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									Creative Mentor Application Pack May 2011

Creative Mentor
Creative Mentor – Freelance 3 days per month (equivalent to 24 hours)

Fee of £175 per day for three days per month

Contract until the end of March 2012, with a possibility of extension

Contact is a dynamic charity based in Manchester with young people at the heart of everything we do. We work locally,
nationally, and internationally to provide life changing opportunities for the next generation of creative leaders, artists,
and audiences. We redefine theatre for the 21st Century, presenting and producing a diverse artistic programme in our
building, surprising places, and virtual spaces.

We have begun ‘Our Journey’ outlined in our Business Plan for 2011 to 2014 defining one of our core ambitions to be Vital
to the Creative Economy. We aim to work entrepreneurially to provide employment opportunities for young people and
generate income so that we can inspire progression and innovate artistically.

As part of that aim, Contact works with teams of Consultants and Facilitators who provide creative solutions in
response to requests from the public and private sector.

This work includes:

Creative Consultants– a group of consultants who provide creative training and development to businesses interested
in engaging young people. Within this group are Young Creative Consultants who provide one of our unique selling points
– young people themselves working with the businesses and organisations on how to engage their peers.

Our Creative Consultants are working with various clients including East London Dance, Bangor University, Virgin
Trains, Hyde Community Action, Burnage Media Arts College and many others across the country.

Creative Facilitators - a mixture of creative facilitators in areas of drama, spoken word, media and dance who devise,
develop and implement workshops in the public and private sector and will also be delivering our new schools
programme launching in September 2012.

Within each group there is a range of experience and ability and we aim to devise a model of support where our more
experienced consultants and faciliators will work within a mentoring role to develop the skills of less knowledgeable
members of the teams.

We are looking to recruit a Creative Mentor to work alongside our team of Creative Consultants and Creative
Facilitators providing support and training for the group and ensuring the quality and effectiveness of our offer. The
Creative Mentor will be line managed by the Head of Creative Development and have administrative support from the
Creative Services Co-Ordinator

How to apply:

Please send a current CV and covering letter detailing your previous experience and outlining how you meet the person
specification to for any further enquiries please call Roxanne Moores: Administration
Officer: 0161 274 0646.
Creative Mentor Application Pack May 2011

Application Deadline: Thursday 2 nd June 2011, 12 Noon.

Creative Mentor Application Pack May 2011


TITLE                                       Creative Mentor

MAIN LOCATION                               Main base at Contact, but the post-holder will be required to work from
                                            other locations

RESPONSIBLE TO                              Head of Creative Development

WORKING WITH                                Creative Consultants and Creative Facilitators

MAIN DUTIES                                 Development of the Creative Consultants team.
                                            Ensuring effective training and development of all Creative Consultants
                                            and Creative Facilitators and maintaining quality of delivery.
                                            Running monthly training and skill sharing sessions for all Contact

STATUS                                      Freelance 3 days per month – equivalent to 24 hours per month

                                                Contact Mission Statement

Contact brings together an unexpected mix of ideas, young people, artists, cultures, sounds, sights, audiences,
colours, tastes, visions, languages, experiences, moves, moods, passions, fashions, likes, dislikes, points of
view, ways of working, to create exciting new theatre reacting to and reflecting the world around us.

Members of Contact’s staff team are all expected to work towards the delivery of the Company’s integrated vision,
working with a range of partner organisations and individuals. Contact aims to be a company that works with young
people through a wide range of theatre and arts projects from youth theatre to contemporary music, from home
produced professional theatre productions to international touring companies and is involved in the training of young
people in theatre. At Contact, theatre can involve a mix of drama, poetry, music, dance, physical theatre, multi-media
and visual arts. Also integral to the work of the company is a range of ancillary activities e.g.: bar/cafe, conferences
etc., which will support and enable artistic activity.

To achieve the delivery of the vision, all staff will be expected to:
 Work within Contact’s agreed policies and practices
 Seek to achieve the objectives set through the Business Planning process
 Work to the highest possible standards to ensure quality in all areas of the Company’s operation
 Ensure that all projects undertaken receive the same high standards of care and attention
 Facilitate and enable the enjoyment, awareness, appreciation, and participation of young people in theatre, with an
     emphasis on reaching people from a wide range of communities and backgrounds and those new to theatre.

Creative Mentor Application Pack May 2011

 Ensure that young people are welcomed into Contact and encouraged to be a part of the company.
 Be flexible in their approach to work and schedules.



     Skills audit of Creative Consults and training needs assessment
     Working in conjunction with Head of Creative Development on recruitment of a pool of Creative Consultants and
     Training of Creative Consultants and Creative Facilitators to deliver a package of workshops for schools and
      business clients
     Organisation and delivery of a monthly training and skill sharing session for all Creative practitioners working with
      Contact to ensure skills are kept up to date and to problem solve common challenges
     Developing a mentoring relationship between members of the Consultant and Facilitator teams to encourage
      sharing of experience and knowledge.
     Working in conjunction with the Creative Services Co-ordinator to provide feedback to Creative Consultants and
      Creative Facilitators from clients
     Delivering training and development to Creative Consultants and Creative Facilitators to address any negative
     Working with the Head of Creative Development and Artistic Director to assess the skills of Creative Consultants
      and Creative Facilitators in response to any new business opportunities that may arise
     Working with the Creative Consultants and Facilitators to develop additional skills necessary to meet the identified
      requirements of new opportunities
     Ensuring quality of delivery of all Creative Consultants and Creative Facilitators through attending external
      workshops to assess quality of delivery
     Pastoral support of Creative Consultants and Facilitators in conjunction with
     Creative Development staff and Contact’s HR function.

Creative Mentor Application Pack May 2011


TITLE                       Creative Mentor


       A knowledge and practical experience of working as a Consultant/Facilitator.
       Experience of working with young people from a range of backgrounds and cultures, both as individuals and as
         part of our Consultant and Facilitator teams.
       Ability to motivate, question, push boundaries, act as a catalyst and troubleshoot as part of the development
         process for our Consultants and Facilitators
       Experience of devising and delivering training, identifying support required to maintain the key skills for the
         two groups.
           Ability to contribute to the devising and monitoring of key skills in order to maintain agreed quality standards
       Versatile communication skills working with a range of young people
       A real commitment to Equal Opportunities in working for a culturally diverse and original theatre.
       Ability to work under pressure under his/her initiative.
       Willingness to work from home base with regular access to the internet.


       Experience of working within the charitable sector
       Knowledge of working within the private sector

Please note: Application Deadline: Thursday 2 nd June 2011, 12 Noon.


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