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                            Principal’s Message
Inside Story            2
                            Dear Parents,                    Field trips are listed   mailed home at the end
Inside Story            2
                                It is hard to imagine    on our calendar. Thank       of the month. Home
Inside Story            2   that summer is here.         you to our PTA for           room teachers’ names
Inside Story            3   The year has gone by so      sponsoring the year end      for 5th and 6th graders
                            quickly! Our office is       events at each grade         will be listed on the re-
Inside Story            4
                            open almost every day        level.                       port cards. Seventh
Inside Story            5   throughout July and Au-           We greatly appreci-     graders will be assigned
Inside Story            6   gust from 8:00-12:00 and     ate all your efforts in      home rooms in the high
                            1:00-3:00 if you have        maintaining an academic      school during the sum-
                            questions or concerns.       atmosphere until the end     mer.
                            Students will be able to     of the year. A reminder          Enjoy!
                            get their locker number      that our dress code pro-
                            and combination during       hibits exposure of any       Sincerely,
  Annual Summer             the last week of August.     under garments and
                                Seventh graders will     shorts/ skirts must be at
       Book Fair            be taking final exams be-    least as long as the long-
                            ginning June 13. Please      est finger tip.. Your co-
  Monday, June 6th—
                            refer to the letter I sent   operation is helpful!        Jean J. Regan, Ed.D.
  Thursday, June 9th        for specific dates.              Report cards will be     Principal

  Buy one, get one
  at the same               Middle School Music News
  price for free!
                                Several of our instru-   all students received ei-    - Trevor Nourse - Level
                            mental music students        ther an excellent or out-    3 Alto Sax, Emily Kiel-
                            participated at the          standing rating! Here are    basinski - Level 3 Clari-
                            NYSSMA Solo Festival on      the performers and their     net, Morgan Mapstone -
                            Friday and Saturday, May     ratings: Outstanding Rat-    Level 3 Clarinet, Alex
                            6th and 7th. The festival    ing - Allison Muller -       Marshall - Level 3 Snare
                            took place at F-M High       Level 3 Flute, Maddy         Drum, and Maria Groetz
                            School. Our students         Langey - Level 1 Alto        - Level 4 Flute. Con-
                            worked very hard on          Sax, Janie Kempf - Level     gratulations to these fine
                            their scales and solos and   2 Oboe. Excellent Rating     musicians!!
         Community Service Day
            On May 26, 2011, students at the Cazeno-
         via Middle School participated in a Community
         Service Day. Our students traveled to local
         venues to help with Spring cleanup. The loca-
         tions included Highland Forest, the New
         Woodstock Library, the Art Park, Nelson
         Swamp, Lakeland Park, Lorenzo and the south
         parking area of Cazenovia Lake. The day was
         glorious and much was accomplished by our
         400 students and staff.

                                                         Weeding at the Art Park

         Mr. Tugaw gives directions to 7th graders at
         Highland Forest.

                                                         Planting flowers at the Pier

         Many hands make light work…

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                                                                                        MIDDLE SCHOOL
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   Lorenzo State Historic Site

       New Woodstock Library
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Community Service Day Continued...
                      Mrs. Burry’s Class completed their community
                      service activities at the Nelson Swamp. This
                      was Mrs. Burry’s seventh trip to the Nelson
                      Swamp. A great time was had by all.

       Nelson Swamp
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5th Graders Finish in Top Five in The Great Race
    Starting this past February,
as part of their Social Studies
class, Amy Conley’s 5th grade
class along with the daily help
of Beth Race (Middle School
Computer Lab Assistant),
using the name Caz Pizzaz,
took part in a Video Confer-
ence competition involving
over forty 5th grade classes
from across the country. The
object of the race was to visit
all of the required sites be-
tween Key West, Florida and
Maui, Hawaii in the quickest
amount of time, spending the
least amount of money. Three
forms of transportation had to
be used with the stipulation
that air travel could not be
used until they reached the
Pacific Coast. Months of team-
work took place to research
American Indian Reservations,
Civil War Battles, Man-made
and Natural Disasters, Under-
ground Railroad, National
Monuments, Weather, Terrain,
and Roads. In addition, they
researched the cost of travel,
lodging and food along the
    The Caz Pizzaz traveled
6,164 miles in 83 hours and 21
minutes, spending a total of
$1,462.20. The result? A
fourth place finish among all of
the 40 plus schools that par-
ticipated. Mrs. Conley’s class
video conferenced with the
Race Coordinator in Ohio and
other 5th grade classes from
around the country four times
in the four months the race
took place. Congratulations
Caz Pizzaz on a Great Race!
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                     Your Library Link
                         Bring on       Where: The Cazenovia Middle            What: novels, picture books,
                       summer           School Library                         fact books, adventures, myster-
                       (remember                                               ies, sports, foreign language dic-
                       blue skies and   When: June 6-9 (WED June 8th 6-        tionaries, cookbooks & more!
                       warm             8 PM is Family Night)
                       weather?). . .   Why: Summer is a great time to         Who: YOU! Parents, I’d like to
                       The 2011 MS      READ: . . . when you’re lounging in    meet you! Kids, stock up on
                       summer book      bed on those rainy mornings. . .       your summer reading!
                       fair will run    while you’re resting on that lawn
  from June 6th through June 9th.       chair taking a break from swimming     Sincerely,
  You cannot beat these prices-- buy    . . when it’s too cold to swim and
  one, get a second book of the same    you’re sick of roller blade hockey .   Mrs. Anne Hegel
  price free! Families are welcome      . when you’re trying to check out
  to come to the book fair on           that special someone at the lake. .    Certified NYS
  Wednesday evening, from 6-8.          when you want to find out who          Library Media Specialist
  Students will be permitted to come    really did it . . . when you want to
  with a parent.                        be by yourself, but you still want
                                        company. . .

