pipes, valves and fittings
AS 2430    Classification of hazardous areas
AS 2430.1 Part 1: Explosive gas atmospheres
AS 2700    Colour standards for general purposes
AS 2832    Cathodic protection of metals
AS 2832.1 Part 1: Pipes, cables and ducts
AS 2832.2 Part 2: Compact buried structures
AS 2885    SAA Pipeline Code
AS 3000    SAA Wiring Rules
AG 102     (1976) Approval requirements for gas water heaters equipped with
           natural draught combustion systems - issued by the Australian Gas
           Association and Australian Liquefied Petroleum Gas Association Ltd.
AG 601     Installation code for gas burning appliances and equipment
AGL        Gasfitting Rules Vol. 1
AGL        Gasfitting Rules Vol. 2
ADG001-003 Jemena NSW Gas Networks Design Guide

                                Hydraulic Specification 20
       H27.14 TESTING

Carry out the required tests in the presence of the Project Manager and an
authorised representative of the relevant authority. Supply the apparatus and
materials necessary. Submit the test results in writing. Replace and retest
components, if any, which fail the required test.

Seal off items of equipment not designed to withstand the test pressure. Securely
anchor pipes and fittings in position to prevent movement during the tests.

Do not cover or conceal work until it has been tested. Leave pipe joints exposed to
enable observation during the tests.


Provide a sub-soil/stormwater pumping system, generally comprising:

Two identical submersible pumps
Controls and wiring
Rising main
Holding pit and covers

All to form a complete and approved installation,

Provide precast concrete holding pit in position as indicated on the drawing.
Provide in situ concrete base in accordance with holding well supplier
recommendations and specification. Make bench base of well to pumps. Allow to
complete top covers and frame to match pavement and finished pavement levels.

Provide pumps to comply to the following requirements:
Submersible type Flygt or Groundfos . The pumps shall be variable speed suitable
Flygt or Groundfos CRE series . Flow range 5–25 L/s. Total head is about 10 m.
Anticipated power is 3 kW.
Have casing made of GG-25 and stainless steel shaft.
Have lubricated for life, maintenance free motor shaft bearings and high quality
silicon carbide mechanical seal independent of direction of rotation; lip seal oil
Have waterproof cabling
Have three phase, 415 volts, .?rpm electric motor
Refer to “Pumping System Schedule” this section for pump description

Provide control panel, level controllers and wiring to give automatic operation of
the pumps.

Control panel to be located where shown on plans and fixed to wall and shall be
suitable for external installation exposed to weather conditions.

Control panel to incorporate:

                                Hydraulic Specification 21
ON/OFF automatic control for each pump
DOL starters for each pump
Automatic rotating switch
Liquid level control switches as provided by Pump supplier
Relays to operate visual alarm indicators showing:
Pump failure                          2 lights
High water level              1 light
Pump on               2 lights
Low water level               1 light

A relay to operate audiovisual alarm with mute button external of cabinet
Circuit breakers
All wiring and contactors – Class 1 Zone 2 electrical connections.
24 V AC volt free relays and terminal strip for connection by others.
Intrinsically safe packs.

The control equipment shall generally be able to:

Automatically rotate the DUTY operation to either pump after each operation
Automatically activate the standby pump in the event of the DUTY pump failure.
Prevent simultaneous starting of the pumps, either manual or automatic.
Automatically activate alarm circuitry.

Provide all necessary wiring between control panel, level controllers, and pumps
and within control panel. All wiring shall comply with SAA Wiring Rules and Local
Authority requirements.

Provide level controller within holding well to start and stop pump(s) and alarm.
Level controllers to have the following functions:

Stop pump
Start duty pump No. 1
Start standby pump No. 2
High level alarm
Low level alarm

Provide a rising main to comply to the following requirements:
Rising main to be150 mm diameter Pressure class 9 UPVC.

Provide unions, non-return and gate valve on rising main within pump chamber
Provide supports, excavation, bedding, backfill, fixings, brackets etc for rising
mains and pumping line – as before specified.
Connect to main gravity drainage junction to local authorities requirements.


