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									Advanced Sports Trading
Pre Requisites
 To attend this course you should have a good
 knowledge of the Betfair betting platform and be
 accustomed to placing bets on it, with a decent
 working knowledge of the settings and functionality of
 the site. You would ideally understand the
 fundamental differences between Betfair and the high
 street bookmaker and how an exchange operates. You
 will need an awareness of the theory behind trading,
 either backing and laying the same selection or
 multiple selections in the same event.
Course Content
 Sports Trading Environment
Learn the ideal set up for betting or trading from home, everything from internet
   connections, TV subscriptions and suggested channels to computer
   specifications and just about everything required for the ideal home set up.
 Betting Banks
We explain how a relatively small daily percentage profit on your capital can be
 Preserving capital
Learn why winning is less important than not losing. Why preserving capital is far
   more important than winning a bet.
 Hedging – Green book
Learn how to turn a potential profit into a certain and guaranteed win. Learn how
   to reduce, minimise or even eliminate a potential loss.
 Price leverage
Find out how to average your position and how it can drastically improve your
   odds and results.
Course Content
  Laying or backing multiple selections in the same market – Horses and Football.
Using the percentages to your advantage. How to bet on multiple outcomes and secure profit no matter
   which one of the outcomes is the eventual result of the event. Cold trading
This is trading an event before it starts. It shows the differences between pre event betting and in play
   betting and the differences in market behaviour.
 Graphs
Learn how to read graphs and trends what information you can gain from using them.

  Signals
Learn how the markets move and why and what events will create movement. Learn to read the signals
   and market trends and discover how to recognise resistance points and the top and bottom of the
 Trading Mentality
We explain the correct thought processes for making sound decisions. Take the emotion out of potential
   mental minefields and dilemmas and have a more methodical approach.
 API Products
Learn the basics of the various API products. What they are, what they do, how to use them, how to
   access them and discover which product suits your style and technique. API products are like cars,
   they all do very similar things but are quite different under the bonnet.
Course Content
 Volatility
Find out which markets are volatile and fast moving and change direction in an instant and
   which are slow and steady and only move one way until an event occurs that changes
 Analysis
This is the process of researching an event and coming to a conclusion on which position to
   take during the event. We take you step by step through the process of researching and
   analysing various upcoming matches and how to take advantage of what you find out.
 Knowing your sport
Teaches the benefits of having thorough knowledge and the advantages of focussing on one
   specialist sport and becoming an expert on that subject or the versatility of spreading
   your knowledge across a wide range of sports and markets to take advantage of the many
   opportunities that arise daily.
 Short Priced favourites
Watch and learn how to take a position on a red hot favourite and make money after the
   event has barely even started.
 Danger signs
Find out what the danger signs are. When to stop trading, when to take a break and when to
   walk away.
Specific Sports

We will be exploring the various Betfair markets and the
  idiosyncrasies of several mainstream sports and how
  their markets differ in behaviour before and during the
  event. Some examples are cold trading, volatility,
  liquidity, liability and other market related techniques.
 Horse Racing
 Football
 Cricket
 Tennis
 Golf
Learning Outcomes
Anyone that takes this course will leave at the conclusion with the following learning outcomes. They will
   be taught how to do everything below in detail and be shown live examples of the vast majority of
 Optimum time to Back
 Optimum time to Lay
 Hedging
 Offsetting
 Scalping
 Using Software
 Select trades - Analysis
 Manage positions
 Utilise trading tools
 In play trading
 In running race trading
 How markets move and why
 Discipline and Mental approach.
 Associated markets
 The different methods of trading relating to market type. I.e. Elections and X – Factor v Football and
The Advanced Sports Trading course will transform your Betfair
  experience by giving you knowledge and confidence to improve
  your performance in markets you are currently active in and
  enjoy. It will give you the courage and desire to explore new
  sports and markets that you may previously have believed you
  did possess the ability to enable success. It will teach you that
  sports trading is not just for those with years of experience, it can
  be mastered and enjoyed by anyone armed with some knowledge
  and confidence and a little bit of training. To succeed at most
  things in life we need to be trained and shown how to do it
  properly using every advantage available and this course will give
  you the tools to become a highly proficient sports trader. If going
  full time is not your goal, the course will allow you to drastically
  improve your strike rate on winning trades, allowing you to stay
  in the game for far longer and get a much more enjoying
  experience from your trading activities.
Advanced Sports Trading

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