Obama OKs Drones In Libya

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                                                           Yankton Daily Press & Dakotan ■      NATION/WORLD                                        ■ Friday, April 22, 2011
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Japan Seals Off Zone Around Leaking Plant
    FUTABA, Japan (AP) — Japan sealed off a wide area around a
                                                                            Obama OKs Drones In Libya
radiation-spewing nuclear power plant on Friday to prevent tens of
thousands of residents from sneaking back to the homes they
                                                                            First U.S. Airstrikes Approved Since Control Given To NATO
quickly evacuated, some with little more than a credit card and              BY LOLITA C. BALDOR AND ROBERT BURNS                      U.S. forces played a lead role in the early          ongoing sanctions, arms embargo and NATO-
the clothes on their backs.                                                                  Associated Press                      days of the conflict, launching an onslaught of          led offensive have weakened Gadhafi’s mili-
    Fearing they might not see their homes again for months, evac-                                                                 cruise missiles and bombs on Gadhafi’s sur-              tary and eaten away at his supplies and cash.
uees raced into the deserted towns Thursday before the ban took                                                                    face-to-air missiles sites and advancing regime          Over the long term, Gates said, that will hurt
effect to grab whatever belongings they could cram into their cars.             WASHINGTON — President Barack Obama
                                                                            has approved the use of armed drones in                troops.                                                  the regime’s ability to strike back at opposi-
    “This is our last chance, but we aren’t going to stay long. We                                                                     But with American forces stretched by the            tions forces, if they rise up again in other
are just getting what we need and getting out,” said Kiyoshi                Libya, authorizing U.S. airstrikes on ground
                                                                            forces for the first time since America turned         wars in Iraq and Afghanistan, as well as the             cities.
Kitajima, an X-ray technician, who dashed to his hospital in                                                                       humanitarian operations in Japan, the                        At the same time, however, Gates said the
Futaba, a town next door to the plant, to collect equipment before          over control of the operation to NATO on
                                                                            April 4.                                               Pentagon turned the mission over to NATO,                administration’s decision to provide $25 mil-
the order took effect at midnight.                                              It also is the first time that drones will be      saying it would only do limited airstrikes to            lion in nonlethal military assistance to the
    Nearly 80,000 people were hurriedly evacuated from a 12-mile            used for airstrikes since the conflict began on        take out air defenses. The U.S., said Obama,             rebels did not signal a deeper U.S. commit-
(20-kilometer) zone around the Fukushima Dai-ichi plant on March            March 19, although they have routinely been            would no longer do airstrikes to protect the             ment to anti-Gadhafi forces whose makeup,
12, after an earthquake and a tsunami destroyed its power and               flying surveillance missions, Defense                  civilian population.                                     objectives and motives are still not fully
cooling systems. The order had no teeth, however, and people                Secretary Robert Gates told reporters at a                 Gates said that bringing in the Predators            understood in Washington.
began increasingly returning to check on the remains of their lives.        Pentagon briefing Thursday.                            will give NATO a critical capability that the                The aid, he said, is not high-end military
Some had stayed all along.                                                      He said the U.S. will provide up to two 24-        U.S. can uniquely contribute.                            equipment but rather a hodge-podge of things
                                                                            hour combat air patrols each day by the                    “I think this is a very limited additional           like uniforms and canteens.
                                                                                                                                   role on our part, but it does provide some
Syrian Activists Plan Largest Protests Yet                                  unmanned Predators.
                                                                                                                                   additional capabilities to NATO,” said Gates.
                                                                                                                                                                                                “I’m not worried about our canteen tech-
    BEIRUT (AP) — Ahead of what could turn out to be a decisive                 Marine Gen. James Cartwright, vice chair-                                                                   nology falling into the wrong hands,” he
                                                                            man of the Joint Chiefs of Staff, said the             “And if we can make a modest contribution                joked.
day for Syria, protesters took credit Thursday for forcing President                                                               with these armed Predators, we’ll do it. ... I
Bashar Assad to lift the country’s 50-year state of emergency and           drones can help counteract the pro-Gadhafi                                                                          Asked how long he believes it will take the
                                                                            forces’ tactic of traveling in civilian vehicles       don’t think any of us sees that as mission
brushed off his attempts to placate the monthlong uprising against                                                                 creep.”                                                  NATO-led air campaign to succeed, Gates
                                                                            that make it difficult to distinguish them from                                                                 replied, “The honest answer to that is,
his authoritarian regime.                                                   rebel forces.                                              He said Obama has been clear that there
    Activists said they were planning the biggest protests to date                                                                 will be no U.S. boots on the ground and that             nobody knows.”
