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Indicate whether the statement is true or false.

____    1. Many websites have pages designed to collect information from viewers.

____    2. Forms on a web page are very different from forms in everyday life.

____    3. Feedback is a vital part of a website and must be made easy for a viewer to submit.

____    4. Forms are the only tool that web developers use to collect information from viewers.

____    5. Few forms need to be connected to an application that will process the information that the form

____    6. Before you use Dreamweaver to create a form, it’s a good idea to write down the information you
           want to collect and the order in which you want to collect it.

____    7. To create a form on a web page, you should use the Form button in the Forms category on the
           Insert panel.

____    8. There are two methods used to process the information your form collects: ASP scripting and CGI

____    9. The easiest but least common way to process form information is to collect the information from the
           form and e-mail it to the contact person on the website.

____ 10. When creating forms, you can specify that form data be stored in a database to use at a later date.

____ 11. You can create forms that make changes to your web page based on information entered by

____ 12. Data sent with the GET method is usually limited to 3K or less, depending on the web browser.

____ 13. When a CGI script collects data from a web form, it passes the data to a program running on a web
         server, which in turn passes the data back to your web browser, which then makes changes to the
         website in response to the form data.

____ 14. You cannot use CGI scripts to create surveys, site search tools, or games.

____ 15. Just as you can use a table to help place page elements on a web page, you can also use tables to
         help lay out a form.

____ 16. When you use a table to lay out a form, you usually place form objects in the first column and place
         form labels in the second column.

____ 17. You can have as many fieldsets on a page as you want.

____ 18. Text area fields are the most common type of form object and are used for collecting a string of
         characters, such as a name, address, password, or e-mail address.
____ 19. A group of radio buttons is called an RB-group.

____ 20. Each radio group you create allows only one selection from within that group.

____ 21. You can use the Image Field button to create buttons that contain custom graphics.

____ 22. All forms must include a Submit button.

____ 23. You can only create Radio Buttons as part of a Radio Group.

____ 24. If you create a new hidden field but do not see the Hidden Field icon, you should click Edit on the
         menu bar, point to Visual Aids, then click Invisible Elements.

____ 25. When a form contains several required fields, it is a good idea to provide visual clues that label the
         required fields.

____ 26. As is true with all pages, your forms should have good contrast between the color of the text and
         the color of the table background.

____ 27. The Submit and Reset buttons should be at the beginning of the form.

____ 28. You should always have several people test your form before you publish it.

____ 29. You cannot use jump menus to provide links to other websites.

____ 30. Dynamic content refers to page content that does not change or allow user interaction.

Multiple Choice
Identify the choice that best completes the statement or answers the question.

____ 31. When planning your form content, you should organize the information in a(n) ____ order that will
         make sense to viewers.
         a. chronological
         b. alphabetical
         c. logical
         d. random
____ 32. The most common types of server-side applications are ____ scripts, Cold Fusion programs, and
         ASP applications.
         a. CGI
         b. PHP
         c. Perl
         d. JavaScript
____ 33. The most common types of scripts stored on a web page are created with a scripting language
         called ____.
         a. PHP
         b. JavaScript
           c. ASP
           d. Cold Fusion
____ 34. The ____ method specifies that ASCII data collected in the form will be sent to the server appended
         to the URL or file included in the Action property.
         a. GET
         b. POST
         c. PUT
         d. HEAD
____ 35. The ____ method specifies that the form data be sent to the processing script as a binary or
         encrypted file, allowing you to send data securely.
         a. GET
         b. POST
         c. PUT
         d. HEAD
____ 36. CGI programs can be written in ____ or in C, depending on the type of server that is hosting your
         a. Java
         b. Python
         c. Perl
         d. PHP
____ 37. To create a fieldset, use the Fieldset button on the ____.
         a. Site menu
         b. Property inspector
         c. Insert panel
         d. Assets panel
____ 38. You can add labels to a form using one of ____ methods.
         a. two
         b. three
         c. four
         d. five
____ 39. You can use the Label button on the Forms group on the ____ to link a label to a form object.
         a. Document toolbar
         b. Property inspector
         c. Assets panel
         d. Insert panel
____ 40. The HTML label tag is ____.
         a. <l>
         b. <label>
         c. <L>
         d. <lb>
____ 41. For some text fields, such as those collecting dollar amounts, you might want to set an initial value
         of ____.
         a. -1
         b. 0
         c. 1
           d. N/A
____ 42. When creating a web form, you can use ____ to create a list of options from which a viewer can
         make multiple selections.
         a. text fields
         b. text area fields
         c. radio buttons
         d. checkboxes
____ 43. If you want your viewers to upload files to your web server, you can insert a ____ in your web form.
         a. hidden field
         b. file field
         c. menu
         d. text area
____ 44. You use ____ when you want a viewer to choose one or more options from a menu of choices.
         a. images
         b. fields
         c. lists
         d. buttons

