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					CONTESTANT #_________________ IS                   Your Name

Substitute the contestant’s first name in each place that currently says “Your Name.”

Your Name is a member of Benton United Methodist Church. She has attended
Benton Academy since Kindergarten. At Benton Academy, she has been a
cheerleader for three years. She has also been a member of the Lady Raider Fast
pitch softball and track teams for 4 years. Your Name has served her class as
Student Council Representative and is also part of the Fellowship of Christian
Athletes as well as a member of the yearbook staff. This past summer Your Name
attended Taylor Publishing’s yearbook camp at Ole Miss. Your Name baby-sits and
works at Coleman’s Steak House, part-time. Her hobbies include making jewelry,
hunting with her older brothers, painting, taking pictures with friends, traveling,
and going to the lake in the summer. Away from school she enjoys meeting new
people like Taylor Swift. But most of all she loves making people laugh! After high
school, Your Name plans to become a speech therapist.

Your Name        IS BEING ESCORTED TONIGHT __________________________

CONTESTANT #________________ IS              Your Name.