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					                                                                                          D P 2

                       I N V I T AT I O N       T O     T E N D E R    F O R M

1.     Schedule to Tender No. 1090033/B-1012/310879 dated 30-05-2011.This tender will
be closed for acceptance at 1030 Hours and will be opened at 1100 Hours on
15-06- 2011. Please drop tender in the Tender Box No. 107.

2. You are requested to please use this Performa for price quotation, fill in the prices, affix
your stamp on the same, sign it and forward it in original as your Commercial offer along with
the covering letter of your firm. If you do not use this form as price quotations your offer might
be rejected.

3. Please tick the prescribed IT instructions and confirm complied or not complied in the
column given in front of each instruction.

4. You are requested not to use ink of any colour other than black and there should be no
writing / overwriting except in the column / columns specified for that purpose.

5. Any overwriting will render your offer liable for rejection.

6. You are requested to please attach DP-3 along with your quotation duly signed &
stamped. A copy of DP-3 form is enclosed.

 S. NO             DETAIL OF STORES                   QTY/ UNIT         UNIT         TOTAL
                                                                       PRICE         PRICE
            PATT NO 5845-71-508-0639
                                                         01 Set
1.                                                  (Comprising of
            Heave Compensator                       all accessories)

            01 x Heave Compensator/Motion
            Sensor capable of providing real
            time highly accurate roll, pitch
            and heave measurements with
            extremely high reliability both
            during turns and accelerations
            for the purpose of motion
            compensation of Single and
            Multibeam echo sounders.

            The system should have following
            general specifications:

            a. The system should be able to
            use on board survey boats and
            survey ship in rough sea

            b. High accuracy roll, pitch and
            heave measurements during tight
            turns                        and

c.   Negligible drift in heave after
vessel turns

d. Compact, lightweight and quick
to install

e.       No limitation in mounting

f. Lever arm compensation when
mounted off the vessel CG (centre
of gravity)

g. System‟s data out must be
able to integrate with hydrographic
softwares like HydroPro, Hypack
Survey, Hysweep and 6042
(Reson MBES data collection

h.   System should be able to
provide   direct    heave/motion
compensation feed to Odom Echo
Track Mark 3 and Deso 30
Echosounders and Reson Seabat
8101 processor.
j.    System should be able to
perform the self calibration and the
methodology to conduct the same
must be clearly defined in the
appropriate manual.

k. 01 year warranty period from
the date of acceptance of the

l.    Should conform to the detailed
technical specifications as mentioned in
Annex A.

Technical Specifications: As per
Annex „A

General Requirements/
Conditions As per Annex „B‟

1. Item Seventeen only
2. Item to be ensured
3. N. B. marking of store.

4      The firms must submit technical offers in duplicate (one for TSR committee and
      one for DP (Navy)). Each copy of offer should contain complete documents.

5. The firm is to submit clear compliance of all tender conditions and specifications of
stores / services contained in the tender documents.

6.    Unregistered (Not registered with Directorate General Defense Purchase) firms must
provide the documentary evidence of their financial capability to undertake the project.

7. Unregistered firms are to submit a certificate along with their Technical offer stating that
the firm is not black listed by any government organization and not under disciplinary trial or

8.    In case of Pakistani firms, sales tax and income tax registration certificates are to be
attached with the offer.

9.       Company registration certificates are to be attached with offer.

10.      03 copies of treasury challan are to be attached with the Technical offer.

11.   Requisite amount of earnest money (in shape of Bank Draft) is to be attached in
separate envelop in sealed condition with the Commercial offer.

12.      Duly completed Form DP-1 and DP-3 are to be attached with Technical offer.

Note: In case of failure to comply with any condition, offer may liable for rejection.

S.NO CONDITION                                                               FIRM’S
01        Basis for Acceptance:

          FOB Karachi
02        Quantity/Requirement:

          Quantity of store can be increased/ decreased as per
          requirement / discretion of purchaser.

03        Country of Origin:

          Imported/indigenous (Firm must specify one country of origin)

04        Inspection Authority

          Joint inspection is to be carried out by HPN, NSD, SV BEHR
          PAIMA and CINS Karachi
05   Delivery Period

     06 Months after contract signing
06   Earnest Money

     Firms Registered / Indexed : 02 % of quoted value.

     Firms Registered But Un-Indexed : 03 % of quoted value.

     Firms Un-Registered / Un-Indexed : 05 % of quoted value.
07   Validity of Offer

     90 t0 120 days
08   TSR (Technical Scrutiny)

09   Tender Nature

     Open Tender Basis.
10   Terms of Payment

     70% Payment on
         a. Receipt of all materials, documents, procedures etc as
            per contract
         b. Satisfactory acceptance by JIC (Joint Inspection

     30 % Payment on
         a. Successful commissioning
         b. Trials/ Acceptance of the equipment by OEM/firm to the
            satisfaction of the end user
         c. Issuance of CVR

12   Marking

     Marking of stores in accordance with Spec/Misc/NS/002/80.
13   Currency of Contract

     All participating firms are to quote in US$.
14   Following documents are also required

     Original quotation/proforma invoice and in case of bulk
     proforma invoice, a certificate that prices indicated in the bulk
     proforma invoice have not been decreased since the date of
     bulk proforma. Invoice form the manufacturers. "suppliers" must
     be attached in support of the prices quoted. only one rate will
     be quoted for entire quantity, item wise.

