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					   A TPI or Third Party Intermediary

Is a web site that is dedicated to selling hotel
rooms to consumers

One of the biggest in Australia is:
             Why do we use TPI’S

TPI’S help us sell our hotels distressed stock or all of the rooms
that we need to sell last Min . Because we have not been able to sell
Then thru our other channels eg: Trade, Direct or Wholesale ect….
             Our Job..

Is to make sure that to make sure that we load property
Inventory and product information correctly. One of the ways in
which we do this is thru :
Is a tool that allow’s us to update many websites at the same time. Which in
Turn makes sure that we always have the right information and rate
On all websites at the same time. Below is a just a few of the website
that we as a company use.
How Much do they Charge?
TPI sites charge us the Hotels between 10% to 20% for each booking


           If one Guest Spends $100 on a booking we would receive

           $80 to $90 Dollars they would keep $10 to $20 per booking
Guest wishing to use a TPI Site are usually required to pay for
there room at time of booking and its good to remember there
are usually penalties charged should they wish to amend or
cancel there booking. So make sure if dealing with the guest after the
booking has dropped into our system who’s term and condition applies for a
Idea’s on How to optimize
       TPI Revenue

1. Make sure that you always have the right rate on all sites
2. Make sure you check you that you rooms are open (90 day) report
Any questions ?
Sorry can’t hear you because of the music

Thanks for your time…

Because as the Music say “ If you don’t have the money
take your Broke ass Home”

You want be staying with us and this is what you will be missing out on……..

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