 Similar to above subsoil pumps, provide rain water pumping system, generally

                                Hydraulic Specification 22
Two identical variable speed pumps in a cubical
Controls and wiring
The pump shall be controlled with the already existing irrigation controller at the
site for Drip irrigation
The pump operation also shall be linked with a solenoid valve, which shall be
closed or opened depending on the water level. The rising main shall be 25 mm
upvc –class 9

Provide all necessary wiring between control panel, level controllers, pumps and
within control panel. All wiring shall comply with SAA Wiring Rules and Local
Authority requirements.

The pumps shall be variable speed Groundfos CRE series or suitable Flight. Flow
range 0.3 –1.5 L/s. Total head is about 15 m. Anticipated power is 0.3 kW. Provide
level controller within holding well to start and stop pump(s) and alarm. Level
controllers to have the following functions:

Stop pump
Start duty pump No. 1
Start standby pump No. 2
High level alarm
Low level alarm
Supply and install all equipment necessary to operate the pumps specified under
hydraulic services.

Allow for all control cabinets, mounting brackets, contactors, isolating and control
switches, auxiliary switches, alarms, wiring between pump and panel, panel and
level controls, and other associated equipment necessary for the safe and effective
operation of the pumps as required for the installation


Supply and install a new 3Kl grease arrestor with concrete infill gas tight medium
duty lids for the kitchen, dining, volunteers resting areas. The arrestor is to be
located as shown in Drawing no HY -05. The arrestor shall comply to the
requirements of Sydney Water. The arrestor shall be BCP GAP –03000 with
heavy-duty covers. Provide all opening vent pipes vermin proof mesh. Alternate
products may be considered provided if it is proved that all the technical
requirements shall be satisfied.


As shown in the drawing no Hy -02 the contractor shall execute the diversion of
waste water lines from the shrine and relocation of existing septic tank and
inception chambers and sewer lines. The contractor shall construct a Sydney
water approved precast type Septic tank minimum capacity -3kl with minimum 2no

                                 Hydraulic Specification 23
baffles and heavy duty covers. Otherwise similar to existing tank minimum capacity
3 kl with 2no baffles needs to be construct and the existing system should be
diverted before commencing any excavation. The proposed waste water lines
diversion under the existing podium level may be carried out by under boring. If it is
proposed to excavate the concrete then neat saw cutting shall be employed. After
relocation the podium level shall be restored as early as possible. The contractor
shall note that temple daily pooja activities will take place regularly.

Having finished the relocation works only contractor commences the foundation
excavation work. While carrying out the excavation the contractor shall identify
existing few flow waste lines, which are not currently not active from the existing
basement store. In consultation with Principal Representative/Engineer the
contractor shall incorporate these lines with the proposed toilet floor waste lines

The existing hot water tank also should be replaced as shown in drg no- before
commencing any demolition or excavation work. When the work is completed the
new hot water system line shall be incorporated and this hot water tank shall be


Provide subsoil drains to intercept groundwater seepage and prevent water build-
up behind walls and under floors, pavements and landscape beds. Connect
subsoil drains to surface drains or to the stormwater drainage system as

Follow the minimum clear depths, measured to the crown of the pipe, where the
pipe passes below the following elements:

100mm below formation level of the pavement, kerb or channel
100mm below the average gradient of the bottom of foundations as shown in
Structural Engineers drawings. It shall be below the finished surface of unpaved
ground, levels as indicated on drawings.

At junctions of subsoil pipes provide tees, couplings or adaptors to AS 2439.1.

Minimum trench width shall be 450 mm. Grade the trench floor evenly to the
gradient of the pipeline. If the trench floor is rock, correct any irregularities with
compacted bedding material. Bed piping on a continuous underlay of bedding
material, at least 75 mm thick after compaction. Lay the pipe with one line of
perforations at the bottom.

If necessary, form chases to prevent projections such as sockets and flanges from
bearing on the trench bottom or underlay.