17   Each and every clause of the tender documents is to be
     addressed. No clause/ column of the tender document should
     be un addressed. Furthermore, the specifications and IT
     conditions are to be confirmed in technical offer in total for
18   Lab testing charges, if arranged out of service facility, will be
     borne by the supplier.
19   Certificate of Conformance by OEM

     The contracting firm is to provide OEM conformance certificate
     to CINS through respective ADsP/DAs or it is to be e-mailed to
     CINS directly by OEM. Hard copy of conformance certificate
     must follow, in any case, through DHL courier. On receipt, PN
     can approach the OEM to confirm whether an OEM
     conformance certificate has been issued by them.
     Companies/firms rendering false OEM conformance certificate
     will be black listed.
20   Compensation on breach of contract

     If the contractor fails to supply of contracted stores or contract is
     cancelled either on RE or without RE or contract become
     ineffective due to default of supplier / seller or stores /
     equipment declared defective and caused loss to the
     Government, contractor shall be liable to pay to the
     Government compensation for loss or inconvenience resulting
     for his default or from the rescission of his contract when such
     default or rescission take place such compensation will be in
     excess to the RE amount, if imposed by the competent
     authority. Compensation amount in terms of money will be
     decided by the purchase officer and will be deposited by
     contractor / seller in Government treasury in the currency of
21   Performance Bank Guarantee

     Successful registered bidder is to submit unconditional
     performance bond in shape of bank guarantee equal to 05% of
     contracted value .within 30 days after signing of contract. For
     successful unregistered bidder the said amount is 10% of
     contract value. The performance bond is to remain valid till the
     completion of Warranty Period.
                                                      Annex ‘A’ of
                                                      Tender No. 1090033/R-1102/310879
                                                      Dated        January 2011

S No   Questionnaire                                OEM Reply    Technical explanation to
                                                                 Substantiate   /    OEM
1.     Total Weight of the system                   Kgs          -

2      Total Dimensions                             Length x     -
                                                    Breadth x
                                                    Height x
3      Maximum area of space that is required for Length x       -
       installation onboard survey boat             Breadth x
                                                    Height x
4      Digital data output is through which type of RS 232/USB
       port?                                               2.0
5      Velocity input Packet formats
6      Heading input Packet formats
7      Can it be integrated with Hypack 2010 and Yes/No
       Hydropro Navigation software
8      Will Supplier/OEM Be Responsible For Set Yes/No
       To     Work.     Installation,   Calibration,
       Integration           With          Existing
       (Hypack/Hysweep 2010 And Hydropro)
       hydrographic softwares and trails as per
       satisfaction of PN.
9      Will Supplier/OEM be responsible for Yes/No
       integration with existing Single Beam
       (Deso 30, Odom Echotrac Mk-3) and
       Multibeam      Echo     Sounders     (Reson
10     What is the latency in the data output.
11     How the Heave/motion sensor time is
       calibrated w.r.t. GPS time?
12     How the time stamping of data output is
13     What are sea state limitations in the
       system operation?
14     What are power supply and consumption
       requirement for different parts of system.
                                                      Annex ‘B’ of
                                                      Tender No. 1090033/R-1102/310879
                                                      Dated        January 2011



1.     Genuine OEM parts are acceptable only. OEM certificate of conformity is to be
provided at the time of delivery of stores. Non-genuine replacement / parts / spares are not
acceptable. Certificate of Internationally accepted quality assurance standard are to be
forwarded by the manufacturer.


2.       Appropriate dedicated free of cost training by OEM on equipment operation, safeties,
theory of operation / software and appropriate maintenance, at the time of commissioning /
trials. The offer must include following main features:

      a.    02 DAYS System Operator training for 3 – 4 operators at Karachi, Pakistan.
      b.    System maintainers training for 3 – 4 maintainers for onboard / depot level
      maintenance (as applicable) for technical officer / technicians at Karachi, Pakistan.

3.      The Maintainer / Operator training should be such that the trainees are able to attain
the following standards:

      a.     All training mentioned at Para. 2 a & b must be complemented with requisite
      practical „ON JOB‟ training.
      b.     Supplier is to provide complete details of the syllabi for the categories of
      training stated in Para. 2 a & b to the buyer for agreement.
      c.     On completion of the operator training; the trainees should be able to integrate
      and use the system with hydrographic software (Hypack 2010 and Hydro Pro) and
      single beam echo sounders (Deso 30 and ODOM Echotrac MK 3).
      d.      On completion of training for onboard maintainers; the trainees should be able
      to carry out all maintenance routines, fault diagnoses upto onboard / intermediate
      level, as applicable.
      e.    The seller will provide all the training material including course notes / handouts
      and practical on job training.
      f.     The Maintainer / Operator training should be comprising of classroom
      instructions as well as practical/on job training.


4.    The OEM will provide the services of its own qualified engineers and technicians to
undertake all activities mentioned below with the assistance of Pakistan Navy. These
services will be for the duration till all the activities defined below are accomplished to the
entire satisfaction of PN.

       a.     Installation of the equipment alongwith all the accessories/ancillaries on board
       survey boat in Pakistan including the feasibility study, design and interfacing, as

       b.   Integration with hydrographic software (Hypack 2010 and Hydro Pro) and single
       beam echo sounders (Deso 30 and ODOM Echotrac MK 3).
       c.     Seller will be responsible for Installation, Set to Work (STW), Post Installation
       Tests/trials, Harbour Acceptance Trials (HATs) and Sea Acceptance Trials (SATs) on
       survey boat in Pakistan.

5.     System Updation. 01 year system updation / services / software (as applicable) are
to be provided by the manufacturer. Last and expected up-gradation of the system / software
(as applicable) is to be clearly stated by manufacturers at the time of tendering / forwarding

6.     Software Support. Backups of all software programmes including operating software
/ firmware (as applicable) software and requisite procedure (s) are to be provided.

