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Slide 1 - South Carolina Resources


									 My Favorite Web 2.0
 Tools and Websites
Mary M. Silgals, MLIS, M. Ed. in Technology

  SCISA Teachers’ Meeting
    November 6, 2009
Yes, independent schools are eligible
Username: Password: are available
 once you register with discus
ETV Streamline – Free!:
       BrainPop – Subscription based
•Short videos that explain basic
math, science, English, and
more concepts
•BrainPop Jr.
•BrainPop Espanol
•Activities and Quizzes
• Calendar -
• Graphic organizers -
BrainPop, Brainpop, Jr., Espanol
          Quia – Subscription based

•   Flashcards
•   Multiple choice tests
•   Surveys
•   Shared Activities
•   Create your own activities
    –   Match games
    –   Concentration
    –   Word Search
    –   Many more
          Survey Monkey
             Photo Sharing
• Picasa -
  – Embed on websites
• Flickr -
   Trident Academy Library Grid
Home of Superman
  Metropolis, IL
                RubiStar – Free!

•   Rubric generator
•   Drop down choices
•   Variety of subject areas
•   Short registration
• Visuwords -
   Newspaper Article Generator –
Big John
     Make Believe

  Teachers’ Resources and Writers’ Prompts
        Big Huge Labs – Free!
• Fun stuff to do with
  your photos
• Badge Maker
• Motivational Posters
• Magazine Covers
• Jigsaw Puzzles
• Calendars
• Trading cards
• Much more
       Poster Generator – Free!
• Order printed
• Or save as jpg
  and print yourself
          Flash Card Machine
• Share address with your students
• Integration with iStudyToGo for studying cards
  on the iPod – Application $14.99-$19.99
• Database of cards already created
• Can add photos to cards
• Free
Whitehaven – 1860 – My old KY home
          Imagination Cubed
•   Use on Smartboard
•   Records Steps
•   Can Email
•   Can save file
      National Library of Virtual
• Oldie but goodie
•   Google Docs – Share with a group
•   Embed on iGoogle (more later)
•   Templates available
•   Send back and forth with revisions
• Free and Upgrades
             Open Office
• Free!
• Own versions: Write (Word), Database
  and Calc (Excel), Math, Draw, Impress
• Pageflakes
• iGoogle
• SpringPad -
• EverNotes -
         Social Bookmarks
• - Delicious
• StickyNotes - http://www.sticky-
  – Basic notes free, upgrades available at
    subscription cost (forward notes, etc.)
• Free Register
• Download toolbar
• Allows you to highlight text on page
• Allows you to create sticky notes on page
• Allows you to create folder to save notes in
• Allows you to share by email/permalink/twitter
• Saves links and notes on webpage to reopen
• Will tell you if any changes have been made since
  last accessed
• PDF uploads for annotating
                      Cam Studio
• Record your
  desktop actions
  and create an
  video or tutorial
• Free shareware
• http://camstudio.
       Blogging sites – Free!
• Possibilities for creating student/teacher
  – Edublogs
  – Blogster
  – Ning
  – Tumblr
     English Companion Ning
• Conversations with other English
  professionals via Ninging
• Topics vary from literature to technology to
  classroom instructional tips, etc.
• Use
  – create your own magazines and eBooks.
  – select content from blogs, Atom/RSS feeds and other
  – reformats the content into a printable
    PDF and an eBook for use with the Amazon Kindle
    and other eBook readers.
  – Read your zine during your commute, in the park or
    your favorite coffee shop.
  – e-mail it to your friends or just let them subscribe to
    your zine feed on
Where are blogs of interest?
Google Blog Search – Drop Down menu – Free with application
• Downloadable books which come with free
  text reading software – Don Johnson
• Must apply with a reading based learning
                  Many Eyes

• Free data visualization tool
• View, create and share any
  type of data
• 16 ways to present data
  including bar charts, diagrams,
  and word clouds
• Can comment on data
     Audacity – Free Download
• Free download/simple to use and edit
• Can be used with Photostory or Movie
             Guitar Website

  – Guitar Scales
  – Guitar Tuner
  – Guitar Chords

  Jam session – Free!

• Video maker
• Upload photos
• Select music
• Caption photos/Add text
• Program animates the photos itself
• Play from website or receive an email of
             Voice Thread
 Pulse Pens – Not free, but a great
     assistive technology tool

• Software
• Pen 1G = $149.00
  at Target
• Great for students
  entering college
            Adobe Reader 9.0
•   Easy way to have text read to students.
•   Scan documents or
•   Convert documents
•   Let the Read Out Loud software read the pdf.
•   Free Download!
    Where do I keep my stuff?
Many more links to excellent websites/tools:
See other presentation handouts on Reluctant
Readers and Assistive technology at this URL

   Smartboard links Excel sheet:

Library Website with links:
                  Need help?
• Contact information:
  –   Mary M. Silgals
  –   Trident Academy
  –   843-884-7046 ext 25
             New Technologies:
             Whatever makes the
             workload lighter….

• URL on the back of my
• http://marysilgals.tripod.

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