Place the blue metal in the pipe surround in minimum 200 mm loose thickness,
and compact without damaging or displacing the piping.

                                  Hydraulic Specification 24
Depth of overlay:
To the underside of the bases of overlying structures such as pavements, slabs
and channels.
To within 150 mm of the finished surface of unpaved or landscaped areas.

Provide polymeric fabric formed from plastic yarn composed of at least 85% by
weight propylene, ethylene, amide or vinyledenechloride, and containing stabilisers
or inhibitors which provide resistance to deterioration due to ultraviolet light.

Provide heavy-duty protective covering. Store clear of the ground and out of direct
sunlight. During installation do not expose the filter fabric to sunlight for more than
14 days.

Provide polyester permeable filter socks capable of retaining particles of 0.25 mm
size. Securely fit or join the sock at each joint.

Subsoil pipeline schedule

Location                     Pipe size (nominal)               Pipe type
General                      100                               Agi pipe with socks
General                      150                               Agi line pipe with socks

Provide a smooth, seamless finish, using steel trowelled render or concrete cast in
steel forms. Cove or splay internal corners with metal access covers and grates to

The top of cover or grate, including frame in paved areas shall be flush with the
paving surface.

In landscaped areas 25 mm above finished surface and Gratings taking surface
water runoff located to receive runoff without ponding.

Pit Schedule
Pit Type           Size mm              Cover Type            Remarks
Inlet Pits         450 x 450            Grated                Base of pits to be benched to
                                                              suit pipe
Inlet Pits         600 x 600            Grated                Base of pits to be benched to
                                                              suit pipe

                                 Hydraulic Specification 25

All liquid retaining structures shall be hydrostatically tested for leakage.
Testing shall take place prior to placing of backfill around each structure and prior
to placing concrete benching, mortar toppings and tiling.

Prior to carrying out the hydrostatic tests, the Contractor shall remove all debris
from the structures; install temporary blank flanges, plugs or caps on pipework cast
through concrete walls; seal with temporary covers any openings in the concrete
below top water level and generally ensure that each structure is watertight and
ready for testing.

The Contractor shall supply water for the hydrostatic testing. The Contractor shall
be responsible for supplying and installing pumps and pipes to transfer the water
and to empty the structures on completion of the hydrostatic tests.

The structure shall be cleaned and initially filled with water at a uniform rate not
greater than 2 m in 24 hours. The water level shall be maintained for a stabilizing
period of 7 days to allow for absorption and autogenous healing of the concrete.
After the stabilizing period, the water level shall be recorded at 24-hour intervals for
a test period of 7 days. During this 7-day test period, the total permissible drop in
level, after allowing for evaporation and rainfall (if the structure is uncovered) shall
not exceed 1/500th of the average water depth of the full tank or 10 mm, whichever
is the less.

Any leaks including visible wet patches on the outside faces of the structure or
increased underdrain flow shall be rectified to the satisfaction of the Principal. The
structure shall be retested until it meets with the requirements of this specification.
No backfilling around the structure shall take place until these requirements are all
met. Repairs shall be carried out to the surface in contact with the liquid unless it
can be demonstrated that such repairs can be successfully carried out to the
external surfaces.
Upon completion of the test the Contractor shall empty the structure and dispose of
the water to the satisfaction of the Principal. The hydrostatic test results shall be
submitted to the Principal for approval.

                                 Hydraulic Specification 26

The contractor shall prepare the operation and maintenance manual as follows

FORMAT: The format of all Operation and Maintenance Manuals shall:

(a)   Facilitate the rapid detection of the cause of all faults and the recommended
      course of action for repairs,
(b)   Provide a simple and clear system for the safe and efficient operation and
      maintenance of the system throughout its design life.