                                                                                “What they will bring that is unique to the                                                                     In other comments, Gates did not rule out
Friday against Assad, who inherited power from his late father 11           conflict is their ability to get down lower,           the main strike role would belong to the allies.
years ago but has failed to deliver on early promises of sweeping                                                                      The first Predator mission since Obama’s             major military program cuts to meet Obama’s
                                                                            therefore to be able to get better visibility on                                                                goal to slash another $400 billion from the
reform. The uprising has posed the biggest challenge to the 40-             targets that have started to dig themselves            go-ahead was flown Thursday but the aircraft
year ruling dynasty of the Assad family.                                                                                           — armed with Hellfire missiles — turned back             country’s national security spending over the
                                                                            into defensive positions,” Cartwright said.                                                                     next 12 years. But he laid out some programs
    The president has been trying to defuse the protests by launch-         “They are uniquely suited for urban areas.”            due to poor weather conditions without firing
ing a bloody crackdown along with a series of concessions, most                                                                    any of its munitions, Cartwright said.                   he believes are vital, including the new Air
                                                                                He added, “It’s very difficult to pick friend                                                               Force refueling tanker and the replacement of
recently lifting emergency laws that gave authorities almost                from foe. So a vehicle like the Predator thacan            Gates, who publicly expressed skepticism
boundless powers of surveillance and arrest.                                                                                       about getting involved militarily in Libya               some Navy ships.
                                                                            get down lower and can get IDs better helps
    He also has fulfilled a decades-old demand by granting citizen-         us.“                                                   before Obama endorsed the limited interven-                  “The worst of all possible worlds, in my
ship to thousands among Syria’s long-ostracized Kurdish minority,               Gates rejected the notion that the approval        tion, said “the real work” of overthrowing               view, is to give the entire Department of
fired local officials, released detainees and formed a new govern-          of drone strikes means that the U.S. will slow-        Moammar Gadhafi will have to be done by the              Defense a haircut — basically (saying) every-
ment.                                                                       ly get pulled back into a more active combat           Libyans themselves.                                      body is going to cut X percent,” Gates said,
    But many protesters said Assad does not deserve the credit.             role, despite Obama’s promise to merely pro-               While he acknowledged the conflict “is               adding that he’s had one meeting with staff on
                                                                            vide support for NATO.                                 likely to take a while,” Gates also said the             the issue.
Colo. Mall Fire Could Be Linked To Columbine

                                                                             BP, Gulf Partners Sue Each Other
    LITTLETON, Colo. (AP) — Authorities reviewed security video
Thursday from a Colorado mall where the discovery of a pipe
bomb and two propane tanks after a fire raised concerns about a
possible link to the Columbine High School attack.
    The blaze coincided with the 12th anniversary of the deadly
shooting two miles away.                                                           BY CURT ANDERSON                  of those most affected by the            nally negligent in pending trials            said Thursday that the corporate
    “We’re concerned about the date, the time, things of that                      AP Legal Affairs Writer           worst offshore oil spill in U.S.         and investigations.                          claims and counterclaims likely
nature, but we don’t have anything solid that would indicate any                                                     history.                                     BP contended that Cameron,               will produce a settlement dividing
link at all other than, certainly, circumstances,” Jefferson County             MIAMI — After being ham-                 “On this end, they haven’t           maker of the blowout preventer               blame among these major energy
Sheriff Ted Mink said.                                                      mered for a year over the Gulf of        taken care of us. I don’t care who       that failed to do its job, produced          companies, which continue to
    No arrests have been made, but dozens of law enforcement                Mexico oil spill, BP is going on the     gets the blame,” said Melissa            an “unreasonably dangerous prod-             work with each other all over the
agents were scouring the video and following other leads to identi-         offensive with multibillion-dollar       Lacoste, working Thursday at her         uct.” And it said Halliburton’s              world. In fact, on March 1,
fy a man seen entering the mall through a side door not normally            lawsuits seeking to shift at least       brother’s shrimp business in             “unstable” cement job failed to              Cameron announced a new global
used by the public.                                                         part of the blame to those who           Theriot, La. and voicing a familiar      block the spill that ultimately              agreement with BP for undersea
                                                                            owned the ill-fated rig or designed      complaint about the slow process         spewed 170 million gallons of                work, despite BP’s criticism of its
                                                                            a failed safety device or supplied       for getting compensated for spill-       crude into the Gulf of Mexico.               blowout preventer.
Ala. Lawmakers Apologize After 67 Years                                     cement that didn’t hold.                 related losses. “I think it’s all of         All three companies filed law-                “They’ll sit down and try to
    MONTGOMERY, Ala. (AP) — The Alabama Legislature has offi-                   Those companies —                    them.”                                   suits on Wednesday, which was                resolve it,” said Tampa attorney
cially apologized to an elderly black woman who was raped nearly            Transocean, Cameron                          And Darryl Malek-Wiley, a field      both the one-year anniversary of             Steve Yerrid, who advised former
seven decades ago by a gang of white men as she walked home                 International and Halliburton —          organizer for the Sierra Club,           the spill and the deadline for filing        Florida Gov. Charlie Crist on
from church.                                                                each filed lawsuits of their own,        called BP’s lawsuits a public rela-      such lawsuits. The offensive from            issues relating to the Gulf oil spill.
