; George Washington Carver George Washington
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George Washington Carver George Washington


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									George Washington

Rebecca Vanecek
George W. Carver learned about his
 mother from his aunt Sue. When he
 grew up she showed him his mothers
 old spinning wheel. He didn’t know
 much about his mom so she wanted
 to show him a little bit about his
 moms past.
When George W. Carver was young he
 loved animals. Since he loved
 animals he had a pet frog. His
 mom/aunt didn’t want the frog
 living inside so he made a little hut
 for the frog to sleep in by the
George W. Carver also loved plants. He
 made a secret garden in the woods
 that no one knew about.
After George W. Carver saw his
 neighbors parlor he was so
 fascinated he became an artist from
 that day until the day he died.
George W. Carver had to sleep in a
 barn over the night. In the morning
 he met a nice lady named Mariah.
 Soon after her and her foster
 parents, Aunt Mariah and Uncle
George W. Carver saw a music teacher
 out his window and started playing
 his accordion. The music teacher
 heard him and shook his head no,
 saying he wasn’t good.
George W. Carver was the last living
 person in his family. After he hadn’t
 heard from his brother for over a
 year, someone had told him he died
 a year before.
When George W. Carver was in his
 early twenties, he wanted to go to
 Highland Collage in Kansas.
When he went to apply, the principal
 asked who he was. After he said who
 he was the principal said African
 American’s were not allowed to
 attend Highland Collage. Carver was
 so mad.
When George W. Carver was singing in
 church the choir leader was
 impressed with George’s singing. She
 invited George over to her house to
 give him more singing lessons. Since
 she loved art, in return, from the
 music lessons, George gave her art

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