7.     Interfacing / Installation. The Supplier / OEM is to initiate correspondence with the
users soon after the contract to finalize / work out all installation / interfacing of Heave sensor
with the existing softwares (Hypack/Hyswwep 2010 and Hydro Pro) and single beam echo
sounders (Deso 30 and ODOM Echotrac MK 3), Reson Multibeam echo sounder as
applicable. The equipment is only to be shipped upon confirmation by the /OEM that all
associated issues / user requirement are adequately met.

8.     System Maintenance.          Supplier/OEM is to forwarded the list of special tools and
test equipment and to indicate the levels of maintenance of the equipment, Technical
publications / number and qualification of personnel required for each level, Maintenance
frequency requirement at each level, and Facilities required for each level of maintenance (as
applicable) for further evaluation by PN

9.    Installation Material.    All requisite installation / rigging / interfacing materials /
gears are to be provided by the manufacturer. The same is to be installed in coordination
with PN Dockyard.

10.    Local Maintenance Support.          Manufacturer is to indicate the local source of
maintenance for the said equipment in Pakistan. Suitable means of support services must be
indicated and its use is to be authorized to the buyer / PN after purchase.

11.    Documentation. Following requisite documents along with circuit diagrams (if
applicable) are to be provided both in printed form and on CD:

       a.   Operators, User and Training Manual.
       b.   Maintenance Manual (onboard maintenance)
       c.   Technical / Workshop Manual (Depot level maintenance, if applicable)
       d.   Provision of Spare parts Catalogue with prices

12.    The supplier will provide onboard / ready use spares including consumable (if
applicable) to keep the system functional at its optimum performance for an operational
period of one (01) year and depot level spares for three (03) years along with following
information for each item and the same is also to be made part of the contract:

      a.     Part / Patt / Stock Number.
      b.     Description / Nomenclature.
      c.     Denomination.
      d.     Shelf Life.
      e.     OEM.
      f.     Main Equipment.
      g.     Price.
      h.     Quantity Required.
      i.     Special storage requirement.

13.   Priced Spares Catalogue.            The seller is to provide as part of the scope of
supply a price catalogue of all the spares required for the system to provide PN a datum for
ascertaining / planning future stock requirements.

14.   OEM Recommended Spares. The supplier shall provide OEM recommended list of
spares and consumables based on maintenance routine for 03 years of operation of the
indented item along with cost and procurement details with in 02 months of signing of the

15.    Post Spares / Support Services.           Manufacturer should clearly    certify   that
requisite spares / services would be available for at least next 10 years.

16.    List of onboard Spares.        List of onboard spares to support level 1 & 2
maintenance (as applicable) along-with consumables for system up-to 01 years is to be


17.    Following obsolescence clauses will also be included in the contract as part of
continuous logistic support:

      a.      In case of equipment becoming obsolete / obsolescent and the inability of the
      seller / OEM to provide spares support of equipment and repair of components / sub-
      systems, the seller undertakes to provide technical drawings and details of
      manufacturing processes to the buyer, free of charge, to enable the later to become
      self sufficient, should the buyer choose to so.
       b.     In case of equipment becoming obsolete the supplier will replace the equipment
       with modified / substitute and shall charge from the buyer the difference of price of
       substitute / modified equipment and the previously supplied equipment (on case to
       case basis).


18.     The seller will provide Setting of Work (STW) and Acceptance Trails procedures (in
English) three months in advance for study and vetting by PN. The final acceptance
procedures will be made by PN, taking into consideration the trial procedures recommended
by the supplier, system specifications provided by the supplier and PN experience in
operating / maintaining such systems. The equipment will be checked / tested as per contract
of the time of delivery at NSD and trails will be completed with 02 months after inspection.

19.     The final acceptance certificate will be signed by PN only after successful completion
of all acceptance trials and 100% operational performance proven by the seller to the entire
satisfaction of Buyer / PN as per agreed capabilities given at Part-II of indent.

20.    The Seller is to provide the list of main customers to whom this system was sold /
supplied during last five years.

21.    The supplier shall furnish a certificate of satisfaction from at least one of the reputable
customers preferably from parent country. The certificate should clearly indicate the in-
service quality of system against the specifications

22.    Hardware. Manufacturer should indicate the life expectancy of the equipment.
Warranty for repairs / replacement of parts or whole system and services for minimum of 01
year and preferably 10 years period is required from the date of acceptance / trials, including
free of cost replacement of required parts. Price catalogue of all spares / parts used in the
equipment are to be forwarded by the manufacturer.

23.    Software.     The software provided is to be under warranty for a minimum of        01
year and preferably 05 years period from the date of final acceptance by PN for any bugs
found in operations. The supplier will guarantee that the software / firmware supplied under
the terms of this contract are of the latest version and all modifications/updation have been
incorporated in the software being supplied.


24.     In case the equipment / machinery does not pass the test / trials, the buyer has the
right to out rightly reject the equipment or impose penalty at the rate of 2% to 5% of the value
of the relevant equipment / items.

25.   The penalty shall not absolve the supplier to undertake the repairs in Pakistan or
abroad at his cost and expenses including freight charges. This shall be in addition to other
penalties and obligations covered in the contract like warrant / guarantee obligations on Form

26.   Payment Schedule.           As per DP-35 or as decided by DP (Navy).

27.   Performance Guarantee.           The performance guarantee equal to 10% of
contract value (valid upto warranty period) may be obtained from supplier on signing of

                                 DELIVERY SCHEDULE
28.    The Stores are to be delivered, installed and commissioned within 06 months after
signing of the contract. Training by OEM on equipment operation, safeties, theory of
operation / software and appropriate maintenance is to be delivered at the time of
commissioning / trials.

29.   The seller will make delivery on DDP at consignee‟s ware house.


30.    Technical scrutiny of the offers to be carried out by DCM, NHQ ISLAMABAD. Only
those offers will be considered / scrutinised which are strictly prepare in a way where all
required information as per tender is given in a clear reply i.e. complying / non complying
followed by technical remarks / brief justification.