The manuals are to contain all necessary information required for the safe and
economic operation of the services, and shall include:

(a)   System Purpose and Description (with illustrations/diagrams)
(b)   Preventive Maintenance Procedures (with illustrations)
(c)   Corrective Maintenance Procedures (with illustrations)
(d)   Repair Procedures (with illustrations)
(e)   Test Procedures
(f)   Illustrated Parts List (including a list of recommended spares holding)
(g)   Special Tools and Test Equipment
(h)   Schedule of Reference Drawings
(i)   Statutory Certificates as appropriate
(j)   Manufacturers Handbooks, and Data Sheets
(k)   Reference Drawings and Commissioning Data.

This section shall consist mainly of a non-technical but functional description of the
system and shall state what the system is designed to do and how it does it.
Reference shall be made to an appropriate diagram to indicate the system
configuration, the system's interface with other services systems and to identify
major items described in the following:


Preventative Maintenance Procedures
Preventive maintenance actions and procedures for carrying them out are to be
provided such that the systems can continue operation in economic safe, and
energy efficient manner.

Corrective Maintenance Procedures
Instructions are to be provided for all non-obvious removal, repair, adjustment and
replacement procedures.

Maintenance Schedule
A specific section of the manual shall be dedicated to a tabulated maintenance
schedule on a system by system basis. The schedule shall clearly indicate the
routine and preventive maintenance required on a cyclic basis and/or by system
indication over the design life of the system, with page references if necessary to
detailed sections of the manual.

                                 Hydraulic Specification 27

This section will provide information on repair procedures after fault diagnosis.

 Example CC TV – Carry out CC TV inspection of the sewer and stormwater
inground drainage systems.

This section shall provide a detailed listing and description of all system and
equipment tests to which reference is made from other sections of the manual.

All relevant sections of the manual shall highlight safety and environmental issues
(particularly hazards) clearly indicate procedures and/or special precautions
necessary to avoid them together with emergency procedures to deal with
unfavorable circumstances should they arise.

Comprehensive and illustrated parts lists shall be included in each manual,
including references to suppliers and manufacturers names and contact details.
Each part shall be referenced by a unique number within an integrated reference

Detailed lists of all special tools and/or test equipment required for the repair
and/or maintenance of the installation shall be provided.

During the construction time the contractor shall collect all necessary details &
prepare the as built drawings or sketches and give to Principle Representative
Regularly. If necessary CAD files will be provided to use only for to prepare the as
built drawings. This must show all pipe alignment from fixed planes or lines, depth
of invert from Finished Floor level, Invert levels, pipe sizes, all fittings details and
their exact location etc. This is to easily locate the pipes or fittings in the future
when necessary arises.


All necessary reference drawings, including a full set of Work as Executed
Drawings shall be included with manuals in A3 and A4 size as appropriate. Where
these drawings cannot be reduced in scale, they shall be neatly folded and
included in appropriate sections of the manual. Where a significant number of
drawings are required, the Drawings may comprise a separate volume. All
drawings shall be easily referenced from Text sections of the manuals.

A complete schedule of reference drawings shall be provided in the manual.


                                  Hydraulic Specification 28
Binders shall be 3 or 4 'D' ring, vinyl clad, sized to accommodate A4 sheets and
index tabs. Colour and embossing shall be as nominated by the SI.


The front and spine of each binder shall be machine embossed with the following

Sydney Murugan Temple –Proposed Kitchen and other Amenities Building
217 Great Western Highway – May Hills
HYDRAULIC SERVICES – Operation and Maintenance Manuals

Maintenance manuals shall be prepared on computer and be capable of being
stored in ASCII file format on CD (minimum Word 97 format) floppy disks.

All information provided in the manuals should be suitable for reproducing for the
purposes of the project without breach of copyright or payment of royalties. The
Contractor shall provide appropriate written Copyright Releases where necessary.

The preparation of maintenance manuals shall commence progressively as the
work is manufactured and installed, but in any case no later than three months
prior to the anticipated date for Practical Completion of the Contractor's works.
Submission of the final manual, in an agreed format and content, is required prior
to Practical Completion, including incorporation of Work As Executed Drawings,
Commissioning Manuals and all relevant Statutory Certificates.

