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cool Read Me Gotenks SSJ3

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My first char 90% complete

Game DragonBall Z Hyper Dimension
Engine Super Nintendo
Sprite ripper me Cyanide
Programming me Cyanide

Gotenks is a fusion character between Goten and Trunks. Created by the
fusion dance which was taught to him by Gohan/Goku/Piccolo he achieved
Super Saiyajin 3 much faster than Goku and would have defeated Buu if
fusing didn't make him so egotistical.

whats done

a = fireball
quite slow and low damage
b = roundhouse*
well it's just a kick
c = charge up*
gain some Ki
x = slash*
can destroy small projectiles
y = punch*
simple you punch
z = flight
ground or air once puts you flying and if flying drops you down

Slide = hold D, x
slide along the ground low damage
big kick = D, DF, F, x*
heavy kick launches them up a long way
headbutt = D, DF, F, y
dash at enemy and launch into a head butt
aerial headbutt = D, DB, B, y*
fly down at enemy
rolling thunder = D, DB, B, F, b
roll over enemy and knock them down with a headbutt
spinning uppercut = D, DF, F, D, DF, F, y
spin arm round and hit them then launch into air with uppercut
45 degree fireball = D, DF, F, a*
large fireball travels up or down depending on where your enemy is
directional fireball = hold U or D + a*
while in air throw a fireball direction is choosable
butt slam = hold D + y*
curls up and flys down at enemy
katsuu energy dan = F, B, F, a*
large fireball flies forwards

weak supers
small kamekameha = D, DF, F, b*
beam across screen 20 hits
goten explode = D, DB, B, x*
ki aura around gotenks multiple hits
renzoku shine shine = D, DF, F, D, DF, F, a
11 small fireballs launched at high speed
strong supers
large kamekameha = D, DB, B, b*
bigger version of above 40 hits
^ nulled may be added again by editing the cmd
big renzoku shine shine = D, DB, B, D, DB, B, a
bigger version of above 11 fireballs
homing renzoku shine = D, DB, B, D, DB, B, b*
in air 11 homing projectiles low damage
kamikaze ghosts = D, DB, B, F, a*
ghosts follow opponent 1 per power level blow up after a while high

Galactica Doughnuts = D, DF, F, B, y
rings launched at opponent. Then turned into a ball. Ball is kicked up
and spiked down to bounce round the screen blows up doing heavy damage
but won't kill you with the final explosion. This move kinda bugs out on
Overminds majin vegeta :/

--------------------->possible combos<--------------------------------
slide 4 hits,big kick, jump, kick, punch, slash, big kick
slide 4 hits, goten explode
big kick, well timed kamehameha
big kick, goten explode, kamehameha
big kick, ghost, kamehameha <- very hard

more to come

good at range and up close try to fight him from a middling distance too
far and you get hit with fireballs too close and multiple combos too
high and ghosts chase you.

still to be done
AI (to be finished)

Random Crap: this is my first character so some of the coding in it is
horribly old and I can't actually remember what I did. The codes still
work but they could be better in some ways only i can't be bothered
deciphering and changing something that works.

Kudos to:

Ragnarok he got me started and let me keep Gotenks on his site even if
he dislikes DBZ

The Necromancer and Kazu bei for the flight code and the AI guard at
Xgargoyles code archive.

Ssonic actually i used cellhd as the template 4 the cns cmd and air
since these were the first ones I came across that made sense???

Reu some sparks from his Evil Ken are used which I asked him for. Thanks
a lot they have improved Gotenks' looks a lot.

The Blackshinobi the changed AI flight code works a helluva lot better.

Ses damn MCM is useful thanks for programming it

Elecbyte for creating M.U.G.E.N.
The entire Mugen Being community 4 those who helped out.

* may be done while flying

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