31.    The technical specifications of the equipment to be supplied by the seller are to be
elaborated in the contract. Copy of the draft contract is to be provided by the seller alongwith
the technical offer for vetting scrutiny.


32.    PN will not be responsible for damage / loss of equipment partly/wholly and or
corruption of softwares during HATs/SATs and theoretical training. The same will be
provided / replaced free of cost by OEM/Supplier.


33.  The Commanding Officer, Naval Stores Depot C/o Embarkation HQ (Navy) [EHQ (N)],
NSSD, West Wharf Road, Karachi.

34.   End User: HPN / SV BEHR PAIMA, C/o Hydrographic Department of Pakistan
Navy, 11 Liaquat Barracks, NHQ, Shahra-e-Faisal, Karachi.

35.    The resources, processes, designs, methods and techniques to assure that all
systems and equipment items, including support and training equipments are adequately
protected during movement and storage.


36.    Obtaining licenses / permits etc in the seller‟s country will remain the responsibility of
the seller. Failure to obtain the same shall not constitute grounds for Force Majuro

37.     Supplier should include separately the cost of each deliverables, as mentioned below,
in his quotation. The same may be subsequently incorporated in the contract as finalized.
       a.     Major components / equipments (Hardware and Software etc)
       b.     Optional Sensors / components, if any.
       c.     Accessories, if any.
       d.     Tools / test equipment.
       e.     Spares / Test Tools / instrument, if applicable.
       a.     Training (Operator & Maintainer separately), as applicable.
       f.     Test / Trial & Commissioning, as applicable.
       g.     Documentation
       h.     Any other item


      Joint inspection is to be carried out by HPN, NSD, SV BEHR PAIMA and CINS

                                          DIRECTORATE PROCUREMENT (NAVY)
                                         No.……………………….. ………….
                                         Directorate of Procurement (Navy)
                                         At Ministry of Defence Production Building
                                         Sectt No. II, Adamjee Road
                                         Tel: 051-9271474
                                         Fax : 051-5516307
                                         03 AUGUST 2010

Invitation to Tender and General Instructions

1. Conditions Governing Contracts. The „Contract‟ made as result of              Understood     Understood
                                                                                 agreed         not agreed
this I/T shall mean the agreement entered into between the parties i.e. the
„Purchaser‟ and the „Seller‟ on Directorate General Defence Purchase
(DGDP) contract Form “DP-19” in accordance with the law of contract Act,
1872 and those contained in Defence Purchase Procedure (DP-35) and
other special conditions that may be added to given contract for the
supply of Defence Stores specified herein.

2.    Delivery of Tender. The offer is to be submitted in duplicate as under:-

      a.     Commercial Offer. The offer will be in duplicate and              Understood     Understood
      indicate prices quoted in figures as well as in words alongwith          agreed         not agreed

      essential literature/brochure. It should be clearly marked in fact on
      the envelope “Commercial Offer”, tender number and date of
      opening. Taxes, duties, freight/transportation, insurance charges
      etc are to be indicated separately. Total price of the items quoted
      against the tender is to be clearly mentioned.

                                                                                 Understood     Understood
      b     Technical Offer: (Where Applicable). Should contain all              agreed         not agreed
      relevant specifications in triplicate in an envelope and clearly
      marked “Technical Offer” without prices, tender number and date of

      c.      Special Instructions. Tender documents and its conditions        Understood     Understood
      may please be read point by point and understood properly before         agreed         not agreed
      quoting. All tender conditions should be responded clearly. In case
      of any deviation due to non-acceptance of tender conditions(s), the
      same should be highlighted alongwith your changed
      offer/conditions. Tender may however be liable to be rejected.
                                                                               Understood     Understood
      d. Firms shall submit their offers in two separate envelopes (i.e.       agreed         not agreed
      two copies of commercial offer and two or more copies of the
      technical offer as asked in the IT). The commercial offer will include
       rates of items/services called for and the technical offer will not
       indicate the rates. Both types of offers are to be enclosed in
       separate covers and each envelope shall be properly sealed
       bearing the signature of the bidder. Each cover shall indicate type
       of offer, number and date of IT and IT opening date. Thereafter
       both the envelopes (technical and commercial offer) shall be placed
       in one envelope (second cover) duly sealed and signed. This cover
       should bear the address of the procurement agency indicating,
       issuance date of IT and No, with its opening date. This should be
       further placed in another cover (third cover), addressed as
       indicated in the tender documents, without any indication that there
       is a tender within it.

       e.     The tender duly sealed will be addressed to the following:-
              Directorate of Procurement (Navy)/P-31.
              At Ministry of Defence Production Building
              Secretariat No. II, Adamjee Road
              Rawalpindi, PAKISTAN
              Telephone: 92-051-9271468-78
              Fax No. 92-051-5516307

                                                                                   Understood     Understood
3.      Date and Time For Receipt of Tender. Tender must reach this                agreed         not agreed
office by the date and time specified in the Schedule to Tender (Form DP-
2) attached. This Directorate will not accept any excuse of delay occurring
in post. Tenders received after the appointed/ fixed time will NOT be
entertained. The appointed time will, however, fall on next working day in
case of closed/forced holiday. Only legitimate/registered representatives
of firm will be allowed to attend tender opening.

4.       Tender Opening. Tenders will be opened as mentioned in the              Understood     Understood
schedule of tender. Commercial offers will be opened at later stage if           agreed         not agreed

Technical Offers are declared acceptable on examination by
technical authorities of PN. Date and time for opening of Commercial
offer shall be intimated later. Only legitimate / registered representative of
firm will be allowed to attend tender opening.

