Different Types of Hair Extensions

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					Different Types of Hair Extensions

There are a number of different types of hair extensions that need different procedures
to attach to hair. Most of the hair extensions are made with human or synthetic hair and
can normally be washed with shampoo but may also need more care to preserve the
natural shine and look. It usually depends on the type and quality hair extensions that
are being used which determines how long the extensions can last for, which can be
around just a few days or six months, depending on how fast the persons hair grows.
They are also different in the level of damage which may be caused on the actual hair.
Hair extensions exist in different forms such as clip-in extensions, hair weaving, heat-
seal extensions, micro-link extensions, ultra sonic extensions, hair bonding. But with so
many options out there how can you decide what will suit you the most?
Clip in hair extensions are the least damaging and easiest to apply. Clip in hair
extensions can give you more length, volume, texture and also allow you to add colour.
You clip them into your own hair by separating your hair and starting at the nape of the
neck. The amount of clips you use is up to you depending on the level of volume that
you require. You simply clip the extensions to your own hair, working your way up your
head. You open the clips and face them to the scalp then snap them into place.

For the heat seal extensions, synthetic fiber hair is glued to the natural hair and lightly
heated to create a seal. The seal lasts for about a couple of months depending how well
you take care of it. Micro link extensions are attached on each individual strand using a
plastic ring to secure the real hair and extension hair. This particular procedure can last
up to three months and can be done at home or by a professional.
Ultra sonic extensions are applied using a keratin based polymer and an ultra sonic
wave. This is popular, yet slightly more expensive hair extension, does not damage the
hair like chemicals and heat-based treatments would. Hair bonding is a more common
technique but it also damages the most because of the use of glue. It can last for up to
a week and easily be removed.
For best results with clip in hair extensions you should style your own hair and the hair
extensions separately.
Clip in hair extensions can be worn all day and night, however you should take them
out before sleeping. Clip in hair extensions are sometimes just worn for a night out and
other people wear them everyday. This is because clip in hair extensions are versatile
and quick to put in and take out. You don't require a professional to fit them for you;
you can do it yourself at home. There is no messing around with glue, meaning there is
no damage to your hair. Clip in hair extensions are also reasonable in price. They are
one of the most affordable forms of hair extensions but do not lack in quality because
of this, most are made using 100% human hair. You can choose from lengths such as
11" through to 28". You will definitely see the clip in hair extensions before and after