10 Top Tips for Social Marketing by muhaimenkm


									                10 Top Tips for Social Marketing

Social marketing is more of a science than an art. It should be driven by data and research,
testing and refinement. Social Marketers don’t like guessing it too difficult and often very
expensive waste of precious public funds.

This set of tips has been developed from personal experience in helping people around the
world develop social marketing programmes. I hope you find them helpful and, also hope they
help you to avoid some mistakes.

10 TIPS for developing and implementing a social marketing programme

   1. Actively engage individuals and communities and partners and stakeholders:
      Engage communities in the development, delivery and evaluation of solutions.

   2. Focus on behaviour: Set explicit objectives and tailor interventions to achieving
      measurable behavioural goals.

   3. Segment and succeed: Use behavioural and psychological data as well as
      demographic and service data to segment target audiences and inform the intervention

   4. Combine approaches: Use a mix of interventions including information, service
      change, policy , education, enforcement and design to bring about change

   5. Sustain and fund appropriately: Deliver programs that can be sustained over time at a
      cost effective level to bring about measurable improvement

   6. Tackle the competition: Understand social, economic environmental and
      psychological forces that may be prevent or restrict change and develop
      strategies to reduce these

   7. Harness all possible assets: Develop interventions and co-delivery through
      coordinated effort on the part of the public, for profit, and NGO sectors

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   8. Develop theory and science informed: Have a clear and consistent model of practice
      that is informed by research based theory and best practice.

   9. Learning culture: Develop a learning culture that invests in capturing what is learnt
      from interventions, both positive and negative and permit experimentation.

   10.Coordinate and integrate: Ensure synergy between intervention strategies and broader
      policy aims and policy drivers and coordinate action between international, national and
      local efforts and between sectors and departments.

Four TIPS about things to avoid

   1. Don’t let people think that Social Marketing is just about flashy promotional events,
      materials development, mass or new media promotions.

   2. Don’t develop interventions that are only driven by what ‘experts‘ think people need.

   3. Don’t undertake actions that are not informed by market research or client insight.

   4. Don’t run programmes or projects that you don’t evaluate.

Final tip:

Remember, the first duty of a Social Marketer is to market Social Marketing to non-marketers.
We need to ensure that a marketing mind set is embedded within all our organisations so that
they can become more effective and efficient.

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