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									In the vineyard cycle, timing is everything
Rainfall at two critical times —                                                                  Harvest
too late in the spring, or too early            Flowering, fruit set                              Exact timing depends
in the fall — can be the bane of                Pollinated, fertilized      Fruit ripens          on region and grape
the grape grower.                               flowers become               About 60 days         varietal.
                                                small green berries.        after flowering        Early rains can cause
                 Budbreak                                                   starts, grapes
An               In March, when the             Rain now can cause                                mold and mildew to
                                                flowers to be knocked        are ripening.         attack the vines,
average          weather warms, buds                                        Red grape
year             break open, ready              o or to not pollinate,                            heavy rain or hail can
                                                leading to sparse           varietals begin       damage the grapes.
                 to send out shoots;                                        changing color.
Dormant          small leaves unfurl.           grape clusters later.
 period                                                                                                              period

          (Cool, with occasional rain)         (Dry and warmer)                (Hot and dry)

 Jan.     Feb.       March           April       May       June        July        Aug.        Sept.       Oct.       Nov.

               A cooler-than-normal          Flowering and fruit set          Fruit ripens          Harvest
 This          spring, with rain in          The spring’s cool, cloudy        Grapes are likely     Some grapes may
 year          March, was followed by
               a short period of hot
                                             weather gave the vines           to be less ripe       be harvested early;
               weather — then more           a late start, so the June        before the warm       grapes left to ripen
               rain in May and June.         rains didn’t hurt. Flowering     summer days           longer are at risk of
                                             has just begun, and the          dwindle.              damage from early
                                             fruit set is still to come.                            fall rains.
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