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					                                                         Acknowledgement of Responsibility for
                                                                    F-1 Students
                           Please read the following information for maintaining your legal nonimmigrant status, then sign below
                                      acknowledging that you have been informed and understand these requirements.

1.   Role of International Services. We provide you with information and             7.   Employment. Students in F-1 immigration status must have
     advice to assist you in maintaining your lawful immigration status in the            appropriate approval for off-campus employment in advance
     United States. You may consult with an International Student                         from International Services and USCIS. Mandatory employment
     Adviser when you have a question about your immigration status.                      workshops are offered throughout the year for students seeking
     Additional information can be found at or                              this benefit. On-campus employment is limited to 20 hours per                                                    week for all employment types combined. Working without
                                                                                          employment authorization or exceeding the number of hours
2.   Limitations of International Services. While we do our best to                       allowed will result is loss of immigration status.
     educate you, we are not employees of the Department of Homeland
     Security, nor attorneys specializing in immigration law. You may consult        8.   Valid Passport. International students must maintain a valid
     an immigration official or attorney for additional advice.                           passport while in the US. Passport renewals need to be
                                                                                          requested from your embassy at least 6 months prior to the
3.   Student Responsibility for Compliance with Federal Laws and                          expiration date or during travel to your home country. Please
     Regulations and Legal Status. You are responsible for: (a) complying                 furnish International Services a copy of your new passport data
     with all laws and regulations of the U.S. federal government, (b)                    prior to the expiration of your current passport.
     understanding and following policies and procedures set forth by Stony
     Brook University, and (c) ensuring that all necessary documents are             9.   Nonimmigrant F-1 Visa. The visa is an entry document to the
     forwarded to the appropriate authorities in a timely manner. Pursuant to             US. F-1 visas do not need to be current while in the US.
     the Illegal Immigration Reform and Immigration Responsibility Act,                   However, it must be current for any future reentry into the US.
     Public Law 104-208, September 30, 1996, it is your responsibility to                 Please consult with an International Student Adviser regarding
     maintain your U.S. immigration status, not the University or its                     eligibility for „automatic revalidation‟ for short visits to Canada,
     employees. Students needing Reinstatement to F-1 status should contact               Mexico, and contiguous Caribbean countries.
     their International Student Adviser for eligibility information.
                                                                                     10. Form I-94. D/S or “duration of status” should be indicated on
4.   University Reporting Requirements to SEVIS.                                         the Form I-94, “arrival/departure” record. This small, white card
          US law requires address change notification within 10 days.                   indicates the period of enrollment for full time studies and any
           To make this notification, update the local address type in                   period of USCIS authorized Practical Training, plus 60 days to
           SOLAR. This is the address we report to SEVIS.                                depart the US after completion of program. Students authorized
          Change of name, change in foreign address or removing                         in SEVIS by International Services for early withdrawal are
           your dependent from your SEVIS record requires that you                       granted 15 days to depart the U.S. Students terminated for status
           report this change to International Services within 10 days.                  violation must depart immediately. If your Form I-94 or I-20
          We are required to report registration data to SEVIS for all                  indicates an expiration date instead of D/S, see your
           students within 15 days from the first day of classes. Any student            International Student Adviser immediately.
           who has not been approved for part-time enrollment will also
           have that information reported in SEVIS as a violation of status.         11. Travel. If you intend to depart the U.S. and return to resume
          Change of majors, secondary majors and/or minors must be                      your program, you must obtain a travel signature on page 3
           reported to International Services within 10 days, and a new                  of your Form I-20 to be granted reentry. Students
           Form I-20 issued.                                                             participating in authorized study abroad programs or graduate
          Changes in academic level must be completed before the start of               research abroad must obtain advanced approval from
           term, including the issuance of a new Form I-20.                              International Services and International Academic Programs.
          Students are required to obtain authorization from International
           Services prior to officially withdrawing from the University.             12. Transfer. Students transferring to another school must
           Failure to obtain authorization eliminates the grace period to                coordinate between the selected school and Stony Brook
           legally remain inside the U.S.A. from 15 days to 0.                           University prior to transfer. International students wishing to
                                                                                         transfer to another school must complete an application and
5.   Full-time Enrollment. Undergraduate students and Graduate students                  meet with their International Student Adviser.
     in G1 or G3 status must complete a minimum of 12 credits per semester.
     Graduate students in G2, G4, or G5 status must complete 9 credits per           13. Health Insurance Coverage. New York State requires that all
     semester. Graduate students must get approval to take courses outside               international students and their dependents to enroll in the
     their department, and may not use undergraduate courses towards their               mandatory SUNY policy while they are enrolled at Stony Brook
     full course of study. Summer enrollment is normally not required for F-1            University or participating in OPT. You are responsible for
     students. Only students who have applied for and received authorization             continuously maintaining coverage for you and your dependents,
     for part-time enrollment are exempt from full time course loads.                    including insurance for medical evacuation and repatriation.
     Authorization for a reduced course load comes from your International
     Student Adviser only, and must be recorded in SEVIS.                            14. Taxes. All international students are required to file a federal
                                                                                         income tax return for each calendar year they are in the US, even
6.   Program Completion. Item 5 of the SEVIS Form I-20 contains the                      when they earn no income. State tax filing may also be required.
     expected program completion date. Students are responsible for
     obtaining any necessary extensions of program through International             15. Processing Student Requests. Due to the high volume of
     Services at least 30 days prior to this date. Degree completion is based            student requests, there is a two week processing time. Please plan
     on the completion of course requirements, not the graduation date.                  even further in advance during busy times of the year.

With my signature, I verify that I have read this document and understand its content. In addition, I understand that this is just an overview
of some of the requirements for maintaining my F-1 status. I also understand that my immigration status is my own responsibility and
      requirements, my status or Stony Brook University policy is a “reportable event” under federal SEVIS regulations and will result in
failure to maintainnot the graduation date.
termination of my F program.

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