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									                 CREATING A FORM WITH A TEMPLATE
                        IN ADOBE DESIGNER
In Acrobat 7.0, a big change is the addition of Designer (Windows only—not available in
the Macintosh version). With Designer, you can create forms from scratch or from a
template. You can also add interactivity to existing documents of various formats.

To access Designer,
locate the Forms
command at the right
of the menubar. To
sample the procedure,
click Create New Form
| Based on a Template
| Conference

Study the return
options carefully;
select the first.

In the next dialog box,
enter your email

                                                                        Maximize the Designer
                                                                        window and look over
                                                                        the setup.

                                                                        Close Designer and re-
                                                                        open it. Select one of
                                                                        the import options and
                                                                        explore the way
                                                                        Designer handles the

Look at the sample form, Podunk School District Picnic Survey, and try to replicate it in
Designer. Use the blank forms option.
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