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s/o Sri Raj Kumar Singh
536K/213 Triveni Nagar-1 Sitapur Road, Lucknow-226020
Phone no. +91-9838479082(M)


 Presently working as a lecturer in department of physics having masters and Ph.D. degree in
Physics, Lucknow University, India with main focus of research involving the study of
ultrasonic properties of binary liquid mixtures including polymers. The study includes
volumetric, optical and acoustical properties of liquid mixtures. During past five years of my
research experience I have gained extensive background in ultrasonic and optical properties of
various types of liquid mixtures by using the equipments like ultrasonic interferometer,
Abbe’s refractometer, Brookfield viscometer and pyknometer etc. Ability to design
experiment methods and statistical analysis of data. Trained several undergraduate students.
Ability to work as part of team or independently. Adept at determining requirements, project
scheduling and methodology planning.


 Ph.D. (Physics), 2010, worked 3 years as J.R.F on U.G.C. major research project from
2007-2010 at University of Lucknow, Lucknow.

Masters of Science (with 60%), 2005, Lucknow University, Lucknow.

Bachelor of Science (with 59%), 2003, Lucknow University, Lucknow.


Working as a Lecturer in Babu Banarsi Das National Institute of Technology
& Management (BBDNITM ) from last one year till date.


(a)DR. MANISHA GUPTA                                (b) PROF. J.P. SHUKLA
READER IN PHYSICS                                     DEPTT. OF PHYSICS
LUCKNOW UNIVERSITY,                                  LUCKNOW UNIVERSITY
LUCKNOW                                               LUCKNOW
MOB.NO.-9415020362                                    MOB. NO. 9450359816

Worked as junior Research fellow (J.R.F) in Department of Physics, University of Lucknow,
U.P., India, from 2007-2010.

Computer applications/Tools:

Windows 98, 2000, XP and scientific computation and plotter software’s like Microsoft Excel
and Internet Database Search Engines.

PUBLISHED PAPERS/ Communicated Papers

1).Ultrasonic Velocity, density, viscosity and their excess parameters of the binary mixtures of
THF with Methanol and o-cresol at varying temperatures.
Shahla Parveen, Divya Shukla, Shashi Singh ,K.P.Singh, Manisha Gupta and J.P. Shukla.
Applied Acoustics, 70(2009) 507-513.

2).Thermoacoustical Excess Properties of Binary Liquid Mixtures -A Comparative
Experimental and Theoretical Study
M. Yasmin, K.P. Singh, S. Parveen, M. Gupta and J.P. Shukla,
Acta Physica Polonica A, 115 (5)(2009).

3).Thermoacoustical properties of PEG with Alkoxyethanol.
K.P. Singh,, Harshit Agarwal, Vivek Kumar Shukla, Maimoona Yasmin, M. Gupta and J.P.
Shukla, J. Pure and applied ultrasonics 31(2009)124

4).Molecular interaction study of binary mixtures of THF with methanol and o-cresol-An
optical and ultrasonic study.
S.Parveen, S.Singh, D.Shukla, K.P.Singh, Manisha Gupta and J.P.Shukla, Acta Physica
Polonica A., 116(6),2009.

5). Ultrasonic velocities, Densities and Refractive indices of binary mixtures of polyethylene
glycol-250 dimethyl ether with 1-propanol and 1-butanol
K.P.Singh, Harshit Agarwal, Vivek Kumar Shukla, Isht Vibhu, Manisha Gupta and J.P.Shuka,
Journal of Solution Chemistry, Accepted (2010).

6). Ultrasonic, Viscometric and Volumetric study of Poly ethers with Alcohals.
    K.P.Singh, Harshit Agarwal, Vivek Kumar Shukla, Maimoona Yasmin, Isht Vibhu,
Manisha Gupta* and J.P.Shuka, Europianm Polymer Journal, Communicated 2009.

7). Ultrasonic and viscometric study of N-H bond complexes in binary mixtures
Manisha Gupta*, Shashi Singh, Divya Shukla, Shahla Parveen, K.P. Singh and J.P. Shukla
 Acoustics letters, communicated 2009
8). Physical properties and derived thermodynamic properties of binary mixtures at varying
Shashi Singh, Shahla Parveen, Divya Shukla, K. P. Singh, manisha Gupta and J.P. Shukla
 Materials letters, communicated 2009

Conference Papers

1).    Measurement and Modeling of Thermodynamic and Thermoacoustic Properties of
       Methanol with Chlorobenzene and Bromobenzene at Varying Temperatures.
       Divya Shukla, Shashi Singh, K.P. Singh, Manisha Gupta, J.P. Shukla
       15th National Symposium on Ultrasonics (NSU-XV), Allahabad, Nov. 1-3, 2006.
2).    Acoustical and thermodynamical properties of O-H bond complexes in binary
       M. Gupta, S. Parveen, S. Singh, D. Shukla, K.P.Singh and J.P.Shukla
       WSEAS International Conference, Vancouver Canada, June 19-21, 2007.
3).    Acoustical and thermodynamical study of binary liquid mixtures
       K.P. Singh,H.Agarwal,R.D.Singh,V.K.Shukla,M.Yasmin and J.P.shukla
        95 th Session of Indian Science Congress, Jan. 3-7,2008.
4).    Ultrasonic and Viscometric study of molecular interaction in liquid mixtures of 2-
       Ethoxyethanol and Polyethylene glycol 200 and 400.
       Divya Shukla, Shahla parveen K.P.Singh, Manisha Gupta And J.P.Shukla, national
       Symposium on Acoutics, Dec 5-7,2007, Tiruchengode, Tamilnadu
5).    Ultrasonic Velocity, density and refractive index and derived properties of 2-
       butoxyethanol with polymers
       S. Parveen, S.Singh, D.Shukla ,K.P.Singh, H.Agarwal, V.K. Shukla , M. Yasmin, M.
       Gupta and J. P. Shukla
       Polychar 16, World forum on advance materials, Lucknow, Feb 17-21, 2008
6).    Thermo acoustical Properties of PEG with alkoxyethanols.
       K.P.Singh,H.Agarwal, V.K.Shukla., M.Yasmin, M.Gupta and J.P.Shukla
       Seventeenth National Symposium on Ultrasonics,B.H.U., Dec. 4-6, 2008
7).    Ultrasonic velocity,effective Debye temperature,Pseudo-Gruneision parameter and
       excess    properties of binary liquid mixtures of benzaldehyde with methanol and
       H. Agarwal, K.P.Singh, V.K.Shukla, S.Singh, M. Gupta and J.P. Shukla.
      96 th Session of Indian Science Congress, Jan. 3-7, 2009.
8).   Thermo-acoustical properties of Polyethylene Glycol 250 Dimethyl Ether with 1-
      Propanol and 1-butanol.
      K.P. Singh, Harshit Agarwal, Maimoona Yasmin, Vivek Kumar Shukla, Manisha
      Gupta and J.P.Shukla.
      International Conference on Chemical Engineering and Applications (CCEA Feb -
      2010), Singapore.