5.     Validity of Offer.

       a.    The validity period of quotations must be indicated and             Understood     Understood
       should invariably be 90 days extendable to 120 days from the date         agreed         not agreed
       of opening of commercial offer. Conversion rate of FE/LC
       components will be considered w.e.f. opening of commercial offer.

       b.     The quoting firm will certify that in case of an additional
       requirement of the contract items (s) in any qty(s) with in a period of
       12 month from the date of signing the contract, these will also be
       supplied ( at the on going contract rates) with discount.                 Understood     Understood
                                                                                 agreed         not agreed
6.     Part Bid.   Firm may quote for the whole or any portion, or to
state in the tender that the rate quoted, shall apply only if the entire
quantity is taken from the firm. The Director Procurement reserves the
right of accepting the whole or any part of the tender or portion of the
quantity offered, and firm shall supply these at the rate quoted.

7.     Quoting of Rates. Only one rate will be quoted for entire quantity,
item wise.

8.     Return of I/T.      In case you are Not quoting, please return the          Understood     Understood
                                                                                   agreed         not agreed
tender inquiry stating the reason of NOT quoting. In case of failure to
return the ITs either quoted or not quoted consequently on three
occasions, this Directorate, in the interest of economy, will consider the
exclusion of your firm‟s name from our future distribution list of invitation to

9.      Withdrawal of Offer.     If the firm withdraws it offer within             Understood     Understood
                                                                                   agreed         not agreed
validity period the competent authority may place such firm under
embargo for a period, which may be extended up to one year.
10.  Provision of Documents in case of Contract on Earnest
Money.. In case any firm wins a contract on EM, it will deposit following
                                                                                     Understood     Understood
documents for provisional registration before award of contract:                     agreed         not agreed

       a.     A copy of letter showing firm‟s financial capability.
       b.     Foreign Seller has to provide its Registration Number issued
       by respective Department of Commerce authorizing export of subject
       c.     Principal/Agency Agreement.

11.    Return of Earnest Money.
                                                                                     Understood     Understood
       a.      Earnest Money to the unsuccessful bidders will be returned on         agreed         not agreed
       finalization of the contract.

       b.     Earnest Money of the firm/firms with whom contract is
       concluded will be returned on submission of Bank Guarantee as
       stipulated in the contract.
                                                                                     Understood     Understood
12.   Earnest Money/Tender Bond: your tender must be accompanied                     agreed         not agreed

by a Bank Draft in favour of CMA (DP), Rawalpindi for the following amount:

       a.      Registered/Indexed Firms: 2% of the quoted value only.

       b.      Registered but Un-indexed Firms: 3% of the quoted value only.

       c.      Un-registered/Un-indexed Firms: 5% of the quoted value only

            In case of firm wins a contract on EM, it will deposit following
            documents for provisional Regn before the award of contracts:
S.      Local Supplier                        Foreign Supplier
i)      Three filled copies of SVA-8121 of    Three filled copies of SVA-8121-
        each member of management             D of each member of
ii)     Three filled copies of SVA-8121-A     Three filled copies of SVA-8121
iii)    Three photocopy of NIC for each       Three photocopy of Resident
        member of management                  Card or equivalent identification
                                              Card for each member of
iv)     Three PP size photographs for         Three PP size photographs for
        each member of management             each member of management
v)      Challan Form (*)                      Challan Form (*)
vi)     Bank Statement for last one year      Financial standing/audit balance
vii)    Photocopy of NTN                      Photocopy of passport
viii)   Foreign Principal Agency              Agency Agreement in case of
        Agreement in case of local agent      Trading House/Company/
                                              Exporter/Stockiest etc.

13. Treasury Challan.                                                          Attached      Not

        a.     Offers must be accompanied with a challan form of Rs.200/-
        (obtainable from State Bank of Pakistan/Government Treasury) and
        debitable to Major Head XL VII, Main Head XII, Sub Head „A‟
        Miscellaneous Code No Def – 1220. Each offer will be covered by           Attached     Not
        one challan.

        b.     In case of un-registered firms, whether they have applied for
        registration or not, will pay tender inquiry fee (Challan Form) at
        following rates:

              (1) Contract for value upto. Rs. 250,000/- :    Rs 1,000/-
                                                                               Understood    Understood
                                                                               agreed        not agreed
              (2) Contract for value from       -              Rs. 1,500/-
                   Rs. 250,000/- to Rs.5,000,000/-

              (3) Contracts for value            -             Rs. 2,000/-
                  above 5,000,000/-

14.     Inspection Authority.
                                                                              Understood     Understood
                                                                              agreed         not agreed

      a.   Inspection Authority will be CINS
      b. Joint Inspection of store, after receipt at consignee
         warehouse will be carried out by Consignee and
         Specialist User. However, functional tests and trials
         prior final acceptance will be carried out by end user

15. Condition of Stores. Brand new stores will be accepted on Firm‟s            Understood     Understood
Warranty/Guarantee Form DPL-15. Copy of DPL-15 can be obtained from             agreed         not agreed
DP(N) on e-mail address given on page 1.