    The Senate gave final approval Thursday on a voice vote to a            and it will now be up to the courts      tions ploy.                              BP comes as its survival as a com-           “These guys are in business
resolution that expresses “deepest sympathy and deepest regrets”            to divvy up fault.                           “I think BP has from day one         pany seems assured, with its stock           together. There will be some divi-
to Recy Taylor, now 91 and living in Florida. She told The                      BP, which has rebounded              thought more about its public            now just 20 percent below its pre-           sion of responsibility, everyone
Associated Press last year that she believes the men who attacked           remarkably in the year since the         image and PR than about doing            spill value.                                 has a percentage.”
her in 1944 are dead but that she still wanted an apology from the          April 20, 2010, disaster, will face an   what’s right,” he said.                      Transocean, which hopes to                    If an agreement is reached, it
state of Alabama.                                                           uphill battle in trying to shed the          In its lawsuits, BP sued rig-        limit its liability to just $27 million,     would pave the way for hundreds
    The House approved the resolution last month. It now goes to            albatross of the Gulf oil spill. The     owner Transocean for more than           called BP’s lawsuit “desperate”              of lawsuits filed by fishermen,
Gov. Robert Bentley, who said Thursday he’s not personally famil-           lawsuits filed late Wednesday were       $40 billion because “every single        and “unconscionable.” It said BP             businesses, property owners and
                                                                            likely just opening salvos in what’s     safety system and device and well        jeopardized the rig through risky            others to move forward more
iar with details of the case, but sees no reason why he wouldn’t                                                     control procedure” failed on the         cost-saving moves. Cameron                   quickly, said Miami attorney Ervin
sign it.                                                                    expected to become lengthy nego-
                                                                            tiations over assigning responsibil-     Deepwater Horizon rig.                   declined to comment on the case              Gonzalez, who represents plain-
                                                                            ity and, more importantly, liability.        That’s a remarkable figure           except to say BP was meeting its             tiffs in those cases and has a lead-
■ Get Updates At Yankton Online (                                                                    because it more or less matches          legal deadline. Halliburton, for its         ership role in the overall litigation.
                                                                            And experts said the companies in
                                                                            the end will most likely reach           what BP estimates will be its            part, said its work on the                        “It’s exactly what we want. We
                                                                            deals to divide the responsibility       entire liability for paying claims       Macondo well was performed                   want cases decided. We want fault
                         OBITUARIES                                         and costs.                               and cleaning up in the wake of the
                                                                                                                     spill. However, its ultimate liability
                                                                                                                                                              “under BP’s direction and accord-
                                                                                                                                                              ing to their plan.”
                                                                                                                                                                                                           determined,” Gonzalez said. “It
                                                                                                                                                                                                           gives us an opportunity to see
                                                                                But the perception that the
                                                                            companies were seeking to dodge          could be even higher, especially if          Despite the strong words,                how fault is going to be divvied up
                                                                            blame did not sit well with many         its officials are found to be crimi-     attorneys and other legal experts            among the culprits.”
 Richard Sayler                                       eled abroad to
                                                      G e r m a n y,
     MENNO — Richard B. Sayler,                       Switzerland,
 age 96 of Menno, SD passed
 away on Tuesday, April 19, 2011
 at the Scotland Good Samaritan
                                                      Austria and the
                                                      Netherlands. His
                                                                            Huckabee Slams Beck Absolute Poker: Player
 Center, Scotland, SD. Funeral                        and great grand-
 services will be at 10:30 AM,
 Saturday, April 23, 2011 at Peace
 Christian Reformed Church,               Sayler
                                                      children were a
                                                      joy in his life and
                                                      the time he
                                                                            For ‘Progressive’ Claim Refunds Are Top Priority
 Menno, with Rev. Joseph Brinks                       spent with them             BY ANDREW DEMILLO                  spiracy. Huckabee interviewed                LAS VEGAS (AP) — An off-                 network. Both domains were
 officiating. Burial will be in the   was treasured. He was very                                                     the first lady on his show last           shore online poker operator fac-            seized by the FBI on Friday after
                                                                                      Associated Press
 Menno Cemetery. Visitations          active in his church serving as                                                year about the program.                   ing shutdown because of federal             prosecutors in New York
 will begin at 3:00 PM, Friday,       an Elder, Deacon, and Sunday                                                                                             charges of bank fraud and                   announced 11 indictments of
                                                                                LITTLE ROCK, Ark. — Mike                 “I’m no fan of her husband’s          money laundering says it is                 executives and others tied to
 April 22, 2011 at Peace Christian    school teacher.                                                                policies for sure, but I have
 Reformed Church, Menno with a                                              Huckabee on Thursday criticized                                                    reviewing options with lawyers              Absolute, PokerStars and Full
                                         Those who will cherish his         fellow Fox News Channel host             appreciated her efforts that Beck         before moving to refund bal-                Tilt Poker.
