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					Change color on graphic in PowerPoint.

I have a PowerPoint slide that contains a spinning wheel. Clicking on t he “spin” button at
the center causes the wheel to spin. Clicking again causes it to stop. This is used for game
playing in educational classroom activities.

The wheel is divided into 6 slices, each a different color with corresponding number. The
image is not editable via ppt. I need someone to change the color of the slices to match my
key. Attached / Below you will find an image of the current wheel and the colors I want the
slices changed to.

I think this is a simple VB change so should not take long for someone with VB talent.

                                              1.   -   Yellow
                                              2.   -   Purple
                                              3.   -   Orange
                                              4.   -   Light Blue
                                              5.   -   Green
                                              6.   -   Red

Once you have been selected, you will receive the ppt file and 10% payment to get started.
The remainder to be paid upon completion.