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Plasma Display Panel - Patent 7931948


This application is the U.S. National Phase under 35 U.S.C. .sctn.371 of International Application No. PCT/JP2006/319465, filed on Sep. 29, 2006, which in turn claims the benefit of Japanese Application No. 2005-289789, filed on Oct. 3, 2005,the disclosures of which Applications are incorporated by reference herein.TECHNICAL FIELD The present invention relates to a plasma display panel used in a display device.BACKGROUND ART Plasma display panels (hereinafter referred to as "PDPs") allow definition and screen size to be increased, so that 65-inch class televisions (TVs) have been commercialized. A PDP is basically formed of a front plate and a back plate. The front plate has the following elements: a glass substrate made of sodium borosilicate glass using a float method; a display electrode that is formed on a main face of the glasssubstrate and includes a stripe-like transparent electrode and a bus electrode; a dielectric layer that covers the display electrode and serves as a capacitor; and a protective layer that is formed on the dielectric layer and is made of magnesium oxide(MgO). While, the back plate has the following elements: a glass substrate; a stripe-like address electrode formed on a main face of the glass substrate; a base dielectric layer for covering the address electrode; barrier ribs formed on the basedielectric layer; and phosphor layers that are formed between the barrier ribs and emit red light, green light, and blue light, respectively. The front plate and back plate are stuck to each other while the sides having an electrode are faced to each other, and the periphery of them is air-tightly sealed with a sealing material. Discharge space partitioned by the barrier ribs isfilled with discharge gas of Ne--Xe at a pressure of 400 to 600 Torr. In the PDP, a video signal voltage is selectively applied to the display electrode to cause discharge, ultraviolet rays that are generated by the discharge excite respective phosphorlayers to emit red

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