 7:00 PM prayer service.              memory are his wife, Ida of                                                    misrepresented — either out of
 Visitations will resume one hour                                           Glenn Beck for calling the former                                                  ances to its players in the                     Absolute says it has retained
                                      Scotland Good Samaritan               governor and potential White             ignorance or out of a deliberate          United States.                              law firm Black Rome LLP as
 prior to the service at the          Center; Son, Donald (Barbara)                                                  attempt to distort them to create
 church.                                                                    House hopeful a “progressive”                                                         Absolute Poker said in a                 counsel in the United States.
                                      Sayler of Menno, SD; Daughters:                                                yet another ’boogey man’ The              statement Thursday that its first               Absolute says lawyers have
     Richard Benjamin Sayler was      Darlene Rokusek of Scotland, SD       for supporting first lady Michelle
                                                                            Obama’s anti-obesity efforts.            first lady’s approach is about            priority is refunding money in              contacted prosecutors to work
 born January 1, 1915 south of        and Marlys (Daniel) Haase of
 Menno to Henry and Elizabeth                                                   Beck on Tuesday referred to          personal responsibility, not the          accounts with its site and                  out an agreement to repay
                                      Scotland, SD; 11 grandchildren,                                                government literally taking     , which is on the same                players.
 (Nee Schempp) Sayler. He was         23 great grandchildren and a          Huckabee as a “progressive,” a
 baptized by F.A. Rittershaus on                                            term that Huckabee said Beck             candy from a baby’s mouth,”
                                      sister, Clara Bittner of Tyndall,                                              Huckabee said in a statement
 April 18, 1915. As a young boy,      SD and many nieces, nephews           has likened to cancer and Nazis.
 he attended Klaudt School until                                            Beck singled out Huckabee’s sup-         posted on his website Thursday
                                      and cousins.
 the 8th grade and on June 30,           Richard was preceded in            port of the anti-obesity initiative.
                                                                                “He is a progressive,” Beck
                                                                                                                     morning. “He seems to fancy
                                                                                                                     himself a prophet of sorts for his
                                                                                                                                                                  If no two people are the same...
 1929, he was confirmed by Rev.       death by his parents, daughter,
 John Bodeman at Salem                Donna Mae, son-in-law, Robert         said. “Look at his record, he’s a        linking so many people and
                                                                                                                     events together to describe a
                                                                                                                                                                Why should their funerals be?
 Reformed Church in Menno. He         Rokusek; brothers: Theodore,          progressive.”
 was united in marriage to Ida                                                  Beck also called Huckabee            massive global conspiracy for              A funeral service should reflect the taste and
                                      August, John, and Ruben Sayler;
 Herr on January 16, 1941 by Rev.     his sisters: Anna Delzer, Ida         someone who doesn’t want to              pretty much everything.”                    preferences of the person who dies. We will
 Walter Odenbach in Tripp, SD.        Sayler, Elsie Schnabel, and           “disrupt big government.”                    Huckabee hosts a weekly talk                 help you add your own personal touch.
 Together they farmed and four        Esther Zeeb.                              “I think Mike Huckabee is a          show on Fox News. Beck also

                                                                                                                                                                W INTZ & RAY                                               W INTZ
 children were born: Donald,             Yankton Press & Dakotan            guy who’s had Michelle Obama             has a show on the channel that
 Darlene, Donna Mae, and                      April 22, 2011                on and said ’you know what? I            is to end later this year. Beck
 Marlys. Richard never missed a                                             think your fat kid programs, they        declined to comment on                         FUNERAL HOME                                        FUNERAL HOME INC.
 harvest until the fall of 2009 and                                         are great,’” Beck said.                  Huckabee’s statement, a                        and Cremation Service, Inc.                   Hartington, Coleridge, Crofton
 he and Ida just celebrated their                                                                                                                                   605-665-3644             402-254-6547
                                                                                Huckabee on Thursday                 spokesman said.
 70th Wedding Anniversary on                 AISENBREY
                                                                            pushed back against the com-
 January 16, 2011. They enjoyed                                             ments, defending Obama’s “Let’s
 gathering with friends to play
 cards especially pinochle.
 Richard and Ida enjoyed travel-
                                           Online condolences at:
                                                                            Move” initiative to curb child-
                                                                            hood obesity and painting Beck
                                                                            as trying to portray that pro-
                                                                                                                                                                                    :Memo to Boss:
 ing on bus tours but also trav-                                            gram as a big-government con-                                                                                   Let Our Design Team
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