  You Are Invited
      The Music and Art Departments are gear-            pants in any color—avoid jeans. Tuck in shirts
  ing up for their Annual Spring Middle School           with a belt and wear dark socks and shoes.
  Fine Arts Night set for Thursday, June 9th at          Girls: spring dresses, skirts or dress pants/capris
  7:00 pm. The concert will feature the entire           with appropriate tops—hair nicely brushed and
  5th grade and all the Middle School performing         off the face. Be smart with footwear choices.
  groups—5th Grade Band, 5th and 6th Grade
  Orchestra, 6th Grade Chorus and 6th Grade                  On concert night, Mrs. Dougherty’s 5th grade
  Band. The evening also features the artwork of         students should report to the High School Cafete-
  every Middle School student! There will be             ria at 6:45 pm. Fifth grade band students should
  hundreds of matted artistic compositions,              report to the band room, open and assemble in-
  graphic arts and ceramics displayed in the             struments and return to the cafeteria. Orchestra
  school hallways. You are welcome to browse             students should report to the orchestra room—
  at your leisure.                                       open instruments and report to the cafeteria.
                                                         When students have finished their performance,
  Concert Attire                                         they should exit and meet their parents by the
                                                         MIDDLE SCHOOL GYMNASIUM and enjoy the
     Orchestra students will be wearing concert          Art Show.
  dress (black and white) and the rest of our                There should be no instruments or cases
  young musicians may choose their concert               brought into the Auditorium.
  best.                                                      6th Grade Parents may enter the auditorium
                                                         when the 5th grade parents exit (7:30 pm) and
  Boys: dress buttoned shirt or golf shirt, long         stay for the remainder of the 6th grade music
                                             Health Office Hype

                                                  I will be sending paperwork home on all
                                             students who had medication in the past and
                                             physical forms for all those who are due for
                                             a physical (all 7th grade students and all stu-
                                             dents due for a CSE triennial review). All
                                             medication taken during school or at modi-
                                             fied sports events, even if over the counter,
                                             requires paperwork completed by the par-
                                             ent and physician. Students can carry an in-
                                             haler with them only if that paperwork is
                                             completed along with a self carry order by
                                             the parent and doctor. Physicals should be
                                             done by the family physician, please call for
                                             appointments ASAP especially if your child
    Spring has sprung, and the Health Of-    wants to play a fall sport. The school physi-
fice is very busy. Injuries are increasing   cian will be here in the fall for grade level
and intensifying as students rush to get     physicals but they will no longer be doing
outside and play hard. Allergies and         physicals for sports.
spring colds are making many miserable.           Please make appointments for your chil-
Bug bites and sun burns are bother-          dren entering 6th grade in the fall to get
some. Stomach bugs, strep throat, in-        their Tdap vaccine. If they are already 11
creased asthma symptoms with the mile        they must have the shot before school
run, bumps, bruises and abrasions are        starts. The clinic schedule for free vaccines
keeping me busy.                             is listed on the attached form. Everyone
     I have completed my screenings on       who has not had a tetanus vaccine in the
each child for height, weight, scoliosis,    past 7-10 years should get the Tdap them-
vision and hearing. Please return any        selves. Especially anyone around children un-
referral forms with the doctors informa-     der 2 years of age as they are not fully im-
tion completed. I am no longer re-           munized, and it is generally the adults who
quired to do full screening on 6th grade     give the children pertussis or whooping
students. A scoliosis check is all that is   cough.
mandated. Since there are so many
changes at this age, I cannot stop myself
from doing everything except hearing,
which I still do if anyone had a problem
in the past.
                       NYS Department of Health
                              School Requirements

                         NYS Education Department requires all current 11 year old students
                                              receive the Tdap vaccination.
                             This is a mandatory requirement for entrance into 6th grade .

           Please have your physician or clinic, complete this form and return it to the Health Office ASAP.
_________________________Had the (Boostrix/Adacel) Tdap vaccine on ________________.
_________________________Had a Td, DT or DTaP on_______________________________.
_________________________has a medical exemption and the vaccine is contraindicated.

Physician name and signature:___________________________________


   If a child received a Td, DT or DTaP vaccination within the last 2 years, the Tdap vaccine should be deferred until a
period of 2 years has elapsed and then get the Tdap vaccine.

   10 year olds entering 6th grade have 2 choices to prevent being excluded from school in the fall:
1) They can receive the Boostrix Tdap
2) They can wait until their 11th birthday to get the Adacel Tdap vaccine licensed for 11-65 year olds.
They have a 2 week window after their birthday to legally remain in school.
                              Please call me at 655-1332 with any questions or concerns.
                                            Diane Belton RN, School Nurse

                                                 Clinic Dates and Times:
                                  Please take your child’s immunization record with you!!!

                            Wednesday, June 8th, at Wampsville from 9:00-11:00 am

    Tuesday, June 21st, at Morrisville Cooperative Extension from 3:30—5:30 pm - back door, Eaton St.

                           Wednesday, July 6th at Wampsville from 3:30—5:00 pm
  Tuesday, July 26th at Morrisville Cooperative Extension from 9:00—11:00 am—back door, Eaton St.
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