16.   Marking.       Marking of stores in accordance with Spec/Misc/NS/002/80.

                                                                              Understood     Understood
17.   Documents Required.         Following documents are required to be      agreed         not agreed
submitted along with the quote:

      a.    OEM/Authorized Dealer/Agent Certificate along with OEM
      Dealership Evidence.

      b.      The supplier is to provide OEM conformance certificate to
      CINS through respective ADsP/DAs or it is to be e-mailed to CINS
      directly by OEM. Hard copy of conformance certificate must follow, in
      any case, through DHL courier. On receipt, PN can approach the
      OEM to confirm whether an OEM conformance certificate has been
      issued by them. Companies/firms rendering false OEM conformance
      will be blacklisted.

      c.      Original quotation/proforma invoice.

      d.     In case of bulk proforma invoice, a certificate that prices
      indicated in the bulk proforma invoice have not been decreased since
      the date of bulk proforma invoice from the manufacturers/suppliers.

      e.     Submit breakup of cost of stores/services on the following

              (1)    Imported material with break down item wise along-with
              import duties.
              (2)    Variable business overheads like taxes and duties        Understood     Understood
              imposed by the federal/provincial government as applicable:-    agreed         agreed
                     (i)     General Sales Tax
                     (ii)    Income Tax
                     (iii)   Custom Duty. PCT code along with photocopy of
                     the related page is to be attached where applicable.
                     (iv)    Any other tax/duty.
              (3)    Fixed overhead charges like labour, electricity etc.
              (4)    Agent commission/profit, if any.                         Understood     Understood
                                                                              agreed         agreed
              (5)   Any other expenditure/cost/service/remuneration as
              asked for in the tender.

18.    Rejection of Stores/Services. The stores/services offered as a
result of contract concluded against FOR tender may be rejected as follows:

       a.     1st rejection on Govt. expense
       b.     2nd rejection on supplier expense
       c.     3rd rejection contract cancellation will be initiated.
                                                                                    Understood     Understood
19.    Security Deposit/Bank Guarantee .           To ensure timely and correctagreed              not agreed
supply of stores the firm will furnish an unconditional Bank Guarantee(BG)
from a schedule Bank for an amount of 10 % of the contract value
(excluding Taxes, duties/freight handling charges) on a Judicial Stamp
Paper of the value of (Rs 100.00) as per prescribed format or in shape of
CSD/Bank draft. The Bank Guarantee shall be endorsed in favour of
CMA(DP) Rawalpindi who is the Accounts Officer specified in the contract.
The CMA(DP) Rawalpindi have the like power of seeking encashment of the
Bank Guarantee as if the same has been demanded by the purchaser
himself. The Bank Guarantee shall be produced by the supplier within 30
days from the date of issue of the contract and remain valid for upto 60 days
after completion of warranty period and remain in force till one year ahead
of the delivery date given in the contract. If delivery period is extended, the
supplier shall arrange the extension of Bank Guarantee within 30 days after
the original delivery period to keep its validity always one year ahead of the
extended delivery period. The BG form can be obtained from DP(N) on e-
mail address given on page 1.
                                                                                      Understood     Understood
                                                                                      agreed         not agreed
20.   Integrity Pact.        Procurements exceeding Rs 10 Million shall be
subject to an integrity pact, between the procuring agency and the suppliers
or contractors. The form is available at or can be
requested at
                                                                                      Understood     Understood
                                                                                      agreed         not agreed

21.    Correspondence.     All correspondence will be addressed to the
Purchaser. Correspondence with regard to payment or issue of delivery receipt may
be addressed to CMA Rawalpindi & Consignee respectively with copy endorsed to
                                                                                      Understood     Understood
the purchaser.                                                                        agreed         not agreed

22.   Pre-shipment Inspection. PN may send a team of officers including
DP(N) member for the inspection of major equipments and machinery items
at OEM premises..

                                                                                      Understood     Understood
23.    Amendment to Contract. Contract may be amended/modified to                     agreed         not agreed
include fresh clause (s) modify the existing clauses with the mutual
agreement by the supplier and the purchaser; such modification shall form
an integral part of the contract.
                                                                                      Understood     Understood
24.    Discrepancy.       The consignee will render a discrepancy report              agreed         not agreed

to all concerned within 60 days after receipt of stores for discrepancies
found in the consignment. The quantities found short are to be made good
by the supplier, free of cost.

25.      Price Variation.
                                                                                   Understood   Understood
                                                                                   agreed       not agreed
      a. Prices offered against this tender are to be firm and final.

         b.     Where the prices of the contracted stores/raw material are
         controlled by the government or an agency competent to do so on
         government behalf then price increase/decrease will be allowed at
         actual on case to case basis on production of government notification
         by the Supplier for the subject stores where the firms are
         contractually obliged and bound to produce the stores from raw
         materials supplied by government/State controlled departments in
         consultation with Military Finance.

         c.     Except for calculation or typographical errors, the rates of the
         contracts not having a price variation clause PVC clause will not be
         increased subsequently. But when such an increase is considered
         desirable in the interest of expeditious supply of stores and is
         necessitated by the circumstances beyond the control of the
         Supplier, the case may be decided accordingly.

26.    Price Reduction (PR).    In case the stores on inspection are found         Understood   Understood
                                                                                   agreed       not agreed
to be below the stipulated specification and these are proposed to be
accepted by the inspector under deviation subject to be certain price
reduction, the relevant Inspection Note may be released and stores
dispatched to the consignee with the following endorsement on the
Inspection Note:

         “Accepted under deviation with certain price reduction, as
         recommended on deviation form, which is subject to final
         approval/decision by the Purchaser”

The supplier will not submit the bills unless price reduction aspect is finally
decided upon by the purchaser and formal amendment to this effect is
issued in the contract.
                                                                                   Understood   Understood
                                                                                   agreed       not agreed

27.    Buy back. The seller will buy back the spares/items supplied as a
part of this tender at the selling price, which are no longer required as
indicated by the buyer with in five years from the final acceptance of the
                                                                                   Understood   Understood
28.    Force Majeure.      The supplier will not be held responsible for any       agreed       not agreed
delay occurring in supply of equipment due to event of Force Majeure such
as acts of God, War, Civil commotion, Strike, Lockouts, Act of Foreign
Government and its agencies and disturbance directly affecting the supplier
over which events or circumstances the supplier has no control. In such an
event the supplier shall inform the purchaser within 15 days of the
happening and within the same timeframe about the discontinuation of such
circumstances/happening in writing. Non-availability of raw material for the
manufacture of stores, or of export permit for the contracted stores from the
country of its origin, shall not constitute Force Majeure.

