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									                         ~Gemini Fibres Workshop Schedule Spring 2011 ~
                 5062 Mount Albert Road, Mount Albert ON L0G 1M0 1-800-564-9665

All Workshops are held at Gemini Fibres. Registration is limited - Reserve your spot by calling or emailing with your
mastercard or visa. Refunds will be given only in the event of class cancellation.
Bonus: Workshop participants will enjoy a 10% discount on in-stock purchases made the day of the workshop.

     Beginning Spindle Spinning                Introduction to Spinning Cotton             Beginning Spinning on the Wheel
         with Wendy Whelan                               on the Wheel                              with Wendy Whelan
We live in a modern, high-tech world                  with Wendy Whelan                  Begin spinning your own yarn. These
but a growing number of people are          Spend the day learning to spin this          topics & more will be covered: know
learning the ancient art of spindle         amazing fibre. We will explore               your wheel, prepare it for spinning;
spinning. Why? Spindle spinning is          preparation     methods,     such      as    drafting techniques using prepared
affordable, portable & fun, especially      preparing cotton bolls, making punis,        sliver; controlling twist; a simple hand
when learning on the quality, well-         using commercial roving. Different           plyback technique for sampling will
balanced Forrester spindles. Wendy          drafting styles will be discussed, as        be taught, and plying from two
will guide you through the process of       well as blending techniques with other       bobbins; yarn consistency; making
making yarn & discuss the history of        fibres,    plying    techniques. This        skeins, washing & blocking.
spindles. No experience is required.        course requires spinning experience.         Dates: Saturday, April 9th
Dates: Sunday, April 10th                   Bring your wheel and the smallest            OR        Sunday, May 29th
OR       Saturday, May 7th                  whorl you have as well as Cotton or          Time: 9:30 a.m. – 3:00 p.m.
Time: 9:30 a.m. – 3:00 p.m.                 Louet extra-fine hand carders if you         Bring: Lunch. Spinning wheel,
Bring: Lunch                                have them. Some carders will be              apron, wheel oil, extra bobbins
Fee:     $60.00 (plus HST)                  available for use in class. There will       Fee:      $60.00 (plus HST)
Materials & use of spindle included.        be a small materials fee in addition to                Materials included
                                            the course fee.                              If you don’t have a wheel, let us know
                                            Date: Saturday, May 28th                     and you can borrow one for the day.
                                            Time: 9:30a.m. to 3:00p.m.
                                            Fee:     $60.00 (+ HST) Materials extra      Spinning Wheel – Beyond the Basics
                                            Bring: Lunch. Spinning wheel,                          with Wendy Whelan
                                            spindle, carders and other related           You can make a continuous thread,
                                            equipment.                                   but you’d like more out of your
                                            Prerequisite: Spinning experience            spinning? Spend a day and explore
                                                                                         techniques and tips to make a more
                                                                                         consistent yarn. Learn the skills you
                                                                                         need to make your wheel work for
                                                                                         you. Controlling twist, understanding
                                                       “Spin-in” Event                   grist of yarn, use of the McMorran
     Spindling - The Next Level
                                            Come and spend the day spinning and          balance and different drafting styles
         with Wendy Whelan
                                            chatting with other spinners, sharing        and plying techniques will be covered.
If you enjoyed learning to use the
                                            ideas and techniques. There is no            Spinning for end use will also be
incredibly productive high whorl
                                            charge to participate but a call to let us   addressed. This class is suitable for
spindle, let's take it to the next level.
                                            know you’ll be attending is                  anyone with some spinning experience
We'll explore how to get more out of
                                            appreciated. Bring your wheel or             or as a refresher course.
your spindle spinning, different plying
                                            spindle and other equipment as
techniques,      tools    available   to                                                 Date: Saturday, June 18th
                                            desired. Don’t forget a lunch.
spindlers, tips & tricks to expand your                                                  Time: 9:30a.m. - 2:30p.m.
enjoyment of this portable spinning         Date: Sunday, June 26th                      Bring: Lunch. Spinning wheel,
method. Planning a spindle project &        Time: 10:00 a.m. – 2:00 p.m.                           carders & related equipment.
working with handpainted commercial         Bring: Lunch, & spinning equipment           Fee:      $60.00 (+ HST) Materials extra
roving will be discussed. High whorl
spindle spinning experience required.
Forrester spindles will be available for
class use, or you may bring your own                                                                              Kromski
high whorl spindle to use.                                                                                     Fantasia Wheel
Date: Saturday, June 25th
Time: 9:30a.m. - 3:00p.m.
Bring: Lunch. Spindle & equipment.
Fee:     $60.00 (+ HST)
         Materials included                                                                                   See over for more
Prerequisite: Spindling experience                                                                               workshops…..
    Carding, Combing & Colour                    Introduction to Wet-Felting
          with Wendy Whelan                           with Jane Altobelli
Spend a day learning the proper use of      Learn the basics of wet-felting while
handcarders and handheld combs              creating an ornamental cuff and a
while you create a 12-step colour           unique tapestry which can later be
wheel. We’ll explore colour blending        embellished or hand or machine
using 3 primary colours of Corriedale       embroidered and beaded. The cuff will
Top. Correct carding & combing              be made in the morning to teach you
techniques will add dimension to your       the basics of wet felting and in the
spinning while you gain experience in       afternoon we will tackle a small
how colours interact.         Use your      tapestry using the skills learned in the
imagination to build your own fibre         morning. Felt comes to life when it is
colour palette without the use of dyes.     embellished with embroidery thread
If you have carders and/or mini combs       and glass beads. The tapestry does not     Enjoy a day at Gemini Fibres in a
bring them with you. There will be          have to be a "picture", just colours and   beautiful rural setting while
some equipment available for class          shapes that appeal to you. Felt is an      expanding your knowledge.
use. Some spinning experience would         exciting medium to work with and you
be helpful, but this is primarily a fibre   will discover that it has no limits for    Gemini Fibres is located at 5062
preparation class. Students will have a     your creativity.                           Mount Albert Road just outside of
choice of warm (painters) or cool                                                      the town of Mount Albert.
(printers) palette in which to work.        Date: Sunday, June 5th
                                            Time: 9:30am - 3:00pm                      First driveway west of Highway #48
Dates:   Sunday, March 27th                 Bring: Lunch, large fancy button,          on Mount Albert Road (York Road
OR       Saturday, June 4th                        glass beads, photographs for        #13) / north/east of Newmarket.
Time:    9:30 a.m. – 3:00 p.m.                     inspiration, two large towels
Bring:   hand carders and/or combs (if             and a hand towel                    NOTE:       Stuff happens and
         have), Lunch                       Fee:   $60.00(+HST) Materials extra        things change. We know that
Fee:     $60.00(+HST) Materials extra
                                                                                       many customers travel a
                                                                                       distance to visit our shop. If
                                                                                       you’re planning a “road trip”
                                                                                       outside of our regular Monday
                                                                                       to Thursday Shop Hours, please
                                                                                       call to be sure we will be here
                                                                                       for you. Thanks!

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