____ 45. Item ____ in the figure above is the File Field button.
         a. 2
         b. 11
         c. 12
         d. 15
____ 46. Item ____ in the figure above is the Button button.
         a. 1
         b. 2
         c. 13
         d. 15
____ 47. Item ____ in the figure above is the Label button.
         a. 2
         b. 3
         c. 13
         d. 14
____ 48. Item ____ in the figure above is the Form button.
         a. 1
         b. 4
         c. 12
         d. 15
____ 49. Item ____ in the figure above is the Checkbox button.
         a. 5
         b. 7
         c. 10
         d. 12
____ 50. Item ____ in the figure above is the Textarea button.
         a. 2
         b. 3
         c. 4
         d. 5
____ 51. Item ____ in the figure above is the Radio Group button.
         a. 5
         b. 6
         c. 7
         d. 8
____ 52. Item ____ in the figure above is the Radio Button button.
         a. 5
         b. 6
         c. 7
         d. 12
____ 53. Item ____ in the figure above is the List/Menu button.
         a. 4
         b. 7
         c. 8
         d. 9
____ 54. Item ____ in the figure above is the Jump Menu button.
         a. 7
         b. 8
         c. 9
           d. 10
____ 55. Item ____ in the figure above is the Hidden Field button.
         a. 2
         b. 3
         c. 5
         d. 12
____ 56. Item ____ in the figure above is the Text Field button.
         a. 2
         b. 3
         c. 5
         d. 12
____ 57. Item ____ in the figure above is the Fieldset button.
         a. 2
         b. 3
         c. 11
         d. 15
____ 58. The figure above shows part of the ____.
         a. Insert panel
         b. Document toolbar
         c. Property inspector
         d. Assets panel
____ 59. The HTML line break tag is ____.
         a. <lb>
         b. <br>
         c. <lbreak>
         d. <lbr>
____ 60. It is common to see a(n) ____ next to a required form field with a corresponding note at either the
         top or the bottom of the form explaining that all fields marked with this symbol are required fields.
         a. asterisk (*)
         b. ampersand (&)
         c. pound (#)
         d. bang (!)
____ 61. ____ menus are menus that let viewers go directly from the current web page to another page in
         the site with a single click.
         a. Navigation
         b. Jump
         c. Image
         d. Site
____ 62. Item ____ in the figure above is an example of a check box.
         a. 2
         b. 3
         c. 4
         d. 5
____ 63. Item ____ in the figure above is the Hidden Field icon.
         a. 1
         b. 2
         c. 4
         d. 5

          Case 1
          Josie works in the Marketing Department for BusyBody Toymakers (BBT). She is part of a team
          that designs and maintains the company’s website. BBT uses forms to collect data from its
          customers, including an online order form.

____ 64. The order form on BBT’s website provides a total price to the customers on the order page. The
         data is processed on the user’s computer, which is an example of ____.
         a. server-side scripting
         b. client-side scripting
         c. CGI
         d. ASP
____ 65. Josie is creating a form and decides to add form objects to collect names, physical addresses, and
         e-mail addresses from potential customers. What type of form object should she use?
         a. text field
         b. text area field
         c. image field
         d. hidden field
           Case 2
           Butch is a content manager for XYZ Community College’s website. Butch is responsible for
           creating and maintaining the web pages for the athletic department. He uses forms for prospective
           athletes to request information, for high school students to apply for athletic scholarships, and for
           athletes to register for summer camps.

