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									                               MANCHESTER AIRPORT PLC
                                  JOB DESCRIPTION

JOB TITLE:                                                  REPORTS TO:
Business Analyst                                            IS Business Relationship Manager

DIRECTORATE:                                                SECTION:
Finance                                                     Information Services


Work in tandem with the Account Managers and Business Relationship Manager to service the
business need. Specific responsibility is to help formulate and elicit business requirements, and to
document the requirements to the required level of technical detail.


Working closely with clients and IS staff as appropriate, pro-actively seeks out, analyses, models,
specifies, integrates and implements processes which satisfactorily marry technical constraints and
cost considerations with business objectives and result in safe, workable and maintainable systems.

Ensures that clear, unambiguous and accurate requirements definitions are produced for all IS
development activity, gaining full understanding and formal agreement from the relevant sponsor
within the business.

In designing such solutions, pays full regard to both internal and external standards and requirements
such as audit standards, data management standards, safety related standards, good practice and

 Carries out assignments, alone or as part of a team, applying knowledge, skills, and experience.
Demonstrates an understanding of the issues of interest to the client organisation and proposes viable
solutions within the scope of own expertise, taking into account the needs of those affected.

Plays a significant part in the definition of strategies to make effective use of IS in a business area and
draws on an understanding of state-of-the-art use of techniques relevant to any area of specialisation
e.g. strategic planning, operations research, cost benefit analysis.

Maintains good knowledge of, advises on and justifies operational, IT and IS policies and
effectiveness of current business applications. Advises on and justifies standards, methods and
procedures for general applicability.

Guides clients towards accepting viable and valid system solutions which involve changes to working
conditions and practices, showing understanding, imagination and creativity.

Writes and speaks fluently on all aspects of work and communicates effectively with all levels of

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                              Head of Information Services

          IS Business Development      IS Solutions Delivery   IS Service Delivery

 Business Analyst (3)   Account Managers (2)


Responsible for undertaking feasibility studies and other assessment exercises which could result in
projects with a value of up to £5 million. Ensuring that all compliance issues are satisfactorily
addressed and that recommendations for IT developments do not expose the airport to financial loss
or damage to reputation. Ensure that all work done which leads to a recommendation for IT
development considers all of the associated financial aspects such that Return On Investment is
accurate and understood by the business. Ensure that the business understands its obligations with
regard to technology projects and takes the necessary ownership and accountability role.


Possesses a broad knowledge of business and business functions, in one or more business sectors. Has
above average inter-personal skills and is experienced at dealing with clients/users. Shows a
systematic, disciplined and analytical approach to problem solving. Is familiar with the software
engineering life cycle for development and the concepts and practices required to implement effective
information systems.

Is able to recognise potential assignments outside own areas of specialisation and bring to bear
appropriate expertise as necessary.

Demonstrates a strong awareness of the uses of IS within the industry of specialisation and
specifically within competitive or associated organisations operating in the same market.


The postholder will work to assignments as guided by the Business Relationship Manager. They will
have significant authority over their own work and therefore must ensure that it is of the highest
quality such that it would withstand rigorous inspection for accuracy, completeness and ease of

The postholder will also generate their own assignments in support of the technology requirements of
areas of the business with which they deal. This might be initiated by the postholder themselves
where they become aware of an opportunity, or it might be initiated by the business area. The
postholder will respond with early indications of the viability of progressing such initiatives such that
valuable time and money is not utilised in initiatives which are not ultimately viable.

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The job holder will make decisions related to the progress of any project in line with departmental
standards and procedures and any special circumstances that have been established for a given
project. They will not normally exceed these delegated or formal procedures

A major challenge is ensuring that the business users accept responsibility for the initiatives
undertaken and they see the need for compliance with IT Strategy and compliance issues. The
postholder will need to be firm with business users to ensure that essential functionality is the key
driver for any initiatives.

Likewise with the IT provision for any business solutions, the Business Analyst must ensure that cost
effective options focused on business functionality are identified and avoid unnecessary cost or
complexity based upon technology drivers.

The Business Analyst will often find themselves identified as the face of IS and will be targeted with
any criticisms felt within the business. They must act with integrity in such situations, using their
professional judgement to formulate an appropriate response and taking any ancillary action necessary
to deal with the criticism or the source of the criticism.

A major challenge will be to develop and enforce interdepartmental and corporate procedures in order
to make the IS department and the business as a whole operate efficiently.

A key challenge will be to manage change and at the same time build strong, professional
relationships within the IS department, external providers, the business and other organisations
involved in developing airport systems.


All users, at all levels.
All functions within IS and external agencies providing IT resources, at all levels.
Professional bodies, technology suppliers and sources of “best practice” skills and experience.


The job holder will be experienced in all aspects of systems development lifecycles including
traditional “waterfall” approaches and less traditional such as Rapid Applications Development,
Prototyping, Object Orientated Development, etc.

They will be an expert in Business Analysis Techniques such as those which help in modeling and
understanding a business and its operation.
Examples: functional business models, statistical process control, relational data modeling.

They will have a good understanding of Project Planning and Control techniques, such as those
associated with planning and monitoring progress of projects.
Examples: work breakdown structures, critical path analysis, earned value.

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They will have significant experience of carrying out assignments, alone or as part of a team, applying
knowledge, skills, and experience. They will demonstrate an understanding of the issues of interest to
the Airport and propose viable solutions within the scope of own expertise, taking into account the
needs of those affected. They also recognise needs outside own area of knowledge and can calls for,
and work effectively with additional expertise as necessary.

They will be expert in “Business Characteristics” i.e. the functional structure of businesses and other
organisations for which services are provided; their mission, objectives, strategies and critical success
They will have significant experience of Customer Service Techniques, for ensuring that full account
is taken of customers’ real and perceived needs in the delivery of products and services. They will
produce high quality deliverables in terms of both content and presentation. A deliverable may be a
report, a presentation or a reasoned argument, for instance.

The job holder will be proficient in Business Process Improvement Techniques, i.e. techniques for
streamlining business processes which have been modelled and understood.

Keeping overall objectives and strategies in mind, and not being deflected from these when dealing
with matters of detail.
Checking progress against targets, reporting as necessary and taking action to resolve exceptions.

Cross-Functional and Inter-Disciplinary Awareness, understanding the needs, objectives and
constraints of those in other disciplines and functions.

The job holder plans and organises own work accurately. Undertakes assignments in a systematic

The job holder will have excellent communication skills and the ability to gain credibility at all levels
within an organisation. Key business decisions will be taken as a result of the job holder’s
recommendations and it is therefore essential that the communication underpinning these
recommendations be of the highest calibre in terms of accuracy and delivery.

They will be able to influence and persuade others to take a specific course of action when there is no
direct line of command or control, motivating and leading others towards the achievement of goals
and objectives

Understanding and keeping the customer’s or client’s needs continually in mind when taking actions
or making decisions.

The job holder maintains detailed knowledge of current practice within own area of expertise and is
aware of current developments within own area of expertise. Seeks awareness, and in some cases
detailed knowledge, of areas outside own area of expertise as appropriate.

Business and Commercial Knowledge
The job holder will have an understanding of the operations associated with the airport including
regulated and non-regulated aspects of the business.

They will also have a sound understanding of general business skills including budgeting and
financial management, marketing, contract, etc. Keeping commercial aspects continually in mind
when taking actions or making decisions

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