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									                                                                                                         Zebulon Baird Vance
                                                                                                         Birthplace State Historic
          Corn Crib
                                                                                                          O U T B UILDING
The Corn Crib was used for storing
corn. This building, like the smoke
                                                                Slave Cabin
                                                                                                          I NFO RMATION
house, has puncheon boards in it’s
floor. The shed attached to the corn                                                                      & H ISTORY
crib was used as a storage place for
                                         In 1811, David Vance, Sr. had seventeen slaves and they
a wagon or buggy.
                                         were thought to have lived in three cabins much like this
                                         one. We believe that they were originally located where
                                         the White Church is across the street. This particular cabin
                                         was moved here from Swannanoa. The cabin originally
                                         stood on the farm of Robert Patton, one of the first settlers
                                         to settle in the Swannanoa Valley. The cabin served as the
                                         first home for his family. Later, he built a two story cabin
      The Spring House                   for himself and used this cabin as a slave cabin. Although
The spring house has been recon-         the cabin is furnished on a smaller scale that the Vance
structed over the spring that the        house, there are two items in this cabin that are not in the
Vances used while living here. The       Vance’s home. One is a grease gourd that could be used
water from the spring was used by        to store animal grease, and the other is the large laundry
the family for cooking, drinking, and    basket.
cleaning. Water would be carried to
the house in wooden buckets. The
pipe is used to direct the flow of the
spring into the springhouse where
the water flows through a trough.
Into this trough crocks of milk, but-
ter, and other foods could be placed
                                                                                                               Zebulon B. Vance Birthplace State Historic Site
so that the could water would keep                                                                             911 Reems Creek Rd.
those items cool.                                                                                              Weaverville, North Carolina 28787
                                                                                                               (828) 645-6706
Located behind the house are six outbuildings.
Theses buildings are not original to the site, but
are buildings that represent some of the types of
buildings that the Vance's Did have on their farm.
Several of these buildings are old buildings that
were moved here from other locations. Of the six
outbuildings, only the springhouse has been re-
constructed on an original site.

                  Tool Shed                                              Loom House                                        Smoke House

                                                     Located beside the tool house is the loom house.        Behind the loom house is the smoke house.
                                                     This building contains many of the items which
                                                                                                             The building, along with the corn crib was
                                                     were used in the process of spinning and weaving
                                                                                                             moved here from the community of Bee Log.
                                                     natural fibers. Two items in this building are origi-
                                                                                                             This building has puncheon floors in it. Pun-
                                                     nal Vance family pieces. The large spinning wheel,      cheon flooring is made up of logs that are
                                                     or walking wheel, belonged to the Vance's along         split and then smoothed with an adze. Inside
  The building that is used as a tool house          with the yarn reel, or weasel. On the wall behind
                                                                                                             the building are the meat benches (also
  was originally moved here from the                 the yarn reel are the warping bars. Warping bars
                                                                                                             called salt benches) upon which meat is laid
  Johanna Fox Property located in the com-           are used to measure the appropriate amount of
                                                                                                             for salting. Also, in the corner there is a large
  munity of Juniper. Originally this building        warp, or thread, for specific projects on the loom.
                                                                                                             wooden sausage stuffer (also called a sau-
  was designed to be a smoke house, but it           The loom was used to weave much of the cloth            sage press). Notice where the salt has pene-
  is used here as a tool house. Stored in the        used by the family. The loom came to the site           trated the outside of some of the logs and
  tool house is a handmade carpenter’s               from Pearl Weaver, who purchased the loom in
                                                                                                             provided the farm animals with a salt lick.
  bench with wooden vises. Also, in the              1917 for the University of North Carolina at
  building are many types of handmade tools          Chapel hill. Before it was at UNCA, the loom was
  such as: the broad axe, used for hewing            used in the Watauga region of the state, where it
  logs; a froe, splitting shingles; and a shave      was made around two hundred years ago.
  horse, which was used along with the draw
                                                     Other items in the loom house include the wool
  knife for shaping wood. Other tools stored
                                                     cards, the flax hackles, the small spinning wheel,
  in the building are the cooper’s adze, the
                                                     the swift, and the table loom.
  scorps, the brick molds, the hay racks, the
  augers, the calipers, a plow, and a bow

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