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					                          Light Therapy Devices Report

                      LED Light Therapy Units For Skin Care

Red Light Therapy Anti Aging Devices:

   •   Baby Quasar
   •   LightStim Anti Aging Light
   •   Omnilux New-U
   •   DPL Therapy System (Deep Penetrating Light)

Blue Light Therapy Acne Devices:

   •   Baby Blue
   •   LightStim Acne Light
   •   Omnilux Clear-U
   •   ANSR

The following pages contain quick reports on the home skin care tools using LED light therapy
to treat the skin problems of aging and acne. Full reviews of each devices can be seen at                                                Light Therapy Devices
                                   ANTI AGING DEVICES

        Baby Quasar

Baby Quasar is the red light therapy by Quasar Light Therapy. It is both used to fight signs of
aging and accelerate acne healing. It has been one of the first and is still one of the most
powerful light therapy device on the market, designed for those who want only the best skin
care solution.
Quick Look:
    •   red and infrared light therapy device
    •   light pulsing with SequePulseTM technology
    •   30 minutes treatments
    •   $399
Baby Quasar has proven over years that it is the best light therapy device out there. Not only
it is extremely powerful to treat aging signs from wrinkles to age spots as well as acne, it
improves your overall condition to get you a healthier skin. LED light therapy is delivered with
optimal efficiency thanks to the built in advanced technology.


        LightStim Anti Aging Light

The LightStim Anti-Aging Light is the LED light therapy device by LightStim, designed to
specifically treat signs of aging such as fine lines and wrinkles or dark spots. It’s one of the
three photo therapy devices of the brand, with the Acne and Rosacea light.
Quick Look:
    •   anti-aging light therapy device
    •   emits amber, red and infrared light
    •   3 minutes treatments
    •   $349
This is a very nice device for improving your skin condition and finally look younger all
naturally. The LightStim Anti Aging Light is a recommended product, from a trusted company.
The fact it combines 3 various light colors makes it a really valuable tool to have in your skin
care arsenal.

Rating:                                                      Light Therapy Devices
        Omnilux New-U
Omnilux New-U device is the anti-aging device by Photo Therapeutics, world leader in light
therapy equipment for professional and spas. The New-U device is a red light therapy
device for personal use designed to reduce perioribtal wrinkles (crow’s feet), and features red
(633nM) and near infrared light (830nM).
Quick Look:
    •   red and near infrared light therapy device
    •   20 minute treatments
    •   comes with goggles and skin care products
    •   wide head ofr larger face covering
    •   $195
An excellent system, great alternative to the Baby Quasar device which is $200 more
expensive. This device (as the Omnilux Clear-U for acne) has a wide treatment surface and
emits red light as well as near infrared light which at this price is now very interesting
(Omnilux devices were $295 when released).


        DPL Therapy System (Deep Penetrating Light)

The DPL Therapy System (Deep Penetrating Light Therapy) is a skin rejuvenation AND pain
relief device. It uses red light as well as infrared light to treat the skin and body at different
Quick Look:
    •   Red and Infrared light therapy device
    •   Used for pain relief and skin care
    •   Can be used on any part of the body
    •   9 minutes treatment
    •   $349
DPL Therapy System works, it uses the right LED technology required for skin rejuvenation
purposes as well as pain relief. It is a great device as it offers a completely natural solution
and non invasive procedure to accelerate healing for both aspects.

Rating:                                                     Light Therapy Devices
                                         Acne Devices
        Baby Blue
Baby Blue is the blue LED light therapy version of the Baby Quasar device. If you were
searching for the ultimate acne light therapy device, Baby Blue is the at the top of the basket.
It has been designed to complete the original Baby Quasar for a better acne treatment. The
blue light therapy provided by Baby Blue kills the bacteria causing acne. This clears acne
from your skin and prevent future outbreaks.
Quick Look:
    •   Blue light treatments
    •   Uses proprietary SequePulse technology
    •   30 minute treatments for full face
    •   $299.
This is a high quality product, and above all, a very effective device to treat acne skin, since it
will produce results even on extreme acne conditions. As a blue light therapy device, Baby
Blue is at the top of the range. We recommend this product, though red light therapy is also
very helpful to reduce scars, inflammation and accelerate skin healing.


        LightStim Acne
LightStim Acne Light is one of the 3 LightStim light therapy devices and is designed to
address acne with a serious LED treatment. For adults and teenagers the LightStim Acne
Light is a great alternative to drugs and chemicals. Always safe, painless and non invasive.
Quick Look:
    •   Acne light therapy device
    •   emits blue, red and infrared light
    •   5 minutes treatments
    •   $349
The LightStim Acne Light is a very interesting device. It is powerful, with a high number of
LEDs and emits not just blue but red and infrared lights. This device seems to have
everything to produce wanted results, and it will if the user is willing to use it regularly.
Clearing your skin from pimples, preventing future breakouts and keeping a soft and smooth
skin is possible without medication with this device.

Rating:                                                      Light Therapy Devices
        Omnilux Clear-U

Omnilux Clear-U combines blue and red LED Light Therapy ! It is designed to fight mild to
moderate acne.
We are very pleased to feature this acne light therapy device on our website. The Omnilux
light therapy devices are very strong tools from a leader in light therapy equipment. The
Omnilux and Lumière devices and machines are already used by dermatologists, spas and
medical professionals with success, the at-home version Omnilux Clear-U is the LED light
therapy device made to clear your skin from acne.
Quick Look:
    •   emits both blue and red light to fight acne
    •   20 minute treatments
    •   wide head covers large surface
    •   comes with treatments and cleanser
    •   goggles included
    •   $195
Omnilux Clear-U is a serious competitor to the Baby Blue device. It is made by Photo
Therapeutics, a professional and global light therapy leader which manufactures professional
equipment for clinics, dermatologists and spas. This is a serious device and its price is quite
affordable if you consider you’re getting a 2-in-1 solution that provides both red and blue light


        ANSR Beam

The ANSR Beam light therapy system is a lightweight light therapy device, specifically
developped for acne skin (mild to severe acne, normal to oily condition). This system may
very well become a reference in the acne solutions and particularly in the light therapy field.
The small format of the ANSR Beam may please a number of people, especially teens.
Quick look:
    •   emits both red and blue light therapy,
    •   a cool design,
    •   $148,
    •   10 minutes treatment (integrated 5 minutes timer)
ANSR Acne Light Therapy is a very nice system that brought results to many people. Again,
this is a cheap alternative that works and that will finally suit more budgets. Its small design
contains a powerful technology that should please teens as well as adult acne sufferers who
want to keep things discreet with a fast and affordable treatment to finally get back their
confidence and clear skin, and stop wondering what others think.

Rating:                                                    Light Therapy Devices

Description: LED Light Therapy Devices Report: Quick review of the best selling led light therapy devices for skin care available on the market.