Three (3) complete hard copy sets of Operating and Maintenance Instruction
Manuals shall be provided together with two (2) full size sets of Work As Executed
Drawings in hard copy form including coversheet. One (1) copy of the manual on
CD (word 97 & DXF format) one (1) set of Work as Executed Drawings in CAD
based (DWG & DXF format) on CD.

                                Hydraulic Specification 29
I / We, the undersigned hereby tender for the supply, delivery, installation,
commissioning and testing of the Hydraulic Services Installation associated with
the abovementioned project in accordance with the drawings and specification, the
defects liability period applicable after practical completion.

Itemised Lump Sum Tender Price:
                                                                 Fixed Price

1.      Sanitary plumbing and drainage                          $............................

2       Stormwater plumbing and drainage                        $............................

3.      Hot and cold water supply                               $............................

4.      Fire hose reel system                                   $............................

5.      Fire extinguishers                                      $............................

6       Natural gas supply                                      $............................

7.      Sanitary, fixtures, fittings and tapware                $............................

8.      Relocation of existing waste water system               $............................

9.      Modification of existing detention tank                 $............................

10.     As built documentation and maintenance manuals          $............................

               GST                                              $............................

        TOTALS                                                   $............................

Total fixed price (in words)
I / We unconditionally guarantee the performance of the installation and completion
of the works in accordance with this specification and accompanying drawings.





                                   Hydraulic Specification 30

            Hydraulic Specification 31
Murugan Temple bathroom fittings Schedule

        Fixtures                                            Nos             Specification

      1 Water Closet (W C)                                               12 Caroma pearl type -white colour minimum 4 WELS complete with lid

      2 Semi recessed Wash Basins                                         9 Caroma with overflow, 1 tap hole, hot cold mixer , elbow operated minimum 4 WELS

      3 Wash Basins                                                       6 Caroma opal 510 wall basin 1 tap hole, hot cold mixer, elbow operated minimum 4 WELS

      4 Stainless steel wall hung trough type urinal        2m -1 no        304 Grade-1.2 mm thickness with automatic flush sensor

      5 Stainless steel wall hung trough type urinal for kids 1m -1 no      304 Grade-1.2 mm thickness with automatic flush sensor

      6 Toilet paper Dispenser                                           13 SS Mediclinics -model PRO 381C - size 130x380x 116

                                                                            0245-SS model Fabricated of grade 304 stainless steel and shall
      7 Paper towel dispenser                                            12 dispense 400 single-fold paper towels. Overall size: 285 x 160 x 145m

      8 Hand Drier                                                        2 Dyson Air blade Hand Drier -SS

      9 Hand Drier                                                        1 Dyson Normal Hand Drier -SS to suit to suit Acess Toilet

      9 Grabrail - Accessible Toilet                                      2 Chrome Plated - Sample to be approved

     10 Shower Heads                                                      3 Caroma Mystic Rail shower chrome code no 91013C3A

     11 Soap Dispensers                                                  23 Model A605 - Brand Boseer SS1.2 Litres -Vertical -110x200x70

     12 Water Closet - suitable for Accessible Toilet                     1 Caroma Care wall face -invsi series II suite complete with lid

Cleaners room

      1 Cleaners Sink with single bowl and drain board                    1 Model Clark

      2 Cleaners Sink with single bowl and drain                          1 Model Clark

      3 Cleaner Tub                                                       1 Model Clark

Other areas

      1 S/S hand wash trough type                           3.5m -1no       304 Grade-1.2 mm thickness with 6 Taps- hot and cold mixer with overflow

        S/S hand wash trough type                           3m-1 No         304 Grade-1.2 mm thickness with 5 Taps- hot and cold mixer with overflow

                                                                            Hydraulic Specification 32

       Hydraulic Specification 33
The following items are specified in the contract on a provisional basis. This is
not part of the contract.

The tenders are expected to give the unit price on a provisional basis

Items                          Unit           Expected Nos   Provisional cost per
Description                                                  unit
Thermostatic Mixing Valve        Nos          1 or 2
Hot water unit circulating     Nos            1 or 2

                                Hydraulic Specification 34