29.    Arbitration. All matters of dispute or difference regarding rejection
of stores by the inspector or cancellation of the contract by the Purchaser,
arising out of the contract finalized between the parties thereto, the
settlement of which is not otherwise specially provided for in the contract,
shall be referred to arbitration as under:

       a.      Foreign Currency (FOB/CIF/C&F/FSA etc) Contracts

               (1).    The dispute shall be referred for adjudication to two
               arbitrators one to be nominated by each party. Who before
               entering upon the reference shall appoint an umpire by mutual     Understood     Understood
                                                                                 agreed         not agreed
               agreement and if they do not agree a judge of the Superior
               Court will be requested to appoint the umpire. The arbitration
               proceedings shall be held in Pakistan and under Pakistan

               (2).   The venue of arbitration shall be the place from which
               the contact is issued or such other places as the Purchaser at
               his discretion may determine.
               (3).   Arbitration award so given will be firm and final.

                                                                                 Understood     Understood
       b.      Indigenous (FOR etc) Contracts.The settlement of dispute,         agreed         not agreed

       is not otherwise specially provided for in the contract, through
       arbitration clause in the contract shall be referred to the decision of
       Secretary, Ministry of Defence (DP Division). His decision shall be
       final and binding on both the parties. Work under the contract shall if
       reasonably possible continue, under the proceedings before the said
                                                                                 Understood     Understood
       Secretary and no payments payable by the Director shall be withheld       agreed         not agreed
       on the account of such proceeding unless they are subject of the

30.     Court of Jurisdiction.        In case of any dispute only court of
jurisdiction at Rawalpindi shall have jurisdiction to decide the matter.
                                                                                   Understood     Understood
                                                                                   agreed         not agreed
31.   Liquidated Damages(LD).           Liquidated Damages upto 2% per
month are liable to be imposed on the suppliers by the purchaser in
accordance with DP-35, if the stores supplied after the expiry of the delivery
date without any valid reasons. Total value of LD shall not exceed 10% of
                                                                                   Understood     Understood
the contract value.                                                                agreed         not agreed

32.   Risk Purchase.      In the event of failure on the part of supplier to
comply with the contractual obligations the contract will be cancelled at the
Risk and Expense of the supplier in accordance with DP-35.                         Understood     Understood
                                                                                   agreed         not agreed
33.    Penalty.      In case of wrong supply of the item by the supplier, a
penalty of 10 % of the contract value may be imposed by DP(N) apart from
any other penalties.

34.     Gratuities/Commission/Gifts. No commission, rebate, bonus, fee
or compensation in any form shall be paid to any local or foreign agent,
consultant representative, sales promoter or any intermediary by the               Understood     Understood
                                                                                   agreed         not agreed
Manufacturer/Supplier except the agent commission payable as per the
agent commission policy of the government and as amended from time to
time and given in the contract. Any breach of such clause(s) of the contract
by Manufacturer/Supplier and/or their sole nominated representative may
result in cancellation of the contract blacklisting of the Manufacturer/Supplier
financial penalties and all or any other punitive measure which the
purchaser may consider appropriate.

35.    Termination of Contract.

       a.      If at any time during the currency of the contract the Purchaser      Understood     Understood
       decides to terminate the contract for any reason whatsoever (other            agreed         not agreed

       than for reasons of Non-Delivery) he shall have right to do so by
       giving the Supplier a registered notice to that effect. In that event the
       Purchaser will accept delivery at the contract price and terms of such
       stores/goods/services which are in the actual process of manufacture
       that is completed and ready for delivery within thirty days after receipt
       by the Supplier of such notice.

       b.     In  the    case    of   remainder    of    the       undelivered
       stores/goods/services the Purchaser may elect either:

              (1).   To have any part thereof completed and take the
              delivery thereof at the contract price or.

              (2).   To cancel the remaining quantity and pay to the
              Supplier for the articles or sub-components or raw materials
              purchased by the Supplier and are in the actual process of
              manufacture at the price to be determined by the Purchaser.
              In such a case materials in the process of manufacture shall
              be delivered by the Supplier to the Purchaser.

              (3).   No payment shall however be made for any materials
              not yet in the actual process of manufacture on the date notice
              of cancellation is received.

       c.      Should the Supplier fail to deliver goods/services in time as
       per quality terms of contract or fail to render Bank Guarantee within
       the stipulated time period or any breach of the contract the Purchaser
       reserves the right to terminate/cancel the contract fully or any part
       thereof at the risk and expense (RE) of the Supplier.

36.   Rights Reserved. Directorate Procurement (Navy), Rawalpindi                  Understood       Understood
reserves full rights to accept or reject any or all offers including the           agreed           not agreed
lowest, before formal Final Acceptance of any offer. Particular reasons
for cancellation of tender/offer/bid will be intimated upon request of

37.    Application of Official Secret Acts.    All the matters connected            Understood     Understood
with this enquiry and subsequent actions arising there from come within the         agreed         not agreed
scope of the Official Secret Act, 1923. You are, therefore, requested to
ensure complete secrecy regarding documents and stores concerned with
the enquiry and to limit the number of your employees having access to this

38.    Acknowledgment. Firms will send acknowledgement slips within 07            Understood     Understood
                                                                                  agreed         not agreed
days from the date of receipt of IT. In case IT is not received by a registered
firm within 10 days IT published in the Bulletin, the firm must ask for it from
concerned procurement agency in writing with intimation to Registration
Section (DGDP) or visit      www.ppra to download the required

