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Samantha - PowerPoint by wanghonghx



October 23, 2008
         Family and Animals
•   Kimberly -mom      Lilly-dog
•   Dave-step dad      Daisy-dog
•   Odyessie-sister    Shortie-dog
•   Buddy-brother
•   Samantha-me
•   Sam-twin brother
    Questions and Answers
• Tell me about your school:
• In school we have U.S. History,
  Algebra, Speech, Literature,
  Technology, Science, Health, English,
  Study Hall. We have Mrs. Setter, Mr.
  Ball Mr. Bremerman, Mrs. Tush, and Mr.
  Lawrence. My favorite subject is
  Technology and my worst subject is
    More Questions and Answers
•   What are your future plans?
•   I plan to go to college for a pediatrician.
•   What do you do in your free time?
•   In my free time I love to play basketball and
•   What did you do this past summer?
•   This past summer I went to World’s of Fun
    and Ocean’s of Fun with my best friend Macy.
•   How would you want to be remembered?
•   I would want to be remembered as a good
    basketball player and smart in school.
 More Questions and Answers
• What qualities would you look for in friends?
• In friend I look for people that are athletic, not a snob,
  and fun to be around.
• If you could meet someone dead or alive who would
  it be?
• If I could meet someone it would be Taylor Swift and
  Jonas Brothers.
• What would you change about yourself?
• I would be famous.
• What are your outside activities or hobbies?
• My outside actives and hobbies are basketball and
  going to games.
• Now you know more about me and friends.
  Which is PIMPIN!!!!!!

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