____ 66. Butch applies a style to a table on one of the athletic department’s web pages. How will this affect
         the text in the table?
         a. Only the text in the first column will be formatted with the same style.
         b. Only the text in the first row will be formatted with the same style.
         c. All of the text in the table will be formatted with the same style.
         d. Dreamweaver does not allow a style to be applied to a table.
____ 67. When a prospective athlete completes the form to request information from XYZ’s athletic
         department, he/she clicks the ____ button in the form to send the information to the processing
         a. OK
         b. Submit
         c. Send
         d. Reset
____ 68. As a prospective athlete completes the form to apply for a scholarship, he/she clicks the ____
         button in the form to remove any information typed.
         a. Cancel
         b. Exit
         c. Reset
         d. OK
____ 69. When Butch inserts a form object in a form on a web page, what does he use to specify a unique
         name for the object?
         a. Form name property
         b. Target property
         c. Property inspector
         d. Fieldset
____ 70. Butch wants viewers who complete a registration form for camp to receive feedback on the
         availability of openings. This type of page contains ____.
         a. dynamic content
         b. static content
         c. responsive content
         d. server content

Complete each statement.

      71. A form on a web page consists of ____________________ such as text boxes or radio buttons into
          which viewers type information or from which they make selections.

      72. ____________________ your form content at the beginning saves you from spending time
          organizing the information when you create the form in Dreamweaver.
73. People on the Internet are notoriously hurried and will often provide only information that is required
    or that is located at the ____________________ half of the form.

74. The most important information should be “____________________” or on the part of the page that
    is visible before you have to scroll to see the rest.

75. By itself, a form can do nothing. It has to have some type of ____________________ or
    application running behind it that will process the information to be used in a certain way.

76. After you insert a form, use the ____________________ to specify the application that will process
    the form information and to specify how the information will be sent to the processing application.

77. The ____________________ in the Property inspector specifies the application or script that will
    process the form data.

78. The ____________________ property specifies a unique name for the form.

79. The ____________________ property lets you specify the window in which you want the form data
    to be processed.

80. A(n) ____________________ is an HTML tag used to group related form elements together.

81. To make sure that your labels and form objects appear in the exact positions you want on a web
    page, you can place them on the page using ____________________ options such as div tags,
    tables, and lists.

82. If you are creating a long form on a web page, you might want to organize your form elements in
    ____________________ to make it easier for viewers to fill out the form.

83. When you create a form, you need to include ____________________ so that viewers know what
    information you want them to enter in each field of the form.

84. If creating a simple and obvious label is not possible, then include a short ____________________
    that describes the information that should be entered into the form field.

85. When adding a table to a form, it is difficult to correct formatting errors when you have conflicting
    cell widths set in the same ____________________.

86. When designating a header for a table, the top row text is automatically ____________________
    and bolded.

87. ____________________ are the components of a form such as check boxes, text boxes, and radio
    buttons that allow viewers to provide information and interact with the website.

88. ____________________ are the most common type of form object and are used for collecting a
    string of characters.

89. A(n) ____________________ is a text field that can store several lines of text.
 90. You can use ____________________ to provide a list of options from which only one selection can
     be made.

 91. ____________________ must be opened to see all of the options they contain, whereas lists
     display some of their options all of the time.

 92. Using ____________________ fields makes it possible to provide information to the web server
     and form-processing script without the viewer knowing that the information is being sent.

 93. ____________________ are navigational menus that let viewers go quickly to different pages in
     your site or to different sites on the Internet.

 94. To obtain form controls designed for creating specific types of forms, such as online tests and
     surveys, you can visit ____________________, which is a central storage location for program
     extensions (add-ons).

 95. If you are previewing your page in Internet Explorer and see a yellow background in your text
     boxes, this is probably caused by the ____________________.

 96. When adding radio groups to a form, if the ____________________ button is selected, then the
     radio buttons will appear in a separate table within the currently selected table.

 97. Once a form is developed and a database is tied to it, you should set up a(n)
     ____________________ to evaluate how the form works and the data is processed.

 98. Correct any spelling errors you find using the ____________________ dialog box.

 99. A(n) ____________________ is a page element that enables user interaction on a web page.

100. A JavaScript library that provides access to reusable widgets that you can add to your pages is
     called the ____________________.

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