39.    Disqualification. Offers are liable to be rejected if:-                      Understood     Understood
                                                                                    agreed         not agreed
       a.     Received later than appointed/fixed date and time.
       b.     Offers are found conditional or incomplete in any respect.
       c.     Any deviation from the General /Special/Technical Instructions
       contained in this tender.
       d.     Forms DP-1, DP-2,and DP-3 duly signed, if NOT received with
       the offers.

       e.     Taxes and duties, freight/transportation and insurance charges
       NOT indicated separately as per required price breakdown
       mentioned at Para 17.
       f.     Treasury challan is NOT attached with the offer.
       g.     Multiple rates are quoted against one item.
       h.     Manufacturer‟s relevant brochures and technical details on
       major equipment assemblies are not attached in support of
       j.     Subject to restriction of export license.
       k.     Offers (commercial/technical) containing non-initialed/
       unauthenticated amendments/corrections/overwriting.
       l.     If the validity of the agency agreement expired at the time of
       submission of offer.
       m.     The commercial offer against FOB/CIF/C&F tender is quoted
       in local currency and vise versa.
       n.     Principals invoice in duplicate clearly indicating whether prices
       quoted are inclusive or exclusive of the agent commission is not
       p.     Earnest money is not provided.
       q.     If validity of offer is not quoted as required in IT or made
       subject to confirmation later.
       r.     Offer made through Fax/E-mail/Cable/Telex.
       s.     If offer is found to be based on cartel action in connivance with
       other sources/ participants of the tender.
      t.      If OEM and principal name and complete address is not
      u.      Stores or any parts thereof are originated/manufactured from
      India, Israel or Taiwan.

40.   The above terms and conditions are confirmed in total for

                                                      Sincerely yours,

                                                        (To be Signed by Officer Concerned)



1.    FORM DP-1, DP-2, DP-3 and Questionnaires. Form DP-1, DP-2, DP-3
and Questionnaires duly filled in are to be returned with the offer duly signed by
the authorized signatory/person. It is pertinent to mention that all these are
mandatory requirement for participation in the tender.

2.     Copy of DP-35 Revised 2002: Copies of DP-35 revised 2002 are
available with Registration Section DGDP and the same be obtained by the
Supplier on payment at the rate of Rs 250/- each.

                                        (Signatures of Tenderer)
                                       (Capacity in which signing)

Tender No……………                                  Name of the Firm………………
                                                DGDP Registration No………..
                                                Telephone No. …………………
                                                Official E-Mail…………………..
                                                Fax No …………………….……
                                                Mobile No of contact person…..
           (Section P-3..)
           Ministry of Defence Production
           Sectt. No. II, Adamjee Road
           Tel: 051-9271468-78

Dear Sir

1. I/We hereby offer to supply to the Director of Procurement (Navy) the stores
detailed in schedule to the tender inquiry or such portion thereof as you may
specify in the acceptance of tender at the prices offered against the said schedule
and further agree that this offer will remain valid up to 120 days and will not be
withdrawn or altered in terms of rates quoted and the conditions already stated
therein or on before this date. I/we shall be bound by a communication of
acceptance to be dispatched within the prescribed time.

2. I/We have understood the Instructions to Tenders and General Conditions
Governing Contract in Form No. DP-35 (Revised 2002) included in the pamphlet
entitled, Government of Pakistan, Ministry of Defence (Directorate General
Defence Purchase) “General Conditions Governing Contracts” and have
thoroughly examined the specifications/drawings and/ or patterns quoted in the
schedule hereto and am/are fully aware of the nature of the stores required and
my/our offer is to supply stores strictly in accordance with the requirements.

3. The following pages have been added to and form part of this tender:

   a. ……………………………………….

                                              Yours faithfully,
                                             (Signature of Tenderer)
                                           (Capacity in which signing)
Signature of Witness……………

*Individual signing tender and/or other documents connected with a contract must specify:-
(a)   Whether signing as “Sole Proprietor” of the firm or his attorney.
(b)   Whether signing as a “Registered Active Partner” of the firm or his attorney.
(c)   Whether signing for the firm “per procuration”.
(d)   In the case of companies and firms registered under the Act, 1913 as
      amended up-to-date and under the Partnership Act 1932, the capacity in
      which signing e.g., the Director, Secretary, Manager, Partner, etc. or their
      attorney and produce copy of document empowering him so to sign, if
      called upon to do so.

(e)   Principal‟s proforma invoice (in original)
(f)   Earnest money
(g)   Treasury Challan Form for tender Fees as applicable
                                                                           DPL – 15


M/S ___________________________________________________________________


1.     We hereby guarantee that the articles supplied under the terms of this contract are
produced new in conformance with approved drawings/specification and in all respect in
accordance with the terms of the contract, and the materials used whether or not of our
manufacture are in accordance with the latest appropriate standard specifications, as also in
accordance with the terms of complete of good workmanship throughout and that we will
repair/replace free of cost (FOB/CIF/FOR/C&F) Karachi as the case may be every article or
part thereof which before use or in use shall be found defective or not within the limits and
tolerance of specifications requirement or in any way not in accordance with the terms of the

2.     In case of our failure to replace the defective stores free of cost within three months
of reporting by the consignee, we will refund the relevant cost (FOB/CIF/FOR/C&F/DDU)
Karachi as the case may be in the currency/currencies in which received plus freight charges,
upto consignees end and the purchaser shall have the right to purchase the stores declared
defective at our risk and expense from elsewhere.

3.      The Supplier also undertakes to make good the deficiency in supply if any.

4.    This warranty will remain valid for one year after acceptance of system by Pakistan
Navy end user.

THE   SIGNATURE MUST BE THE SAME AS         SIGNATURE : __________________
OTHERWISE MUST BE SHOWN TO BE THE           DATE         : _______________

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